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So lets get this straight, to my understanding there is a difference between fading cream and bleaching cream. Bleaching cream is when you're trying to go from one skin color to another skin color, where as fading cream is when you're trying to get rid of stretch marks, scars, etc.

So with that being said, what are some fading creams that actually work? I've tried Bio-Oil. I found it to be messy and it didn't really do a whole bunch. I'm currently trying Pre-fer on and I can see some difference but I'm always on the look out for something new. I have eczema and I really need something that will help fade my scars. And please don't recommend that "just wear shorts". It's easy to say that when people aren't staring at your legs like you have leprocy. So let me know

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Try Ambi fading cream. It's for black women who want to get rid of blemishes with "ruining the Mona Lisa" (our skin color) it's the only thing that's ever worked for me but it's so fragrant it many causes irritation.

Try pure cocoa butter; there are a lot of skin care lines that use pure cocoa and mango butter in mixtures for just these purposes.
i have eczema too, and i hate having to use prescription drugs on my skin. i use ambi sometimes, but i'd rather do the 'all natural' approach. i started using shea butter on my scars and it seems to be helping a lot. cocoa butter works too, but i know a lot of people who are allergic to it. i'm finding a lot more nut/fruit butters out on shelves now; i say pick one you like and see what works best for you. whatever you get, make sure it's 'pure' or has natural ingredients.

palmer's (the cocoa butter people) have a stretch mark cream that is fantastic! and if your eczema acts up, take a bath in aveeno oatmeal soak, or balnatar (it stains the tub brown, but it works).

good luck!
Allergic to pure cocoa butter?!

Well, I guess anything's possible. . . ~__^
I read years ago that the difference in fade creams and bleach creams would be the amount of hydroquinone in it (I think customarily it's usually around 2% - 4% like in Ambi and Esoterica).

I have only tried one that worked for fading scars (it happens to me almost every year, I get foot and ankle scars from sandals that dig in the wrong place), it's Physician's Complex Bleaching Cream, which has 6% in it.

However they do tell you to wear sunscreen or cover up the affected areas during the day after applying the cream. I have to say though it works every year, but it takes a few weeks.

According to my mom and dad, same thing with Ambi and Esoterica type products, it takes a few weeks for it to fade.

I didn't have any problem with sensitivity to my skin or irritation with the Physician's Complex Bleaching Cream. The ingredient is lists are 6% Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid and Bearberry Extract in conjunction with Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acid Complex.

That shit is expensive ($54 last time I checked, but it lasted me 3 years last time I bought some, it was $40 then) but it does work for me.

I have heard a lot of women that have had stretch marks (mostly younger women in their 20's and 30's) that swear by cocoa butter (that Palmer's brand is popular!) to lighten them.
Rx for Brown Skin book is GREAT. I bought that a couple years ago and that is some really good information.

Taylor, when I was a little kid and I saw those old cans and containers in the store of the real old-fashioned bleaching creams, for some reason it used to scare the hell out of me. I think in my child's mind it sounded like someone was trying to erase themselves entirely.
It's all social influence. If a Black woman is taught - "the lighter you are the more desirable you are" all their lives with everyone and everything subconsciously communicating this standard into their brains, then those skin lightening creams are seen as desirable. It's why with makeup they go a 1/2 shade to a shade lighter instead of just trying to make the skin look even and tone. True personal freedom to change our bodies anyway we want I feel should be encouraged. We should be whomever we want to be as long as it is truly who we want to be. But if we are bashing our heads against the wall in frustration because we don't have "fair skin" then I think that's just a shame.

Same with tans. With white folk, tans have evolved from being "a sign that your a peasant and country folk, hard laborers, poor" to a sign of leisure and health and beauty. So they tan with chems or with the sun. Magazines plaster pictures of their celebrity religious deities with tans. Makeover shows push the people on them into getting tans to make them look "fresher". The same paleness that was heralded is seen as meek and weak, sickly, even weird. Meanwhile, like bleaching creams, said tans are the worse thing for white skin cause it causes heavy damage (aging and cancer) due to the lack of melanin. And over using chemicals on the skin can make the individuals look goofy with unknown long lasting side effects on the tissue.

Beauty pushes Black people to lighten their skin in the image of those who control influence. Beauty pushes white people to tan their skin in the image of those who control influence (themselves - slaves to their own system). Meanwhile any body modification that does not fall within this standard (even Michael Jackson's modifications, while criticized for being extreme are still considered normal - he became pale with a small nose and can probably walk around now with less worries than before cause the male controlled white world prefers a "de-dicked" Black man). Those who try to become other things - lizards, cats, etc ... Are seen as weirdos.
Ain't that something interesting, Obsidian. The difference in perception about skin color and dark/light and it's connotations among black people and whites and asians and latinos.

The only true "bleaching" preparations I think that are supposed to be more severe are those by a lot of Japanese and Korean cosmetic companies. Looking white skin is big huge business among many Asian women. My friend who is Thai and was a makeup artist for 20 years said that they had to order in this country's stores Shiseido's "Whitess" creme for some customers.

She told me it always bothered and disturbed her how extreme the desire for whiteness among the mostly Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Korean women was, along with their penchant for getting the eyelid surgery, nosejobs, and boobjobs. Some plastic surgeons actually offered discounted "mother and daughter" plastic surgery treatment deals. I thought it was just a California thing, but one time I went to story reading here by a Hawaiian/Japanese woman named Lori Ann Yamanaka, who grew up in a semi rural area of the islands, and its true that there too they doctors advertised in the magazines and newspapers there those mother daughter deals. Scary and trippy to hear that. And she talked a lot about the whole dark skin/light skin issue too.
I'm all about lightening fading scars on me though. But I'm embarrased almost to admit I have used those products to lighten them, because I don't want other sisters to think I'm trying to be white looking. I don't want that, I just don't want the scars.
Even tone skin is one thing; it is trying to look the status quo that is bleh. But, turmeric paste is a good way to fade dark spots without the harshness of bleaching agents. Gives your skin a rich yellow tone. Also try lemon juice and orange peel as a safer alt. for "lightening".
Yes I know how u fell it seem like my legs is all people see when they look at me so I started useing the ambi fade cream it seem as though its working but I will get back to u befor I tell u to use it
I use Ambi as well as Mlle and got it about 2 years ago and use it off and on. I have the fading cream as well as the daily moisturizer which is supposed to help give an even and clear complexion. But back to my 2, year old moisturizer. I know that might not be good because it can get old, but whatever it has SPF 30 in it which is great to put on every morning as well as the Vitamin E & C. The great thing about The Ambi moisturizer is that it can be used with acne fighting ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide where the The fading cream containg hydroquinone can't because it cam temporarily cause darkening of the skin and that fading cream seemed to cause me to break out even thought I got the oily skin version.

I also bout M2 Skin Lotion which was formally known as Mama Lotion. Check out the website. I bought it at with an automatic 20% off code. I haven't used it much but since I remembered I think I might try it again tonight. But anyways it helps fade marks caused by any type of skin problem (ie. acne, age spots, sun spots, eczema, scarring, etc.) It can be a little pricey if you want to keep using for an extended period of time, but if you just wanna fade some easy marks then by all means buy it.

But I'd say in Gullah's situation I would reccommend something from the M2 Skin Line, they do have a lotion or cream for your body which is great because it comes in different strengths, I reccomend starting off at a lower strength because too harsh could cause very bad peeling and even burns in some cases if you don't follow the directions to a T. But I think it makes up in results what it charges in price.

So give it a try and post back : )

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