... the other Black experience

Just got finished watching Arabian Nights.

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black irish ... meh suck
gridiron gang ... meh okay sports movie
other boleyn girl ... blew. hard.
in bruges ... started out blah ended good
10,000 BC ... ok for what it is
The Mummy Returns. It's one of my favs along with the first one.
Just finished A MIGHTY HEART.
Well done; I give them props that the story was not overdramatized but conveyed the situation
straight ahead and simply while detailing the complexities.

I take everything I said in a previous thread about Angelina Jolie being wrong for the part; she played Marianne Pearl excellently and void of histronics and overacting. As much as I tire of biased stories dealing with white-euro tragedies, this got it done.

Nothing spectacular, but very good guerilla hi-def video shooting. Good for future indie filmmakers and presented all the characters as full 3-D personas rather than stereotypes. Worth checking once, that's it.
The Reaping and The Princess Bride simultaneously.
End of the Century
American Hardcore. (where the fuck is my CD?! or there it is)
A Hard Day's Night.

What's going on lately. ..everytime I do bother to watch TV there's either The Beatles or something punk on.
'the princess bride'
'my little pony - the end of flutter valley' [my tv's broke and it's the only dvd that would work in my pc]
New epic from innovative filmmaker Tarsem who directed THE CELL. Visually breathtaking as could be expected. The little Romanian girl who played Alexandra in the lead role was amazing. Some of the one-on-one scenes were kind of strange.

The story within the story could have been better executed. It was like LXG (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) for the art house crowd.

The archive material at the conclusion almost stole the film. I don't want play it out for any really looking to check it but just enter with your visual tongue to enjoy the rich colorful flavors.

Saw part of TALK TO ME on cable and was captivated again. Don, Taranji, Chewitel, etc. brought it hard on this one, check it.
Pan's Labyrinth. I didn't really watch the whole thing, though. Just like 15 mins. I'm gonna have to sit down and actually watch it next time, cause even the few bits i've seen of it is trippy... And very good.
ok so i went to see 'the happening' last night. somehow the ticket-person got the times wrong, and i ended up only seeing the last 30-45 min. of the movie. that's all i needed to see, cos this movie was doo-doo...
I really want to see the movie Planet Terror.
Grind house was a good double feature, but in my opinion Death Proof was better. I love that they whipped his ass at the end, best scene ever

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