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What's freaky and what's not? the lighter side of sexual deviancy

I ask this question because a lot of people think that a lot of things are kinky when they're merely normal. Why is it that so many people's sex lives are so boring?
A lot of people are still stuck in the 50s and haven't progressed to the 30s when things got really freaky. :P

Anyway I had this guy explain to me that certain things outside of run-of-the-mill positions considered "kinky" by the boring masses are actually a part of normal sex but I forgot everthing he said. He was into asphixation, btw,

I think the main point of what I'm typing is "what's the deepest you've ever gone into sexual deviancy?" or the kinkiest shit you've ever done?

And if you have gotten into the devil's matchbook has it been hard to find someone sexually compatible with you?

Also what is your definition of kink? How far is too far? How much is too much?
Ever feel guilty about hedonism?

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You know some people might like it, but I really don't want to get slapped in the face during sex.
I've tried many things, but for some reason that just doesn't appeal to me.

That is all.
Yeah. That's a mood breaker for me as well. But I'd be lying if I said the sex of the person doing the slapping and whether or not they're my dominatrix didn't matter. Cause it does.
oh absolutely!

I am aware that this is the freak board and all, but I can't even begin to say some of the things on my would just be a little too....some thoughts should remain within the confines of my mind.....locked away...from public boards..
That's sorta how I feel (if I told you what was really going on in my mind I'd get thrown into some pyschotherapy somewhere) but I'm a proud exhibitionist and I feel the need to do a little bit of sexual re-education; especially in light of some of the kinkier conversations I've been having. ..lately.

Plus this section is kinda tame and tameness bothers me.

Stupid ass double edged sword.
I let a girl queef in my face once for like 10mins straight.

Ok, I'm lyin'. LOL, that's some sick shit.
If it's not urine or feces then it's not "sick". :P
Oh, well shame on me for finding the expulsion of air out a woman's vaj in my face gross.
I always considered freaky to be anything more extreme than normal: face fucking, humiliation and degration, ass licking, etc.

Then again, that can be completely normal for a lot of people. lol.
yeah, i'm gonna have to say that once poo and pee pee enter the bedroom, I'm out the door... but otherwise I'm pretty much down (except getting slapped in the face, tho)
I am of the opinion that "positions" do not fall into the category of kink. That would also include teabagging and shrimping as being non kinky since that is on the order of normal foreplay just done in different positions. To me, kink is eroticizing accessories or sex in so called inappropriate places or roleplay or pain inducing practices. I would also include threesomes, orgies and partner swapping. I would also categorize consumption of or play with urine and feces in the category of kink. However, I would not categorize the consumption of sexual fluids as kink. So all that said I had inappropriate relations with a woman at a jobsite with the possiblity of being caught. I certainly do feel guilty about hedonism if it is inappropriate. Nothings wrong with sexual abandon with your partner but there are limits to everything. I don't feel the need to degrade or humiliate anyone however I wouldn't mind smacking a backside if my partner wanted. On that note, I have often wondered why so many women desire to have their asses smacked during sex. The same thing goes for getting pounded in the cervix. What's the fascination?
No fascination there, Kif. It just feels good and turns us on (some of us).

I know it's easy to read some psychological meaning into various sex acts, and with some the issues really are there, but not with everyone. Some of us it's just part of sex whenever we feel like it. Fantasy is just that when the fantasy is just fun for both people and it's not mean or degrading.

That is just my personal opinion. I don't speak for everyone.

About BDSM lifestyle: while I find it fascinating to read about it (y'all should read Terrence Sellers "The Correct Sadist" it's very interesting her psychological mindset), it does not turn me on at all. I'd love to try out being a dom and make money on the side but I doubt I could keep a straight face about it. I know can be all about a deep and serious connection of trust and submission involved, and I just don't have that in regards to BDSM. I've seen so many of the plays in the old Fetish Club days when I went with friends, and I ALWAYS thought the doms were being WAY too tame about how they whipped the backsides of the women or men in question with their paddle or cat o nine tails. And that makes me think that if I ever I had to be a dominant, I'd either end of making fun of the person for real and laughing my head off at the silliness of it, or I'd end up being way too violent and draw serious welt and blood on some total stranger.

And the very thought of a submissive man wanting ME to take over him is TOTALLY annoying and repulsive to me. I wouldnt get ANY joy out of that, I'd kick his ass out.

So I think my part time fascination in reading about the lifestyle is just a vicarous reading fun.
And as for the fashion, I think it is extremely beautiful when well crafted materials and design are used. But that's about it.

Hell Cat, that's exactly how feel about going to extremes with partners. Just because you CAN do it does not mean you SHOULD or that you'll ENJOY it because other people ARE doing it.

I also have a gut feeling that some people who genuinely want to try it some point they get more and more extreme or intense, and that perhaps they lose the sensation and enjoyment of tamer stuff. Like they gotta have it DP or DPDA and after awhile, they just can't get into regular ol' vanilla sex with one person anymore.

Or they get into so much of the pain aspect that a good caress across your naked body just don't turn them on anymore or it bores them. I'm just guessing but you have to know what your own body can take and too much of anything is probably bad for you just like food and drinks.
Guilty about what type of hedonism? In general? No, if I enjoy it and it wont get me in too much trouble and damage me I'll do it and shouldn't have no shame about it ever.

That guy into asphyxiation.......when one gets to extremes like that, it's wise to never do it alone too much. Didn't you read that story about a minister somewhere in the US who was into something like that and accidentally suffocated himself cause he was alone and had no one to help him out?

That was in the Savage Love column from the Village Voice. And Dan Savage was smart to point out when one is into the further extremes of sexuality, it's best to have a partner in the room with you for safety and someone you trust. Accidents do happen and far more often than I think others realize.

Kinky and freaky is what you enjoy that SEEMS out of the norm of most people.
But it's really subjective, HellCat.

And yes you're right some people cant experiment too much.

We all have our limits and "oh hell no way" stuff we dont even find interesting or a turn on.
I think I agree with yours. And WDWWA a queef shouldnt be bad unless she's not too clean inside. It happens. I was all embarrassed when that happened after quite a long time of rousing sex one weekend with my man. I apologized and he smiled and didnt even bother him. "Its all natural babe."

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