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Massive respect to this thread's originator from the O.G. AfroPunk board, Xiamin. Holla back mami, see ya soon up on here!

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LOVE- i wish i could find it again. i've only been in love once & i still love him to death. i think he might be "the one". [i know i'm young but i doubt i'll ever find someone else like him cause he's damn near close to perfect]
SEX- i'm still a virgin but i'm really excited to have sex. i think it's the closest you can get to someone & it's all about pleasure. & not to sound cocky, but i think that i'd be awesome at sex too.
DATING- dating sucks but the option of being free of not being in a relationship is awesome.
RELATIONSHIPS- i like the security of being with someone & knowing that someone out there cares about you & thinks about you.
I confess, it has been 3 months since my last confession :P
I confess to the same thing Dwayne said, as much as I've tried.

I confess that this season of blossoming decolletage ( Y ) has me (& most other men) mesmerized. Erin Brockovich was right that you you can render men helpless & get what you want with a simple tease of cleavage. It ain't fair man, it's like kryptonite...

I visited the astrodome and the headmistress gave me a great job. Although it's been almost a year since I visited VJ's Diner, I hope to walk in there soon...
Forgive me Afropunk, for I have sinned.

I have lusted for my roommate's fiancee . Hardcore lusted for him. Like wake up all tangled in the sheets in a sweat lusted. I'm afraid that with everything that the three of us are going to get into later this month at some point something is going to go down between us, especially since the feelings are mutual between us. I know this is not a problem to my roommate, but damn do I feel awful.

I have left my ex in facebook limbo, not because I hate him, but because in retrospect I'm slightly embarassed I dated him.....

There is a part of me that finds the idea of dying a virgin oddly appealing.

Is there any way to save this wayward soul?
The next time I hear anything said to me by an SO about not having sex often enough=not caring about them, I am leaving, immediately, no questions asked. Every time I hear that it always means something else that's bigger, badder, has been stewing for a while, and that is ultimately not in my power to fix, especially not with sex.
I confess I have serious issues with fidelity. I know it's wrong to cheat, but....
^^Teezi, props on the Belly quote. I keep tellin' these film snobs it's decent, yep! ;>
Forgive me Sister Xiamin, I did not sin enough this weekend. But it wasnt for trying, I'll tell you that.

I don't think he was in the mood and I think he could tell that he was kind of getting on my nerves after 2 days straight with him on my week off from work. Suppose it was bad I took it personally and fumed about that. I got over it but damn that was awful. I should have just taken it and sent him home.

This whole summer is so far making me feel so badass and irresponsible for the first time in my life. Frankly I ain't feeling that good about myself and I feel like just using and abusing some other willing person would distract me from that fact temporarily.

Thank GOD there is no one like that in my immediate circle. Might hurt somebody else's feelings. ;)

Okay NOW I get the use of what people call a "booty call". Temporary bandage that will cause you bad problems if you aint careful and in total control of kicking that person out.

This is the time for me to keep busy doing other things, folks. NOW it's all making sense to me.

Have a nice summer folks!! And keep those jimmy hats available for the unexpected.

Daoud, you sound like my coworker, who is about my age and from outside Chi Town. "Damn, Ro, all these sisters walking around in next to nothing AND wearing cute sandals? It's enough to give a brother a HEART ATTACK!"

Kyrptonite, you say?
Lord... why can't I get past this bastard who broke my heart?

He's a shit. He didn't care enough about me when we were married. For fuck's sake; in the past 5 mos we've been seperated, I've seen him do so many kind acts for other women. I've tried to be friends (God only knows why--- maybe its' because it's either hard to let go of someone, no matter how they have hurt you, when you've been married to them for years).... I get no return of friendship. I should take that as a goddamned hint.

I should take my own advice and do some self searching, but damn it, I'm old enough to know me. I know what I want, what I can tolerate. I really don't want anyone else now, but FUCK, I'm tired of missing that fucker...
The longer you are with someone, the more time it takes to get over them. Out of your life AND out of your head/heart, it's very difficult. All I can say it what someone said to me when I was in the middle of my own divorce after woes, "one day you gonna wake up and the first thing you think about will NOT be your ex. then you'll know you're getting over it."

It's harder because you all have a son, but in time it will be possible to stop missing them. Someday you will TOTALLY realize your former husband is a fact and nothing more. You'll just be able to accept they exist and you won't base any decisions on them or involving them (other than child custody visits), the thought of them won't trigger any pains in your soul or body. Trust me, it WILL happen.

Until then keep busy doing all the other practical and positive shit you have to do and want to do, BlkGothGrl.

You ain't gotta be friends. You can be practical and polite with him, in regards your divorce and your son's welfare. Like "oh, you gonna pick him up at 3? Good. Have a good day. Bye." But you ain't gotta be friends.

I NEVER understood that being friends thing after you break up. I guess with me if there was a good enough reason to break up with you, then there is no reason to be friends afterwards. I can't go back once I've stopped trusting someone. I just can't. I can be happy they straightened out their lives and have gotten sober, but I can't ever trust them again.

Ain't nothing wrong with that, it's just a FACT BGG.

Good Luck.
Every guy I've found over the past few months has given me the same lines, over and over again,

"You're awesome, but I don't want to hurt you" or "I really like you, but I'm not ready for a relationship right now" - either that, or simply dropped off the face of the earth.

I don't know if the problem is that I sleep with them too soon (because usually, this happens a few days after sex)... I'm sick of living in this archaic society when women can't (safely) enjoy themselves sexually and not have to worry about turning a guy off completely because she didn't wait 5 dates, or whatever.

I'm at my wit's end with this shit. Like seriously, fucking sick of it. I don't know what's wrong with me.
I confess I harbored feelings for another I have never been involved with, never will be involved with, and never thought ever would be involved with. It's bad when you are friends but your personal feelings go elsewhere in that situation. I am so logical I can usually talk my feelings out of my body and out of my mind pretty easily, but with this person it rears up in me every blue moon.

FINALLY a breaking point that hurt me really bad but it came from another person. Yes, the matchmakers who want (and I SO agree) to help them find a suitable match. Not that it would be useful to the brother, but FINALLY it cracked open that realization of my own feelings.

I will not act upon them, there is nothing mutual, but it hurts AND it feels a RELIEF to have it up and slap me in the face once and for all.

Zenmaster 2 here needs to chill and take good care of herself finally. It won't be easy but it needs to be done.

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