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Sorry to hear about that man. Keep ya head up.

Logun said:

damn she broke up with me :/ just like that damn feel so fucked up right now but hey fuck it on to the next one i guess. atleast it last 3 months

X-D-D-M*9 said:

Power to you brother Logun, you'll be alright.

But think of it this way: more room for 'Sheba, nubian African queens' like her...




Fructose Soda said:

me thinks she was already into White dudes from jump.

no Black woman I know is just gonna fall for White dick just because her musical interests were broadened.


you'll be aight.

You'll get over her.

music isn't everything.    Maybe your next love will be a sista who has only listened to Queen.     Don't get me wrong, its nice to share similar tastes, but that shit loses its novelty after a while.

If you & your (future) chick have a fight, turning on some punk will not defuse the situation.

When I was in my teens & early 20s, I used to think like "damn, if only I could meet a Black metal chick, everything would allllllright."

Met a few Black metal chicks.

It didn't work out.


Because the sparks just weren't there.

Fast-forward to Now, the woman I'm married to is wonderful.

She treats me better than any chick I've ever been wit.

Sure, we're different in a lot of areas, but I prefer that.

I value having things just for myself.

Besides, I wouldn't learn anything from a chick that liked EVERYTHING I like.

Logun said:

^^ thanks guys im cool i guess its just im pretty fucked up over how i turned her on to punk and she left me for a white punk i guess black punks cant hook up after all.

That was THE worst date we've had in a long ass time!  You just sat there in silence.  Damn, honey.  Well, I guess I did see you laughing when dude from the islands told his story.  *sigh*  But why the silence during the ride to and from our date?  What's going on witchu, maine?  hmmm...  You're nervous, too, about my career decision.  Got it.  

Thank you, LDSR.  You did it again!  

Yes!!!  Being on top was so much fun last night.  I had forgotten just how much attention my breasts could get!!  My nipples are still happy this morning!  Damn, that was so good.  

Yes!!!  Congrats!  Have fun and continue to enjoy each other's company.  I'm so happy for you!

Logun said:

yo i got a new girlfreind shes so fucking awsome her name is allie and she is awsome shes just like me but she likes theater and i like music but shes very pretty and shes the same age!!!

Waking up at 3:00 am has its benefits.  And as we were making love, it started raining outside.  Rain.  In July.  I love you.

=  Seeing all those fine sisters at House In The Park let me know that I can't really settle for less than what I'm seriously attracted to.  The amount of women out their dancing, chillin', doing there thing in such an unpretentious way and ready to sweat (hmmm) and not playing high post let me know how it should always be.  Glad to be here, check it for yourself...


=  We didn't really click and it was obvious.  I thought I was being cool and attentive but you backed up.  Then you hit me up a day or so later like what's up?  Nah I'm good, you had your chance. Have fun and keep looking for Mr. Goodbar.


=  I'm not ready to give up what we have that quickly.  Fortunately you seem to feel the same, we are each others support system still 700 miles apart.  I've never had this type of connection and I plan to cultivate it as long as possible if you are willing too. 

That sounds fun House In The Park. They need to do some event out here like that.
Good luck on the future with that person who is special to you XDDMNine!!

I am glad I am enjoying life even with changes I need to figure out in regards career.
I'd love to date but no one has asked me out. I have realized firmly I am an old fashioned lady in a brand new world.

It's embarrassing to admit but I was on a date with one guy when we decided to go to the rekkastowe. When I walked in I saw him right away. He's the security guy there and he's a big sexy muthafukka too. I followed him around the store without him knowing. I smiled at him all kool aide style when he walked by. After that I would go back and ding around the store sort of half looking for him. He'd find me and we'd chat. He seems really shy even though he's the security guy. The thing is I can't cope with the super shy insecure types. Im REALLY attracted to him tho. The last time I was in there he was in the front and we chatted. When I left he told me don't be a stranger, and when I turned to walk away I heard him say 'I like you'. I pretended not to hear but I heard it. If he can't kick it to me what am I supposed to do about that? If I take the lead that makes me the man.

It's been a long time since I was finding myself attracted to gay men. IT SUCKS.

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