... the other Black experience

Confess your:

desires (but save your love, sex, dates, etc. for the LSDR Confessional)

Props to the originator from AP 1.0 whose name I forget. Come back here and state your claim, it was a great thread and mad helpful, let's keep it going!

Setting it off----

= It's going to take me a minute to get used to this format of AP. But I'm willing to stick it out and help any way possible. Bring the BLACK background back!

= I'm enjoying working part-time so far this summer. But I need a new gig for more $$$.

= Getting 'aerodynamic' in your nether regions is mad liberating experience. Freedom on a whole 'nother level. More details in the LSDR section...

= Unless this gets 'sticky' status, I ain't expecting much response initially. But it'll grow...

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I can't dance with other men. I just can't do it, it's too hard!
I like to hide in my apartment alone and watch goofy musicals and entertain myself. As much as I like people, they annoy the hell out of me and I've begun reveling in the time i get to just be myself alone. Its great but I'm scared that I'm transforming into a hermit...
i am an undercover spice girls fan. I know all the lyrics to every song. i own scrapbooks. i tried on platform heels once.
I can't dance either! And I can't play basketball! And don't ask me to spit some rhymes, I'm a pathetic rapper.I should have my membership to the Black race revoked.(insert proper emoticon)

I confess that I have no idea what 'LSDR' means.(insert proper emoticon)
I confess I don't know how to swim or ride a bike or change a baby's diaper.
-I confess that I spend about 80% of my energy on daydreaming story scenarios for webcomics and novels. This probably isn't healthy, but I'm going to find a way to make money off it. :P

-I don't like chocolate.
Please tell me I'm not alone feeling majorly blueballed about J*DAVEY's cd not being released (well maybe at the stores around my way) yet again. Yesterday it was supposed to be out but alas, nada. I've been strung out listening to a 3rd generation promo and various myspace tracks for over the last 2 years.

It's freakin' wrong man, where the hell can I get this album? I'm about to come to the AP weekend & scream at Jack & Brooke "you hearless so-n-so's! why do to you tease us this way? it's your fault, I ain't blaming labels no mo'! and where is your merch?" before security drags me out of the club...
I just finally began listening to J Davey and now I love them!!! Though I'm late, I'm clamoring for the CD!!
I'm missing something on the tattoo thing. You get all this stuff written on you, come out of the house in a tank top, then wonder what people are looking at. We are literally reading you! People are giving you the attention you desperately craved.
^^^hilariously too true. I'll restate if you get a tatt, make sure it's something that will look good at 80 when your wrinkles fall over your old english lettered 'thug life' or scorpion.

And I'll re-confess my interest in MTV's Real World, especially with this high race ratio of 4 Black to 3 white people in the house, wow! Again this is becoming more embarrassing for these clueless white folks than for folks of color.
I like the concept of dragonflies, I like pictures of them and prints but in real life, they freak me out. Especially since someone informed me that they bite. I feel this is somewhat hypocritical of me, but true.

I love my new dress and expect one of the following reactions:

- "Look at that vibrant, sunny, radiant girl!"

-"That dress makes her look like a giant tangerine!"

Either one is fine with me.
I freaking hate living with my parents. My dad blames me for locking him out when I left the house with him INSIDE it. Totally fudged up I swear.

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