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It's BACK!

An all time great thread from the AP 1.0 foundation.

Massive props goes to the originator Onomatrix who brought us this powerful forum, inspired by by a forum on (if I'm correct). Ono, get on here and set it off with your unique perspective.

Objective: express the opinions that would normally get your run out of town if vocalized or presented. Example:

= Obama is not the best candidate but he's all we've got

= Black folks are our own worst enemy

= Women are too emotional

= Men are too emotionless

= Censorship is a good idea

= All women with perms hate their natural selves

= All men with dreads date white women

= Folks under 30 don't know anything about good music

= Chocolate owns vanilla

= J-Dilla couldn't touch Premeir, Large Pro, Pete Rock or Dre

...and so on (disclaimer: all the above examples do NOT represent my personal views, one or two maybe...).

This is not a place for full on debate & violent conflict, but please be free in how you express. And keep the page long flame-wars to private messages and off the boards.

Ready? Let's go!

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I was hoping this thread would die w/ the oldboards...along w/ the beautiful women thread, ap confessional, and lsdr confessional.
@ LesY...Stop being such a dramatic chipmunk, we're bringing back all the drama filled

I can understand why "Unpopular opinions" should have been buried (Non-stop arguments about everything, everybody, and everybody's mama), but, Beautiful Black Women brought so much joy and eye candy into all our lives.
Lets see...
White people that support him are using Obama as a way to lessen their guilt regarding all of the shit they have pulled over the past several centuries. He may very well land in the white house in a land slide victory so that they can feel better about themselves.

A lot of black women are suffering from beauty complexes thanx to television and marketing campaigns. As long as media continues on its present path, expensive weaves, perm kits, bleaching creams and the entire plastic surgery industry will continue working to make our black queens more and more 'commercially' palatable.

A lot of straight guys are terrified of homosexuality. No homophobic but terrified. Why else would things like extreme promiscuity with the opposite sex and a huge culture of down-low behavior still exist despite warnings of both the former and the latter killing the community. I'll tell you-- Gay is so unacceptable it has to be a shrouded secret and only real men snatch all the catch they can.
There IS a conspiracy to keep intelligent, original and quality music off the airwaves.

Black americans who hate on West Indians have their heads shoved far up their asses. Same is true with the reverse.

Many East Indians are more negrophobic and racist than white folks.

Most white people really ARE racist at worst and clueless at best.

Most white so-called progressives who are obsessed with attributing everything to class are really just trying to avoid dealing with race.

The more of a thug you think you are, the more you care too much about what other people think of you and the more of a coward you tend to be.

Most of what women who are bitter and angry at men have to say about us is dead on the money.

I wholeheartedly agree with the above opinions stated by El. And I'm glad I'm not the only person who actually has those opininions. I also would like to add....

-Black people should re-evaluate what it means to be black. Just because someone doesn't grow up in the ghetto and has an education doesn't mean they're less black.

-Homophobia, which has led to the "downlow" phenomenon, is the number one cause of the highest increasing rate of HIV among blacks. Black women are the fastest growing HIV demographic in the United States. This is unacceptable.

-The highest level of politics deals with the SELF. If you know yourself than you cannot be manipulated easily.

-BET is a disgrace for the most part.

-Black people have a fundamental inferiority complex.
^^^...but how do you really feel El? So nice that you've softened up for the masses...Hahahaaa!
New fam, take note and lay it out as honest as Greggie, Lesy, El & Mota have. No future in frontin'...
Well said El, Mota, Lesy, and Greggie P.

Set the background, I am on vacation, and sitting at home. Ahem.

There is nothing impressive about how loud your car stereo in that Hummer that you can't afford to put gas in, the fact that you have said Hummer in the first place, how baggy your jeans are or how much you paid for them, how drunk you got at the party, how loud you talk at 4am, how many guhls you ALMOST got at the party. So please, shut the fuck up already.

It's not a coincidence, young 'uns, that the only folks who are impressed by all that dropped out of high school, ain't got no legal job, are dramatic and mean and bitchy and ignorant (even by your own account). Ain't you ever thought of that? No? Don't start complaining about how no-count your "friends" and lovers are: do some inventory and see how you are presenting yourself to world in the first place. You'll get your answer and believe me it ain't gonna be pretty.

Yeah, I'm a bitch for saying it but I'm real ain't I? I am honest because I ain't got time nor patience to be anything but honest. I shall not concoct any stories for you. Seriously, you potentially got the world by it's throat if you make a few changes.

Be careful who you let in your world. Pay attention to what they REALLY all about. Think before you do shit. Like my old homegirl who is now in her early 60's told me many years ago: don't make a permanent decision based on a temporary situation. spend what little money you got on these fucking big ass loud SUV's and is it making YOU any money? No! And no it ain't gonna find you "the one"'ll find you some gold diggers who are out to get you in this neighborhood, I can gurantee you that.

You ought to check out my nice neighbors.....they young like you. They have found the balance of having just enough FUN with they friends, while STILL having common sense enough to take good care of themselves and they kid. They got street smarts enough to survive but they have avoided the pitfalls of acting a damn fool like you. Young squires of the hood.....take heed to them.

Ain't they living proof you don't have to fuck with excess to have a good time? Damn.


What needs to be buried: taking those online battles public. Did that fourteen page long back and forth about whatever subject get your bills paid, put gas in your car, put money in your pocket, get you laid, teach you something useful in your day to day real life? If it didn't......leave it alone.

Ain't nobody gonna be upset if you DON'T have the last word. We'll all secretly thank you all for NOT doing it.

In fact, we'll APPLAUD you internally for taming it. We'll be happy and even learn a bit from the clearly stated views and opinions and rebuttals that each make a point, without degenerating into a "but I'm trying to prove I'm right and you're wrong" bullshit. That would be 1950s generational Future Always Very Cherry SWEET, now wouldn't it!!

De ja vu' from a previous thread:

= R.Kelly deserves the 'American Me/History X' treatment.
Doctor Dee, you mean like some old 89 year old man from West Hollywood coming after him with a strap on?
james spooner wrote:
im over afrobeat.


It's very likely that I'll vote for him, but...a Barak Obama presidency will be a disaster. And the white folks who supported him will be the first ones to turn their back on him.
Considering how many gay male friends and coworkers I know, I'm sure any one of them (except one or two) would kick my black ass for this but it is hella true:

A loud angry gay man acting like an out of control rude mean nasty ill mannered bitchy PMS'y woman is not at ALL funny. How the hell and WHERE did you get the idea that THAT is the role model of acting womanly? If anything, Friend of Dorothy, that is in INSULT to WOMAN.
By the way, I LOVED the old Unpopular Opinion and two Confessional threads and the Purge threads, up until some folks got into online fights and it was painful.

Up until then, it was interesting and enlightening and yes entertaining and funny sometimes.
You know, like how the comedy of Wandy Sykes, Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, George Carlin and other "tell it like it us" truthful comedians say stuff that is so TRUE and they make you laugh so hard the WAY they express that truth they see in outside life.
Straight up Rosenda. and that 89 year-old man sounds dangerous; that would be justice OZ-style.

= Being a P.O.W. making you a great politician is about as legitimate as being shot several times making you a great rap emcee; it may sell to the ignorant but comes out as meaning little in end.

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