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Any older folks here (30+, hell 35+) or is it just my old ass?

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     Just saw a movie thats about older punks thirty and over. It's called All Grown Up. It's a great ego booster for those of us that feel they are gettting too old. Your never to old. I'm not to much into punk, but I love METAL!!!! And as a thirty-five year old I rock out like I'm 16 again. So check it out if you can.



Julien:  I have got to see that.  I'm feeling really weird and in limbo this year, cause I just turned 50.

I feel way too fast for the young folks and too open wired for the folks my age and older.  It is an odd place to be.

Yup Outsider very well put.  I'm responsible when I want to be, for practical reasons, but otherwise I do as I feel.

It is a bit strange to not know so many folks my own age who can roll along with me or choose to, because I don't live as traditional a life as they do and I've still got this open road and life ahead of me that I am creating.  Big question mark and big huge adventure too.  :)

Omigod Witchsistah,  I just read the title up above from you.  Tee hee!!



GRRRRRRRRRL, yes I fit in that 35++++ category.  Why am I here again?  ;)

Im 37 and got in a mosh pit for the first time at a D.R.I. show 2 months ago! (You know, I had to show the young 'uns how it's really done) I guess Im getting more courageous in my "old" age...haha. "All Grown Up" sounds like a good movie bvbyJulien Alleyne. I'll check it out. I love metal too but I dabble in punk. And Rosenda: Keep on rockin girl! You just showed me that I don't have to stop living like I am any time soon! You sound totally free. \m/(^_^)\m/

Hee hee!!!!  Mosh pit, you know the main reason I have not tried it cause I been wearing bifocals for a year now and THOSE THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE!!!!!!  Maybe if I got some bifocal heavy duty GOGGLES I might try it out if I was with friends.


You know the ONLY time I wanted to jump into a mosh pit?  Back in 2005 at the AP show at the Delancey, cause a bunch of my AP friends were there I felt so like I belonged there.  Maybe next time I will!!


You're right about maybe getting more courageous as you get older.  There is some shit I won't do but I also will go anywhere I really want to go, and I really don't give a shit if I know anyone there or if I blend in or if anyone wants me there or not.   I went through a brief period when I was feeling out of place.  But you know what?  If theres some live music I wanna hear and see onstage or some club I want to go to, fuck it, I'm going.  Even if I feel weird about it.  Have FUN Shells!!!

I will say this.  If I know I'm going to a show or club or whatever and I know I'm gonna have to be awake past midnight, I have to take a nap before I go.  SERIOUSLY.  I was so fucking embarrassed to admit that a few years ago, but when I met up with another AP buddy UhOh to go with him to see one of our fave artists, Nina Hagen, at a spot in Long Beach, and I told him how I had to take a nap earlier, he just laughed and said "that just means you'll have more fun and wont' get tired before the pit break out."  BAHAHAAHAH.


Last live thing I went to was right before Xmas, it was from 9pm to 3am, and yes I stayed for the whole damn thing.  DJ's were great and all the bands were tight,  especially Buyepongo and Aloe Blacc and Syl Johnson and Aphrodite and The Lions too.  I understood why all the other DJ's were crouched down behind the drum kit when Cut Chemist got up onstage with his sound experimentations of all kinds of records from Africa and South America and old Cambodian stuff and old soul music mixed together.  It was a trip to see that.


A friend of mine just texted me on FB to let me know that Danzig is gonna do a show this fall, including his old buddy Doyle, and it will be Danzig and Misfits songs too.  Fun!

I just rang the 40 year bell a few month ago.

Happy belated  FOREST EWBANKS

40 Bell.  BONG!!  I just rang the 51 bell in December and boy was that shit loud.  ;)

Had errands to run for the holiday shopping season with Pops Moore who is 87 and will be 88 in a few months.

So I did not do big partying on that day, neither did I last year, but last Saturday night, I did go to a hilarious fun show with a couple friends I've known a few decades.  We all went to the Whisky A Go Go to see Fear.  Lee Ving is still a great performer and hilarious smart ass mofo.  Opening for them was The Scurvy Kids (those kids are EXCELLENT tight band), The 40 Ounces (another super tight loud band from East LA, I think), and this other amusing band called Potty Mouth; while their musicians are great and songs fun, the lead singer puts on these trippy costumes (like a cross between Gwar and Rammstein), which was very funny for four songs, but after that the costumery wore a bit thin.

They definitely cleaned up that club.  Way nicer than when I went there a lot in the late 70s-thru mid 80's.

And my mom once told me she took my sister there in the 60's to see the Rolling Stones and was horrified that the best seats were on the floor.  Which with my mother in beehive hairdo and heels must have been cute. ;)

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