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Came across this piece on the Top 10 Romantic Black Films:


So far only part 1 was posted, don't blame me, ha. 

I know folks have their own faves, what are yours?  Off the head:

The Wood

+  Love Jones

Black Orpheus

Orfeu (1997)

Nothing But A Man


+  Cooley High

Sparkle  (1975 original)


to start...

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Good movies in the clip as well as on your list, XMDD. I don't consider most of those romantic movies though. Most of them have too many different elements that I consider negative to be romantic for me. I would say Coming to America. 

Coming to America, yes.  What's negative abut the selections you're thinking of?

I generalized a bit much on my initial post as there are a few on your list that I have not seen, XDDM. 

A few examples...

Purple Rain...You got this troubled genius musician with a bit of an ego problem manifesting the domestic violence in his background. Great as a Prince concert film, though

Claudine...Mom on welfare with a bunch of kids, Dad's gone. Son is a frustrated revolutionary who ends up castrating himself. Daughter becomes a teenage Mom. Graphic domestic violence ensues. 

Mo Better Blues...Suave brother who can't stay faithful, gets beat down, suffers from mental illness. Still think it's a great movie. 

Lady Sings the Blues...heroin addiction, insanity. The image of Diana Ross in the straightjacket with the Don King 'do is permanently seared into my memory. 

Baby Boy...domestic violence, 187 and attempted 187, Snoop assualts Taraji's character, multiple brothers having challenges with being being responsible. Doesn't mean I haven't seen it 20+ times or fail to laugh during some of Jody and Melvin's interactions. 

I think these movies are dramas with romantic elements and that the human adversity portrayed outweighs the romance. It also reminds me of some of the Samcro related youtube fan vids that romanticize Jax and Tara's relationship. I'm always thinking "how can you romanticize this dude? He's committed how many murders and brought how much chaos into this woman's life? They got married in a whorehouse!"

I guess I'm as conservative as the guy selling the pink and white ostrich texture dress shoes at the swap meet said I was, but when I think of setting a romantic mood for the evening, I really don't want to be reminded of any of those realities at the time. Easier to just put on a CD like Coltrane's Lush Life or one of The Joe Pass Virtuouso series. 

I agree many of the selected would be dramas with romantic elements. That speak to what's missing or to what may be going in in the lives of Black folks amid any romance; maybe we have too many problems to avoid in films or that's what the filmmakers focus on.

Claudine I still root for because it shows a romance being developed amid some stressful situations of time and characters. It gave more breadth to certain ideas about folks who are working class and that they want to be together even with the problems they faced. I couldn't call Lawrence Hilton-Jacob's vasectomy a full "castration" though it could seen as anti-childbearing for the his Black radical ideals.

Purple Rain is a favorite as exaggerated as the story can be and I believe that's the point. The Kid (Prince) is attempting to have a healthy relationship and balance his art even though he has mad dysfunction at home. And this comes out when he deals with Apollonia but they do resolve it in the end (with a big musical number of course).

Mo' Betta Blues is an all-time favorite as a film and romance for me. The theme of Bleek being more dedicated to his art than the two women he's involved with is well-done in that it shows how his sacrifice of human connections for music he suffered dearly for. Again like Purple Rain, his demeaning mother had a disconnect with the father who was more into the baseball game on TV. Bleek had no social outlet with his friends who wanted him to come out to play but his Mom forced him to practice his music. This leads him to be a great musician but not the most socialable person and very self-centered. Bleek even plays catch with his Dad later as an adult but is slows when his father can't throw the ball like Bleek when he can't play. Bleek finally seek a proper relationship with Joie Lee, almost too late.

I believe there probably should be more "pure" Black romance films like Love Jones but I guess there's a challenge of whether the audience will fully accept it without dramatic adversity.

I mentioned it before but the recent release Middle Of Nowhere was one the best films and Black romances I've seen. Subtle original story with an unconventional romantic theme.  Ava DuVernay deserved her Sundance Best Director award.


All you LA residents should dig the locations shown so beatifully onscreen. 

Jason's Lyric has the most erotic love scenes!!

^^^Damn baby, took you long enough!  Been waitin' all day for you...

Thanks for adding on sweetie. ; > What else you got?

Max and Mona.  Loved the little romance between that guy and the young lady from the city that surprises him.

BLACK ORPHEUS was the BEST Ex-dom-dom-mystic-9-Er!  I love that film.

Hav Plenty is a good one.

I'm through with white girls is a love story too

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