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So, I have a question: what do women think about dating a man who just happens to be some kind of bisexual?

I'm just asking because if there is anything I have learned about black people from YouTube is that some of them are hella conservative, when it comes to what makes a man. That can be anybody, but I think the pressure is mostly on, dudes, especially when it comes to one's sexuality.

I remember saying something like that to my girlfriend, and not only was she supportive of it, but the thought of it sexually intrigued her. Needless to say, I was surprised, in every sense of the word, but pretty happy that she was so accepting about it.

I told her that I don't know exactly what one would call it (bisexual seems kind of incorrect, since it cuts out trans as an option, and I'm less attracted to men as they are), but I liked women and transwomen. She didn't care as long as I was clean, and as long as I don't go cheating with anyone.

To me, I think it was easier to just say what I was, and be grateful that I don't have them if they didn't accept it. But the little bit of nervousness comes with the common pressure on what it is to be a man. Because not being straight gives the option of a man being a bottom (or a top, for that matter), most equate that to not really being manly. Not only that, but sometimes coming out like that also gives some women the paranoid feeling that he or she will be lost to that of a similar sex.

So, I wonder...what do women think of dating any man who isn't entirely straight?

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I personally don't think anything of it. I am attracted to  men, but  if i were to line up all the men i dated,  they would range from  very masculine to a bit feminine. I go by personality and how I feel around a person more than anything else. If I ended up liking a guy that was bisexual, then so be it, as long as he is a decent human being, wont purposely break my heat, or be dishonest in the relationship,  why does it matter who he is attracted to?

It wouldn't bother me. I'm dating an FTM at the moment though he's pre everything (still completely female bodied). I identify as pansexual which is inclusive of all genders, identities and expressions. I'm just attracted to people and I'm okay that my guy is bisexual. As long as he is faithful then it doesn't matter to me :)

I don't think that I would mind. 

I'm a woman in a triad with another woman and a man. So I'm bisexual and I would not be offended at all if the man in our relationship wanted to also date men. Honesty is always the best policy for me and as long as there is honesty (and a genuine connection) I'm open. I think bisexuality can get lost in the discussion on sexuality when people lump it as a stop on the way to homosexuality, but as a bisexual woman I can tell you that being in a loving relationship with both a man and woman is the most fulfilling relationship I've ever been in.

no problem.

I would definitely do so because I'm in similar situation myself but not exactly being bi but..not straight either. Eh. But I wouldn't mind dating a guy who wasn't entirely straight.

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