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Do people really realize that dating somebody from social networks is more like dating a stranger?

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We all know that, but I think the thing about cyber dating that makes it more appealing than meeting is that at least you get to talk about each others likes, dislikes, looks and make some kind of connection, as opposed t obeing there face to face and not having anything to say. I personally think that socil networkingh as taken all the romance of awkwardness in dating out of it. With cyber dating, whether people are what they say they are are right there. A real person can lie the same exact way, but at least you don't have to go through the pain of trying to be social. You know?

Personally, I know that cyber dating is a crap shoot, but I am only skeptical when the picture just happens to be some kind of pretty boy type pic. That is when you have to test them by taking various other pics to validate their reality.

Am I off topic anywhere, or does this answer your question?

At least that is how it was with me. Before i met my girl, finding face to face dates was a huge bother. They all ended so quickly, and it was due to an unreciprocated interest on one person's part. However, I found some of the best girls online, and they were real beause they sent candid pictures. Most fakers would send the kind of pictures that will make them look like models. That's what I have taken with me. But aside from that, I at least found plenty of good loves, but it is all in how you approach it, I guess.

I think it's a generation thing.  I can see your point LP.  But for me I've had both good and bad experiences meeting online versus meeting in person.  One can get all tight with someone in conversation online and by the time you meet, if he does not find me attractive in person, he's out.  And it made me feel like I wasted my personal trust to someone I really didn't know online.  Part of it is my own trust issue:  it's hard for me to trust someone 100% if I've never met them in person for my "gut feelings" and personal instincts to kick in about them yet.  I do have several friends who've had very good luck with online dating.  But they have met just as many in person as online that went well for them.  It probably is more to do with attitude as you say it.  I prefer to meet folks in person because I'll know pretty quickly by their face to face actions or inactions if they are interested in me or not.  But to truly know if I can count on or trust them, that takes a long time, whether we met online or in person.


XDMM9 gave me some good tips and advice about us black folks "out of the ordinary" types dating online and suggested a couple of sites I should look into.  I'm still scared to. ;)

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