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I'm new to this community,but I see no open door to walk into. No, I'm not a musician or an artist, but i'd still like to be a apart of something. I want to get to know people on this site. I want to know whats going on in everyone's community as well as things gong on in mine that I may not know about,that fellow afropunks may be residing in.I  gave up on this site a while back when I realized that this community is cliquish and a little desolate. I don't know anyone on this site, and I have no idea of this sites purpose anymore other than to update us on music and stuff. Wheres the livelihood and warm welcoming from fellow members? Besides the notifications that I get everyday from afropunk  I rarely get any notifications that members on this site still exist and are doing anything to keep the community of afropunk alive. What's the point in being apart of something just for the Music updates? How can we as Afro Punks keep the movement alive when we don't even bother to move with each other? I'm ready to give this site another chance if people would just speak up and say Hello.

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Was happenin folk. I have to agree with you, the site is a lil dead. Maybe because it is winter?

I think you would have loved the old messageboard days. It centralized communication and there seemed to be a lot of activity all the time. Megasites like twitter and FB have decentralized and even eliminated much of that communication on this message board. I think many members just communicate page to page via PM ala FB or myspace and never come to the main messageboard at all.

You may also want to look at what your expectations were and are for "the movement". Back in those days I remember just being stoked to find people I could relate to along with being surprised that people who had some common experiences could have such different viewpoints. A lot of people have come and gone, disappointed by what they found and didn't find. Other people found friends, lovers, spouses, etc.

So I wish you a belated welcome. Post away.


Forget about it.  You missed the glory days of AP, you might as well hang at The Root or The Grio or some other mainstream style and music site.

They just posted about the Grammy winners.  WHO GIVES A FUK ABOUT A GATDAM GRAMMY?!

The best suggestion I can give is form your own clique in your own town, if you see a Black rocker make friends with them, start your own band (even if you can't play), promote your own shows.

THERE IS a little chat doodad off to the bottom right and you can try to chat with whomever might be on.  I've had some pretty good convos for several weeks at a time with folks and maybe you can see if you can get together with them in meatspace (the real world).

Compound Egret basically laid things out how they stand at present, sorry I don't have anything really constructive to offer you.

I understand your concern. But it's good that you came back, so we all could say hello.Well, some of us. I admit when I signed on, there was a whole lot of signing on, but what i think is a moderate amount of actual friendships forming through this.

I don't know about the chatroom. That is only active sometimes, and this is coming from dudes who love to talk every once in a while to anyone who is up for it. But you don't have to be a musician or an artist to be on here. Just tap us and we might talk. What's been new with you?

yea and alot of people got old and shit and stop using the internet but y the site usually gets live when the festival is coming around  but yea the good old days of everybody coming on and chilling out and talking and shit is dead but it will get better and shit though be patient and keep talking to people sister peace.


One other thing that someone noted a long time ago was about messageboards in general. If you look at some really popular sites like Tumblr or Instagram there really is no central meeting place. I suspect that many people join this site with that same dynamic in mind. If you come across someone interesting talk to them on their page. WMDK had some great suggestions as well. Good luck with it. 

I'm here ;)

I've got a pretty decent following on tumblr, gonna try to give this site a signal boost. it's a genius idea.

Well, I'm here :) m name is Alexis


Yeah Its true the site is becoming dead !  I think its now in the hands of us younger APers to carry on this site and not only this one. We have to use Twitter ,Facebook , and Instagram too ! We dint want the movement to die off also !

Glad to see some people are still enthused about the AP comm.
SOOOOO yall, what's the nexxt course of action???????

Make people sick of it!!!! Flyers, links! redirects!! SATURATE EVERYTHING!!

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