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Japanese and Korean Skin Care Products That You Use

I have been shopping for the right skin care products for my skin. I have tried many American products to no avail. My skin is uneven and not as soft and bright as it should be. I read in recent Mari e Clare magazine that Korea is leading now in skin care and on average, Korean women use 18 products on their skin. And I have noticed their skin looks natural and flawless. I want to have that natural look. I hardly use foundation but I love eye products.


I really want to start caring properly for my skin and I am sure Stacy Dash and Beyonce don't use these local products like Loreal. They get the good stuff. I have been doing some research and found that Kose Sekkisei is top rated in Asia, as well as Kanebo, Shu Uemura, and Laneiege. They cost a bit, but I rather spend $250 on great skin care products (that will last 6 months) that will make my skin flawless and even, than waste money on dozens of cheap products that leave my skin dull and unattractive.I rather wear no make up and have great skin.


I did research on Korean and Japanese daily skin care routines. Here is one example of a regimen


After seeing that and many others, I was like 'I just wash my face and moisturize,' I did not realize that I needed to cleanse, tone, emulsify, moisture masks, etc. Now I see why some Korean and Japaneses women I see have such great skin.


I want to know if anyone has tried Japanese or Korean skin care products. So, I can compare the information I have gathered. It is frustrating, to find that there are little skin care products that are geared toward darker skinned women. But these Japanese and Korean products are mainly for skin of all types. I was even able to find a BB magic cream for darker skin.


I do plan on getting my self the top notch stuff. I am looking at Kose and Shu Uemura, they seem like the top rated internationally that I can order online. There are is a greater variety in Japan, but getting access is difficult if you don't speak the language.



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aw from your profile picture you look like you have nice skin already. :)

i tried korean and misc southeast asian skin products in high school... the only hold over for me though are those papers for oily skin. lol.  anyway thanks for the link... i'm lazy about normal maintenance if i was still a 12 year old or something, so i need step by step directions laid out for me sometimes. lol.


you're in seattle or the pacific northwest, right?

try Uwajimaya ( and for ppl in Illinois, NJ, or Cali there's Mitsuwa... i know that Mitsuwa for sure has a make up department, but I don't know about Uwajimaya, but srsly seattle has soooo many japanese ppl you'll be sure to find a few cosmetics places and i guess a good place to ask is a japanese supermarket. :)

I did a lot of research on top creams and discovered American skin care companies do not compare to Japanese and Korean ones. Now Korean cosmetic companies are now using nano-technology to produce their skin care products. I top ones I have found are


History of Whoo, skin care line their products can go from $50-850 for some products

Kose Sekkisei Medicated line helps to brighten one's skin, prices range from $24-200

Shu Uemura line. I am really interested in their cleansing  oil, which has gotten rave reviews from around the world and USA. Product prices range from $37-155 and above for more.

Hera, Shiseido, and Kanebo, and is another high rated line.


I have not decided which skin care regimen is right for me. I am leaning toward History of Whoo or Kose Sekkisei. Maybe I may do a product review.

Please do!


Hey All who read this,


I went around doing so much research and I leanred a little about skin care.


My normal routine would be to wash my face with neutrogena cream cleanser and then moisturize my whole body with Alveeno.


I wanted to try sheiseido but it was very exensive, especially for a novice to skin care like me. I went to Macy's cosmetic department and met with a beauty consultant. I was so set on getting a Korean or Japanese skin care line. But she explained that most products deliver the same results if used diligently.  She told me there are 4 main steps to skin care.


1. Cleanse your face with a good cleanser: choosing a good cleaner for your skin will get rid of all of the dirt and dead skin cells on your face.


2. Use a toner: a toner will get the remaining dirt that your cleanser missed.


3. Moisturize: you need to find a moisturizer tat will suit your skin care needs. A person who had oily skin should not use the same type of moisturizer that someone who has dry skin uses


4. A good SPF that also has UVA oprotection: this will help to protect your skin, from burns and wrinkles.


The great thing about going to Macy's and asking a beauty professional is that she gave me great skin care education and gave me free samples that should last me for 3 weeks, to try before I actually buy anything. I have been using what she gave me for a week now and I have seen a visible improvement in my skin.


Tips she gave:

a. wash face twice a day possibly 3 times

b. always put on sunscreen, this is also important for women of color

c. Make sure to find products that are suited for your skin. Be careful in your selection because you just may cause more problems to your skin than your originally had. For example if you have normal skin, you may dry it out by choosing a cleaner that is to drying for you skin. There for you may end up with dry skin.

d. what you do to your face, you do to your neck


Here is what I have been using so far:


1. Cleaner: Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser mouse (I love this because it cleans my skin but it does not feel dried out

2. Clinique Clarifying lotion (toner)

3. Estee Lauder Idealist (I love this, it is my favorite. It makes my skin look radient. It gives my skin a nice glow that is not shinny.

4. Estee Lauder Day Wear Plus: I love this because my face is not oily/greasy and my face is never dry during the day. A little goes a long way.

5. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sun Block spf 70: it absorbes in the skin and does not leave my skin feeling greasy.


At night

First: I clean my make up with No.7 Quick Think Reflexion Rapid wipes to get most of my make up off before cleansing

1. Cleaner: Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser mouse (I love this because it cleans my skin but it does not feel dried out

2. Clinique Clarifying lotion (toner)

3. Estee Lauder Advanced night repair (a little goes a long way) I bought the whole bottle since it has such good reviews. That way a leap of faith and I am pleasantly pleased. You need to have something to help rejuvenate your skin as you sleep. Plus this came with a free anti wrinkle night moisturizer and night repair eye cream

4. Estee Lauder Time Zone line and wrinkle reducing creme (free)

5. Este Lauder Night Repair Cream 


I also got my self some Japanese and Korean Face Masks. I may do a review for the mask when I try them a few times.

I will say that my skin has improved in just this short week and with no break outs. Also my acne scars have been fading. Also having a good diet and exercising is a great way to improve the cell rejuvenation process of your skin.

I think a make-up forum would also be great as well...


Feel free to tell me your regimens and what is working for you.  

Shiseido is the bomb!! My Aunt Edna recommended it in the 80s to Mom and me. I still miss their original liquid eyeliner in the red and black tube. When it dried, it was basically a layer on your skin not in your skin. It rolled off like a thin gentle plastic layer. No one makes it but them but they stopped making it.

Now their skincare is awesome, the basic line in the white containers with light blue caps. The other line in beige with bronzeish caps is great for older skins that needs more moisture. My friend Fy, who was my roommate also during the 90s, was one of their makeup artists for about twenty years, so I got to know everything about their lines.

Their other basic line that is mainly sold in Japanese mkts like Mitsuwa or Marukai is just as great as the line sold in the American dept stores.

I like the other random brands of eyeliners and mascara in Marukai and Mitsuwa.

You know what my friend Grace told me is good? That Japanese rice powder stuff for your face. The name is Komenuka Bijin. I'd like to try it some day. I've heard women swear by using it as a mask and basic cleanser daily or weekly.

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