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I've always been against racism, sexism, homophobia, and fascism. Today i found a group of people who share my ideas on this subject matter. I've given serious thought in joining this group and participating in picketing aryan rallies and pro life marches. Does this seem like the right thing to do? I don't want to rush into anything, but I agree with a lot of what this organization says. They even have two chapters in my state. So should I join up?

The group is known as ANTI-RACIST ACTION.

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No harm in checking it out... ?
I second LesYpersound.
I'd stay away from groups like that...they're full of agents and Adl types
Yeah, I wasn't trying to scare him off or anything, but I just wanted to give him the score on organizations like that. There's a lot more politricks involved than you'd expect. He's gonna do what he's gonna, but just be aware of possible consequences. In my neck of the woods a few years ago, the State Police infiltrated anti-racist/anti-death penalty groups and puts its participants on an FBI-maintained terrorist watchlist. This was back in 2004-2005, and many of the people are still trying to get their names of the FBI database.

Felipe said:
I didn't want to scare him off , yeah double agents are everywhere. I know first hand about confidential informants and snitch ass bitches. This is why I role solo. If you dont say shit they cant hold shit against you...or can they?
Yes, they can tap your phone and put you on a list of dissents that will follow you to every courtroom and every airport and every job or school.... man fuck the mother fucking patriot act!
something else said:
I'd stay away from groups like that...they're full of agents and Adl types

he's right. If you do it be anonymous.
They sound familar. There's an ANTIFA group here in Portland which happens to to be [largely] Black Bloc-affiliated. B/t anti-cop protests & an attemped murder on one ov it's members, Anti-Racists/Fascists here in have been busy:

I say, you should join whatever group you want. Just make sure it's for the right reasons.
something else said:
I'd stay away from groups like that...they're full of agents and Adl types
jahluv said:
Saturday - April 17th, 2010 11am - counterprotest to the Nazi rally being held at Los Angeles City Hall. For more information, check out the Answer Coalition website "HERE."

Very cool photo, thanks for posting it.
If you have the time and can commit join. If you are not a pacifist hippy join. If you're not afraid to fight join. Hopefully you'll be able to fuck some of those bastards up. A.R.A. are righteous dudes in my book they do good work and their methods are effective. Wipe the bastards out.

good luck.
Yea, the only thing I've heard about ARA is that they are not afraid to squabble. So I guess if you don't mind throwing blows, check'em out. Form your own opinion.
I have a mother Theresa attitude about this sort of thing. She said she wouldn't join a group against war, because the focus is war. But you have a group about peace, she will join because the focus is peace.
I joining the group. After some considerate thought I've decided to join up with the A.R.A. Beats sitting around all day....

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