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So I was reading this article spotlighting a few queer black women and I noticed that the ALL have 'natural'-ish hair (I think). Then I read this post by Logun and is OP mentioned that 'natural' hair is not "big with straight girls" in his area.


I'm just now noticing this link between natural hair and being bi or lesbian... is this phenomena really widespread? Is it new? Am I just really late? What does it mean?

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perhaps it has more to do w/ the personality trait of openness?  and i think to be proud of your natural hair puts a lot of women on the fringe...and who else would you find out in the boondocks of society than other non-norm ppl like queers.  ...also, just my observation, but black american academics and progressive activists (e.g. non pastors) also tend to also be much more likely to be natural/bald women/hijabi and not processed/clipped-in/sewn-in.

definitely, natural hair for african americans is and has been associated w/ "not mainstream/norm" ... critical and politically minded.  i feel like it's been this way since the student movements of the 60s (think: afros).


there is something to that high-maintenance thing... and having it be associated w/ femme and status.

Thanks for the feedback, peoples! I really appreciate seeing other people's perspective on this phenomenon.


It's got more to do with acceptable styles in men and somewhat to do with societal acceptance of natural hair. I have worked with members of the LGBT community for quite some time and while some will not acknowledge this openly, bi and especially stud/AG/butch black women styles always closely mimic what ever is fashionable for men. More guys are doing it so more lesbians are doing it. Likewise we are coming to a point in America in general and Black America in particular where natural hair is acceptable for black people in general. As an aside relative to what FructoseSoda was saying I have a friend who has grown her dreads out long who was commenting on how so many dudes holler at her now and they had to know she was a dyke by the way she dressed with her skinny jeans sagged and fitted t-shirt. I said it was because now with long hair she looks even more feminine and all guys see is a woman with long hair in  hip huggers with her ass hanging out and some titties. We think that shit is sexy because we know there's some cut up under those tight jeans. I'm just saying.

People who say the whole being natural and being gay thing are normally just being ignorant. When I first shaved my hair off there where a lot of people who questioned whether or not I was homosexual. Even in Atlanta where there are a shit tone of naturals there are some people who believe that women with natural hair tend to be homosexuals. It's ridiculous.  My hair texture doesn't make my sexual preference.

Interesting to point out.  I never noticed out here a correlation specifically.  But Lesy thats a good possibility, the trait of openness. If you ain't of the "norm" somehow, you don't feel you have to tow the mainstream look of straightened hair maybe? Or if you've been pushed away by middle of the road conservative folks, inside you feel you can do whatever you want and be different if you choose and follow your own preferences of looks style etc.


But if that's the case as you say that a reason nooo brothers ask me out around here?

There is a certain "popular" look overall that the brothers out here think is hot in general and that's all they look for?

Which would mean I gotta wear tight jeans low rise low cut tight shirts and get some silky straight Remy hair weaved in at a cost of probably $800 at the beauty salon and cut my toes up wearing tall heels every day?  Hah!!!! mean some GA folks actually think if you don't straighten your hair you ain't straight? WTF??????!!!!!

Methinks maybe there are some folks thinking that out here.  That is so ignorant.

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