... the other Black experience

Sometimes us AP's tend to dig beyond popular culture to find those eccentric people we feel we can relate to, but many times they are in front our face all along and didn't even realize it. Exhibit A....

All these years and I am now noticing the NBA freak of them all, Dennis Rodman was a true Afropunk with his colorful hair, tattoos, and piercings on the court in addition to his outlandish sports covers.

Who else can you think of?

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Oh wow the Wayans, hmmm never thought of that.

Michael Jackson, interesting!

Debra Wilson fr Mad TV

I agree with you on Dennis Rodman. He just didn't give a what! He had a nice run of messing with people's heads during his hayday. That's when i was still heavy into the NBA and he made it more interesting for sure. 

Old School Busta Rhymes(aka before the lock chop)
song with Fishbone-check
song with Ozzy Osbourne-check
card carrying member of the premeire Black boho set, The Native Tongues-check
crazy videos, off kilter personality and ecelctic fashion sense, check, check,check.
Bussa Bus = OG Afropunk


zoe kravitz,lenny kravitz,lisa bonet

If someone said Michael Jackson then I answer with...

george clinton...

...the one in the mothership showing us all his business (tongue, too)..

...still punk fuckin rock after all these years

(check out his doo wop picture, though :)

Persia White

"Freddie" from A Different World aka Alt Rocker Cree Summer

Samo aka Jean-Michel Basquiat

samo©!! good one, PV

Little Richard

Marty Grimes

Ray Barbee

Steve Steadham

Kareem Campbell

Greg Fulton from Znowhite

Phil Lynott

Chuck Treece

DH Peligro

Dude from a band called "Special Forces" that I used to get mistaken for

Ice T, even though a lot of the body count material was horrible. 

Myself and the rest of the AP members that came of age before the interwebs..."You are so, um, different. I've never met anyone like you..." or "We saw a Black skater/metal/punk dude at xyz show/record store/skate spot. He totally reminded me of you."

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