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The artist who created his own dimension of expression and had the skills and balls to creatively and personally step to Phase II, Basquiat and Warhol left us in the physical this week.


If you don't know, now you know:


Ramm:ell:zee and Shockdell



Ramm:ell:zee and Jean-Michel Basquiat

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very under-appreciated.
His theories fly in the face of modern-day academia.
I wonder what inspired him to challenge the standardized alphabet and Roman symbols.
Did he have any specific spiritual beliefs?
I straight up do not know. My understanding was he at one point was god-body in the 5% Nation and then expanded into several other levels of culture, de- & re-constructing each he came in contact with. Like an alien being visiting planets, taking and giving what was needed then blasting off leaving his artifacts for the indigenous to try to decipher infinitely. I could only assume his founding of GOTHIC FUTURISM and IKONIC PANZERIZM are the only true life paths he practiced.

I just give him respect that he would as a self-actualized maverick challenge and incorporate the conventions around him and make them definitively his own. He would look at words, language, style, art, etc. and say it was questionable and then reincorporate and reintroduce it back to the world.

Ramm was mentioned all over Jean-Michel Basquiat's autobio 'A Quick Killing In Art'. I just hope that his estate is much better protected.
Damn. The Brotha was dope. He definitely had The Supertouch.
Daoud, you know who brought Rammellzee to my attention? Rantacular, over on Facebook, and you on AP here.
And then I saw an article on the LA times website and another one on NY times website, that included a youtube video.
^^^ I'm late Rose to your comment, but adding on:

Rantacular was actually going to introduce me to him because he was staying with him at the AP reunion where we all met and I was hyped. But I got caught up and didn't follow up and he exited this plane. Much respect to Rant and the still existing power of Rammellzee.

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