... the other Black experience

We wanna know everything!
This was a popular thread on the original Afro-Punk boards started by "Weebeasty".
Click here to see what the members said back then (read-only link), and tell us about you here.
PS: those who participated back in the days, feel free to post again, I'm sure there are some new amusing things about you that we should know about! :-)

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I can vogue.
I can walk on my hands and I can juggle.
I can bowl a perfect game.

I sleep with the TV on cause I hate total silence when I am home alone.

I am an empath.
Dwayne said:
As a kid,I never let my feet hang over the bed when I slept because I thought monsters would grab them. It's now a habit when I sleep.

Ooooo ....Wonders how this works when getting ones freak on....hmmmmmmm
I love strawberry flavoring and smell but not actual strawberries.

Same thing with coconut. I hate the texture but love the flavor and smell.

I have an irrational fear of Jeff Goldblums ears. I see them change shape when he is on screen and it freaks me out. I can't look at him when he is on screen or I will get upset.

I love the smell of sulfur. Firecrackers and sparklers.
Dwayne said:
The movie Terms Of Endearment almost made me cry

I never liked soul food

I work as a cook but I cook at a bare minimum when at home

When I was a kid,I would read the encyclopedia when I got bored

I believe that I became a man at 22 when I moved to ATL and experienced how the real world is.

King size got it.

Not a big soul food fan here either.

I guess that's like a prostitute not wanting sex when she aint workin. LOL!

That's why I dont mess with no fellas under 30.
Um, i hate christians with a mind-splintering passion & i'm growing increasingly suspecious
The page took forever to load, so i coudn't finish what i was trying to say before the 15 min. time limit expired.
About a year ago (when I was 19 mind you) I pissed in the Victoria's Secret changing room. Pulled my pants down and let it loose. I was paralyzing in need of a piss, so... when you gotta go you gotta go. Good thing I could buy new underwear there.
-I have a thing for vampire romance books and movies. However, it's way too easy to make them the cheesiest things ever thought up: I have abandoned many badly thought out stories.

-I'm addicted to imagining things. If I could make money coming up with story plots for people, I'd do it...and from the looks of things, I'd totally kick ass.

-I have the largest Nintendo DS collection of anyone I know or have ever heard of.

-Hug me and I'll be your friend.
I can do a one handed cartwheel among other feats left over from doing tumble-tots at age three (the only time I've ever done gymnastics)

I know a guy who is in the 1% of the population whose heart is on the right side of his body (actually saved his life).

I'm an evil genius

My house is over one hundred years old.

The island I live on was most likely created after a meteor crashed into the Sargasso Sea of the Atlantic causing a volcano to erupt, spewing lava that created an island floating on top of its mouth like a plate spinning on top of a stick. Consequently, because of its unique geography, this isle can never be wiped out by a tsunami.

What a maroon!

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