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We have a vent area to say what's eating us.

How about the stuff that goes right?

How about the stuff that inspires us?

No matter how small

It could be a great meal

Extra money on your paycheck

Found $20 on the sidewalk

Helped a little kid learn to tie their shoes...


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In the rants section someone mentioned retarted taggers. I was driving home and got stopped by a train. I was mad at first till the train came and it was covered with some of the most awesome burners I have ever seen in my life. I mean really intricate grafitti, it was breathtaking. I had wished I had a camera to take pictures of the stuff and study it later. It was really incredible and it made my day. It made me think of Dwanye.
I found I have $150 coming to me from old electric deposits from a few years ago! You know how BAD I can use that extra money? Talk about relief.
A person who I know well enough to consider a friend but haven't known long enough to be particularly close to casually said that my aura was purple. You don't need to know the intricate details, but that makes me extremely happy to hear.
My raves: my boss for being considerate about all our feelings at the office in a very sad and difficult situation for all of us but especially for our main grrrl. He thought it would be sad and painful for her and for us to all be there together while she's dealing with her final paperwork and moving. God bless him for thinking of that and telling me to come in later, even though he said he feels she might just call in for the day. He has a great deal of respect for her.

Every so often, Lyfen, I see the most beautiful and incredibly gorgeous graffiti art. Even within 6 blocks of here are 3-4 small and beautiful such murals. In the most ripped parts of town, I love to see those blooms of color and shapes.

My dad, just in one sentence a warm hug and sweet smile and life learned wisdom, made me feel so much better and released of pain about that old friend that I heard some REALLY bad news about last week.

Sometimes all it takes is seeing the sky reflected in a big puddle of water on the broken up sidewalk to make me feel a few minutes of joy and peace.

RANDOM CONNECTIONS: I always feel like those random connections mean that I am destined to know this person and that it will be good for me somehow and that I am destined to be where I am in some situation right here right now for really good reasons about to unfold.

Cases in point.....I met Marisela way back when we first begun at MOCA. I met Stone here on Afropunk. When we got to talk as friends, I found out he knew The Specs way back when (and I knew them when I was with my former husband, because they ended up practicing their tunes every Sunday in our loft apartment in the Valley).

I met Kim when she started in my department over 6 years ago. We talked and on her second day, I found out she went to school with an old workmate Meg and knew here husband too! Then later one I was talking to Stone and he said he remembered Kim too from when his other band Jim Dandy had opened up for either Redondos or Royal Crown Revue, and she's still RCR's business manager after 15 years now.

Then Stone called me one night last year and said "hey, I just met your friend Marisela!!" !!" Marisela and her friend (who is a professor at USC and a DJ and tv show host on a local Latin music rock show) did a poetry/music event that night and Stone is one of her friends classes and that's how he heard about the event.

The next day at work Marisela said "so that's the guy my buddy Josh told me was so impressed by! he's been telling me about one of his student's field and study for ages!"

After that me and G and A finally went to Club Soulside, they played awesome Northern Soul and ska and soul music.
The guys who runs the club took a liking to A and made his move right after the lights came on and everyone was leaving at 2:30 am. It was funny cause he'd been staring at her across the room all night long! He introduced himself as Marv.

Well the next day at work, Greg (who is an excellent singer and performer who is also a longtime friend of Kim, and he was looking for a longterm assignment of work that years so she told him about an opening at our museum) came up to me and said "hey, I heard you know my friend Stone! how did you meet?" and I told him. And then when I asked both him and Stone later if they'd ever been to Club Soulside they both made a funny comment about Marv cause both of them are friends with him!.

What a small wonderful interesting world!! :) :)

Oh....and then before this one, when Kim started years ago, my friend Janelle was looking for a new job and told me she was interviewing at a specific art gallery. I mentioned the name and she said "hey, I know the lady who works there that she is going to replace!" Janelle got the job soon after that. Well it's several years later.....and I met recently a nice lady who works in our communications/press area. She told us about her website where she makes these loooovely dresses.

I thought" these are cute, I have to tell Janelle." When I did...she said " we know each other! she used to work here at the gallery with me when she first moved to California." and when I talked to Christine, she emailed me and told me "you know Janelle? you know my man still works there with her at the gallery!!"

Very funny! I absolutely love this!!
I feel better after reading penetrating and fierce analysis of historical and ever-present forms of oppression.

Right now it's:
Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide by Andrea Smith
Last time it was:
Exterminate all the Brutes: One Man's Odyssey into the Heart of Darkness and the Origins of European Genocide by Sven Lindqvist

I ate out twice this week... and even though it was a bit pricey (over $7 each meal, lol) it was so very good!
It's slowing down around here, finally. The difference will be awkward but actually I'm alright with it. His presence is here in a great way on another level, truthfully.

Weather has been excellent. Had a wonderful time with my nephew and brother these past few days and especially at the park today.

I'm a bit more grounded in reality now with the events and truths that have come out. It's good to be mature enough to roll with certain things that would have hit me differently at another stage in my life.

Ready for action now. Give me a minute and some episodes might jump off.

The ideas for us collaborating could work out very well. One project at a time, no crazy unplotted ideas that never get manifested.

I have a better concept of what I might do this summer. Sounds like a plan with some options.

Continuing to go for self. Not for selfish, but doing me. I'm truly becoming less worried about what others think or do who feel differently.
I worke up to this kooky video this morning, it put me in a good mood.
Iphone!! I'm sorry if your phone sucks but my Iphone is the bizness. Had the treo 750. I thought it was the truth. Can't wait for 3.0 software.


I went to the thrift store yesterday. I look at the old VHS tapes, cause I still use my VCR and the tapes now are like .50 to $1.00. And I found a TRIBE CALLED QUEST concert video!

I agree. However, it can be challenging to see such things when things don't necessary go well. I can reflect from experience how the dark clouds of despair can take away anything that seems worthwhile or hopes of things being better in the future. I should be more aware, because I work with people who are mental challenged and one who even is deaf, blind and suffering from mental retardation. When you realize all those things that someone else can go through and what you're not it helps set things straight. However, as a pessimistic, wanna be optimist, it is always troubling for someone like me to see the bright side of life. It day by day work, at least in my opinion. Misanthropy usually could naturally to someone like me. And the nation, on a macrolevel, is certainly not going through the summer of love, if you know I mean.
What's up Peter B ^^. There's a great "Vent" thread to let out those frustrations & conflicts, put all that energy there. Big welcome to the AP fam!

We'll see. It's a little early but I'm open. Can't turn down those suggestions...

I'm about 98% sure I'm not doing summer school and I'm glad my co-worker broached that to the class in such a subtle fashion. Makes things much easier.

Some may call it the 'hood' Ballys, but I'll take it over the corny 'burb one anytime. Where else can you walk in and work out to Brand Nubian, Eric B. & Rakim, Mary J, Funkadelic, Marvin Gaye, Snoop Dogg, Tribe, etc.? And the burb club pool looks nasty, I'd rather do without. Keep that Bon Jovi Ballys, I prefer working out around my folks and others (whites & Asians) who ain't scared to come around the way.

No allergic pollen reactions today, cool!
High 5z EL.

El Machetero said:
i just wrote my final exam for school and i THINK i whooped some serious ass on it!!

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