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The Animal Rights movement has a romantic love affair with the ALF on one side, and a public image problem with the ALF on the other. The old guard version of this romanticizing is understandable and I think justified….To a certain extent. The 80′s ALF was largely engaged in lab and fur farm raids and getting video footage otherwise unseen by the public into view. The ALF of the 80′s and early 90′s enjoyed a level of support and shelter from the aboveground that was to change by the late 90′s. Largely due to federal grand juries and corporate intimidation. A separation of the wheat from the chaff occurred and many groups that wished to save their asses from prosecution or grow their Animal welfarism into an incredibly lucrative business began to denounce those they once held so high.

Simultaneously the ALF began escalating tactics and in many instances attacking the property of those that use and abuse Animals, a most logical and tactical approach given the hell and torture that Animals endure from machines and buildings of murder, even though it’s not an evening news friendly approach. Some yearn for the days of yesteryear and a return to the romantic ALF. Others have turned to insurrectionary anarchism in the name of Total Liberation. The international Total Liberation freedom fighters seems to grasp far better than the american liberation spectators that escalation of tactics is the proper response to torture, slaughter, species genocide, environmental destruction, racism, sexism, queer bashing, class discrimination or corporate domination.

Why are we so fucking hung up on this 1960′s model of protestation? I remember going to the DNC back when it came to Denver. There on capital hill I watched Ward Churchill give a nice speech. I watched the band Dead Prez play and heard a nice speech from them as well. I watched several people talk a real good game and play radical dress up games with their black bandannas. Then everyone walked across town (under police escort) chanting slogans and holding up peace signs. Then as we approached ‘ground zero’ everyone sat down and started singing a bunch of pre-rehersed anthems about peace and overcoming and patchouli and nag champa and whatever else hippies are into! All courtesy of a group called ‘recreate 68”. Then the anarchists took to the streets. They walked around and chanted slogans as well. I went home bored of all the charade.

But this is still our basic model for what ridiculously passes as resistance whether it’s Animal, Earth, human or political protest. Stand in front of a building, let the police photograph you, yell at the building (a purely symbolic gesture, as any prisoner can verify. We yell at walls every day for years and they don’t go away). Kiss the medias ass or at least hope they take notice. Wonder how many of your ‘comrades’ are really FBI agents. and then wait and see if the systems media validates you. This standardized form of protest is an outlet. Just like when you find yourself in suburban neiborhoods. Everywhere you turn you run into a cul-de-sac. It’s the same concept with resistance. The powers that be know that they cannot stop people from consternation and resistance. So they grab a hold of the contexts that surround it. So as to redirect what the corporations deem a threat into harmless avenues.

And we fall for it, over and over again. We surf the net, play with our ipads and phones until the god damed phone knows us far better than our loved ones do! We spring into action only to have our modus operendi taken, packaged and sold back to us. Instead of risking our life or freedom to tear down the walls, we risk it all to spray paint our name on the wall. Instead of destroying the rapists, the racists, the capitalist or the artifices that entomb all life. we go to workshops, we dance hard in the pit, or fall by the way side ruined and riddled by a worthless fucking needle filled with poisonous drugs!

Liberation, Anarchism and freedom isn’t the freedom to buy a bunch of shit you don’t need, it’s the freedom from having to purchase it in the first place. Its not the freedom to kill yourself slowly with drugs, it’s the freedom from the system that induces the depression that makes a toxic death look fun. It’s not protesting the system to change it’s evil ways it’s tearing down the systems evil so that the Earth can grow! It’s Smashing a cage, instead of yelling at the walls that contain it! It’s living, loving, bleeding and dying! It’s fighting against others oppression as if it were our own, because it is, or soon will be if we don’t!

The new breed of ALF is more than just a compassionate thief in the night. The New breed of ALF is a subset within a larger worldwide resistance against all authority and repression. We’re coming for the Animals, We’re coming for the Earth And no wall, fence, building or specieist human oppressor is going to hold us back! We are done with pacifist, theoretical, tutorial, self-serving double talk spun by cowards in ivory towers. With a clear resolve, calculating in our approach and ferocious whether alone or in a pack. Our wolves are coming to protect our kin, and there is no turning back!

Animal Liberation, Whatever It May Take!


Walter Bond


Walter Bond is in prison until the year 2021 and cannot use facebook or the internet.

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