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Just finished Fluke by Christopher Moore.  It was okay but not as funny as his other books. 

I am now starting a book called Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, which is the second book of a trilogy series. 

Akhunaton the Extraterrestrial King by Daniel Blair Stewart

I just finished this book and had to tell someone - IT'S FANTASTIC!

I don't have much to say except that for anyone interested in science fiction, esoteric Egyptology, conspiracy theory or ufo's, this is a must read. 

And no, I don't work for the author or anything, I just found it in a used book store. Hunt it down! Haha!


Borrowed this from my Dad, who was given this for Christmas the year before from my sister.

After he finished it he loaned it to me.  I had no idea that place my folks took me to modern dance classes near Washington and Vermont was so legendary to the black creative community in the 70's!  Inner City Cultural Center, y'all!

Beah Richards talked at length about the place in the documentary about her life, too, she gave plays there and taught other actors and actresses for years.



After I finish the other book, I'm gonna borrow this one too from Pops Moore.

Pops Moore is reading this one right now, again given to him from my sister.

^^^ Those look fascinating Rosenda. After seeing Devil In A Blue Dress with the whole deep '50's era LA story, the doc Bastards of the Party telling history of the clubs & gangs and that part in Collateral where the elder jazz player spoke on the legends who played in the city, I'm very interested in in those books and the history.


LOVE GOES TO BUILDINGS ON FIRE by Will Hermes 5 Years In New York That Changed Music Forever





















Basically a detailed diary of the music & movements that hit NYC and the author from 1973 to 1977 and how it changed everything.  I could call this the part of the unoffical required reading of the AP membership.  He covers in intense, devoted detail the events of the time, what lead to them and the individuals who sparked & were sparked by them.  I can't even scrape the surface of what's contained but dig the sample of names covered:

+ The New York Dolls

+ Grandmaster Flash

+ Hector Lavoe

+ Laurie Anderson

+ The Talking Heads

+ Patti Smith

+ Philip Glass

+ Bruce Springsteen

+ Afrika BamBaataa

+ Ray Barretto

+ Nicky Siano

+ Rashaan Roland Kirk


..and too many more.  I'm only halfway through and I learned:

-  Patti Smith was more driven  & ambitous than her image presents

-  Willie Colon's personal problems kept him from leaving on the trip Zaire with the rest of the Fania All-Stars

-  Wanye County, drag queen,  got into a fight with The Dictators' Manitoba...and basically won.

-  Bruce Springsteen started out as more folk-singing soloist alone on guitar more like Pete Seegar before the E Street Band was formed

-  When Grandmaster Flash first debuted cutting to an audience, they were unresponsive & nearly dissuaded him from any further turntable innovations

-  Cecil  Taylor & CTI Records sold wax directly to dance music DJ's who came buy their office in Manhattan

-  CBGB's & Max's Kansas City had outright business beef


...and again too much more (remember this is just halfway through).  No matter what music you dig you'll like this and will be well entertained & informed.

A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable

Hey everyone

     I don't know if anyone discussed this book or not, but it's a really good book. It's called The Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie and B.K  Evenson  if you haven't check it out you definitely should., it's a pretty good book.

Right now, reading Mike Dyson's Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America; Beverly Daniel Tatum's Why are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?; and Booker T Washington's (purported) Autobiography Up From Slavery.

Quite simply, Tyson and Tatum's books are so far, as stark as it is required reading for those of us Blacks with our black "skin in the game," otherwise intent on putting money in the hands of Black descendants of the American slaves. . . outlining the depth of our "legal injury" where the latter is legal terminology outlining a formal complaint to lay upon our government. . . Reminiscent of Dr. Randall Robinson's Awakening the Spirit, and The Debt: what America owes to Blacks, and hearkens to even Dr. Joy DeGruy's Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. . .

This is required reading for those of us D.O.S. who refuse to dilute our birthright as Lawful American Citizens with a claim to lay upon our U.S. Government, for 4 Centuries of injustice against us based in significant part upon our black skin, features or characteristics, and Negro ancestry (where our skin color, features, characteristics or negro ancestry need not be the ONLY reason for the denial of lawful recovery, but a significant reason for the denial of lawful recovery every other group has obtained through the vehicle of our Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution (once considered by the Legislature at the time, as the Negro Amendments). . . Pew Reserarch provides the disparity between how Blacks regard these racial disparities, and how Whites think there is no issue of advantage whatsoever, being the chief beneficiaries of that unjust advantage based upon NOT being black :

The data supports that generally speaking, White America will never "get it" as long as our lawful recovery is withheld. . Trump has called the Democrats on the data, and not a single media outlet aside from, yourblackworld, the funky academic, and tonetalks (Antonio Moore) gets the data and internalizes our Argument. . .

The corrupt DNC on the other hand, will never "get it right" having had 50 years to do so by now--Including with a black-skinned President and Majority seat. . .

We all need to focus, with LASER-LIKE efficiency that OUR BATTLE lies against the ongoing withholding of lawful recovery, denied legal recompense, and foreclosed restitution inline with Legislative intent, including compounded interest long owed and past due for the stolen black wealth that guaranteed this system of advantage, based upon race will account for its Crimes against Humanity against our Black forbears. . . .

Germans have a saying: "Wiedergutmachungen wird in scheißland zurückgehalten!" meaning "Reparations are withheld in the US" . . . the Whole World understands our Right has nothing to do with our sexual preferences, feminism, and any other diluting call to action. . . this is OUR BIRTHRIGHT because 1) we are lawful American Citizens 2) because we are Black descendants of the American Slaves 3) because but for, our collective injuries of 250 years of brutal rape (and "buck breaking"), sport torture, stolen wages property and subjugation under chattel slavery, 90 years of property theft, widespread lynching, and arbitrary jurisprudence under Jim Crow, 65 years of separate-but-equal Black Codes (constituting egregious deviations between our Black Penal system, and that of the whites, 35 years of racist gerrymandering and unfair housing laws, and 25 years of racial profiling, felonization, and incarceration under the Clinton Superpredator Crime bill of 1998 that imprisoned our Men and decimated our families. . . we would otherwise be whole and just under the protection of our Laws. . .

Our traditions, our laws, our familial ties, our beliefs our customs our morays were systematically destroyed. Sure we have made some scant progress, but we have no Barometer of Self to surmount these crimes against US that still persist to disparage us. . . Racial stereotypes leveled against us 400 years ago STILL persist because Whites (in large part who should be our allies since we're also AMERICANS), refuse us our Humanity, and thus refuse to be held accountable for their complicity. . .

These books will help us understand the depth of the inhumanity against us. . . and afford us the ability to express these injuries in every day parlance. . . THIS is essential "before we can accept any allies, they must put skin in our game," as we have done so many times in the recent past.  #notAnotherProtest with any group, until they make our fight, theirs. Black Politics 2.0, Fam.

Until we are made "more whole under our Laws" we can never "do for self" as a collective group of persons injured across 4 Centuries under "color of law." We owe it to our Black forbears, to apprise ourselves of what was lost, or stolen by our government's Hand, that set these disparities in motion. We remain irreparable as a group of Persons, until this accounting is finally made.

And that Booker TUp From Slavery, sounds like a contrived Primer, in White Hand, for the newly released slaves IMHO, nothing more than propaganda, before "Propaganda" was "a thing". . .it appears "less the hand of a newly freed slave", than an Manchurian Candidate of the time.

Booker T may well have educated a record number of newly freed slaves, but make no mistake. . . this Book (very easy reading--can be read in a day) sounds all the bells and whistles of Racist Propaganda than anything I'd read since. I'm not disparaging the Man here Fam. . . I'm disparaging the message to impressionable freed-slave minds. This paradigm lies akin to the Oprah message, telling poor Black folks to "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps" knowing she was chosen to convey a certain message to Blacks, and has done it well ever since. . . Booker T was certainly chosen, among all the other freed slaves who were his contemporaries at the time.

From Booker T Washington thanking Whites who helped him so profusely, and leveling his vicious contempt for his contemporaries doing the best they could with what they were given, this Millennial sees this book for what it is, and it is likewise important that we set Our record straight in our language, not theirs.

Truth? The Rachel Dolezal book. I gotta know why/how. :)

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