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A group of friends and I have gotten together and deidicated our time to writing anywhere from a sentence, a paragraph or a page of prose to a weekly theme. After enough stories I will put them in a zine to be distributed around Bermuda. I encourage cats here on afropunk to get involved and will post the new theme here each week.

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Theme for the Week of June 29th to July 5th:

Noise is just a collection of audible frequencies happening simultaneously.

Fun fact on headphones:
Types of headphones:

1. Open headphones

2. Closed headphones

3. Street headphones

4. In-ear headphones


static existence.

the underlying noise of our past which shaped our ever passing present and if unnamed shapes our time to come is the noise that brings us down or uplifts and shades the noise we put out which will make our fate.

(if you're gonna use this ditty PM me, i'll give you a pen name to go along w/ it--and regardless post up a scan of the stuff when you start distro) :]

Will do. Thanks everyone for your stuff so far. Please explore the facebook page and I will have the blog link posted shortly with stories from the last theme: "Rain and New Beginnings"

Oh, and will scan zine for internet viewers pleasure. :D
I'm down for this, I'll check out the link...
In the Rage Jungle of Apoth 4, a lone figure scrambles through the hectic undergrowth, zigzagging through towering trees so tall and immense their canopies cast the jungle floor in darkness lit only by glow rocks and phosphorescent plants. It has been stated that so unbearable was this jungle to its original human explorers that they went mad with frenzy and clawed their ears off. Heeding this knowledge, the figure is clothed in a contained bodysuit as protection from the culprit - Rage Pollen … and in this figure’s arms is a sealed jar which contains a sample. The figure approaches a dome which looks like a pale luminescent pearl glowing out of the darkness of a Dali-inspired landscape. A slot appears on its side, ink black. The figure quickly disappears within and the dome slowly fades from existence.

On the other side of the galaxy the dome rematerializes in a great desert of swirling sands and deep blue skies. Three sombre moons stare down upon this desolate world as witness to the bleak loneliness of this planet. But it is peaceful, and littered among its dunes are the bones of billions trapped in its peaceful façade and grown down to fine sands as they years move on. The figure steps out into this wasteland so misleadingly called the Peaceful Desert. When humans first explored this world they found a peaceful hum pervaded their senses that proved impossible to part with and they stayed out in the sands forever.

In the serene still of this environment, the figure calmly moves through the sand dunes, the sun glinting off the red of its bodysuit as it clings to the jar of Rage pollen. In the distance, what first appears to be the glossy white of bone arcing out of the sands is revealed to be a dome similar to the one the figure just left behind on the dunes. On the sand next to this dome is a figure seated and still. A robot hovers around it, sprinkling it with water, moving sand off of it and from around it, but otherwise leaving it alone. As the figure comes closer the seated figure is revealed to be similar - same red bodysuit only with a helmet that is off and resting at its side. The seated figure is bald headed and smiling serenely into the distance. The figure stands next to it and gazes at it until the seated figure acknowledges its presence with a turn, a sunburned smile, and such intense familiarity in its eyes that it makes the standing one fall to its knees. A sob is heard coming from inside its helmet as it takes the jar with the Rage pollen sample and dumps it into the air around the seated figure before placing the helmet back on its head. The seated figure contorts and then slumps; and, with the help of the robot, the standing figure takes the seated figure inside the nearby dome. This dome then disappears, followed by the other in the distance and leaves the Peaceful Desert as deserted as it had been for millennia before and millennia after.
Theme for this week -

The sound of a chopped Harley on a coastal highway in the moonlight.

Obsidian said:
Theme for the Week of June 29th to July 5th:


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