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I was wondering how many people on this site believe in the supernatural...And how many more have experienced it. Share your stories. Of course...Debates are welcome.

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Comment by E.V on January 1, 2013 at 6:54pm

I always thought the supernatural was interesting. The fact that we can't really see it but when we are in a room and we feel watched that is something we usually don't think as special. I remember one day I was talking to this girl at my dorm and my guitar was all the way at the other corner of my room. We are talking and all of a sudden there is a sound of my guitar being strummed by itself as if someone was doing it. No one besides us was there and the room is small that there is no way anyone can hide besides the closet.Lets just say the door of the closet was closed and the guitar was in plain sight. To this day I still think it was an entity from the other side. in my head it goes that when we hold on so much attachment to this life here our souls don't move on. And we end up in a limbo in between this existence and the next. Now I could be wrong, because not everything in this life is guarantee to be true completely. 

Comment by Lightning Pill on August 7, 2012 at 12:07am

It's funny no one here has posted on this as much. But I believe that ghosts can exist under one condition. There is a reason why ghosts, monsters or whatnot used to live underneath your head when your mom and dad went away. I believe that the supernatural thigns exist mostly to the lonely. I alo believe there is a meaning to it. They are people you used to know, people who surround you everyday, they are spirits that aren't too far away from who you know and who you don't.

I think of spirits, ghosts and various things as metaphors for real life held within the bottomless void in your mind. Thoughts?

Comment by Satan's Crow on May 16, 2011 at 2:28pm

   Okay, I see no one has posted here for a while. Maybe I can tell this story now.

   I wasn't born a mystic. It's something I became after two spontaneous, out-of-the-blue experiences of altered states of consciousness that occurred within days of each other. (I have to tell this story to make up for some of the lame post I did below)

  At the time the altered states happened, I was in the midst of a life and death struggle with an extreme phobia_agoraphobia_ which kept me in the house and miserable around the clock. This illness first began when I was 17. From then until my mid 20s I felt that I could handle my phobia on my own. Nonetheless I always kept in mind the idea of seeking professional help if all else failed.

   By my mid 20s, all else failed. I didn't know what to do next so I began seeing a shrink. I saw her once a week and twice every other week for almost a year. I wasn't happy with my time spent saying "whatever comes  to mind". It seemed to me that all we ever did was talk but I could think of nothing better to do so I remained.

   It was during this time that the altered states occurred.

   Prior to their full effect, on two separate occasions I felt the beginning of them. It was such an odd sensation that instead of letting it carry me away I was able to literally shake the feeling off. The third time this odd, weird sensation came over me I was at home (the first two times I was in public) and maybe because of this I decided to let the sensation have it's way.

   I laid down on my bed and let it happen.

   It felt like an invisible wave that I felt on the inside and which was rising at an easy pace from my lower body, upward. I remember holding my left hand in a tight fist, resting against my chest_a nervous reaction_ as I let this thing never experienced before play it's self out.

   Once the invisible wave reached the top of my head I looked around my room and was astonished. Everywhere I looked I received the impression that I was seeing myself. I experienced a profound sense of oneness with everything, It's like one minute you identify with the body and in the next minute the whole universe becomes your body. In mystic thought this experience is usually called "Cosmic Consciousness."

   The second experience, a day or two later began like the first but when the wave reached the top of my head this time I didn't have the feeling of oneness. I felt euphoric to the point of imagining that I could see a million tiny white lights floating all around my head. I had this image so strongly in mind that at one point I rushed to the bathroom to look in the mirror to see if I could see them. All I saw was my blissed-out face looking back at me. As I stood there, however something else began to happen. I began to leave my body and head for the opened bathroom door..

   The minute I realized that this was actually happening it scared the living shit out of me! The second I felt that fear, my consciousness shot back to my body. I've regreted feeling this fear ever since but under the circumstance, who could blame me?

   In the aftermath of those events I began to study everything I could find on mysticism and the occult. I soon got the idea that I could find the answers I sought in this area of experience and soon after deciding that, I quit "thearpy"_as my analyst called it. I left against her better judgement too but I never regretted my decision and_let the record show: I'm no longer agoraphobic either.

   I've never had any fear telling people about these experiences because I could care less if they believe me or not. Their disbelief won't change the fact that they did happen just as I described them. Changed the course of my life, I didn't go looking for this, it found me but the way I see it; if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone. I even suspect this kind of thing happens more that we realize.

  So this is my top story of weird going on's but I still have a few wild ones left to tell. The universe is a haunted house and we are the ghost.


Comment by Satan's Crow on April 6, 2011 at 10:31am

   Here's a group of experiences I've learned to refer to as "Poltergeist shit." I call them this because they remind me of the scene from the movie Poltergeist, when the family finds all of the chairs stacked up like a tower in the middle of their kictchen.

   It started with the cigarette packs. I imagine most smokers have had the occurance of tossing a pack down and it lands standing upright. Nothing supernatural about that, but for a spell this began to happen to me alot_ enough to give it a name.

   One day I'm at work. I'm on a ladder and my five-in-one_ a special type of scraper painters use_ fell to the floor. It landed on the hardwood floor standing up on it's side.

   Now, let me explain. I enjoy shit like this but I wasn't ready to believe that these occurances where anything more than chance. I merely took them as they came and smiled when they happened.

   One day I'm home. The cigarettes do their standing upright trick three times during the day_ all as a reslut of an unguarded moment of just tossing the pack aside.

   I think to myself: three times in a single day? That's a liitle more that chance... maybe.

  I guess the universe didn't appreciate my doubt.

  Same day, a few hours later, I reach for something on my desk and a single sheet of copy-paper falls to the floor landing on my rug and standing straight, the fuck up.

   It stood that way, waving in the aircurrents a little but maintaining it's balance for about five to seven minutes. At one point, I got out of my chair and got on my knees beside it, amazed at what I was seeing. It reminded me of an acrobat coming off the double-bars and landing on his feet.

    Eventually it gave up the ghost_ or the ghost gave it up_ and leaned softly on a cardboard box that was near it.

    Was it supernatural? That's anyone's call but it was definately some Poltergeist shit!


Comment by Satan's Crow on April 6, 2011 at 9:26am

     Does sychronisicty count as an example of the supernatural? I think it does. The supernatural does sychronistic shit. This is what I meant about being a haunted person. Sychroniitiy is a common occurance with me. It still amazes me, but it happens alot.

   Examples: One friday the 13th I went down to the DMV to get a non-driver's ID. Sounded like a cool idea so I choice that day to go get it.

  Back then  the DMV mailed the ID to you so I did what I had to do and went home to wait on the mail. The card never came. I called DMV they eventually discover that the card apparently had been sent to a wrong adressed. I would have to return to the DMV and apply for another one.

   I do that.

   I go home, I wait.

   The card comes this time but now it's got the wrong expiriation date on it,. One that shortens the usefulness of the card.

   Back to DMV I returned and applied a third time and when I recieved the card in the mail this time DMV had fianlly got it right.

  That the third attempt did the trick is no surprise to me etiher.

   I enjoy hanging out in graveyards. There like parks with no people for the most part. you can sit and chill all by yourself, this being something I like and some times need to do. One time when I was doing this I was thinking of the idea of a triple Goddess Mother Maiden Chrone. I was thinking that the Mother would be the oldest in terms of having exsited prior to the birth of the other two, and that the other two were twins_ because finite life(maiden) and death(chrone) appeared at the same time.

    As I was thinking along these lines I was strolling through the cemetary looking at headstones for unusal female names to give these three Goddess personal names when I came upon three graves with identical headstones side by side.

   All three where sisters.

   I knew this because each headstone said so above the names and dates.

   Looking at the dates, The first sister had been the oldest. The other two we're not twins but their head stones easily brought to mind the idea: They had both died in the month they had been born.



Comment by Satan's Crow on April 2, 2011 at 11:47am

 Some creepy shit here. I'm in the right place. See my post on my favorite halloween just to start things off. I have more stories to tell.

   Malacli 41: a disturbing story. I think European magic has nothing on Africian magic, the culture is closer to the Earth and natural forces.

   Afrocuban: we have a psychic among us. She say's the graveyards are empty.

   Candypnk: I want to see a UFO.

    And Ms. NADA C: this is an excellent idea, I second your wooo!

    Like a reoccuring nightmare...I'll be back. 

   Iv'e had an out-of -body experience and a state of "cosmic consciousness"_ all of which happened within days of each other when I was in my mid-20s. Maybe I'll tell you the detials on them. This was definately the strangest thing that's ever happened to me but, as I say, I have more.

   You could say that I'm haunted. Good thing I ain't afraid of no ghost. 


Comment by DRAGONEYESEVEN on January 16, 2011 at 7:29am
Comment by AfroCuban on November 10, 2010 at 2:50pm
I do believe, I'd say, "I know". I've seen and heard things as it were.
The phone rang. It was my great grand mother for her daughter, my grandmother. She hadn't seen her since sometime ago in Cuba.

I told my abuela and she got mad, MAD, but took the phone and then HUGGED the heck out of me.

My great grandmother had passed away many years ago.

Speaking of her, she used to talk to an empty rocking chair that was rocking. It was a deceased relative she was talking to. My grand mother told me this. Happened when she was a child when she asked her mother why she was talking to the empty chair.
Comment by Candypink on July 28, 2009 at 10:25pm
It's about time someone started something like this. I have wittness a UFO before. Matter of fact when I was younger I wanted to work for the FBI and be all Xfiles like.
Comment by Sylvia Batchagan on June 29, 2009 at 1:05am
Woot. My own group. I'm *really interested to hear these stories. Share!

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