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Just found this through the documentary that I rented @ my local library. I am a X-gener and a big fan of Afro-punk. Remebered Living Colour quite well back in the 80s. Fishbone, Dead Kennedy's,etc. Exposed to Tamar-Kali (love) & Saul Williams(love) and many others I have yet to discover.
Diggin' this site.
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I am currently working on my healthcare documentation specialist diploma/certification,coding professional coder certification and a doctorate in spiritual counseling.
Favorite bands:
Bad Brains
Straight Line Stitch
Janelle Monae
Saul Williams
Alice In Chains and other 80s rock bands
mainly 70s punk rock
Feminist punk rock like Kittie, L7, Tribe 8, so forth
Cradle of Filth
Old school hip-hop preferable 80s and early 90s stuff.
Few Neo-soul music/80s R&B (got to get my romance on).
I'm beginning to dislike pop music a lot these days.
My music taste varies.
Favorite movies:
The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
All of Johnny Depps movies
Tim Burton films
Wes Craven films
Alfred Hitchhock
Shadow of A Vampire
Favorite books:
I'm beginning to enjoy Steampunk books
China Melville's Perdido Street Station
Neil Gaiman's American Gods
Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta's novels
Fiona Zedde's lesbian erotic romance novels
Edgar allen Poe
H.P. Lovecraft
and so and so on
Favorite Magazines:
Oxygen. Gothic Beauty.
Favorite TV shows:
Pretty Little Liars
White Collar
Elvira's old horror shows.
Supernatural(I'm weirdly addicted to their bullshit storylines)
Relationship status:
I'm still single and proud of it. I'm also dedicated myself to the Goddess. I know she will send a spiritual beautiful woma my way. As I was told by a good psychic friend. I know will meet her this year.
No, not at this. In the future I plan to have a family with my future signifcant other.
no/ no

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  • Satan's Crow

       I am doing okay. I didn't see the tv show you mentioned. I assume this was something you saw recently? I wish you remembered the name of it. My interest in the subject has cooled somewhat as I've gotten more into the polticial aspect of NWO. I don't really believe the world is going to end this year but I do believe in ET and the NWO and of course, Queen Lucifer. She is my defense againt the rest.

       What are you studying in school? What plans do YOU have up YOUR sleave?

  • Satan's Crow

     Birds of a feather.

  • Me & This Army

    Thank you for checking out Me & This Army! Spread the word. Hopefully we'll see you at a show soon!