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Fakey Azalea

Excuse my 1 min of hater but i just gotta say before i start i never liked this girl to me she sounds stupid and living where i do im surrounded by people from the place shes really from on a daily basis and it seems to  be a common thing .... but what i stumbled upon the recent few days didn't surprise me yet it left me with a face like a slapped ass 

Shes not only trying to portray a race she ISN'T as much as she will deny that claim  shes now stealing lyrics from em too…


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FEATURE: ‘From Gangs To Gardens’ (gang member turned organic gardener)

Check out filmmaker JLove Calderon's new film, ‘From Gangs To Gardens’ - a documentary following gang member turned organic gardener Ietef Vita. Vita, a hip hop musician, uses hip-hop culture to inspire young people to connect to the earth and educate them on gardening and healthy eating. In the film, Vita - who was recently invited, along with wife Alkemia…


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FEATURE: The sound of Ghanaian Afro-Soul and jazz musician Jojo Abot

Listen to the voice of Ghanaian singer-songwriter Jojo Abot - a Brooklyn based jazz singer who experiments with the genres of electronica, afrobeat, jazz, neo-soul, house and reggae, to create a modern Ghanaian sound. Get into her music below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: "I Can’t Hide Mine, Please Don’t Hide Yours: An Open Letter to Ben Affleck"

Last week it was revealed that actor and director Ben Affleck had asked producers of PBS documentary show "Finding Your Roots" to edit out the discovery of a slave owning ancestor. The actor states that he now regrets trying to censor the story, adding: "While I don't like that the guy is an ancestor, I am happy that aspect of our country's history is being talked about." Now Michael W. Twitty (a culinary historian focusing on the foodways of Africa, enslaved…


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Brooklyn! Now more than ever, we need to get involved. On May 2nd at 2pm, AFROPUNK will be hosting a Town Square event in Brooklyn to discuss, vision, and plan ways to strengthen and activate our communities. There will be speakers, street performances, and information about AFROPUNK Fest 2015's exciting Earned Ticket Program. If you're interested, CLICK …


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FEATURE: Disrupting History, the paintings of Titus Kaphar

Explore the work of visual artist Titus Kaphar. The acclaimed artist, known mostly for his series of paintings, 'Disrupted Histories' interacts with the history of art by appropriating its styles and mediums; and creates new narratives through cutting, shredding, sewing, rumpling, erasing, and whiting out his work. As the Huffington Post states, he reveals "the materiality and instability of history and the artistic canon, showing that the past is never…


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NEW MUSIC: DC Legends Beauty Pill Return With The Flawless 'Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are' #SoundCheck

Here's the thing about being ahead of your time: if you wait long enough, eventually time catches up. While “ahead of their time” is usually a component of a tragic story, for Beauty Pill, it's a triumph. The 11 years since their groundbreaking debut full length The Unsustainable Lifestyle have been incredibly kind to their brand of social conscious meta-genre atmosphere-heavy indie rock. What was once an uncategorizable outlier, is now still uncategorizable, but it…


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NEW MUSIC: Negro Galacticus' Debut Is a Garage Rap Party #SoundCheck

Indie funk quartet Negro Galacticus come by it honestly. Drummer Walty Kibby is the son of Fishbone's Dirty Walt, guitarist Malik Deering is the nephew of Weapon of Choice's Lonnie Marshall, and bassist Steve Francell “48” Fortier's mother was in Hairspray. Apple, tree, et cetera. Their debut record is a shaggy, off-beat, DIY affair worthy of the Fishbone connection.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK…


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NEW MUSIC: Spring Is Finally Here! Get On The New Single From Jules and The Jinks: "No Compromise!" #SoundCheck

It's almost warm enough to share the debut single from Bronx quintet Jules and The Jinks. "On this last day of April," Jules and The Jinks sing over an irresistible breezy guitar lick. This is a song that deserves to be blaring from car…


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FEATURE: "11 diverse podcasts to give you a fresh perspective on life"

In a new article, Mashable have showcased 11 of today's best diverse podcasts - one of those podcasts being that of comedian W. Kamau Bell, who along with fellow comedian Kevin Avery host the topical podcast 'Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time Period' (analyzing a Denzel…


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BREAKING: Loretta Lynch Confirmed As First Black Female Attorney General of The United States

Meanwhile, in important news, Loretta Lynch is (finally) confirmed by the Senate as the next Attorney General of the United States. As the successor to the bold, outspoken Eric Holder, Lynch has big shoes to fill, and steps into the role at a time when relations between police and communities are at an all-time low. Over the next 2 years, she will be faced with upholding Obama's landmark immigration reform, justifying the legality of healthcare reform, as well as…


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OP-ED: An Open Letter To Björk - Re: “Sound is the n***** of the world, man.”

This week, while explaining that museums deprioritize sound over visuals, (which in fairness is true, though in the grand scheme of things, not really that big a deal), Björk declared “sound is the n***** of the world, man.”

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor 


Dear Björk,…


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FREE DOWNLOAD: OSHUN release their new mixtape, 'ASASE YAA'

Listen to 'ASASE YAA', the debut full length mixtape from soulful hip hop duo OSHUN (Thandiwe and Niambi Sala). The D.C. natives state, "I think that the album shows how we've matured and how we've grown as artists. 'ASASE YAA' is a West African term for Mother Earth. Conceptually, the reason that we chose the name 'ASASE YAA'…


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FEATURE: The Bots Announce Summer Tour Supporting Incubus and Deftones

The Bots announced today that they'll be going on tour this summer in support of Incubus and Deftones co-headline tour. Check out the dates below! The tour kicks off July 22nd in Clarkston, Missouri, and will finish on August 30th in San Diego, California; and all shows go on sale April 24. Look out for the brothers at AFROPUNK Paris next month —> …


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NEW MUSIC: Rainy Milo releases her debut album, ‘This Thing of Ours’

Check out the debut album from British R&B songstress Rainy Milo, 'This Thing of Ours'. Regarding the LP, the London based artist …


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FEATURE: 7-Year-Old Natalie McGriff Wins $16K For Her Comic Book 'The Adventures of Moxie Girl'

Check out this inspiring young artist Natalie McGriff. The 7-year old illustrator has won a $16,000 to start her own comic book series, 'The Adventures of Moxie Girl' , from crowd funding festival One Spark. The comic is about a Black girl who hates her hair; however, after using some magical shampoo, her hair develops super abilities and gives her the power to fight against literacy and save Jacksonville's Public Libraries from a pack of hungry monsters. Her…


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I want to appear in the next Afro Punk Music Festival

His work can be viewed on the following links and Entertainment Podcasts: Summer Madness ft Hasani 
Arthur …

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FEATURE: Police Detective Cleared in the shooting Death of unarmed Rekia Boyd

As the saying goes, "one step forward, two steps back". Two weeks ago Michael T. Slager, a South Carolina police officer, found himself charged for the fatal shooting of unarmed Walter Scott - in simpler terms, charged for making a black man his target practice. A crime that so many men have walked away from scott free; so many Mike Browns; so many Tarika Wilsons. The news of Slager's conviction gave much needed energy to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, reminding…


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Hypersexuality: The Opposite Spectrum of Coping Rarely Discussed in Sexual Assault Victims

I remember whenever I thought of rape victims in high school, the movie, "Speak" immediately flashed before my eyes. For those who haven’t seen it, Speak was the film that placed Kristen Stewart on the map and where she also happened to be able to finesse "the Kristen Stewart role" she’s played in every damn movie since. But anyways, I digress, the film depicts a high school freshman, Melinda, who refused to speak ever since she called the cops at a summer party…


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