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NEW MUSIC: 'Special' - the new single from British songstress, Liv

Listen to the new release from British songstress, Liv. If this track, 'Special', and her debut single, 'Come A Little Closer', are anything to go by; then the debut album from this singer-songwriter/ producer is definitely going to be worth the wait. Listen, below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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NEW MUSIC: Les Sins aka Toro Y Moi releases 'Talk About'

Check out the new single from Toro Y Moi, 'Talk About'. The latest single is from the singer's Les Sins project, and will be the opening track of his upcoming album, 'Michael'. Expect an album release very soon. The singer is apparently set to release his new album "Michael" on November 4th. If you love house, you'll definitely love this track. Get into it, below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK…


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NEW MUSIC: Debut EP from Ohio Indie Rock band Betsy Ross #SoundCheck

I've probably seen over 3,000 bands at this point in my life, but I can count the number of times I watched someone perform and didn't want it to end on both hands. Most bands either have a good sense of how long their sets should be for maximum awesomeness and play not a beat longer, or they mistakenly think their every note is a gift and go on until the room is empty. Le sigh. But there we were in Columbus, Ohio's House With No Name, watching Betsy Ross' Charity Crowe run through… Continue

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OP-ED: Glasslands closing - Has Vice officially declared that they are not a part of the community they cover?

Over the last few years, every time I've been to a show at Death By Audio or Glasslands, the last great outposts of DIY culture in Williamsburg's ocean of trust funders and trend chasers, I've been struck by the same terrified thought: “How long can this possibly keep going?” Well, now we know the answer: as long as Vice Media says so.

Since 2006, one block on South 2nd St. in Williamsburg has been the home to DIY venues, an underground film house, and art spaces. One by one,…

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FEATURE: South African artist OHYESLORD's vibrant illustrations

I've been a fan of OHYESLORD's work for a while, and when I thought of the idea to start an online mag/blog he was one of the first people to come to mind that I could possibly feature, so I was very excited when he agreed. Born in Pretoria and now based in Jahannesburg, OHYESLORD is self-taught, which I would have never guessed had he not mentioned it. His style of illustration is very unique and on a high standard when it comes to digital illustration. His ability proves that…


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FEATURE: The North Star School in Ghana Needs a Bus and You Can Be A Part of the Adventure!

It was Saturday night, October 11, 2014, and I was back at Rafa's magical art lounge in Echo Park, which has quickly become one of my favorite spots in LA to check out local bands. It's where I first heard the soul-transforming guitar solos of possessed axe-man Edgar Hernandez, of Blind Owl, after the…


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experimental & sound/ pls,start to read by the end

Great Lakes Africa Private Session Cancelled, no sound…

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Illuminati Blog: Living A Metaphysical Truth

Peace Gods and Goddesses! Today’s post focuses on living a metaphysical truth daily. This concept is based on the understanding that everything is energy and all things are made of this energy, including mankind. With this truth serving as the foundation for reality as we know it, we can now begin to create the world of our choosing. Growing up, I never looked into what metaphysics was or how a knowledge of the concept could help me at all in daily life. I was too caught up in the world that…


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FREE DOWNLOAD: Debut EP From Metal Band The Magnificent Shit Hawks Of The Greater Northern Americas. #SoundCheck

Let's just get this out of the way first: the band is called The Magnificent Shit Hawks Of The Greater Northern Americas. Their EP is called The Monumental Misadventures of Skeeter Jennings LOVE. It concludes with a doom metal setting of the Dayman song that gets stuck in my head every single goddamn day from It's Always Sunny... I don't know how you can do anything but love everything about this. It is perfect.…


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ART: Artist Shantell Martin collaborates with Jewelry and interior designer Kelly Wearstler

New York based British artst Shantell Martin has teamed up with Los Angeles based Jewelry and interior designer Kelly Wearstler for a special collection, launching next week. Martin has used pieces from Wearstler's home collection as a canvas, customizing them with her signature marker drawings which have garnered the artist much acclaim in the art world. The collection includes includes leather jackets, upholstered leather furniture, totes, marble kisses, and…


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ART: Blaxploitation in Watercolor - the work of Argentinian artist Tata Monie

Meet Argentinian artist Tata Monie. The fine artist who originally trained in advertising and graphic design, is heavily inspired by the Blaxploitation film era and captures the iconic films of this era using just watercolor techniques, as though capturing movie stills with a camera. In his own words, what draws the artist to this era is 'The Funk, Gangsters, and gender'. Explore Monie's work, below.



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NEW MUSIC: Lion Babe release uplifting new track, 'Jump Hi' - feat. Childish Gambino

Since New York duo Lion Babe released their single 'Treat Me Like Fire' almost two years ago, there has been much excitement surrounding Vocalist Jillian Hervey (pictured) and producer Lucas Goodman. So much so, that many have been waiting impatiently for the duo to drop new material. Well prayers have now been answered. The duo have released new single, 'Jump Hi'; and the uplifting track features none other than Mr Childish Gambino. Get into the catchy anthem,…


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Alittle bit of this, Alittle bit of that, Alittle bit of cyan

hey guys, i thought i would make a blog since there is nothin to do today :v 

Well. . . . My name is cyan and i tend to over think pretty much everythin which is good and bad hahaa so i thought id share some things i tend to think about alot.

Welp for starters im biracial (Mothers British German Roman) +( Fathers African American) i have a very mixed set of friends but mostly gravitated towards the goth style ones (probably being raised around everything addams…


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Brown metal and not Black metal. And ill tell you why

Black metal is a genre wich was maybe created by white men. i say maybe since afro people invented punk, trash-metal, rock and almost every other genre. But there were alot of white guys in norway and sweden who started black metal bands. Most of the famous bands from the beggining of the black metal era was racist against black and hestanfell people. Many of the bands have specifficly stated hate against people who are half white and half black. That's unusual and it makes me very fucking…


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FEATURE: Emoji Express - the online apparel store run by young college entrepreneurs

Check out Emoji Express, the online apparel run by a team of young college entrepreneurs. In addition to working with manufacturers in the United States, the company works in partnership with an African textile company; with an aim to further the African Textile Industry. The team have now set up a Kickstarter to take the company to the next level. Watch the video below to see how you can support.

By Alexander…


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Liftoff to Elsewhere

More than a year ago, Belgian Man Records, a local label that moved to Chicago, released my Liftoff to Elsewhere EP. This was born out of my interest in creating new age and ambient music. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making each track! The album is free with the option to pay, of course!

I want to thank Andrew Monks for putting it out and believing in me, due to all the doubt I had in myself. More electronic works will be coming in the future! Whether they are…


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FEATURE: Queer artists in Kenya - Jim Chuchu & Jarel

Finding his own way to tenderly picked melodies and intricate sounds that make up his solo music, Jarel, known to some as Nderitu Nduba, is a poet, songwriter and “child of the bloom” from Mombasa Kenya. As frontman of The Black Progression Band, Jarel takes pride in his sense of self-reliance and his creative approach to…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Alsarah & The Nubatones' 'Yanas Baridou' Gets Bouncy Remix by DJeff

Today we're premiering a remix of Sudanese American singer Alsarah & her band The Nubatones' 'Yanas Baridou', off their new release Silt Remixed (available here).

Their camp tells us: "After the major success of their debut "Silt" album, Wonderwheel Recordings have enlisted the help of some of our favorite producers from across the electronic spectrum to take a crack at the unique…


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NEW MUSIC: Unreleased Sankofa album, 'To My Chagrin' - featuring Young Jimmy

An unreleased Sankofa album is now out for fans to hear, and it features New York producer and guitarist, Young Jimmy.  Darrin Maxwell is the lead singer and writer of the lyrics, and Young Jimmy plays guitar on the record, with Reginald Duvivier on bass and JC on drums. Production credits go to Hassan Spruill. 'To My Chargrin' was recorded in 2007; but the album was never released, till now. Listen…


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