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‘Skank’ comic book co-creator Bobby Joseph returns with black cop graphic novel project ‘Scotland Yardie’

Best known for his cult publication, Britain’s first satirical black culture comic book ‘Skank’, Bobby Joseph has recently collaborated with illustrator Joseph Samuels for a new graphic novel project called ‘Scotland Yardie’. The project follows an aggressive, drug-abusing, “Jamacian-styled” cop, out in the streets, doing whatever it takes to enforce his screwed up sense of justice. ‘Scotland Yardie’ comes out Oct. 6 via Knockabout Comics, and you can pre-order it…


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Students from South Africa’s Pretoria High School for Girls take powerful stance against white policing of black hair

The students from South Africa’s Pretoria High School for Girls are making a powerful stance against the institutionalized white supremacist policies embedded into South Africa’s formerly segregated “Model C” system and the white policing of black hair. This past Saturday, during the school’s annual Spring Fair, students peacefully and silently marched in protest of the policies until teachers and parent volunteers threatened to call the police to have the girls…


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Nate Parker finally starts taking responsibility for past misogynistic & homophobic ways

Several weeks after past accusations of the rape of a college classmate resurfaced, director/actor Nate Parker spoke to Ebony in a candid interview about his 19-year-old self, toxic masculinity, male privilege and a whole lot more.
 Littered with blunt and troubling statements about his former views, Parker verbalizes the troubling perspective many men suffer from as the result of taught hyper-masculinity and misogyny.

Early on, Parker describes his past…


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Dominican artist and Moro Studio co-founder Welinthon Nommo makes waves with colorful character illustrations

Welinthon Nommo is a Barahona-based Dominican artist and illustrator. Nommo is an alumni of the Graduate School of Arts of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, co-founder of a sequential art and illustrations company called MORO STUDIO, and has worked as an illustrator and colorist for Susaeta publishing art director at the Izone-Education. The award-winning artists creates everything from sumptuous landscapes and scenarios to quirky character illustrations that are…


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The rise of Punk and the fall of Afro, By S. Eric Blackwell

While the names of artists performing have gotten bigger, the community’s stake has gotten smaller. Somebody took the Afro out of Punk and replaced it with greed. I’m a life-long resident of the Fort Greene, Clinton Hill Brooklyn area and I’m writing this to express my complete displeasure in the shutting down of Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, New York for (3) three days to the general public for the privately run “Afro Punk Music Festival.” This does not include the days the park is used… Continue

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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Florisval Neto beautifully emphasizes the necessity of nature in latest series 'Ohun Adayeba'

In times of cultural strife, it is wise and rejuvenating to ground oneself; to return to the earth and reflect. In the illuminated social climate of Brazil, its nesting creatives are heeding the call for release and grounding- creating works of art that not only inspire hope and pride, but recognize the cruciality of nature.

In photographer …


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FEATURE: Metal In Madagascar! Stream the First Two Tracks From Toamasina Band Behind The Mask

With lead guitar runs that would make Paganini jealous and a barrage of earth shaking beats, Behind The Mask marries metalcore feel with an almost neo-classical sense of melody. Their first two singles “The Message” and “Who's The Evil One” are laden with political and social commentary. “The Message” deals with corruption and starvation in Madagascar, while “Who's The Evil One” asks whether the band's image and sound make them more evil than the people they're…


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FEATURE: Willow Smith poses for Bruce Weber in electric CR Fashion Book editorial

Armed with her trademark effortless cool, the Chanel brand ambassadress Willow Smith posed for an edgy editorial for CR Fashion Book shot by their legendary Bruce Weber. NBD. Also true to form, Willow’s unique brand of eccentricity and Weber’s warm, theatricality shine through in this dynamic collaboration. Check it out below!

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE 'Afro-inks' weekly illustration by Eddviel

Eddaviel (who was a Live painter at(AFROPUNK Paris) takes his favorite AFROPUNK ‘Afro Of The Day’ images and creates illustrations weekly. "A line, created by a drop of ink that becomes an expression of afro traits."



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The life and times of writer/public intellectual James Baldwin gets docu treatment in ‘I Am Not Your Negro’

The life and times of novelist, activist, and public intellectual James Baldwin is getting the documentary treatment in filmmaker Raoul Peck’s ‘I Am Not Your Negro’. Based on the notes from a book Baldwin was never able to finish, ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ was to center around three critical black leaders whom were each assassinated: Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers. As …


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NYC-based rock/reggae musician JAFÉ discusses multi-cultural musical influences and transcended sound in Higher Conversations: Part 1

We explore the mind, creative process, and the gritty burrough of the Bronx with conscious, multifaceted musician Jafe. Part 1 of Higher Conversations takes you into his home where he shares a bit of his Dominican roots and the purpose behind his music. "Jafé was raised performing the afro-carribbean music and philosophies from the Dominican Republic. With exposure to Yoruba and its many spiritual sects, Rastafari, and the contradictions of modern society, he began…


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NEW MUSIC: Electro-R&B bassist and singer-songwriter Thundercat returns with enticingly melodic ode to technology in new track 'Bus in These Streets'

'It's OK to disconnect sometimes...'

Thundercat is back and better than ever with the latest release of his new track 'Bus in These Streets'. The R&B/funk bassist and singer-songwriter has previously joined the Brainfeeder creative alongside Flying Lotus, George Clinton…


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FEATURE: Canadian, Black-owned Shea Butter brand ANU is ready to answer all your moisturizing prayers with affordable, premium products

Every black girl ever will tell you: Moisturization is key.

Unfortunately, good moisturizers are often way expensive, and offered in small amounts-lasting the driest of skin usually around 2 weeks. Thanks to the creators at …


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OP-ED: Frank Ocean is a black, sexually liberated, genre fluid artist creating in an industry that desires sameness

Frank Ocean Is An Iconoclast


If the Grammy-award winning “Channel…


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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Evelyn Luna captures the boundless freedom of the new generation in beautiful new series 'Afro Carioca'

This latest series from Brazil-based photographer Evelyn Luna provides a thrilling glimpse into the revolution that is the youth- the new millennials. In this explosive era of self-actualization and gender fluidity, the younger generations are reclaiming their power and making themselves known, and Luna's series- 'Afro Carioca'- is a beautifully…


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BOOK: QTPOC org bklyn boihood’s long-awaited anthology ‘Outside the XY: Queer Black and Brown Masculinity‘ available for pre-sale

It’s here! bklyn boihood’s long-awaited anthology Outside the XY: Queer Black and Brown Masculinity is now available for pre-sale.

bklyn boihood launched in 2009 and has been a strong pillar of the queer people of color community…


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FEATURE: LA-based writer/filmmaker Darnell Lamont Walker recognizes the impact of police brutality on Black youth in new children's book 'I Hate That I Have to Tell You'

Writer and filmmakerDarnell Lamont Walker has brought a powerful, touching narrative to that which no one ever wants to have to address. In this societal climate of splattering Black lives, the roars for Black Lives Mattering has grown to an all-time high. Among the protests and movements- though we preach for the futures of then youth, do we…


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OP-ED: My Afro Isn't Superficial- It's Political

Not since the civil rights movement has the afro been so visible, but now its purpose isn’t just political — it’s aesthetic. Designers now use “natural” models regularly, countless black-owned online stores and care sites have sprouted up, and even mainstream cosmetic brands have developed product ranges catered to kinks and coils. For me, however, the journey to my afro definitely was political. It was also deeply personal and a way to solidify and explore my…


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NEW MUSIC: UK-based electro-soul singer Alxndr London blends space and time in concoctive new single 'XXX'

The latest track from electro-soul artist Alxndr London is just the roller-coaster of genres you've been waiting for. It's ineffably important to have access to music that excites and keeps us on our toes- and thanks to this East London-based creative's new track 'XXX', audiences are yet again allowed a pleasant surprise from their listening…


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FEATURE: Funk Icon George Clinton joins Flying Lotus' label Brainfeeder exciting audiences with impending album

Just when you thought he couldn't get more cool, George Clinton exceeds your expectation. Adding to his incomparable resume and overflowing pool of contribution and influence, the punk icon is teaming up with the freshest sounds of today to produce yet another masterpiece. The former Parliament Funkadelic frontman has recently announced plans to release a new…


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