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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Austin-based punk rockers BLXPLTN drop politically charge, anti-militarism headbanger ‘Blood On The Sand’

Our first premiere today comes from AFROPUNK alums BLXPLTN and their insanely listenable, headbanger of a track called ‘Blood On The Sand’. A politically charged, high-energy song wrought with anti-militarism themes that make commentary about the bullshit political climate, the brutality of warfare, and real estate wack-a-doo Donald Trump. “What do we do? Kill, kill, kill, kill!” Typical of what we’ve come to expected from this Austin-based band, BLXPLTN once again exhibits…


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Know What the Hell is in Your Food: Healthier Recipes for Your Fave Dishes

Hello, I’m Kendra Valentine and my blog Americulinariska promotes cooking grub for yourself with big flavor and REAL food. Since I’m an expat living abroad, it was important for me to get the comforts of home no matter where I called home, using creativity and whole food instead of unnatural processed-food short cuts.

The moment I started to understand how my food was made and the ingredients which comprise it, my perspective changed and I was able to take more…


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VerseBorn Delivers A Strong Message in "Policy"



       As the camp continues to hit with back-to-back slappers, @VerseBorn drops "Policy", a politically charged which perfectly fits the mood of the current…


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Indie Director Kimolee Eryn calls on black men and women to recognize their inherent greatness with short film “Take Back Your Crown“

Short film enthusiasts rejoice! Connecticut-based creator Kimolee Eryn unveils a new short set to spoken word poetry with Take Back Your Crown. The short film is a collaboration with The Vibrant Eye depicting black life from the perspective of an inner city artist. Take Back Your Crown is a call to action; it is a challenge to all black men and women to recognize the greatness in their nature, to embrace it and to spread the message. Watch the film in full… Continue

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Solange's new album “A Seat At The Table” will feature Q-Tip, Kelela, Dev Hynes, Sampha & more

Excuse me while I lose my mind. Songstress and Black creative goddess Solange announces her new album “A Seat At The Table” and from the looks of it, it’s going to be all kinds of Black genius. Her website has been updated to a minimalistic design with a few select snapshots, a submission form, and a digital book to accompany album. It seems that Solange has taken a cue from her sister Beyoncé, announcing the album just two days prior to its release, but I’m not complaining. With…


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In a vow to use her voice for change, Serena Williams says: “I Won’t Be Silent”

Celebrities have been lending their voice to the Black Lives Matter movement since its inception, and 2016 has seen some of the highest profile sports stars taking a stand. Although not explicitly in support of BLM, Serena Williams took to Facebook to express her fear, worry, and resolve to make her voice be heard in an anecdote about a drive she took with her nephew. You can read the full statement below, but one part that stood out was a moment of self assessment when she…


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New Orleans-based rockers Negation keep it purely punk with gritty ‘Weak Artifact’ EP

Check out New Orleans-based post-punk rockers, Negation—a three-piece guitar/drum/bass band pumping out stripped down, occasionally disjointed, pure punk tunes. Their EP ‘Weak Artifact’ is a short ‘n sweet collection that shows off the band’s noisiest efforts, complete with an undertone of political and social frustrations. Each of the three members take turns providing lead vocals, which helps the somewhat repetitive melodies be more interesting. Listen to ‘Weak Artifact’…


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Young tech entrepreneurs create BUZ app to make barber booking easy af

Black folks with short cuts know that finding the right barber can be an experience in and of itself. When I did my big chop, I quickly learned that I didn’t know what the hell I was going to do, maintenance wise. How do I find a barber that I trust? Word of mouth? Stop dudes on the street to ask who lines them up? Or just walk into any ‘ol shop with an enticing store front?

Well, a new startup app called BUZ promises to make the entire barber-search, appointment…


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Desiigner – Panda

The Brooklyn-based rapper had the vision for this breakout track while playing the video game Grand Theft AutoDesiigner uploaded this song to Soundcloud in Dec. 2015—it quickly amassed more than a million plays. He’d announce Desiigner’s signing to G.O.O.D. Music at the…


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BLACK VEGANS ROCK: Compton born and raised Vegan Voices of Color co-founder Aaron Luxur preaches community-driven, eco-friendly, crulety-free activism

I am Aaron Luxur; 21-year-old creator, environmentalist, animal liberation advocate, and food justice activist from Compton,CA. I represent one-half of an emerging movement called Vegan Voices of Color (VVoC) that I started with my best friend last year. Taking matters of food justice into my own hands, I also began guerrilla gardening last year. This means that I plant food in public spaces that have been abandoned and turn them into thriving, green spaces with food for…


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Rare historical photo: "Father stares at the severed hand and foot of his five-year-old, Belgian Congo, 1904"

Europeans often whitewash the history of colonialism under the guise of wanting to “spread their culture” or “promote progress” when in reality, they inflicted torture on natives for the sake of economic gain. Much of the collective Black conscious centers itself around the atrocities of slavery in the Americas by the British, French, and Spanish. But on the continent, Belgian colonizers took delight in the mutilation of slaves on conquered land in ways unimaginable. In…


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Director Ava Duvernay dives headfirst into the history of Black criminalization and the prison industrial complex in new Netflix documentary 13TH

Ava Duvernay is backing down for no one. After directing Selma, and her new OWN series Queen Sugar, she's back with another project that's sure to raise some eyebrows and speak some truth. Her creative prowess have her on track to be one of the greatest directors of our time, and her new documentary 13TH, is a testament to her commitment to social justice even as she climbs the ranks of Hollywood. In a partnership with streaming powerhouse Netflix,…


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5 reasons why a Kaytranada-Andre 3000 collaboration would be perfection

AFROPUNK BK 2015 alum Kaytranada has been making major waves, and yet another one is crashing upon his fans. As if his 0.001% mixtape wasn’t enough, Kaytra posted a selfie on snapchat with the ever elusive god MC Andre 3000. Though this doesn’t mean definitively that a collaboration is coming, here are 5 reasons why we need this to…


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Check out Ghanaian photographer Francis Kokoroko's breathtaking portraits of Accra's everyday people

The man behind the Instagram account that’s showing a whole new perspective on Ghana’s capital is none other than Francis Kokoroko. The Ashesi University alumnus is quite accomplished to have only started photography as a hobby while an undergraduate, but he’s quickly become a sought after creative, especially in the editorial realm. Just this past March, his photography landed on the cover of Signatures magazine. Kokoroko’s photography depicts Accra through portraiture,…


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FEATURE: Experimental electronica artist fka twigs is a silver-loc'd goddess in mesmerizing editorial for Dazed and Confused

fka twigs—musician/performer/mermaid—recently sat down with Dazed and Confused Magazine for a joint interview with friend and fellow performer, Damaris Lewis, for Dazed’s 25th anniversary issue. In the issue, the petite avant-garde creative talks fearlessness, working with Prince and just doing her own damn thing. “I’ve always just been doing what I wanted to do. That’s not to say certain things don’t make me feel insecure. I’m a human being. But ultimately I realise that…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: LA-based hip-hop trio FRTNK plays love games in uber-danceable new track, ‘Let Go’

We’re premiering a brand new track from L.A.-based hip-hop trio FRTNK (pronounced Fourteen K)—an alternative R&B-type of song, ‘Let Go’ is a loved up, mid-tempo song about hitting up your almost ex before chucking the deuces and moving on. Both playful and introspective, ‘Let Go’ isn’t emotionally desperate R&B or too cool for school “bitches and hoes” hip-hop. Instead, FRTNK plays it right on the line of vulnerability and confidence: “If I can’t reach you, I don’t… Continue

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A little bit of Black Girl Magic for your day! Beninese photographer Elvis de-Dravo has a photo series entitled, "Tribute to Silk," and we thought this photo in particular was breathtaking. Enjoy this beautiful display of vibrant melanin!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Draped wax silk : mistigriffe

Model : Eva Shumtz & Rodica Shontel de-Dravo…


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FEATURE: Faces- Finding the glory of Black skin in all its hues (Philmore)

The model for this painting was chosen because he has some of the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen. It is rich with pigment, and reflects the light in the most captivating way. I instantly noticed him in the front row of a talk I was giving. It is strange to me how anyone could not see the beauty in his skin, and yet sadly there are people who would insist that it is somehow inferior to other colors. Back when I was a little girl I went to a school where I was one of a…


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No doubt about it: Parlor Social's big band cover of Blackstreet's "No Diggity" is a winner

What happens when you take an R&B classic, add a horn section, the Inspector Gadget theme, and an impeccable jazz arrangement? 7 minutes of glorious, big band greatness. Parlor Social and Teddy Riley connect to bring new life to Blackstreet’s jam “No Diggity,” a song that has been kept alive in the contemporary conscious by the likes of everyone from Chet Faker to Ed Sheeran. Ric'key Pageot’s arrangement, buoyed by Teddy and lead vocalist Dessy Di Lauro’s alto, bring…


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NEW MUSIC: R&B/Neo-soul vets Cody ChesnuTT and Raphael Saadiq contemplate violence against black bodies & childhood innocence in “Bullets In The Streets And Blood” visual

As the summer comes to a close, we’re reminded of how fortunate we are to have made it to see the other side. In a world where intra-community and police violence are claiming lives at astonishing rates, life, as always, should be something we’re thankful for. Cody ChesnuTT’s new song “Bullets In The Streets And Blood,” sings of the innocence of the children who have to bare witness to the violence and hope for the future our communities and country. The anthemic single…


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