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NEW MUSIC: Blitz The Ambassador Inspires With “Love On The Run” ft. Nneka

Ghananian rapper/producer Blitz The Ambassador delivers the last gem, “Love On The Run” off his upcoming album Afropolitan Dreams. The track begins with bold, blaring horns and dainty almost harp sounding strings. You’d be forgiven for thinking some sort of retro vinyl sample is at play here but Blitz has recorded with a live band. The tracks then leads into the sugar sweet vocals of Nneka and the pair embark upon a melodious back and forth of sweeping falsettos and…


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FEATURE: Seattle's Best: Meet Raz Simone

After releasing his highly anticipated album Cognitive Dissonance, and making headlines about his one of a kind partnership with moguls Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles’ label 300, rapper Raz Simone still remains the independent, outspoken and creative artist his fans fell in love with as the head of his own creative collective, Black Umbrella.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream 'String Theory Acoustic', the latest EP from James Fauntleroy. #SoundCheck

Depending on how your tastes, you either know James Fauntleroy as the singer of boundary pushing collective Cocaine 80s or as one of Justin Timberlake's primary writing collaborators on the contract fulfilling The 20/20 Experience. But the singer and producer known more for larger than life productions (be they relentlessly indie or as mainstream as it gets) strips it way back on his latest String Theory Acoustic.…


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OP-ED: 5 Things I’ve Learnt From My Family’s Mistakes

For most people, living away from home awakens a new appreciation for family and the efforts of our parent(s) when it comes to our upbringing. While I can write up a list as long as my arm of the ways that my family have fought to protect and nourish me while putting up with my crap at the same time, I couldn’t help but try and uncover what it was that made me so resentful and why these reasons took so long to manifest. As a 21-year-old adult looking back at my younger self and…


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FEATURE: The Maya Rudolph Show ft. Raphael Saadiq & Janelle Monae Coming Soon!

Have you heard the news? The Maya Rudolph Show is coming soon with Raphael Saadiq as band leader and Janelle Monae as the first musical guest! NBC announced that the show will air on May 19th at 10pm (it's a one-off for now). Other guests include Fred Armisen, Kristen Bell, Sean Hayes, Chris Parnell, Craig Robinson, Andy Samberg.

- L.…


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great spirit invites AFROPUNK on 4.20.2014!‏

'great spirit @ 4.20/2014'


You are welcomed to join 'great spirit @ 4.20/2014' worldwide on 4.20.2014:

Simply by printing out your complimentary copy of 'great spirit @ 4.20/labyrinth'

1. Using a pen/pencil, meditatively follow the path to the center of the labyrinth.

2. Write your intention in the center (over the clock… Continue

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FEATURE: Renee Dion’s Whimsical 'Moonlight' Album

You’d be surprised at the volume of great music that goes unnoticed every day. Well, here’s one awesome project you won’t have to miss out on. Columbus, Ohio native Renee Dion is one of those artists you’ll be thankful you’ve come across. The singer/songwriter (who now resides in New York City), hooked up with splendiferous producer Jon Rogers to release the ultra smooth Moonlight album.

By Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: Punk Rock Cartoon 'pOny' will rock your socks off!

The punk rock reincarnation of 'Josie and the Pussycats', 'pOny' (people of NY) is a 90s based animation centered around four female bandmates. Odette Cruz (lead vocals), Pauline Tharpe (lead guitarist), Nina Lee (bass), and Yoshiko Yomano (drums) are coming together to steal a spaceship called T.W.A.T (Trans-dimensional, Wormhole, Amplifying, Transport) from their future selves. With their fans, affectionately called the Ponytails, their trusty robot companion K.E.V.I.N and…


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FREE DOWNLOAD: Twin Shadow Reveals Epic New Single 'To The Top'

Rocker Twin Shadow (aka George Lewis Jr.) revealed his epic new single 'To The Top'.

About the track, Lewis wrote: "What is it when you realize that someone isn't right for you? Or when you find that you do not and can not posses someone entirely? You want someone so bad and it feels like hell.

It's not like the first time, once loved love evolves, and you no longer have as much control, and it frustrates you. I think because of this feeling we find ourselves…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Check out Static People's latest post-punk masterpiece 'Rare Creatures' EP. #SoundCheck

San Francisco post-punk trio Static People kick off their Rare Creatures EP with an explosion of infectious power-pop. “Monkey Scratches” evokes late 90's guitar pop in the best way, but it quickly gives way to the moodier rest of the EP. Think of “Monkey Scratches” and “Tonight” as appetizers for the much darker and heavier fare to follow.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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BOOK: 'The Black Panthers Speak' is back in print!

'The Black Panthers Speak' is back in print! This book features writings by Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, David Hilliard, and Fred Hampton, Kathleen Cleaver and other Panther women. You can get it from publisher Haymarket Books here.

Info: "From its founding by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in 1966 to contemporary…


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The Angel Sleeps Yet is Assured

The Angel Sleeps Yet is Assured


It lives and dies inside of us all.

Dreams are no less different.

A small child dreams, her body turns.

The moonlight falls across her beautiful, solemn face.

She is transformed.

Scenes, colors, sounds,emotions.

They all rush in and hold her hand.

Protect her.Soon she is one with…


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FEATURE: Subway Symphonies - Musicians Bring People Together

A universal language that transcends all walks of life in the world, it speaks to more than your ears, tiptoes into a person’s heart, creeps into the soul and does a spiritual dance. Music is what feelings sound like. It finds ways to rebirth memories, aids with putting the present to rest and has the strength to make the sternest face smile. Heroic harmonies no emperor on this planet has come close to touching, and they’ll be foolish to try. The saying goes; music can calm a…


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FEATURE: Stream punk pioneers Death's new record 'III'!

As you know, rock band Death was punk before punk was a thing. The pioneers and AFROPUNK Fest alums are releasing 'III' on April 22. It's a collection of songs spanning many decades (they were recorded in 1975, 1976, 1980 and 1992). The full record is streaming now on NPR!

Click here to check it out. Highlights include 'North…


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INTERVIEW: Meet Namibian Designer And Stylist "Loux the Vintage Guru"

I first heard of Lourens Gebhardt, aka “Loux the Vintage Guru,” from a friend who had sent me a link to his blog. I have long been interested in contemporary African fashion, but remain mostly ignorant of Africa’s vintage fashion and street style scenes. Going through Loux’s Tumblr was like a crash course in Namibian vintage menswear, and I was amazed by the…


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FEATURE: Coachella - Watch Full Sets by Pharrell Williams, Outkast, Blood Orange, Little Dragon & More

If you were not at Coachella last weekend you can watch some of the performances right here. Below we have full sets from Outkast (featuring an appearance by Janelle Monae), Pharrell Williams (with many guests such as Tyler, the Creator, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes & more), Little Dragon, Blood Orange, Nas, clips from Solange Jhene Aiko (with Childish Gambino & Drake) and more. Also performing were Unlocking The Truth, Fishbone,The Bots, Kid Cudi, Laura Mvula, AlunaGeorge.…


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Get your digital copy NOW! "Let Crazy Be Crazy"

Complete with practical examples and tips, this book shares Elaine Swann's advice on the perils of what she calls “Crazy Folk.” Whether in our professional environments or family and personal relationships, they exist. Swann gives sensible guidance on:…

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THE BOTS LiVe & Direct @ Coachella!

Anaiah & Mikaiah, moments after their set at Coachella 2014!


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