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NEW MUSIC: Gary Clark Jr Cements His Place As One of The Greatest Living Modern Guitarists on 'Gary Clark Jr. Live' #SoundCheck

Shortly before he died, I got to meet the jazz pianist Boyd Lee Dunlop. A mutual friend introduced us. As the three of us sat down at the piano in the nursing home cafeteria, we took turns at the piano. I'd never define myself as a pianist, and here I am with an unsung jazz legend asking me to play something. I started playing “Gymnopedie No. 1” because it's one of the only piano pieces I can play from memory, and Boyd Lee interrupted me. “Don't play me a song, kid. Play the… Continue

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FEATURE: Photographer, Delphine Diallo - Soulful Expression In Art

One of the most subjective topics besides religion is Art, a gift that I believe is a divine connection between this world and an existence in between. With so many people underestimating and unappreciative of artwork, the artist becomes invisible. But, this is not the case for Delphine Diallo who through her artwork shows us her courage, vulnerability, knowledge, love and most of all - spirit. The work of the New York based photographer is currently a part of the 'Harlem…


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NEW MUSIC: Get Into Some "jazz-electro-hop-pop" with Toya Delazy's 'Forbidden Fruit'

South African artist Toya Delazy revealed 'Forbidden Fruit', the first single off her upcoming album Ascension. The song seems to be about coming to terms with one's sexual orientation.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.…


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FEATURE: How I Beat Anxiety (At Least, For Now)

Are you currently having trouble trying to face your anxiety head on? Do you always feel this need to be perfect and think that just because you aren't perfectly tuned-up, you might not ever make it anywhere? I got a present for you. But first, I am going to explain the premise behind it. I'm sure I'm not the only musician or songwriter that hates hearing the imperfection in his vocals. Or when I write a song or an album, I have trouble figuring out the perfect way to begin. As…


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FEATURE: Celebrating Outstanding Talent from the Boston Hip-hop Scene

I remember when I talked to (I believe) Slaine about why Boston isn't getting enough attention for their brand of hip-hop. He told me that Boston seemed more known for white people living there, so it will probably never get the same kind of blow-up that New York did. At least not since the days of Ed O.G. and Guru. As a Dorchester native, this is where I have to help out and introduce to the masses some rappers who could use your ears.…


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FREE DOWNLOAD: The Black Opera - Beginning Of The End (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)

Georgia Anne Muldrow has teamed up with The Black Opera for their new single “Beginning Of The End”, produced by Tall Black Guy. The single is from the group's upcoming LP, 'The Great Year', and is set for release September 30th via Mello Music Group. Check it out below by clicking on the image.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: Curator Ingrid LaFleur on making art accessible and enjoyable

Art curator Ingrid LaFleur is all about using "radical imagination" while "taking the intimidation out of art and making the experience of art more enjoyable". In a recent interview with Living Unchained, she said: "A large part of the work I do is exposing people to the wonderful world of contemporary art and culture. I do this mostly… Continue

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PHOTO ESSAY: Street Style at Howard University

We believe that style is a form of creative expression that empowers us as we navigate our world and become aware of our place in it. Created in the fall of 2013, Howard Style strives to present a truthful platform for young Black representation, specifically regarding the students of Howard University. Also invested in displaying the work of talented photographers in the community, Howard Style is dedicated to supporting…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream the Uplifting Self-Titled Debut from Meridian Lights #SoundCheck

Listening to the forthcoming debut from Meridian Lights, I can't help but feel like I'm doing this wrong. There's something about the earnest minimalism of Yohimbe Sampson (also of Game Rebellion) and Bradley Valentin that belongs at a campfire, or at an outdoor festival just as the sun's setting. These headphones just don't feel right. Influenced in equal parts by classic rock, soul, folk, 90's alt rock, and reggae, Meridian Lights makes the sort of heartfelt and unpretentious…


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FEATURE: Writing While Latina

A few months ago, I sat on the cold marbled floor of the Brooklyn Public Library as Junot Diaz read excerpts from This Is How You Lose Her. This by no means was the first time I had travelled to hear him speak, and as a young Dominicana trying to write herself into…


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NEW MUSIC: The Trp and Dos Global release 'Spun'

Check out The TRP and Dos Global (aka Michael Tousana)'s new track 'Spun'. Before, the track could only be heard via DJ Kitty Cash's mix, 'Love The Free Vol. II'; but now the duo have posted the track on HYPETRAK SoundCloud for…


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NEW MUSIC: Lolawolf release new single, 'AYO'

AFROPUNK FEST alum Lolawolf have shared their new single 'AYO'. The single is from the band's upcoming album 'Calm Down', which is set for release at the end of next month. Check out 'AYO' below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: Dallas Austin joins forces with songwriter Naz Tokio to create Follow the Nomad

Check out musical duo, Follow the Nomad. The pairing consists of noted songwriter, record producer, and musician, Dallas Austin, and singer-songwriter Naz Tokio. Austin - who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Fishbone - has been a long time friend and writing partner of Tokio, and it shows in their sound. The duo has released two tracks so far, 'Little Ones' and 'Beat and Path', and are set to release a full length album in early 2015 and…


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NEW MUSIC: Theophilus London's 'Do Girls'

Theophilus London is set to make a big return next month with the release of his his sophomore album, 'Vibes', on October 27th - which was executively produced by Kanye West. Now the rapper has shared the first track off the album, 'Do Girls'. Listen below.…


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FREE DOWNLOAD: Raury's 'God's Whisper' gets the remix treatment from Flosstradamus and Aryay

Check out this remix of 18 year old rapper/singer Raury's song "God's Whisper", courtesy of Chicago based DJs Flosstradamus and Aryay. 'God's Whisper' was the Atlanta native's debut release, and lead single from his debut album, "Indigo Child".

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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NEW MUSIC: AFROPUNK Fest 2014 Alum Kandace Springs' Debut EP #SoundCheck

Most of the time, when an artist gets this much buzz without having even released a proper record, it's all hype. But as anyone who saw her electrifying set at AFROPUNK Fest 2014 can attest, the attention on Kandance Springs is more than just hype. On her debut self-titled EP, streaming below via Soundcloud, the young singer flexes her vocal chops and proves herself a versatile and vital artist.

Words by Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK… Continue

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FEATURE: Borrow, Beg, and Bleed!: How I Got A Documentary About Black Glam Rock Made

It’s early morning in Hollywood, as the studio execs gear up for their budgetary meetings, double lattes, and lunch at Chateau; I send my morning emails, reaching out to gay owned business’ for sponsorship opportunities; from my East Hollywood studio I send a few texts confirming scheduling for my next video shoot, and prepare to go to work with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. It’s not as glamorous a job as it might sound, coordinating the movements of Hollywood…


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FEATURE: Idris Elba set to release album inspired by Nelson Mandela

Golden globe winning actor/DJ Idris Elba has curated, written, and produced an album inspired by Nelson Mandela. The British actor portrayed the legend on screen in the acclaimed film, 'Long Walk of Freedom'. The eleven-track album, 'mi Mandela', showcases some of South Africa's undiscovered musical talents whilst featuring several established artists; including contributions from Mr Hudson, Mumford and Sons, Cody ChesnuTT and George The Poet as…


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FEATURE: "I learned to be Black in America, while still not being 'Black enough' for some"

It was in America that I learned to be black. In the predominantly small white town we moved to in Upstate New York; in the nasty ways young kids behave to other young kids they perceive as different, dangerous. In the way my seventh grade teacher evaded my innocent question of what the word "coon" meant. It was during lunch, with the chaotic buzz of several dozen prepubescent children going on when I approached her and posed my question. Her large, brown eyes looked into mine…


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FEATURE: 'Newlyweeds' co-star Trae Harris set to star in new vampire film, Octavia

'Newlyweeds' co-star Trae Harris is set to star as the title role in poet/filmmaker Dennis Leroy Kangalee's (previously, Dennis Leroy Moore's) latest project, "Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire (or Endless Shards of Jazz for a Brutal World)." The film will also star Militia Vox, and Brian Anthony Wilson.  

"Part poem, rock opera, and “Brechtian” play - this will not be your traditional horror/vampire…

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