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FEATURE: Fashion in retrospect - the 'Vintage Black Glamour' book

From what began as research for a novel about three friends who meet as contestants in all-black beauty pageants in the 1950s, Nichelle Gainer found herself on a never ending exploration of black fashion history - with a focus on "Vintage Black Glamour", the title of her new book. In the book, a collection of images from 1900 to 1980, Gainer…


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FEATURE: Earn AFROPUNK Fest 2015 Tickets through working with the community

Following events in Ferguson last year, we have been reminded - more than ever - of the power in collective action. The foundation of AFROPUNK itself is community! Therefore at this year's AFROPUNK festival, we would like to partner up with a group of non-profit organizations; and for those who donate time and effort to these non-profits, you will receive guaranteed access to this year's festival. But we need your suggestions. In the comments, tell us which…


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FEATURE: Pharrell Williams will guest on 'The Simpsons'

Have you heard the news? Pharrell Williams will make an appearance on 'The Simpsons'! reports: "Pharrell will pop up in Springfield very soon (...) he will make a cameo appearance as himself in the Feb. 8 episode of the animated Fox comedy. Titled “Walking Big & Tall,” the installment opens with a plot that’s based on the true story about…


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FEATURE: Wunmi shares two new songs for fans on her birthday

Check out these two new releases from Wunmi, who shared the songs on her birthday as a gift to her fans - many of whom are waiting for the Nigerian musician and dancer to release her sophomore album. Both the songs ('Don't Look Away' and 'Emergency') are inspired by the current social climate across the world and both hit with a punch. Plus there is a special feature on 'Don't Look Away' from legendary musician Roy Ayers, on vibraphone and backing vocals. Listen,…


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FEATURE: Being Black and Brown in Britain

What was implicitly imparted to my black brother when he was consistently pulled out of classes or the playground and called into the headmasters office, accused of consuming drugs, selling drugs or stealing phones until his mothers is forced to come in and raise the issue of racism? Black and brown bodies are entering and exiting an educational environment rife with privilege, one which encouraged my maths teacher to laugh at my aspirations of a redbrick…


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Free Download: The Cultured's Roots Rock Grows Deep on 'Spring' #SoundCheck

The Cultured are the latest in the recent crop of underground bands who owe nothing to genre. I was turned on to the Boston indie quartet by my good friend and former bandmate Jacob Wakeup, who once professed his goal to be the Don King of the ska scene, so yes, ska and reggae inform some of what they do. But unlike many in that scene who are more than content to retread the lowest common denominator of 3rd wave influences, on their recent full length Spring, The…


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FEATURE: D’Angelo will make Saturday Night Live debut January 31st as musical guest

D'Angelo has been announced as the musical guest for Saturday Night Live (January 31st) - joined by his backing band, The Vanguard. This will mark the musician's late-night network TV debut as well as his first television performance since appearing at the BET Awards and Essence Music Festival in 2012. Often times regarded as a recluse, D'Angelo is set to make further appearances in support of the 'Black Messiah' album - already scheduled to perform in…


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FEATURE: Preserving cultures through a lens - the work of photographer, Diego Arroyo Méndez

Travelling the remote corners of the world, Spanish documentary photographer Diego Arroyo Méndez has documented some of the world's most elusive cultures - travelling to the likes of Cambodia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Kenya, and Nepal. His work is regarded not only as a celebration of culture and tradition, but as a form of preservation. Explore his work, below.…


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AFROPUNK EXCLUSIVE: Stream 2 New Tracks from Willis Earl Beal's New Album 'Nocturne' #SoundCheck

There is no-one in the world like Willis Earl Beal. With a voice and sound that seems perpetually out of time, the mercurial singer's music has increasingly become the sonic equivalent of a 50's pulp sci-fi cover: a desolate and hauntingly beautiful landscape that you can't help but be captivated by. On his latest record, Nocturnes, Beal seems to be gazing up at the stars five minutes before the world ends.…


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FEATURE: First trailer for Sundance Film 'Dope', starring Zoë Kravitz and A$AP Rocky

Check out the trailer for Rick Famuyiwa's feature film, 'Dope' - premiering at Sundance this week. The coming of age story, inspired by the director's own years growing up in Inglewood California, follows three best friends (Tony RevoloriKiersey Clemons, Shameik Moore) who are also in their own hip hop-punk band. Famuyiwa -most noted for directing the 90s classic, 'The Wood' - has stated: “There’s an…


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OP-ED: Mainstream Award Shows Have Always Been Racist

In 2015 in early January, Iggy Azalea received “The Best Hip-Hop Artist” for the People’s Choice Awards with nominees being Drake and Eminem. Along with these nominations for music, the movie Selma directed by Ava DuVernay did not receive any nominations for an Oscar – yet, it is arguably one of the most important movies of this decade.

By Philip Jackson, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: The "careless" expressionism of illustrator Kiranjeet Kaur

Check out the work of British artist Kiranjeet Kaur. A celebration of Indian and Afro-Caribbean culture (and its soundtracks), Kaur's work reflects a voice that is not only distinct but unapologetically - in her words, a voice that is both "carless" and "imperfect". Inspired by the neo-expressionists and Fauvism art movement, Kaur has no desire for the representational or reality. Explore her work, below.



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FEATURE: "Are All Terrorists Muslims? It’s Not Even Close"

“Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims”, a misconception that has been sold to the western population as truth since September 11. Words that were actually uttered on public television by Fox news host Brian Kilmeade. But isn't it time for this lie to end? Following the Charlie Hebdo attack in France and reports of Boko Haram in Nigeria, there is a growing rise in Islamophobia and this has a lot to do with the…


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FEATURE: ‘Take Me Over’ by Jessie Wagner And Envy

Listen to 'Take Me Over' by rock band Envy. Hailing from New York city, the 5 piece band is led by the rock and roll vocals of front woman Jessie Wagner - with Kieran Sullivan on Guitar, Dave Diamond on Drums, Steve Bonacio on Bass and James Lewis on Guitar.  With a sound that is both aggressive and soulful, the group are building a growing fan base around the world. Get into their music, below.

By Alexander…


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PHOTO ESSAY: MLK Day parade in Jacksonville, Florida

Photographer Toni Smailagic attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade in Jacksonville, Florida,  and tells us: "The event happened in downtown Jacksonville and the parade went on for about 4 hours and had a few thousand people in attendance. The sense of unity was incredible. It's VERY rare (after being raised in Jacksonville and going…


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NEW MUSIC: Toro Y Moi - 'Empty Nesters'

Listen to 'Empty Nesters', the new track from Toro Y Moi (aka Chaz Bundick). The musician is set to release his new album 'What For?' on April 7 - following his album release last year, 'Michael', under his Les Sins project. Listen to Chaz's latest offering, below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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REVIEW: Dimitry Elias Léger’s debut novel, “God Loves Haiti'

Dimitry Elias Léger’s debut 'God Loves Haiti' is a riveting, insightful and witty tale that takes place in Port-au-Prince Haiti during the catastrophic 2010 earthquake. Rather than simply painting a dull and dismal picture of the events as…


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FREE DOWNLOAD: Saul Williams Drops Dope New Single And Essay In Honor of MLK Day #SoundCheck

Always outspoken, always uncompromising, the great Saul Williams dropped a new single today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The track “All Coltrane Solos At Once” features a collaboration with Haleek Maul. With a chorus of “fuck you, understand me” Saul's hyper-literate verses tie today's civil rights struggle to the past. The track is accompanied by Williams' essay on the state of the civil rights struggle, which he dubs “an annotated middle…


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FEATURE: The current members of Congress who voted against making MLK Day a federal holiday

Today we celebrate MLK day, remembering the work and sacrifices made not only by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr; but all the activists who tirelessly supported him in the fight for equal rights. Today many politicians will make statements on Dr. King and his legacy (for some, merely an opportunity to gain the 'Black' vote), so be aware of the current congressmen who actually voted against making MLK a federal holiday. Find out exactly who, below…


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FEATURE: Hollywood snubs movie depicting how US authorities contributed to the crack & cocaine epidemics, harming urban communities

At its very best journalism manifests as a friend, a catalyst for truth, knowledge and change. At its very worst journalism manifests as a foe, a fearmonger that gleefully enjoys inciting panic, anxiety and mass hysteria. Gary Webb, was a reporter that many would have categorized as the first description. Webb sought to uncover the origin of the 1980s crack epidemic and later found US involvement and a larger conspiracy that attributed to the dismantling of Black and Latino…


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