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An October Message For All White People - by NegusWhoRead

Greetings White people!

It is rare that we break the fourth wall and address you specifically on this site, but this year we would like to take a preemptive strike and address the elephant in the room before the nonsense begins. As we enter the month of October, once again we approach the season of your silly shenanigans and we have but one request of you:

Chill with the blackface this year.

As a person of color, I confess that it…


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LA punk band Bazerk melds metal and hip hop for ironclad tunes to shock your system

Hip hop ain’t dead and metal ain’t either, according to Bazerk, a Los Angeles five-piece band combining the sounds of both genres for a huge sound and an even bigger following. Frontman Zu was originally inspired by Prince to push the boundaries of the sounds that he loved by combining the two, and since 2005, Bazerk has been making major waves in the LA area, winning a total of seventeen Battle of the Bands. After touring with names like George Clinton, Ludacris, KRS One,… Continue

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Dating: If he doesn't accept your natural hair, run as fast as you can

In the early stages of dating, you are always trying to impress that guy and appeal to him. You kind of aim to be his ideal woman. We can say, "no we don't", but we all do this. If he plays Pokemon Go, then you play Pokemon Go. If he likes Rock music, then you try out Rock music. It is needless to say you want to one day be his future.

But, there is always one thing that I will not suffice in a relationship. That is my hair. Yes, I am a proud naturalista and have…


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Renee Davis was depressed, suicidal, and pregnant when she was killed By Police #SayHerName

Once again someone going through a mental health crisis has been shot, and killed by police. This time 23 year old Native American woman Renee Davis. She was a mother of three, and was five months pregnant with the fourth. Statistically she is the 13th woman shot, and killed by police this year who was listed as mentally ill. This story comes less than a week after writing an article ( on a similar problem I have…


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Model/Blogger Simone Mariposa stuns as an intergalactic, glitter-drenched babe for photographer Taylor Giavasis’ The Naked Diaries series

Recently, L.A.-based beauty, model, and blogger Simone Mariposa teamed up with photographer Taylor Giavasis for their The Naked Diaries project. A body positive project that celebrates the unique perfection of ALL bodies—warts, scars, lumps, bumps, and all. Simone’s segment in the project is a breathtaking series of intergalactic, glitter-drenched photos that honor the magnificent shapes and curvature of Simone’s form, juxtaposing her supreme majesty with that of the…


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Illustrator @MunaDraws is giving witches badass makeovers in her new Halloween series!

It's the time of year where the freaky is fashionable and the gangsters get ghoulish, and what better to celebrate it than an artist that does it all year round! Muna Draws is the Minnesota-based illustrator bring spooky vibes but with such a delicate touch. Muna's drawings have all the makings of a fantasy world, complete with witches and superheroes alike. Check out Muna's artwork below!…


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I Accidentally Survived Suicide - The Stigma Around Mental Health Can Be Deadly

TW: suicide, mental health

In August of 2015, a father came home to every parent's worst nightmare:

The unresponsive body of his twenty-six year old daughter, naked, and lying in a pool of her own pink, red and white vomit, with the music list of her phone deleted to just two songs set to repeat over, and over, and over again:

“Center Of The Sun” by Conjure One (skip to 1:55), and “Breaking The Habit” by Linkin Park.…


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(H)afrocentric: The Comic - Naima Pepper's Workout Plan

Woke folks gotta stay fit too right? Peep (H)afrocentric's latest comic strip poking fun at all the ways hipsters can keep slim and trim, while still fighting the man. Written by Juliana “Jewels” Smith with art by Ronald Nelson, (H)afrocentric is the on-going series follows radical Black feminist, Naima Pepper. Enjoy #16 of the comic here!…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Watch Grammy winning composer Andrew Joslyn connect with soul singer Will Jordan for elegant orchestral visual for “Plastic Heaven”

It’s rare that classically trained composers try their hand at creating pop music, but if Andrew Joslyn is any indication, more of them should throw their hat in the ring. In his new video for “Plastic Heaven,” he taps Will Jordan, the two shine in a sea of string arrangements, orchestral percussion, and a Will’s voice seals the deal. Andrew had this to say about the creative process behind the songwriting: “Plastic Heaven is a song that I started writing when Macklemore…


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NEW MUSIC: Electronic R&B songstress QUIÑ is caught in love's web in new smooth jam with G-Eazy “Over Again”

Escaping the sticky grasp of an on and off lover is hard even for the most strong-willed among us and R&B singer QUIÑ is trying to escape it once and for all in new song, “Over Again” featuring prominent rapper G-Eazy. The Rich Skillz produced jam is buttery smooth, with warm, simmering synths and an easygoing bassline, while QUIÑ impresses with sultry vocals fit for an R&B veteran. “Over Again” is the age old of story of two ships passing in the night, not connecting… Continue

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French Black woman launches ankara printed eyewear brand Maïwax

Did someone say Black, French, and fashionable eyewear brand? Sign me up! Maïwax, the brand combining ankara prints with high end eyewear designs was founded by Black Frenchwoman Maïmouna Tirera, an optometrist who saw a void in the market and responded with a company of her own! The frames include a variety of color schemes and prints and come in a various styles like…


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OP-ED: Slaying The Silence surrounding mental health: Dealing With My Grandmother's Suicide - TW: suicide

“Your Grandmother is in the hospital. She broke into the medicine cabinet behind the nurses' station at her nursing home, stole some Tylenol, and took too many. It isn't looking well."

My seventeen-year-old body went completely numb; perhaps to try in a futile effort to keep myself from feeling the shock of the words my Aunt had spoken softly into the phone on the night of November 19th, 2006, just a little after 2am.

For years, my maternal…


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British-Nigerian menswear designer Tokyo James defies norms by combining metal chokers and vibrant suits for spring collection

British-Nigerian designer Tokyo James’ iconic new collection is a breath of fresh air in menswear. The designer and creative director mixes the worlds of fantasy and practicality in his new line of suits and high end activewear. Combining edgy items like chokers and mesh with the silhouettes of classic menswear and the colorful vibrancy of Nigeria’s everyday life make it really special and unique. He began his Creative Career as a young fashion stylist in London , working…


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Here is this week's Mokshini illustration! Meet model, the lovely Destiny Owusu (@ohwawa)

By Nadeesha Godamunne*, AFROPUNK Contributor

*Nadeesha Godamunne is a fashion illustrator from New Zealand now residing in Brooklyn, New York - and the creator of fashion illustration blog Mokshini / Instagram:…


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NEW MUSIC: Blacklighter Shines On His Debut EP #SoundCheck

Full of tantalizing grooves and snaking riffs, Blacklighter's self-titled EP is the rare debut that arrives fully formed. From the instrumental intro “Rough Beauty,” Backlighter excels at blending his influences, Memphis soul, 70's hard rock, 90's Seattle sound, and a healthy dosage of the Purple One all combine into a sound that's at once aggressive, funky, and unforgettable. “Altar” and “Bring Me Back” showcase the songwriter's skill at an undeniable hook. This is a new…


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PREMIERE: Philly post-punk duo King Azaz confront their demons on fiery new album “Spiritus Mundi” + new visual, ‘Numb’

Philly’s punk scene has been thriving for decades and the soundscapes from South Philly residents King Azaz is proof that that hasn’t changed a bit. The post-punk “queerdos” are taking the genre to new heights and expressing the tragedy of the lows in new single, “Numb,” from their album “Spiritus Mundi.” The seven track album is an amalgamation of experiences including but not limited to being marginalized by their communities and society, and the dark moments that…


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NEW MUSIC: Alt-pop newcomer Liana Bank$ dares listeners to prove her guilt in new trap-infused single “Plead the Fifth”

If there were no pictures, did it really happen? If it’s up to trap’n’b singer Liana Bank$, then if there’s no proof then it didn’t happen. In new single, “Plead the Fifth,” Liana reminisces on the night before, presumably filled with questionable decisions, and decides that rather than spilling her secrets, she’ll exercise her constitutional right to be tight-lipped. Liana’s been having a helluva summer, writing for the likes of PnB Rock and gaining a fanbase after her…


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Award winning painter Kehinde Wiley to debut new stained glass exhibition at Le Petit Palais in Paris

Kehinde Wiley has been kicking ass and taking names in the art world. His first solo art exhibition in France will be displayed in Le Petit Palais in Paris October 20th through January 16th. The exhibition is a unique set of ten monumental works, stained glass and paintings, presented at the heart of the permanent collections of the museum. This is a huge deal! Black artists rarely get this level of acclaim while they’re still alive and active, so this is a major look for…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Toronto-based alt.-soul singer TiK▲ drops spiritual goodness with new single ‘OHMYGOD’

Today we’re premiering the newest single from one of my favorite Canadian artists, TIKA, and her newest track ‘OHMYGOD’ ft. Clairmont The Second. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that ‘OHMYGOD’ is an alternative gospel song, which truth be told isn’t really my thing. But frankly ‘OHMYGOD’ doesn’t have to be a religious listen to be relatable or enjoyable, as the Harrison-produced track is flavored with all sorts of alt.-soul and throwback goodness, which is what…


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OP-ED: An Open Letter To White Feminism (AKA: White Beckyism)

Dear White Feminism (aka, White Beckyism):

C’mere. Sit down. Sit.

You've got a lot of nerve showing up at inopportune times, fervently attempting to educate me on how to be your definition of a proper Woman of Color.

It's why you don't get a Christmas card in November with an invite to come home for the holidays. You can't sit with us; you don't even get a to-go plate (and you know we Black People take that to-go plate business…


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