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FEATURE: 'EclecticWeirdo' weekly illustration by Nadya Nickels - Top Hat and Tattoos

Artist Nadya Nickels creates weekly illustrations for AFROPUNK showcasing the 'Eclectic Weirdos'. This week's piece is titled, 'Top Hat and Tattoos'. Nickels tells us: "It's a girl with a really cool outfit. My storytelling part of this painting are the details in her tattoos; Taino sign for sun, black power poster and poem called " Y tu abuela donde esta?" Which means and your grandmother where is she. I learned this when I was a little girl and…


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FEATURE: "We Can't Wait Any Longer" - Activist Bree Newsome Removes Confederate Flag In Front of South Carolina Statehouse

Since the shooting of nine black churchgoers in South Carolina two weeks ago, there have been renewed calls for the removal of the Confederate Flag in front of the South Carolina Statehouse (a constant reminder of racism and white supremacy). This past Saturday one woman took matters…


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PHOTOGRAPHY: The Wanted BW - Documenting The Cool Kids In Botswana

Check out The Wanted BW, a freelance photography agency from Botswana (Africa). With a focus on fashion and personal style, the group are helping to document the cool kids and street style of their country; and to give a spotlight to a side of Southern Africa that many rarely see in the mainstream  media. See some of their images below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: #NotTooProudToFight Hashtag Highlights #intersectionality of Fight For LGBTQ Equality With Fight Against Racism For Queer People of Color

As Darnell L. Moore puts it (via MIC), "If LGBTQ people have reason to be proud today, it is because of the radical responses of the tenacious freedom fighters, black and brown folk among them, who refused to be mistreated and shamed by the state or society.". However as Moore (a Brooklyn-based…


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NEW MUSIC: Alt Rock Brother-Sister Duo Charlie Belle Release New Single, 'Petting Zoo'

Listen to the new single from Austin-based teen rockers Charlie Belle (Gyasi and Jendayi Bonds) - 'Petting Zoo'. This is the lead single from the brother-sister duo's upcoming EP 'I Don’t Want To Be Alone', out September 18th - the follow up to their 2014 EP, 'Get To Know'. Check out the…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: 'Wires' EP - The "Feel-Good-Down-In-Your-Gut Soul" Sound Of Sextet The Rooks

Today we're premiering the new EP from NYC based R&B/IndieSoul sextet The Rooks - 'Wires'. The group, known for their "feel-good-down-in-your-gut soul" music, draw influences from the likes of Stevie Wonder to J Dilla and formed during their time at Wesleyan University - starting off as house party perfomers, covering Motown songs. Regrarding the new EP, the sextet tell us: "At its core, 'Wires' is an album about the weight of distance, and all of the ways we throw our…


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NEW MUSIC: Willow Smith Reinterprets The Björk Classic 'Human Behaviour'

Listen to Willow Smith's cover of the iconic Björk song, 'Human Behavior'. The song was released in 1993, the Icelandic singer-songwriter's first solo single - taken from her album 'Debut'. Check out the AFROPUNK Fest alum's interpretation below!

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: Brazilian Party Producers The Hot Pente Twins Feature In June Issue Of Elle Brazil Magazine

Meet the Hot Pente Twins: Journalist Neomisia Silvestre and personal stylist Thaiane Almeida - two black Brazilian women who are taking over the Hip Hop party scene in São Paulo, Brazil. Their popular hip-hop party, 'Hot Pente' (meaning 'Hot Comb), brings hip-hop, fashion, graffiti and street dance to the metropolitan city; bringing together new and renowned artists of the movement. The "…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Get a Free Download of the New Record From Party Animal (featuring Kool AD) 'AVANT GARBAGE' #SoundCheck

In the 2 years since their debut, Kool AD's Party Animal has gotten tighter, more serious, looser, and goofier. They've perfected the magical chemistry of using a raised eyebrow, a wry middle finger and a half-joke to illustrate a serious point. Tackling alcohol abuse “Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow,” education reform “Educational Reform,” drone warfare “Remote Control Planes,” and economic inequality in “Financial Deprivation Block,” Party Animal's weirdly celebratory reign of…


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FEATURE: "Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide"

The United States Supreme Court has now legalized gay marriage nationwide, a giant leap that follows the thirteen year fight of gay activists across race lines. Under the 14th amendment, states are now required to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and recognize any same-sex union legally performed in another state. As reported by the Huffington Post, the justices outlined several reasons for extending marriage rights to same-sex couples: "They wrote that…


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FEATURE: The Hilarious and Frank Vlogging of YouTuber Hartbeat

Check out musician and comedian Hart, a queer YouTuber who has been making big waves on the video platform with her hilarious sketches and outspoken vlogging. Hart (who started making videos at the end of 2009 and has become a voice for the LGBTQ community) says, "Something that brightens my day is the laughter of others...and Rainbows. My biggest goal for my YouTube channel is to explore the meme of my talent for making others laugh and enjoying life." Check out…


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FEATURE: Honesty Through Art - Brooklyn Painter Genesis Tramaine

She held out her hand for a respectful embrace and was taken aback by the response she received. Fulfilling her duties as an educator, Ms. Fredericks opened up her classroom to the parents of the elementary school students in which she taught mathematics and art with a humble spirit. In an effort to not offend but to seek further understanding, Ms. Fredericks inquired as to why this beautiful Muslim woman dressed head to toe in her religious garb - who…


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FEATURE: Summer Adornment - Jewelry By Indie Designers To Spice Up Your Summer Outfits

For a few months now, I have followed the work of two creative minds, Peaceimages Jewelry and Wild Moon Jewelry; two visions and lines that produce carefully crafted adornments, made with light and love.



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NEW MUSIC: Afro-Futurist singer and rapper Tunde Olaniran releases new single, 'Namesake'

Listen to Afro-futurist singer and rapper Tunde Olaniran's new single, 'Namesake'. This is the Flint, Michigan, based musician's lead single from his forthcoming album, 'Transgressor'; the follow up to his 'Yung…


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NEW MUSIC: Lolawolf Release Their Rioutous New Mixtape, 'everyf–ckinday'

Check out 'everyf–ckinday', the new mixtape from Lolawolf. The Brooklyn based band, made up of frontwoman Zoë Kravitz and Jimmy and James from Reputante, recently performed at our first ever AFROPUNK Paris festival. Stream their riotous 5-track offering below (the follow up to the trio's debut…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: 'Glory' - The New Track From Goombawave Beatmaker P.Morris

Today we're premiering the new single release from Los Angeles based musician P. Morris - 'Glory' (off his upcoming 'Daydream' EP, out June 30 via his label Bear Club Music Group). The DJ and producer, known for his 'Goombawave' sound and instrumental slow jams,  has collaborated with the likes of …


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FEATURE: Mokshini weekly fashion illustration - Evy, Teacher and Model

Teacher and model Evy looked classy in this simple yet striking outfit.

By Nadeesha Godamunne, AFROPUNK Contributor


* …


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FEATURE: Subway Art - Interview With Bronx MC & Singer Tish Hyman

Bronx native, Tish Hyman, has been keeping her eyes on a music industry spot for over a decade. From being one of the most respected female underground battle rappers on the east coast to working with music industry heavy hitters such as Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Diddy and Fabolous, to name a few, Tish has been busy! Thankfully, she found some time to give us a look at how she got to this point, and what we can expect in the future.…


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NEW MUSIC: London-based Singer Iris Gold Brings The Summer Vibes With Debut Single, 'Goldmine'

Listen to 'Goldmine', the debut single from London based singer-songwriter Iris Gold. Gold, born in the UK and raised in Denmark, is bringing back that feel good hip-hop of yesteryear; and this debut - with its retro whistles, R&B flow, and summer vibes - is the perfect introduction to what she has to offer. Check it out below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FREE DOWNLOAD: Kissey's Haunting Single, 'Forget' (From 'Dear White People' Soundtrack)

Stream 'Forget', the haunting single from New York-based Electro-pop goddess Kissey. The single, which features on the 'Dear White People' film soundtrack, is now available to download for free. Listen below. Also, CLICK …


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