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Community-minded social entrepreneurship residency Red Bull Amaphiko Academy heads to Baltimore for the first time

Red Bull Amaphiko, Red Bull's 10-day launch pad camp for grassroots social entrepreneurs who are working to make positive improvements in their communities, is headed to the States! At Red Bull Amaphiko, like-minded, solution-driven creatives and future (and current) business owners have the chance to collaborate on ideas, draw inspiration from each other, develop…


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NEW MUSIC: New York-based rocker Militia Vox gives an ode to insomnia in dark and passionate new single "Nyctophilia"

NYCTOPHILIA: nyc-to-phil-i-a noun. A love or preference for the night or darkness.

After making waves as the front-woman for the bands Judas Priestess and Swear On Your Life, Maryland-born, New York-based rock singer Militia Vox debuted as a solo act in 2013, and quickly became known as the "Rock Goddess" of the Afropunk movement. The singer has since performed with legends like Twisted Sister, Living Colour, Taylor Dayne, Sandra Bernhard, Nancy Sinatra,…


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Kalief Browder’s brother running for NYC mayor: "I lost my mother, I lost my brother. I have nothing else to lose"

Akeem Browder lost his brother in 2015 and his mother just a year later, but hopes to continue their legacy by stepping into the political arena. As Browder confirmed to The Huffington Post Monday, the 34-year-old is throwing his hat into the ring and running for mayor of New York City.

“I lost my…


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Visual artist JG channels the lords of anime for his larger than life characters

Check out the trippy illustrations of visual artist JG. Clearly inspired by geek culture and anime, JG’s characters lean more in the direction of machismo buff dudes who do stuff and busty women who look good, so it would be really cool to see some babes ready for whoop some ass. But, JG’s characters, even the quick pieces he whips up in 30 minutes are of larger than life characters that seem to radiate with rage, passion, and strength. Check out a few of our favs…


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Sickle cell disease is still a silent killer for Black people

Yesterday, Kathy Iandoli, the co-author of one of rapper Prodigy's books announced that the legendary musician and one half of the hip hop duo Mobb Deep died at 42. A cause of death has not yet been released, but the artist had been hospitalized for complications caused by sickle cell anemia prior to his death, Iandoli told…


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NEW MUSIC: Memphis hardcore punk trio Negro Terror tears it up on their debut EP 'The Bootlegg' #SoundCheck

That classic hardcore sound will never die. Coming from Memphis, hardcore / oi band Negro Terror's debut EP is a ferocious opening salvo. The band keeps things stripped down and straight ahead, though the 5 minute “We Need Support” pushes their boundaries jumping from the EP's fastest tempo to an epic breakdown. “Limb From Limb's” deathcore nods add some surprising and welcome variety to the EP, but at their heart, Negro Terror are at their best when they're keeping things…


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The new Philando Castile footage confirms that gun rights are only for white people

The new dashcam footage released yesterday of the police shooting murder of Philando Castile and another painful dimension to the modern day lynching that demonstrate, yet again, that the fear of black skin can be used as a scapegoat to take black people’s lives. But additionally, that “gun rights” are, like many things,…


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NEW MUSIC: Goth/industrial project Deviated Ascension takes on rape and racism in monstrous new album

Deviated Ascension is a one man goth/industrial project founded in 2013 by William McKinney. Based in Chicago, IL, Deviated Ascension fuses elements of goth and industrial music with coldwave and ethereal. The project's most recent album, Rable Rousing Rapture Rupture takes on issues like rape culture and racial violence head on. With track titles like "See Trump Rape(((A Childrens Book)))," "MaKe Them Eat Bill Cosby(Mayonaise Mix)," and "Free Dylan Roof for A+…


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NEW MUSIC: Chaka Khan brings the self-love on her latest single “I Love Myself” #SoundCheck

It's time for a little self love to start the week off right. No matter how dark shit gets, we've still got Chaka Khan dropping essential anthems. Her latest tops a head turning beat by B. Slade, delivering lines like “I don't care what you say about me / I know who I am” and “the longer I've known me / the more I love me.” Not that it needed repeating, but “I Love Myself” demonstrates once more why Chaka Khan is a national goddamn treasure.…


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Why I, a Black woman, decided to create my own advertising agency - you can do it too!

"You know very well, who you are. Don’t let em hold you down reach for the stars" – Biggie

This has always been true, but coming from Biggie and reciting it in my head in his voice just makes it so much cooler (and relatable). You don’t actually know deep how true these lyrics are until you start your adult life and see that actually these lyrics are exactly what you need.

In 2015 I graduated with a degree in dance. When I started university it didn’t…


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#Hairties video series empowers Black girls to think positively about their hair

A new video series is empowering Black girls to redefine what is beautiful, and shaping how the next generation feels about their hair. #Hairties uses testimonials from Black women and girls to acknowledge the fraught history of Black hair, while looking toward the future to where we might go. Created by Antonia Opiah, the seven-part video series features the stories of six women across three generations, the individuals that influenced their hairstyles over the years, and…


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Electro R&B artist Toulouse mixes orchestral, gospel, and EDM for eclectic sound

Now in the middle of a tour with BANKS, New York-based UK dark ambient electro R&B artist Toulouse is certainly one to watch. Although, not literally, Toulouse likes to keep it about the music, even during live performances, the singer keeps the stage nice and shadowy while his frame jerks between a circle ever color-changing glowsticks, with every beat drop and tempo change. Toulouse’s frenzied, unexpected melodies that incorporate orchestral, gospel, and EDM elements.…


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White Lens, Black Lives: how a Nazi filmmaker made a career of photographing Nuba peoples in Sudan

What constraints Photography's societal freedom & what has guided its power would be how it has grown into a tool for civilizations, as well as communities of people & governments to design the visual feelings, attitudes & mentalities attributed to the sway of perception.

Photography, when placed on the clock of historical significance does not fit under an ancient medium---it is a very young medium with under 200 years surrounding its age. …


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PREMIERE: Empowering picture book promotes self-love for black boys

New pages from the follow up to Lawrence Lindell’s self-empowering, black skin-loving picture book, ‘From Black Boy With Love: Part I’! 'Part II' is a thoughtful and uplifting collection of affirmations for black and brown boys aimed at instilling a sense of worthiness and self-love in a world committed to tearing down black men and women.

“This book is for all the boys of color who feel pressured to fit in and be something you're not. We are not…


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White liberal anti-Blackness: Seattle parents get upset about teachers' Black Lives Matter T-shirts

Another day, another white person showing just how easily they can disguise anti-Blackness under a badge of "liberalism." As reported by, parents in one of the whitest, most affluent, and staunchly liberal neighborhoods of Seattle lost their shit when teachers across the city wore T-shirts reading "BLACK LIVES MATTER". Some…


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Raury protests Dolce & Gabanna on their own runway for mocking the power of boycotting

Atlanta artist Raury basically Trojan horsed his way across enemy lines as one of the models who walked in Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring-Summer ’18 runway show this past Saturday at Men's Fashion Week in Milan. D&G has drawn recent criticism for their decision to dress First Lady Melania Trump and designer Domenico Dolce‘s 2015 remarks about “synthetic” children and gay parenthood. In reaction to criticism for proudly dressing FLOTUS, Dolce and partner Stefano Gabbana…


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Queer Afro-Dominican singer Rubby subverts gender expectations in enchanting new single "Confiesa" (Confession)

Growing up, 20-year-old Dominican singer Rubby never had many love songs he could relate to. Most told the story of a guy falling for an attractive girl on a dance-floor, but this didn't feel true to him and his story as he came to terms with his queerness––so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Like all of his other songs, his latest single "Confiesa," which means "confession" in Spanish, does not use gendered pronouns. Instead, the video shows the star in…


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Meet self-taught Cameroonian visual artist Felix Fokoua

Meet Felix Fokoua, a concept artist and graphic designer from Yaounde, Cameroon. From a young age Felix had a passionate interest in visual arts that was encouraged by his mother. His impressive skills as a digital and conceptual artist are surprisingly self-taught; he actually earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Buea in 2014.

Check out his awesome work, below!…


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Happy Juneteenth! It’s a Holiday, right???: The Quiz #Satire

Happy Juneteenth! It’s totally a holiday. I mean, you know that right? We definitely knew that. What does it mean, you ask? Um, you know what it means! Stop playin’. Well, since you’re obviously celebrating this well-known, monumental day, here’s a quiz all about it to add to your festivities!

By Quntfront*, AFROPUNK…


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Black Paris: from James Baldwin's writing spot to Josephine Baker's cabaret, 10 places to see in Paris

AFROPUNK Paris 2017 is right around the corner! In addition to our most exciting lineup yet (including Yasiin Bey [Mos Def], Macy Gray, Laura Mvula and more!) and our customizable Travel Packages, to ensure your experience is the…


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