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FEATURE: "A reflection of African beauty and botany" - Photographer Krisjan Rossouw's haunting images

Cape Town based photographer Krisjan Rossouw is self-taught and his work is not any less captivating. Whether he's creating sensual pieces for his 'Dark Paradise' photo series/exhibition, or show-stopping fashion imagery, it's hard to look away.

Check out some of his pictures below, including pieces from the 'Dark Paradise' series, "shot over a period of two and a half years in Cape Town and features subjects from Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria,…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Roxanne Tataei - Sweet Poison (Live)

As U.K. artist Roxanne Tataei gears up for the release of her EP 'Grey Area' on November 27th, we're premiering the video for 'Sweet Poison' (Live), a raw song about a destructive relationship.

Tataei tells us: "This is a bitter-sweet melody depicting all consuming, toxic L.O.V.E. It will make you say & do things you'd never dream. For most of my life, I thought it was a weakness to be vulnerable, but it's now something I embrace. No smoke & mirrors in this track…


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FEATURE: Mokshini weekly fashion illustration (AFROPUNK NY Fest edition!) - Reign

Here is this week's Mokshini fashion illustration (AFROPUNK NY Fest edition!). Meet Reign, accessory designer at Palais Apiim/curator of the most beautiful and inspiring outfits! @reignpalaisapiim

By Nadeesha Godamunne, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: "light, texture, mood" - àsìkò fine art photography by Ade Okelarin

àsìkò, aka photographer Ade Okelarin, creates jaw-dropping conceptual pictures. Focusing mostly on portraits, the London-based artist's work conveys a strong narrative. He writes: "I am a self-taught concept driven photographer who creates emotionally resonate images that are drawn from my experiences. I explore my ideas using portraiture, fabric and adornment, as I am interested in ethnography and how cultures express themselves visually. My work is layered in light, texture,…


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FEATURE: #NotOneDime Campaign Reconducted This Year to fight Racism and Police Brutality #BlackFriday #CyberMonday

In a capitalist society, one of the most efficient ways to make your voice heard is through your buying power. The team behind last year's #NotOneDime campaign, an economic boycott to protest the killing of unarmed Black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson which contributed to an …


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FEATURE: 'Gêmeos' - Brazilian Photographer Viny Soares Celebrates Brotherly Love with Twins Raul & Juan Moa

Salvador (Brazil) based photographer Viny Soares was inspired by the Brazilian Black awareness celebration day for this shoot with Bahia twin brothers Raul & Juan Moa.

He told us: "Fis este trabalho para fortalecer a luta do negro e em comemoracao do dia nacional da consciencia negra."

The result is a stunning celebration of…


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FEATURE: 'Darkness' - A Poem By Binta Talla

Writer Binta Talla shares a powerful poem about her dark skin, her pride, colorism and what she went through because of prejudice against people with dark skin.

Here is 'Darkness':

While it disturbs you

It empowers me

While it scares you

It encourages me

While it repulses you

It makes me cuter

You say that my skin makes me inferior

I reply that it gave rise to a warrior…


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NEW MUSIC: Brooklyn Lyricist Ace Clark Shares His New Single 'Melanin' ft. Cato

"I'm so thankful for the skin I'm in, I'm so proud of all my melanin". This is how Brooklyn lyricist Ace Clark's inspirational new single 'Melanin' starts. The track was produced by produced by Tone Jonez and features soul singer Cato.

Ace Clark tells us: "I just wanted to lift up my people. In trying times it's easy to lose who you are or question why you are dealing with the trials and tribulations. This was just my way of giving back to my culture and showing appreciation…


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PHOTO ESSAY: Marcha da Consciência Negra São Paulo 2015 - São Paulo’s Black Consciousness March

Black Pride, Black Love, Black Consciousness. Afro-Brazilians are standing strong and made the world notice at the 'Marcha da Consciência Negra' in São Paulo over the weekend (November 20).

Local collective AfroGuerrilha is sharing this photo essay with us. Pictures taken by photographer Vinicius Gomes.

Check it out below!…


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FEATURE: "Restored James Baldwin documentary timely as ever"

1989 documentary 'James Baldwin: The Price Of The Ticket' has been digitally restored and was recently shown in Chacago. Nina Metz of Chicago Tribune reports: "Originally conceived as a cinema verite project, the filmmakers were to follow Baldwin as he worked on his next book.…


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FEATURE: Super dapper suits by designer Braima Sori Ba's BSB Hamburg Fashion

Designer Braima Sori Ba was born in Guinea Bissau and raised in Portugal. No wonder his indie clothing line BSB Hamburg Fashion blends African and Western styles.

"An expression to overcome cultural barriers and norms" as he puts it. "For the last 25 years i lived in Hamburg – Germany –, where I started my own fashion label BSB. My store is located in Hamburg’s young,…


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NEW MUSIC: Brazilian Psychedelic Quartet Boogarins' Latest Is a Beautiful Tangle of Melody and Noise #SoundCheck

Dinho Almeida and Benke Ferraz have been making music together since childhood, so it's no wonder Boogarins' latest full length Manual ou Guia Livre de Dissolução dos Sonhos (aka Manual) has a lived in chemistry at its heart. While the psychedelic record has no shortage of spaced-out jams and effects-laden solos, what makes Manual special is the interplay between the quartet.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: 'Between concrete and flesh: Us.' - The Latest Photo Series From Guadeloupean Filmmaker & Photographer Damien Jélaine

Check out the latest photo series from Guadeloupean photographer and filmmaker Damien Jélaine, entitled 'Between concrete and flesh: Us.' - a series that centers on three dancers (Joy Mass, Ablaye Dadinio Jhones, and Brandon Miel Masele). Jélaine tells us: This is my very last work before…


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FEATURE: Threats against Black students at Howard University and Kean University (following the threats at Mizzou)

Following the threats at Mizzou, white supremacist terrorism is now rearing its ugly head at two other universities: Howard and Kean. …


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FEATURE: The 'Realeza Negra (Black Royalty)' Project, By Brazilian Photographer Luiz H. Ferreira

Take a look at the 'Realeza Negra (Black Royalty)' project, the latest photo series from Brazilian photographer Luiz H. Ferreira - a photographer (based in Brasília, the capital of Brazil) who is bringing visibility to black culture in…


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OP-ED: A Thank You Letter To Missy Elliot

My first real dose of hip-hop that I can remember was at age 4. I was sitting in the back seat of my mom’s ’97 Honda Civic, and “Supa Dupa Fly” by Missy Elliott came blaring through the speakers. I heard the strange, slow lyrics drip onto the soulful chorus and slide into a beat that was toxic…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Multi-instrumentalist & Post Millennium Rocker Sananda Maitreya Addresses Civil Injustices In America With Latest Visual - “I Wanna Breathe”

Today we're premiering the new video from rocker Sananda Maitreya, “I Wanna Breathe” - the legendary multi-instrumentalist who released classic songs under the name Terence Trent d'Arby (yes, that's him!). This latest release is a powerful response to the civil injustices plaguing the United States, and appears on…


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FEATURE: 'Afro-inks' weekly illustration by Eddaviel

Eddaviel (who was a Live painter at AFROPUNK Paris) takes his favorite AFROPUNK ‘Afro Of The Day’ images and creates illustrations weekly. "A line, created by a drop of ink that becomes an expression of afro traits."…


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NEW MUSIC: Harlem Electro-Soul Duo Jazze Belle Release Their Debut Single, 'Jagged Edge'

Listen to 'Jagged Edge', the first single from Jazze Belle - Harlem-based electronic-soul duo comprised of producer/instrumentalist Jett Carter and singer/songwriter Taylor Simone. Their camp states, "With influences such as Flying Lotus, Jill Scott, and Outkast, the two share a sound influenced by jazzy vocals, dark chords, and edgy, hip hop digital production.' Get into Jazze Belle's debut release below, a perfect introduction to…


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NEW MUSIC: British Rapper/Producer Jay Prince Celebrates Self-Love With New Track, 'AfroPhunk' (feat. SiR & Joyce Wrice)

Listen to the new single from British Alt Hip Hop artist Jay Prince, 'AfroPhunk' (feat. SiR & Joyce Wrice). This is the lead track from the 22 year old London rapper/producer's upcoming collection, 'Beautiful Mercy'. Prince says, "'AfroPhunk" represents love. Self love. The whole approach of this song is to spread positivity and really get people to…


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