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Alt. R&B singer/songwriter and AP alum Kelela brilliantly unpacks racism, White Privilege, and complacency in Instagram post

Dark R&B singer and AFROPUNK alum Kelela took to Instagram recently to fire off a passionate and thoughtful statement about white folk’s responsibility in the dialogue about racism and anti-blackness. Step one—shut up and listen: "Tired of white people telling me what I should and shouldn’t feel. People who are not black need to be listening (not…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: AP London performer and folk-n-soul artist Purple Ferdinand shares jazz-y, self-empowerment anthem ‘Courage’

Lovely new tune by UK folk-n-soul artist Purple Ferdinand to start your weekend off. The AFROPUNK London performer’s latest single, ‘Courage’, is a gorgeous, jazz-y folk track about a renewed sense of belief and faith in one’s self and using that as motivation to fearlessly pursue your dreams. “I was feeling defeated and out of my element and I needed to almost say it aloud to release the thoughts and fears I had. My perception was leading me to believe I didn't have it in…


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AFROPUNK 2015 alum, DJ and producer extraordinaire Kaytranada releases vibrant 0.001% mixtape follow to his album

Kaytranada’s “99.9%” came after several years of touring, producing and collaborating with the likes of hip hop’s finest. Since May, the jazz and soul based electronic grooves have been the soundtrack to the summer. The album features Cali crooner Anderson .Paak, Little Brother’s Phonte, and even manages to bring Craig David out of retirement. The 15 track project was more than enough to satiate fans for the time being, or so we thought. Much to everyone’s surprise,… Continue

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Once & for all: Pointing Out "Black-On-Black Crime" is Gaslighting

Ooookay! I think I am officially done with this bullshit.

When surfing along Twitter looking towards the next hashtag name, I have more than twice coming across people who say that before we talk about police killing black people, they should talk about black-on-black crime. Where some people might agree, most of us EASILY see that this is nothing more than a form of gaslighting, deflecting any knowledge of their shortcomings by pointing out yours, real or…


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FEATURE: Mokshini weekly fashion illustration from AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2016

Here is this week's Mokshini fashion illustration. Introducing Akua Shabaka, the designer and budding fashion icon (@shabakaaa).

By Nadeesha Godamunne, AFROPUNK Contributor

* Nadeesha Godamunne is a fashion illustrator from New Zealand now residing in Brooklyn, New York - and the creator of fashion illustration blog…


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Viral comedienne Quinta B. and friends struggle to make it big in LA in new webseries ‘Broke’

Quinta Brunson, the viral social media comedienne and Buzzfeed contributor, is releasing her debut scripted series entitled "Broke" via Youtube Red. The 26 year old Philadelphia native has been at the forefront of digital entertainment, with Vines, short video sketches, and memes dating back to 2014. Her biggest and most popular videos are a series called "The Girl Who's Never Been On Nice Dates," where she plays an extremely frugal woman, surprised at the prospect of her…


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Massachusetts Supreme Court rules Black men have legitimate reason to flee police

We need not remind the AFROPUNK community of the police brutality running rampant in our cities and on our timelines. But in a striking turn of events, Massachusetts’ highest court has ruled that because of Boston Police Department’s continued relationship with its Black citizens, that Black men in particular "might just as easily be motivated by the desire to avoid the recurring indignity of being racially profiled as by the desire to hide criminal activity." The court… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: Chicago Alt.-Rock Band Ganser Plays With Extremes Of Noise And Mood On “Pyrrhic Victory” #SoundCheck

Chicago post-punk quartet Ganser has made a name for themselves on relentlessly analogue tracks that explore extremes of noise and mood. Their latest single, “Pyrrhic Victory” b/w “Sunk” splits this difference well. Leading with the slow build tension of “Pyrrhic Victory,” the band rides a tweaked out bass line with intensifying noise around Alicia Gaines' ethereal voice, before collapsing into a single sine-wave synth line. “Sunk” focuses on the noisier side of the band,…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: London-based experimental/hip-hop/dancehall artist and AFROPUNK alum Gaika drops collab with Kojey Radical for futuristic new single ‘Loose Residuals’

Just a few days away from his of his much-anticipated live performance at AFROPUNK London this weekend, Brixton born and raised experimental/hip-hop/dancehall artist Gaika has teamed up with fellow Londoner and musician Kojey Radical for their avant-garde new single, ‘Loose Residuals’. A high-flying, futuristic tune defiantly pushing past the bounds of hip-hop, electronica dancehall, reggae and more. Stream ‘Loose Residuals’ and read Gaika’s interview with contributor…


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FEATURE: Johannesburg songstress Amarafleur spreads the gospel self-love with acoustic-soul coolness

Amarafleur, the young songwriter and vocalist from Johannesburg, South Africa, is planting seeds of soul, sunlight, and summer in her limited catalogue. Born Athandiwe Ntshinga, the 22 year old has released just five songs via Soundcloud, but each track is building a thoughtful identity for the singer. In the songs below, she ranges from self-love to belonging, over soft guitars at her most demure and blossoming synths at the most energetic. We’re excited to see her grow…


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NEW MUSIC: Kenneth Whalum & Big KRIT release heart-wrenching collaboration lamenting police brutality

There is a heaviness that is ever-present amongst Black and Brown bodies these days. The air is thick with anger and fear and it’s fitting that the weather is starting turn slowly but surely into fall, that the warmth and carefree of summer is slipping away. However sad and discouraging it might be, it comes as no surprise when the news breaks that another person of color has died at the hands of law enforcement, this time in Tulsa and in Baltimore and everywhere in…


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OP-ED: The Emotional Roller Coaster We Face As The Murders Continue To Rise #TerenceCrutcher

Yesterday, a former high school classmate of mine (Who is very active in the movement of social injustices) wrote a status on Facebook. The question was: "How are y'all feeling this morning?"

I knew why he was asking. Yesterday we all woke up to more news of an unarmed black man being killed. His name was Terence Crutcher. He was a loving father, student, brother, and God-fearing man. He didn't deserve to die.

When I clicked on the simple but powerful…


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Royal Art Series: Visual Artist & Illustrator Kenal Louis Immortalizes Black Celebs In Futuristic Portraits

Afrofuturism is alive and well in the internet age, thanks in part to digital illustrators and visual artists like Kenal Louis. In his Royal Art Series, he takes the celebrities we know and love and paints them against the backdrop of the galaxy. From Willow Smith and FKA Twigs, to Kevin Hart & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he highlights the golden and bronze in each subject’s skin tone and surrounds with symbols that reflect their work. Be on the lookout for more…


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INTERVIEW: The Legendary Bootsy Collins on Funk, Kaepernick & His Collaboration With Seramic

Arguably the greatest living bass player, Bootsy Collins is funk. After getting his start with James Brown, Bootsy went on to refine and define the sound of funk bass with George Clinton as well as on his own with his Rubber Band. His latest collaboration is with the UK electro-soul act Seramic, which features Bootsy's inimitable vocal cadence. We recently got the chance to ask the great Bootzilla a few questions about the legacy of funk, his hope for the future, and his…


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Federal Court Rules That Discrimination Against Locs Is Legal

As if finding a job in corporate America isn’t difficult enough for Black men and women, a federal court has ruled that natural hair is grounds to be discriminated against. A suit was filed on behalf of Chastity Jones, a Black applicant who applied for a customer service representative position at Catastrophe Management Solutions in 2010. Court documents show that Jones was hired but the company rescinded their offer when she refused to cut her dreadlocks. The applicant…


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FEATURE: Young Rockers From Johannesburg Form Punk Band, TCIYF

Johannesburg is brewing with the types of protest and energy that makes for a hotbed for alternative Black expression. TCIYF is a product of Soweto, the storied township in Joburg, and their music is chock-full of passion and grit of their surroundings. The band came together out of the Skate Society Soweto fam, a common accompaniment to the sounds and style of the punk aesthetic. Primarily inspired by metal bands like Black Sabbath and Slayer, the sounds are youthful and… Continue

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Adomako Aman explores the intersections of black & latino gay American experiences and nightlife culture in new documentary 'Dancing In The Dark'

For decades, one of the only safe spaces for queer Black and Latinx people have been shrouded in the night, humid with the sweat of gyrating bodies, and booming with sounds celebrating the sex from which we came. Nightlife culture, in many ways, owes its livelihood to queer people and in the aftermath of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, reclaiming and celebrating these havens is part of the work of furthering the struggle. Filmmaker Adomako Aman has documented club life in…


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16-year-old Johannesburg-based digital artist Tasia wows with diverse character illustrations

Believe it or not, but Johannesburg-based South African illustrator Tasia is only 16-years-old. A digital portrait artist and visual storyteller in her own right, Tasia creates stunning and diverse digital portraits; many original and custom, and so inspired by fiction, fashion, and history. What I love about Tasia’s work the most is how delicate her renderings appear, as if they’re paintings, and her attention to lighting, which is quite striking. Scroll down to…


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BOOK: Queer Activist Nia King Releases Queer & Trans Interview Collection

Nia King, queer author and host of the podcast We Want The Airwaves, is releasing a book of interviews with the queer and trans artists we know and many that we should know. According to its description, "...Nia discusses fat burlesque with Magnoliah Black, queer fashion with Kiam Marcelo Junio, interning at Playboy with Janet Mock, dating gay Latino Republicans with Julio Salgado, intellectual hazing with Kortney Ryan Ziegler, gay gentrification with Van Binfa [...], and…


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NEW MUSIC: Dead Prez's M1 Crafts The Sound of Revolution With “#APeoplesMovement” #SoundCheck

M1 (of Dead Prez) fame has made a career out of writing songs for the revolution, but never as literally as here. His latest, a collaboration with Jlove Calderón, Sonny Corona, and Kristina Feliciano, is a call to arms against oppression called “#APeoplesMovement.” The track was created for a project produced by Jlove Productions called Sound of Revolution, where they challenge artists to work together to create and record a song on social justice themes in 12 hours. The…


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