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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: South African filmmaker Jabu Nadia Newman’s The Foxy Five follows intersectional feminists challenging oppressive status quo

Jabu Nadia Newman is the creator and show-runner of Cape Town’s The Foxy Five—an intersectional web series that follows a powerful group of 5 young womxn who are tearing down the “white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy“ on their own terms. The series also explores many of the different perspectives and…


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FEATURE: No criminal charges for McKinney, Tx. cop in pool party incident

The McKinney, Texas police officer who attacked a teenage girl attending a community pool party last year won’t face charges for disproportionately violent handling of the situation and the young woman. The decision not to indict former Cpl. Eric Casebolt was made by a Collin County grand jury that, apparently, was totally okay with a trained officer and grown man body slamming a law abiding, but black, teenager for essentially no reason. Business as usual.…


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FEATURE: Denise Silva spreads empowering intersectional messages with Denisenhando project

Denisenhando is an on-going illustration project by industrial design student Denise Silva. Silva uses pastel illustrations featuring diverse depictions of people of color paired with empowering quotes by prolific intersectional writers and thinkers, like Audre Lorde.…


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NEW MUSIC: Nigerian independent musician Mile XY shares expressive eclectic jazz-soul single ‘Too Many People’

Get to know Nigerian musician Mile XY, an indie R&B-soul artist who is now based in Vienna. The exciting soundscape on his track ‘Too Many People (RMBA Baumgarten Session 04 V5 Roughmix 01’ is a smooth, densely packed and eclectic mix of jazz, soul, and experimental sound effects. Mile describes himself as as a natural lover who is very spiritual, which definitely lends itself to his sound signature on this track. Listen to ‘Too Many People (RMBA Baumgarten…


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INTERVIEW: R&B/electronica/hip hop duo The Foreign Exchange talks international success and iconic inspiration

Every so often, if you’re lucky during the summer you months, you’ll have the chance to catch a good live show in your city. As I write this, Funk Legend Masseo who did most of the early production work for James Brown and who often played alongside Prince, will be performing tonight in the city in which I reside. Yet ironically, a group by the name of Foreign Exchange played at the same venue called the Jazz Kitchen a few weeks earlier.

The journey of…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: London-based disco-pop singer-songwriter Dregas flips the script on courtship in ‘Cannonball’

Alt. pop singer-songwriter Dregas is premiering her newest single with us today called ‘Cannonball’, an energetic ode to fleeting romances where (some) men only want to hookup and what happens with the gender rolls are reversed. The lively Girl Power anthem features subtle undertones of 60s and 70s pop music, making for a groovy throwback vibe that packs an intense punch. “As if we, as women, must build in a level of skepticism when dealing with men in their "natural state"…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: West African designer Penda Diakite launches PendaWear swimsuit collection

PendaWear is a West African “ArtWear” brand that specializes in mix-and-match street wear. The label was created by mixed-media artist, designer and filmmaker Penda Diakite who creates made-to-order fashions. Penda recently launched its first swimwear collection which is produced with local African fabrics that create stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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OP-ED: WTF? Zoe Saldana thinks that "for years, nobody knew who the fuck Nina Simone was"

Oh, Zoe. Why can’t you just let us forget that time you disgraced Nina Simone’s legacy? Because, apparently, talking nonsense and sacrilege is more her speed. Once again opening up about her, eh, controversial casting as Nina Simone in the July issue of…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: French-Congolese rapper Young Paris delivers unapologetic call to action in ‘Get Ready’ ft. M1 of Dead Prez

Check out French-Congolese rapper Young Paris’ brand new music video, ‘Get Ready’ feat. M1 of Dead Prez, a swagged out call to action in the vein of Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’. ‘Get Ready’ pulsates with danceable afro-beats and the energy of a party anthem. It’s a boastful, unapologetic celebration of not only black pride, but, the specific rise of political resistance in the U.S. "This is our time, the stars have aligned/and this just the way we designed it". Watch ‘Get Ready’… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: Stream Brooklyn’s electro-soul duo Lion Babe’s sun-soaked mixtape ‘Sun Joint’

Ahead of their first North America tour, Brooklyn-based electro-soul duo Lion Babe just released their ‘Sun Joint’ mixtape. A sun-soaked collection of party-friendly tracks that blends dancehall and Afro-Caribbean-inspired beats with futuristic synths, culminating in a truly sumptuous soundscape that gonna be a must-have for your summer playlists.



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NEW MUSIC: Eclectic funkster Marcus Alan Ward’s ‘Little Sunshine’ is an instant mood-boaster

One of the best feelings in the world, to me, is falling in love with a song less than 30 seconds in. Being unceremoniously introduced to the perfect combination of sounds and rhythms that both relaxes and energizes you. At the risk of over-hyping it, Marcus Alan Ward’s ‘Little Sunshine’ is such a song! The smooth, infectious melody are paired with soulful vocals and 70s-inspired harmonies that come together in sweet funk-soul bliss. Treat yo self, listen to ‘Little…


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More info about AFROPUNK LONDON:…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Two Black entrepreneurs combat misconceptions about sustainable hemp fashion with brand Superego

“Cut from a different cloth,” L.A.-based clothing brand Superego aims to reshape the narrative around sustainable products created by hemp. Commonly misunderstood as the psychoactive buds of the cannabis plant, hemp is acquired from the stalk of the plant and is favored for industrial uses because of its environmental benefits, durability, and healing abilities. With that in mind, entrepreneurs Tommie Lark and Matthew Narkaus, who met while majoring in psychology at…


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FEATURE: South African photog Trevor Stuurman makes serious waves in the international high-fashion and street style scenes

Trevor Stuurman is an international fashion photographer who is making serious waves in the fashion editorial and street style community. Recognizable for his incredible consideration of visual detail, balanced composition, and featuring cutting edge fashions—particularly from up and coming African designers. You’ve probably, unwittingly, seen some of his images on Tumblr and Instagram which seem to go viral pretty regularly. Check out some of those images and a few of his…


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FEATURE: Student artist Kemi Layeni reinterprets the annihilation of young unarmed black men with starkly beautiful photo series

Artist Kemi Layeni, currently an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia, not only creates art for expression but for analysis. With her primary mission statement being to "unflinchingly present her work in a way that complicates, disturbs, and reveals previously held notions about her subjects", Layeni works to place her audience in a position of that which is open to receiving a multilayered, unabashed representation of the African- American experience. In her…


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OP-ED: An Open Letter to J. Cole: Your Music Helped Me Recover From My Depression

My name is Jasmin. It just so happens 2014 was one of the worst years of my life. I had already been dealing with major depressive disorder for almost several years at the time. However 2014 I had it extremely bad. Mind numbing bad. Thank God I eventually found my way out of that deep dark hole but it took me awhile. Depression is not an easy illness to deal with. I didn't even know who I was anymore for a while. I couldn't sleep at night. I couldn't concentrate on…


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NEW MUSIC: Fall in love with NYC-based Pagan-gospel singer Serpentwithfeet and his debut release, ‘Flickering’

Hard to believe that this is his debut single, but, miraculously, ‘Flickering’ is the first official release from soul artist Serpentwithfeet (aka Josiah Wise), who at one point had a handful of demos floating around SoundCloud. The Baltimore native, NYC transplant delivers a knock-out punch on this hauntingly beautiful ambient track, which was produced by The Haxan Cloack and released under TriAngleRecords. Fall in love with ‘Flickering’ down below.…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: ATL psychedelic alt-rock and rap group The Difference Machine trip out in cinematic debut 'The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle'

The Difference Machine are a psychedelic alternative rock and rap group from ATL and today we’re premiering their debut LP, ‘The 4th Side of the Eternal Triangle‘. A trippy and cinematic whirlwind of experimental sounds, courtesy of their live band comprised of drums, guitar, bass, peddles, boards, gizmos and gadgets. Strapped with some pretty heavy, albeit abstract, themes and politically charged commentary about everything from the capitalistic rat race to climate change…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Stream Pioneering Industrial Band Tackhead's “Mind At The End Of The Tether” #SoundCheck

By the late 80s, the trio of Keith LeBlanc, Skip McDonald, and Doug Wimbish had already made history as the in-house band for Sugar Hill Records. Together they cut the instruments for early hip-hop classics “Rapper's Delight,” “The Message,” and “White Lines.” But as technology evolved to match their creative ambitions, the three linked up with famed UK dub producer Adrian Sherwood to form Tackhead. The industrial hip-hop quartet recorded 3 albums, eventually adding Rolling…


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Feature: Afrocentric and unapologetically bold illustrations by artist Iz Sanders give a fresh new look to cultural reclamation

Iz Sanders, the 22 year old cartoon artist from Texas, provides a provoking platform for a much needed cultural commentary. At first glance, the bright illustrations fall directly into the modern pop culture aesthetic- approaching it’s audience in a strikingly provocative way. Yet, as one delves deeper into the individual content, the activism begins to speak for itself. Each illustration works to dismantle a different level of stereotype- by recognizing it, embracing it,…


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