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FEATURE: New film Afro Punk Girl tests the barriers of race and gender leaving audiences reflectively engrossed

Britain- based filmmakers Annetta Laufer and Shobu Kapoor are raising the bar with their new short film "Afro Punk Girl". Starring actress Danielle Vitalis and Larrington Walker, the Sci Fi film takes place in a dystopian, apocalyptic England, where "everyone has become migrants and are trying to escape to the 'New World.'" The team originally viewed their concept as futuristically out of this world, yet after Brexit and it's eminent repercussions, the idea is not as…


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FEATURE: Living Colour's upcoming project inspired by Notorious B.I.G.'s 'Who Shot Ya'

In the process of making their new album Shade, Living Colour is shifting its full attention to the unjust realities of society. Also producing an exclusive project built around Notorious B.I.G.'s infamous 'Who Shot Ya?', they set out to address police brutality and domestic violence head on. This mixtape is their activism, and as they feature a number of fellow artists contributing to the track, Living Colour works to create an artistic army of cultural…


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OP-ED: How revolutionary self-care becomes an act of radical activism

This year during Black History Month, a 23 year old Black Lives Matter activist, MarShawn M. McCarrell committed suicide on the steps of the Ohio State House. Hours before he took his life MarShawn posted on his Facebook saying “My demons won today, I’m sorry.”  This reality breaks me. It…


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FEATURE: Artists flex their skills in 17-year-old Autumn Massaquo’s #StyleChallenge

Okay, but who doesn’t love a viral trend that shows off black excellence? The #StyleChallenge hashtag, created by 17-year-old Autumn Massaquo, a student from London. After her version of the challenge, where the artist sketched stylisticlly different versions of cartoon illustration next to her own, went viral, it didn’t take long for others to…


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FEATURE: Six-part afrofuturist superhero webseries “Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha” gets July 31 premiere date

Set in the superhero universe of ‘Rise of the Orisha’, “Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha” is a six-part series created by Nosa Igbinedion that follows neurotic junior doctor Amina whose life spirals downward after the accident death of a politician’s son, in her custody. Soon after, Amina is possessed by the water goddess Yemoja. Faced with both predicaments, Amina must fight to clear her name and salvage her sanity before it’s too late. The afrofuturistic series borrows from the…


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Malaville by Mala Bryan doll company Toys sets new standard for black beauty and positive representation for brown girls everywhere

Mala Bryan, South African model and creator of Malaville Toys, is revolutionizing beauty standards with her beautiful- and exclusively- black dolls. While providing a fresh platform for black worth, Bryan continuously offers little brown girls a reflection of their beauty- being all too scarce in modern toys. Of course, there is no progression without resistance, and Malaville has been targeted or 'called out' by costumers for one doll in particular: the darkest…


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(H)Afrocentric: The Comic - Activist Naima demonstrates the importance (and frustration) of nuance in cheeky strip

This is our third installment of Juliana "Jewels" Smith's (H)Afrocentric: The Comic. Written by Smith with art by Ronald Nelson, the on-going series follows radical Black feminist, Naima Pepper. In this particular strip speaks to the discomfort of allyship from an 'Oppressed' position. Incorporating the realities of modern black culture and stereotype, Naima comically insinuates the frustrations of protest and representation- all with a smile on her face. This comic in…


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Cast of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ make first appearance at Comic Con

The main cast of the best Marvel movie ever made their first appearance together at Comic Con this past weekend, much to the internet’s delight. Joining Chadwick Boseman (as T'Challa / a.k.a. Black Panther) is Lupita Nyong'o (Nakia—body guard-turned-possible-love-interest from a rival village), Micheal B. Jordan (as villain Erik Killmonger), and Danai Gurira (as friend of Nakia). The film is being written and directed by Fruitvale Station’s Ryan Coogler and is slated for…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: South African noise-rockers DOOKOOM seek revenge on the powers that be in “The Devil Made Me Do It”

We’re starting the week off with a video premiere from South African hip-hop and noise-rock collective DOOKOOM and their track ‘The Devil Made Me Do it’. Fueled by hard rock intensity and the perspectives of black South Africans, DOOKOOM raises a finger to the establishment that too often…


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FKA twigs will premiere new movie at BAM in Brooklyn in August

On Aug. 3rd, sensuous electro-soul singer FKA Twigs will present the world premiere for her a visual short project, ‘Soundtrack 7’ at BAMcinématek in Brooklyn. The abstract, but autobiographical, piece documents the petite performer’s creative process during her week-long residency at the Manchester International Festival. The conceptualized project features performances to “Ultraviolet”, “How’s That”, Good To Love“ and more, which are bound together by repeated recitation…


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White Mayor of Sommerville refuses to remove ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner from City Hall

A Black Lives Matter banner has been hanging in front of City Hall in Sommerville Massachusetts since the town’s white major had it erected in August 2015. Since then, a Somerville Police Employee’s Association sent a letter to Mayor Curtatone requesting that the banner be replaced (i.e. silenced) in favor of a general, meaningless “All Lives Matter” one. “It is inconceivable to us as it is demoralizing that our city would propagate its support for this movement while…


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OP-ED: Writing Mali Into Light: photographer Seydou Keïta’s celebration of the black body on exhibition at Paris’ Grand Palais

These days I am often thinking about the Black body. I am thinking about Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the way this list of bodies will be longer by the time I'm done writing this. I am thinking about the camera and what it takes to make you see. I am thinking about the camera and what it means to look, what it means to attend to history, what it means to attend to violence you cannot stop, what it means to attend to violence the Black body has lived through…


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NEW MUSIC: Check Out OBie Mavuso, The Queer South African Singer Songwriter on a Mission to Redefine “Alternative” #SoundCheck

“I don't mind humans, but I prefer my own company,” South African singer songwriter OBie Mavuso sings on the disaffected “Humans” off her Cosmic Fire EP. The EP pulls at the tension between trying to fix the oppressive systems of the world and just saying fuck it and heading off on one's own. The stretched out synths and dense atmospheric beats anchor OBie Mavuso's slanted vocal delivery, highlighting the alienation and emotional weariness. As Mavuso explains to…


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INTERVIEW: Meet the composer behind your favorite cartoons: Sebastian Evans

What makes our favorite animated series so great? While many nerds will tell you it’s the artistic style, the relatable dialogue, or the engaging stories that cement shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ben 10: Omniverse, or Transformers: Animated as cartoon classics, these titles also have one other very important thing in common. Meet Sebastian Evans, one of the few Black composers in this field whose superpower is moving you to tears, sending shivers down your spine,…


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Art Hoe Collective: self care in the black community in the midst of all this anti-black violence

Who mourns every day for strangers as if their own brother was killed? Who lives in constant fear for loved ones, strangers and for themselves? Who tenses and prepares for the worst every time they hear the words “did you hear about…”? The black community.

The pain that we, as a community, feel with each black person murdered isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination. Racism, manifesting in various ways, has been a truth that we’ve had to live with for…


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OP-ED: Rio's Olympic Games legacy will be that of a humanitarian catastrophe - in English & Portuguese

When Rio de Janeiro was elected in 2009 to host the 2016 Olympic Games, the authorities then said one of the event's legacy would be a safer city for all. But less than a month for the beginning of the games, the practical effect has signaled that what comes ahead is a humanitarian catastrophe.

From 2009 now, around 2500 people were killed by the police only in Rio, and very few cases have been properly judged. The same security policies applied in the games of…


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OP-ED: Trump’s acceptance speech: a Nixon-esque appeal to white America's fears

Last night Donald Trump gave the longest nomination speech in 40 years. It apparently takes more than 75 minutes to attempt to convince Americans they are doomed without you. The Donald wants you to know you will be overrun by criminals, immigrants, criminal immigrants, terrorists, and economic oppression unless you vote for him. But if you do, he will make everything better “very, very, fast”. Because in his mind "crime and poverty" (i.e. non-republican black people), illegal…


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FEATURE: Visual artist Benjamin Ackermann unapologetically glorifies the human form with sensual photography (NSFW)

Ackermann’s photographs are undeniably erotic. From the steely, uber-confident gazes of his models piercing the lens to the exposed shapely bodies contorting and posing, unapologetically embracing the realness of the moment. Intimacy is certainly a theme that runs throughout his images and theirs something almost voyeuristic about them. His portfolio features even more blatant allusions to sexuality. “To me, the human body is the most beautiful thing to observe and…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Dark R&B singer/songwriter Hadassah runs away from life’s demons in ‘Heavens Basement’

'Heavens Basement' is an ambient R&B release from singer/songwriter Hadassah. The video for the buttery single finds the songstress running from life’s demons and searching for inner solace in the face of adversity. "'Heavens Basement' was honestly a stream of consciousness piece of mine that was never suppose to be a song I shared. I wrote it as an affirmation for myself as a reminder that although shit may get hard I rather push through and keep grinding rather than…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Stream 'Time' The Surreal New Single From Electronic / Soul Collective Ink Project #SoundCheck

Hypnotic and existential, the Brighton/Bristol-based collective Ink Project's latest single wavers on the reality and unreality of time. Dub-inflected with more than a little trip-hop vibe, the single features vocals from Trinidad-born Coreysan. The song's spaced-out sound sucks you into a timeless vortex where Coreysan's thesis rules supreme: the only thing that can transcend time is love. Cue the 303s, repeat, and fade in a wash of ambient sound. The single features 3…


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