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FEATURE: Azealia Banks talks cultural appropriation in new interview

As we already know, Azealia Banks is not one to shy away from putting forward an opinion. However instead of her usual twitter tirades, the Harlemite - who recently released her long awaited debut album, has used her candidness to discuss that one subject we've all thought about: the appropriation of black culture - and in particular - the appropriation of black women. Banks states in a new interview with Pitchfork, "The whole trend of white girls appropriating black…


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NEW MUSIC: Dutch duo Lucid release their debut album, 'Poisoned Paws'

Check out 'Poisoned Paws', the debut album from Dutch duo Lucid. Consisting of Juliet and Janice, the duo are quickly becoming "Ones to Watch" with their blend of R&B soul - the two have been making music together since they formed in 2012, after meeting at school. If you're a fan of Jhené Aiko or Tinashe, then you definitely need to get into this 11 track LP. Listen, below. 

By Alexander Aplerku,…


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NEW MUSIC: Talib Kweli puts the spotlight on "tomorrow's artists" with new mixtape, 'The Cathedral'

Listen to Talib Kweli's latest release, 'The Cathedral' mixtape. The project, hosted by actor Affion Crockett, is released from the rapper's new media company, Javotti Media; and as you would expect, it's fire - with features from the likes of Pharoahe Monch as well as Kweli himself. Regarding the project, Talib Kweli states, "J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West are just a few artists supported by Talib Kweli early in their careers. It is with this spirit that…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: indie R&B rockers Lowercase Letters' 'Open Blinds'

Today we're premiering indie R&B rockers Lowercase Letters' new video, 'Open Blinds'.

'Open Blinds' started with us listening to records while snowed-in a few winters back. Once we heard that loop from Boz Scaggs "Lowdown," we started building the structure and making it a song. It's the only song on the album that uses a sample and was recorded in the same condo."

Band member Clinton adds: "We figured we'd shoot a video that explicitly went along with the lyrics,…

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FEATURE: Braamfontein’s gold - Vibrant Cultural Scenes in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is an unbeatable blend of stunning nature and a colorful collection of humans. This secret gem was revealed to me by my mother, an avid traveler herself. I expected nothing when I made plans to visit Johannesburg but instead I left with an enriched soul and a renewed mind because of the characters I encountered while scanning the street for charismatic faces.

Thanks to the guidance of new friends, I was introduced to two very important cultural gatherings in…


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FEATURE: Skin is set to star in upcoming sci-fi film, 'Andron: The Black Labyrinth

Skin will feature in upcoming sci-fi film 'Andron: The Black Labyrinth'. It's yet to be announced the role that the iconic Skunk Anansie frontwoman will play, but it's been reported that the film is about a group of young men and women who awake in a dark, claustrophobic maze. All are unable to remember who they are or how they got stuck in the black labyrinth, and must work together to escape. The film, which is currently in production,…


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FEATURE: Issa Rae releases 'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl' book

If you haven't heard of 'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl', you probably don't use the internet. The award-winning web series  that follows the life of an awkward Black girl named 'J'  has become one of the most talked about and successful shows to come from the interweb, attracting attention from the likes of Oprah Winfrey. Now the star and creator of that show, Issa Rae, has put her funny words to hardback as she releases her new book - aptly named The…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Fly Moon Royalty - 'Unfinished Business - Deluxe' EP

Today we're premiering electro-funk duo Fly Moon Royalty's Unfinished Business - Deluxe EP (a revamped version of the EP featuring new tracks, remixes and instrumentals).

Producer/MC Action J tells us: "We wanted to to give a deeper look in to this project. We're unravelling the elements of EP to share more with our fans. Plus a wild departure remix of "Peice of me" and a completely new song "RX"."

Grab your free download below!…


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NEW MUSIC: Gregory Porter releases new EP, 'More Liquid Spirit - Features + Remixes' - ft. Laura Mvula + more

Jazz and soul singer-songwriter Gregory Porter has released a new EP - available through all digital retailers. The 5 part EP, 'More Liquid Spirit - Features + Remixes', acts as a bonus effort to Porter's 2013 album release: 'Liquid Spirit' - an album which has earnt the musician huge acclaim, including a Grammy Award. Post 'Liquid Spirit', Porter has been touring around Europe - which is perhaps the reason that two of Britain's most successful jazz…


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FEATURE: Erykah Badu and Chance the Rapper guest star in 'Black Dynamite' as Rita and Bob Marley

Check out Erykah Badu's cameo on Adult Swim's animated comedy 'Black Dynamite' - playing the role of Rita Marley. Joining Erykah in the latest episode of the cartoon show - an adaptation of a 2009 Blaxploitation film of the same name - is Chance the rapper, who plays the legendary Bob Marley. Get into the stream, below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Calma Carmona - 'Bag Of Bones'

Today we're premiering the visuals for intense soulful songstress Calma Carmona's new single 'Bag Of Bones'. A lot has happened since we last interviewed Ms. Carmona.

She tells us: " 'Bag of Bones' is a dark and beautiful state of love, and what better place to film the video than on the Brooklyn Bridge... also…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream the Stripped Down Garage Blues of Aligns' 'Love In The Air' #SoundCheck

There's always been a certain appeal to the two-piece band. Many of the great songwriters are duos (Lennon/McCartney, Rodgers and Hart, Rodgers and Edwards...), and all you really need is a melody and a rhythm to make music. In the grand tradition of bands like The White Stripes and Local H comes Brooklyn's Aligns. This psychedelic garage band meshes dirty blues riffs with proggier aspirations on their full length 'Love In The Air'.…


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INTERVIEW: “The door that opens you: Why Whippa Wiley brings you magic, fear and fancy.”

n a sunny day in September, at a rooftop party in Brooklyn, we are all swaying slower now. We are watching intently – with all of us, and not just our eyes. Whippa, Fluent and Kateri join Jidenna, the Master of Ceremony, in raising crowd participation. In the background, Nana is playing the Kendrick Lamar beat to “Backseat Freestyle.” Except, this version has been chopped and stripped bare to what feels like the West African essence foundational to all hip hop. What remains is…


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NEW MUSIC: DJ duo Electric Punanny release their debut single, 'Rosa Coleta'

Over the years, Electric Punanny - DJ duo Jasmine Solano and MeLo-X - have become permanent fixtures on the New York nightlife scene. Initially spinning at their self-titled club night, the duo now travel the world with this Global party; taking their blend of soul, EDM, hip hop, old school reggae, and micellaneous delights, to countries as far as Japan and South Africa. Now the duo are releasing theIr debut original single, 'Rosa Coleta', with a forthcoming EP on the way.…


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NEW MUSIC: Azealia Banks finally releases her debut album, 'Broke With Expensive Taste'

To say long-anticipated when it comes to Azealia Bank's debut album would be one of the biggest understatements. The Harlem singer announced the name of the debut album in 2012 and has left her fans waiting ever since. That is till now! After multiple delays and record label disputes, the album is finally here. Listen to 'Broke With Expensive Taste' HERE, and watch…


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AFROPUNK EXCLUSIVE: Kenzie May talks culture, travelling and sneaking into the zoo

There are things from our past that stick with us like an unwavering and committed parent - some of them we wish to erase from our memories, while others are kind reminders of what use to be. Nicknames for instance, are typically given as a sign of affection, however flattering or unflattering the title may be. In the case of Kenzie May, the pop singer with the soulful sensibility, her stage name is one she’s had since childhood. “It came the same way a lot of nicknames…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream 'Queen of Prospect Park' from Imani Coppola's 'Little Jackie' #SoundCheck

Little Jackie's Imani Coppola exploded with her 1997 single “Legends of a Cowgirl.” With her solo career on the side, Imani Coppola formed Little Jackie with producer Adam Pallin in 2008. The duo has taken Imani Coppola's genre-defying aesthetic to extremes, crafting perfect bursts of adventurous indie pop. Their latest record is Queen of Prospect Park.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK…


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NEW MUSIC: 'Eye of the Sun' - the new EP from Spoek Mathambo's band, Fantasma

Check out the new EP from South African electro group, Fantasma - the latest project from music pioneer Spoek Mathambo. The artist and musician, as part of the collective, presents his signature sound of Township Tech; but in this record 'Eye of the Sun', we are also presented with dubstep and punk to name but a few musical genres, genres that run seamlessly through the five part EP. Along with Mathambo. the group includes Machineri guitarist André Geldenhuys,…


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NEW MUSIC: Hoffle Stoff Awaffogus's Debut Finds Joy In Grindcore #SoundCheck

The nearly impossible to pronounce (and equally impossible to spell if only heard out loud) Hoffle Stoff Awaffogus cram 12 songs in under 15 minutes on their debut Fibonacci A.D. The Houston four-piece merges grindcore and crust with unexpected twee moments, and an odd joy for something so sonically…


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NEW MUSIC: Neneh Cherry releases deluxe version of 'Blank Project' album

Earlier in the year, Neneh Cherry released her first solo album in 17 years. Now the deluxe version of that long anticipated album, 'Blank Project', has been released. The deluxe project includes remixes from remixes from Villalobos & Loderbauer, DJ Spinn, Joe Goddard, Matt Karmil, Cooly G & more. Check out the tracklisting, below. 

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK…


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