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NEW MUSIC: Gothic-soul singer Serpentwithfeet previews his upcoming debut EP with the release of title track 'Blisters'

Serpentwithfeet has announced the upcoming release of his debut EP Blisters with his introductory title track- and the result is ineffable. The 27-year old classical vocalist-turned-gospel electronica presents a desirable compilation of talent, as the track travels across genres to give listeners an intense, passion-filled experience. With chilling emphasis on orchestrations, the build proves…


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BLACK VEGANS ROCK: Kwame Williams shares decades long social and personal changes through his vegan lifestyle evolution

My vegan journey started in 2002 when I was introduced to it at a young age socially and culturally through the Rastafarian Ital lifestyle. Because of those influences, I adopted a vegan lifestyle as part of my own in 2002. However, I soon went back to eating meat on a daily basis in 2005 when I went to culinary school. It wasn't until 2010 after being in the industry for some time and learning more about the food we consume when the health benefits of being vegan gave me…


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FEATURE: Rio-based rap group Família Zero Bala connects with their roots in new track 'Brasil África'

Rio’s rap group Família Zero Bala launched the music video for their latest song 'Brasil África' this month. Greatly anticipated by fans, the music and the video continue to feed into what we call “an african consciousness awakening” in Brazil’s hip hop scene. More and more we have seen rappers, artists and producers not only addressing poverty as their life condition, but trying to link that to what happened in the past-in the slavery times- making sure black…


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NEW MUSIC: Electronic R&B singer MMYYKK pays beautiful homage to love in his debut EP 'Love [In Synthesis]

Minneapolis-based singer MMYYKK delivers a beautiful introduction with his debut EP 'Love [In Synthesis]. In his 6-song long homage to love, the multifaceted singer/songwriter, instrumentalist, producer, and musical consultant tackles the most daunting of topics from an authentically enamored position. Sprinkling the project with a hearty electronic rhythm and eccentric beat, paired with his effortlessly smooth vocals, MMYYKK hypnotizes listeners. A treat to the…


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27-year-old mother and veteran Nneka targets black millennial culture with eco-friendly school supplies

High-key in love with this awesome black owned school and stationary supplies store, Innovative Supplies, bringing representation to a whole new level. The small business was created by 27-year-old mother and military vet Nneka, who is preparing to attend college in the fall, as a way to promote positivity in the community and amongst black millennials looking…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Martinique-born director Yannis Sainte-Rose shows impressive range with unique portfolio

Shout out to today’s RAD CREATIVE, filmmaker Yannis Sainte-Rose. Starting early, the Martinique-born creative received his first camera at the age of 6 and his first video camera by 10. An Advertising School alum, Sainte-Rose has solidified himself as a video and art director, of sorts, who has shot many music videos, worked on ads, editorials, and more. And though much of his portfolio is music video-centric, Sainte-Rose is shifting gears into the world of documentary.…


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FEATURE: Photography series from JP Robbins captures the modern, raw style of the 'Halliburton Brothers'

New York- based photographer JP Robbins never ceases to capture the most stylistically natural aspects of all she photographs. Primarily a portrait photographer, the subjects of Robbins' pieces are beautifully manipulated to amplify their most striking components, all while maintaining their raw essence. In her 'Halliburton Brothers' series, she effectively pairs the similarities between Mark and Kirk Halliburton, with a contrast of light and lack of visual…


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NEW MUSIC: Philly Grindcore Act Jesus Piece Serves Up A Rare Mix Of Thoughtful Lyrics And Hyper-Aggressive Riffs

The radio in this coffee shop is playing “The Girl From Ipanema,” and my headphones are blaring its polar opposite. Philly grindcore / metal band Jesus Piece's latest EP is an increasingly rare breed of thoughtful heartfelt lyrics and hyper-aggressive music.The kind of heavy music that demands you dig through the lyrics to decipher the screams. “The Girl From Ipanema,” meanwhile just demands that you ignore it as politely as possible. Over three behemoth tracks, the…


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OP-ED: New photo essay 'Mundo Negro' highlights the importance and cultural individualism of the Brazilian thrift scene

Thrift stores, known in Brazil as brechós, has become a refuge where black young people living in big Brazilian cities has found a way to reframe their aesthetics the way they want, they way they feel better and redefine what it means to be black.The photo essay you see below, Mundo Negro (Black World), where the models wears thrift store’s…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Multi-talented trip-hop/spoken word artist Cha’ves Jamall gets real about dating and anxiety in witty ‘Field Trip’

Check out multi-talented Harlem-based trip-hop/punk/spoken word artist Cha'ves Jamall’s witty, dark, and somehow still sexy single, 'Field Trip'. The conceptual track is a melodic blend of trip-hop, experimental punk and spoken word through which Jamall introspectively explores gender identity, racial inequality and mental health. "It's been a trip being someone who considers himself an extrovert but also suffers from anxiety and depression. I feel like when I decided that…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: NYC-based artist/musician/activist Steff Reed drops powerful visuals for anti-police brutality track “Frontline”

Our next premiere comes from NYC-based award-winning musician, artist and activist Steff Reed. In correlation with his ‘Frontline’ art exhibition—a multi-media show and conversation about police brutality, gang violence, and America’s culture of anti-blackness—the music visual of the same name chronicles the historic shift in social consciousness…


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NEW MUSIC: Soulful electronic singer Jay Boogie shares dark, confident new track 'Hear Them Howling'

'Boogie crawls over broken glass, dodging gunshots as he knucks and bucks his way over the sparse, splintered, surreal soundscape.'

Jay Boogie's latest track 'Hear Them Howling' off the upcoming Escape From Nature compilation Through Our Eyes- pt. 1, is…


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(H)AFROCENTRIC: THE COMIC - Activist Naima Pepper contemplates 'The Struggle' among other things in this week's strip

This is our fifth installment of Juliana "Jewels" Smith's (H)Afrocentric: The Comic. Written by Smith with art by Ronald Nelson, the on-going series follows radical Black feminist, Naima Pepper. In this particular strip speaks to the discomfort of allyship from an 'Oppressed' position. Incorporating the realities of modern black culture and stereotype, Naima comically insinuates the frustrations of protest and representation- all with a smile on her face. This comic…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream The First New Music From Hardcore Legends BURN In 16 Years. '...From The Ashes' Makes Punk History Again #SoundCheck

Burn is one of those bands spoken of with hushed reverence. Maybe loud reverence, actually. Their 1990 debut self-titled LP, along with Quicksand's Slip (which featured Burn drummer Alan Cage), and Fugazi's 13 Songs was instrumental in defining the following 20 years of hardcore. Though Burn never quite achieved the crossover success that the other two acts did, they've remained an active band since their 1989 inception. Their last record, 2002's Last Great Sea, was…


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NEW MUSIC: Alternative R&B singer NAO transcends musical boundaries in her new album 'For All We Know'

'For All We Know', the latest album from NAO, is a force to be reckoned with. From it's beautifully soothing intro to it's deeply cadenced outro- and everything in between- the British singer takes listeners for a ride worth repeating again and again. Maneuvering her way through the effervescent  grooves of the album, NAO leaves no room for rest. Each song features a contagious beat, giving the…


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FEATURE: 'Outcast Forever' the much anticipated motorcycle documentary finally released on demand

An Outlaw Films production, the much awaited documentary 'Outcast Forever' has finally come out on demand. First featured on AFROPUNK in 2011, the then work in progress follows the Outcast Motorcycle Club: the oldest all-black motorcycle club in…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Atlanta-based photographer Joshua Rashaad McFadden explores black masculinity, colorism, and identity with powerful projects

Joshua Rashaad McFadden, an Atlanta-based photographer and SCAD graduate. Currently, Joshua’s work centers around the concept of intersectional black identities and the ways in which society interprets and treats them. With his ‘Come to Selfhood’ series, available in book form, McFadden explores what black masculinity by juxtaposing contemporary…


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OP-ED: To the Greatest Ali: Maybe In some way I can still be like you

This year we had to say our final goodbye to the GOAT Muhammad Ali. Not only was he a great boxer but he was an incredible and very articulate activist. He stood up for the rights of black people, his religion, and anything else he felt was right. He was never afraid to be outspoken. The death of this legend hit me very hard and I'll tell you why.

By Jasmin Pierre*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: Ugandan fashion designer Lamula Anderson detangles misconceptions of black hair with empowering new collection

Ugandan-born, London-based designer Lamuna Anderson- of Lamuna Nassuna- adds a new voice to empowerment. Straying from the mainstream, her latest collection is a complete celebration of the black woman and all of her assets. As she takes inspiration from 'the Afro and Black women protective hair styles', she combines kinky weaves and hair extensions (yes, HAIR) to create;ingenious, chic…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Chicago-based photographer Lawrence Agyei builds brand with organic portraits

Today’s RAD CREATIVE shout out goes to Chicago-based photographer Lawrence Agyei. Rooted in editorial and portraiture, Agyei’s work is recognizable for its cool toned palettes and non-traditional staging that tends to position subjects turned slight away from the lens, creating images that appear more organic in a way that captures the essence of a subject in-the-moment. Check out some of our favorite shots from Agyei down below.…


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