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Five reasons why Nina Simone is a timeless Queen

Nina Simone would have been 84 years old today and in thinking about her contributions to Black thought, music, style, and activism, we can’t think of a single reason why she shouldn’t be celebrated. Take a look at these five reasons why Nina Simone was and is a timeless queen.

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor

Musical Excellence: Nina was a gifted pianist and singer, a…


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Queer and transgender men of color in New York City share their experiences in documentary web series

Check out SLAYTV’s documentary series, Other Boys NYC, which explores the wide-range of experiences had by 50 queer and trans men of color living in the city. In each episode, one of the part participates chronicles their coming out stories and transitions, their relationships with the people around them, and most importantly with themselves. Watch a couple of the first episodes, down below, and follow the…


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Hidden Figures: Activists Jocelyn & Andrew Cooper paved the way to make Shirley Chisholm’s election possible

They say behind every good man is an even better woman, and in the case of Jocelyn & Andrew Cooper, they stood side by side in greatness. The duo accomplished more than many could dream of in their lifetimes, both together and separately, but one of their greatest achievements was all but securing Shirley Chisholm’s election to the United States Congress. In the mid-1960s, the Coopers took the city of New York head on in a battle for legitimate congressional…


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Peaches Monroee coined the phrase "on fleek" but received none of the profit, now launching cosmetic line

Like 97 percent of all the great things in the American pop-culture lexicon, AAEV determines the words and phrases that flavor our language, so to speak. But rarely do we source and acknowledge the people who invent and/or repurpose words to reflect the times. Peaches Monroe, who coined the phrase/word "Eyebrows on Fleek, hasn’t made a dime from the…


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London jazz duo Blue Lab Beats is soulful alchemy for your ears

What do you get when you combine electric guitar, synth bass, a hip hop sensibility and two young musicians with a world imagination? The answer is Blue Lab Beats. The British duo is drawing on the Dilla and neo soul’s legacy of fusing hip hop, jazz and soul, and making a brand of contemporary jazz that would fit equally well at Essence festival as it would in a 90s coffee shop in West Philadelphia. In this video from Jazz FM, you’ll see duo absolutely kill their set, with…


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NEW MUSIC: Brazilian alt rock legends Mickey Junkies Return With Their Latest 'Since You've Been Gone' #SoundCheck

Founded in 1991, Mickey Junkies have become recognized as one of the pioneers of Brazillian alt-rock. Their sound remains rooted in the alt-metal and post-hardcore sounds of the early 90's, singer Rodrigo Carneiro's low baritone rings out over the band's slow sludgy riffs. Their latest record, the primarily English language Since You've Been Gone, adds NWOBHM influences to the sound and goes all in on the genre's blues influence with the odd harmonica lick. Opener…


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Milo Yiannopoulos has been racist for years, do we only draw the line at pedophilia?

After years and years of spewing bigoted vitriolic hate speech under the guise of intellectual conservatism, Milo Yiannopoulos has finally said something to strike white America’s nerve. In the days before his speaking engagement at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the virulent Breitbart editor and outspoken defender of the alt-right, poked the bear in a video in which he condones sexual relations with boys as young as 13 and laughs off the seriousness of… Continue

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Chicago teen Lazarus’ life is about to be forever changed in chapter 2 of our ‘Zulu’ webcomic

Created and written by Alverne Ball, ‘Zulu’ follows the life of Lazarus Jones, a 16-year-old boy who becomes possessed by the spirit of warrior king Shaka Zulu while visiting South Africa with his father. Back home in Chicago, Lazarus finds himself navigating through the turbulent streets of Chicago with friends when he discovers that a big corporation is behind the endless gang violence and disintegration of his neighborhood.

“‘Zulu’ is a story that blends a…

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Non-diverse films won't be eligible for the BAFTA Awards starting in 2019

Hold on to your hats, it’s about to get diverse! The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has announced that works that aren’t inclusive in their production practices will no longer be eligible for the highest of the honors: Outstanding British Film or Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer awards. The BAFTAs are regarded as the UK equivalent of the Oscars, so for the biggest award show in the country to be taking a stand for inclusion and… Continue

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Artist fuses African mythology and the divine feminine in her digital depictions of Black women

Mythology has served as a source of inspiration for artists since the beginning of time. In fact, the first art is thought to be spiritual in nature, using the energy transmitted from the divine to artists, musicians, storytellers, and the like, in order for the divine to work, move, and guide humanity. For Meliyart, the Martinique born, Paris-bred visual artist, the divine feminine is more than a concept, it’s a compass in a sea of artistic directions. Meliyart says, “The…


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This project challenges racist representations of Black men in photography

The image of the Black man is one wrought with stereotypes. Whether it’s the savage brute or the hypermasculine ego, the mugshot or pictures face down on the pavement, Black men are rarely depicted with the humanity they so earnestly deserve. Photographer Erica Deeman is trying to change all of that through her series “Brown,” celebrating Black manhood and challenging the racist representations of Black men in… Continue

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Hidden Figures: Joan Tarika Lewis, the first woman to join the Black Panther Party

Many people know the Kathleen Cleavers and Angela Davises of the Black Panther Party but the first woman of the iconic group was Joan Tarika Lewis. Known then as Tarika Matilaba, she was the first woman to gain entrace to BPP and demanded to have space for black women in its platform. Born and raised in Oakland, her upbringing was full of injustices, whether it was the post World War II decline, extremely high rates of unemployment, lack of affordable housing, and other… Continue

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Brazilian creative duo MAR+VIN wows with debut editorial ‘ISIS MARIA’

MAR+VIN are a Brazillian creative duo debuting their first official project, ‘ISIS MARIA’. The photo series is a tribute to the Egyptian goddess Isis, goddess of fertility and motherhood, and mothers throughout history. The beautiful editorial captures ethereal femininity, regality and beauty styled by Suyane Ynaya using clothing by Elizabeth-Magalhaesand worn by model Loo Ana Nascimento.…


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Drag Kings subculture under the radar: interview with the Pretty Boi Drag producers

The fabulous art of drag has been around for quite some time. This complex art form can be traced back to different eras and different cultures, but it’s popularity shot up during the 19th and 20th century when men began dressing as women during theatrical performances. Drag Queens and Drag Kings have evolved as times have changed. Although there are still a lot of misconceptions about drag, it seems as if society is becoming more accepting of it. The world of drag was…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: DC electronica duo Thievery Corporation get groovy yet political in Jamaica in video for “Letter to the Editor”

Thievery Corporation sounds like a diabolical enterprise at the center of a Marvel film, but in this universe, they’re the electronica duo infusing the sounds of Jamaica into the synth-based grooves of tomorrow. In their new visual for “Letter to the Editor”, they call on the talents of Racquel Jones, a Kingston spitter with a knack for obliterating instrumentals, and let her loose on the track to do as she pleased. The song is equal parts tropical and trippy, full of…


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Pro-black billboard campaign aims to dismantle narrow representations of beauty

It never occurred to me that I had a choice. I endured the pain of a chemical relaxer every 4 weeks to get my natural afro hair straightened. Mine was four weeks as against the recommended 6 – 8 weeks because my hair wouldn’t ‘take’ to the relaxer. It didn’t matter that I had sores on my scalp as a result, or that the pain was like putting acid on my skin, or that I got my earlobes burnt every single time despite the thick layer of Vaseline.

To the uninitiated,…


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'Basquiat Before Basquiat' new exhibit dedicated to Basquiat's pre-fame years

MCA Denver is currently running the archival exhibition ‘Basquiat Before Basquiat: East 12th Street, 1979-1980’ and it’s something you won’t want to miss if you live in the area. The exhibition focuses on the work Basquiat made during the year he spent living with friend Alexis Adler in a small, East Village apartment. The cache of archival…


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Young entrepreneur Kaya Thomas created an app to find books by Black authors

Black literacy was one of the rallying cries for civil rights and integration in the 50s and 60s and now, the Black community is fighting for resources in schools and school to prison pipeline abolition. One of the ways that Black people have kept on keeping on is through the arts, and our authors and poets are the best and brightest this universe has to offer. To support literacy and embolden young people and adults alike to read, Kaya Thomas has created a free mobile… Continue

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19-year-old poet deconstructs personal struggle to the racial term ”Oreo“ in spoken word project

Ithaca College sophomore Ahshar Williams’ personal essay poetry album, ‘OREO’ is a deconstruction of the racial “slur“ of the same name, used to describe black people who ”act white“. A collection of spoken word pieces about the perspective of a black man in 21st century America, each piece is performed over black jazz and blues standards, like Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’, juxtaposing the pain of racism in Black history with contemporary racism to look at the places…


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FBI arrests white terrorist plotting large scale attack #WhiteMenAreDangerous

What happens when you put a white supremacist and the internet together? Why terrorist attacks, of course. Inspired by Charleston shooter Dylann Roof, 29-year-old by the name of Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell of Conway, South Carolina was arrested by federal agents for allegedly plotting an attack this week. Apparently he’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch--according to Huffington Post, “His plan ran into some other logistical problems along the way: his mother wouldn’t… Continue

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