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FEATURE: Representation Matters! - Photographer Austin Willis' "Natural Melanin" Project

My name is Austin Willis. I'm a visual artist from Hayward, CA. I choose to express my message through fine art and portrait photography. I went to college for graphic design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco before leaving because of personal reasons to pursue my dream full-time. After leaving school my passion for visuals arts grow deeper as I submerged myself into becoming a student of the craft and build a portfolio that is visually compelling…


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FASHION: Lianne La Havas Is The Epitome Of Cool In New Rollacoaster Editorial

Check out Lianne La Havas' new editorial, in the latest issue of Rollacoaster Magazine. The AFROPUNK Fest alum is the epitome of cool and afrotasticness in this 7-page fashion layout, lensed by London based Japanese photographer Piczo and styled by Lola Chatterton. Take a look below!

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: It’s Deeper Than Hair - A Tumultuous Journey to Self-Love

For some, the larger their coarse, coily hair becomes, the more uniquely beautiful they feel. For me, it was like being forced to exist in society wearing fewer clothes as time passed until I was finally wearing absolutely nothing. No two journeys (yes, it is a journey) in the pursuit of natural hair are the same, but I never would have thought mine would be like this.

By Kim…


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FEATURE: "My Bonnaroo Experience" - Nashville Soulstress Kandace Springs

Last summer, I played AFROPUNK Brooklyn, which was so dope. Ashley Capps, who runs AC Entertainment and co-produces Bonnaroo, happened to see my performance at AFROPUNK and offered me the opportunity to perform at Bonnaroo 2015. I’m a Nashville girl, and since Bonnaroo takes place in my home state, being part of the festival meant so much more to me than any other festival. It was also special being that my first time attending the festival involved me…


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FEATURE: Capturing Beautiful Moments - Canadian Visual Artist Kendal Blake

Explore the work of Canadian illustrator and painter Kendal Blake. Blake, whose work is primarily focused on black subjects, tells us: "Through my work I try to capture beautiful moments. Lately my work my work has steered in the direction of only black subjects. I feel that it's because my work is becoming more and more personal it's starting to become a reflection of my beliefs." She adds: "I find a lot of inspiration for my art work from images of black women and…


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FEATURE: 'Tamara W.' - Photographer Marko Vuorinen's New Documentary About Transgender Woman

Take a look at the trailer for new documentary 'Tamara W'. A film centered on transgender woman Tamara Williams, and described by its director as "an honest, stripped-down, and highly visual look into the world of voguing, escort business, drug addiction, sexual abuse, and being a transgender girl". The film, which was awarded Best Documentary Feature at Portland Film Festival 2014, is documentary photographer Marko Vuorinen's debut film. Watch the trailer below and…


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NEW MUSIC: Blues Man Fantastic Negrito's Electric New Single, 'Lost in a Crowd'

Check out 'Lost In A Crowd', the new single from Fantastic Negrito (aka Blood Sugar frontman Xavier Dphrepaulezz). The groove-filled track appears on the blues singer’s upcoming 'Deluxe EP' (out July 24). Listen below, plus upcoming summer tour dates.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: 9 Dead After White Terrorist Guns Down Church Members At Historic Black Church in South Carolina

Last night, nine people were gunned down by a white male at one of South Carolina's most historic black churches. Church members were gathered at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Church ( in Charleston) for bible service when the lone man - approximately 21 years of age - started shooting. One of those killed in the mass shooting was the church's pastor, state Senator …


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FEATURE: Visual Art in Kingston On The Rise - The 'Paint Jamaica' Street Art Project

Jamaica approaches the latter half of its 53rd year of independence somewhat delicately. Although identified as one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, it is also well known for its complex sociopolitical environment. The Jamaican society knowingly or not, prides itself on a very unique brand of separatism, that somehow manages to undermine not only the black majority, but the poorer, less fortunate as well. I've always found it peculiar how downtown…


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FEATURE: Mokshini weekly fashion illustration - Jarryn

Here is this week's Mokshini fashion illustration. Meet Jarryn, looking like a 70's psychedelic masterpiece.

By Nadeesha Godamunne, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 2015 - Recap Pt. II

Some days ago, we recapped day one of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival which was filled with standout rock and roll acts, a U.K based collective, and a little comedy mixed in. In the days that followed, I packed in as many acts and activities as humanly possibly. There were…


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TECH: For Harriet Features 26 Apps Created by Black Women That You have To Check Out

This is one for all you tech-heads! The Culture (For Harriet) has profiled some of the best smartphone apps created by black women - apps that can help you care for your hair, learn more about black history, and discover the best of Africa. Take a look at some of the apps below and check out the full list …


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NEW MUSIC: Bilal Teams Up With Big K.R.I.T. On New Single, 'Pleasure Toy'

Listen to 'Pleasure Toy', the new single from Bilal'. The single comes from the acclaimed soulman's forthcoming album, 'In Another Life', and features Mississippi native rapper Big K.R.I.T. Bilal's camp tells us that the "groove-filled cut is all about kicking back and letting music and a *certain someone* touch both your body and soul." Check it out below!

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: The Dominican Republic's Ethnic Cleansing of Haitians

WTF?! In what can only be described as ethnic cleansing, around 500,000 legally stateless Dominican Haitians, who were stripped of their citizenship in a 2013 court ruling that sparked world wide criticism, could reportedly be deported to Haiti starting today. According to reports,…


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FEATURE: AFROPUNKS of the Carolinas - Explore Commentary Visual Art by Antoine Williams

Antoine Williams’ art is doing exactly what he created it to do. He creates it to send a message that begs viewers to question. Question the status quo, question societal ideals, and even question the artist. Williams honed his skills as a visual creative through the UNC higher education system with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from UNC Charlotte and a Masters in Fine Arts from UNC Chapel Hill.



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NEW MUSIC: Ofei's 'DREAMERS EP' Is Soul At Its Most Bombastic #SoundCheck

Listening to the new EP from Ofei, a sound that can only be defined as “triumphant soul,” I keep hearing the voice of Meatloaf's legendary bandleader and principle songwriter Jim Steinman: “If you don't go over the top, you can't see what's on the other side.” Ofei has never met a hook that he didn't want bigger. He's never met a chord progression that he didn't want to make more anthemic. He's never heard a beat that couldn't be deeper. On his 'Dreamers' EP, Ofei…


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FEATURE: Storm Growing - An Interview With Ororo Munroe

Check out these badass images of  Ororo Munroe aka Storm. Lensed  by  Snakebite Cortez, the images are part of a new fictional interview with the X-men Super-heroine. Check out some excerpts from the interview below (plus images) and read it in full here.



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FEATURE: 'The Questions' - AFROPUNK's New Monthly Comic Strip, By Illustrator Branson Belchie II

What is 'The Questions'? 'The Questions' are a series of comic strips and illustrations that were born out of frustration and anger at the injustices society has committed against African Americans. I’m just as tired as you of cops greeting us with guns drawn, asking us questions in threatening tones. I’m just as angry at this system for showing us no respect, when our ancestors are The Architects of all this shit! I’m tired of the assumptions because of…


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FEATURE: "#BlackVegansRock -100 Black Vegans to Check Out"

Each day, more and more people of color are transitioning to a Vegan lifestyle. And on this note, writer and activist Aph Ko via Striving With Systems has profiled 100 Black Vegans of the animal rights/vegan movement to check out. See a few of them below and find more …


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FEATURE: The 'Rebirth' Photo Series, By Collective Fashionable Demand

Check out this new photo series from Milwaukee-based styling collective Fashionable Demand. The conceptual work of art, lensed by photographer Jamie Robarge, features the collective's creative director Michael Ja’Ameer and is titled 'Rebirth'. Ja'Ameer tells us: "'Rebirth' was inspired from the idea of self-reinventing, i think thats necessary in order to stay relevant and current with fashion & arts ever changing flow. It isn’t necessary to always lead with your left…


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