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FEATURE: Step into the whimsical, diverse, and frequently race-bent, world of self-taught freelance illustrator AsieyBarbie

AsieyBarbie is one of my all-time favorite illustrators. She’s a complete badass and a self-taught artist who works exclusively in the digital realm. Recognized for her flare for uncontrived diversity, whimsical and vibrant style, race-bent fan art, and now as an illustrator for the Steven Universe and Adventure Time comics. Her work has been acknowledged by Lupita Nyong’o, Janelle Monae, and others. You can follow her on …


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FEATURE: Rio de Janerio-based photographers Mariana Bernardes and Alessandra Lima collaborate for DIY-chic editorial

Check out "Futura"—an editorial collaboration between Rio de Janeiro writer/photographer Mariana Bernardes, photographer Alessandra Lima, and local thirft shop …


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NEW MUSIC: 18-year-old creative and producer Spinelli Salem releases experimental synthwave track "What’s Going On"

Listen to new music from 18-year-old creative and producer Spinelli Salem. The track, "What’s Going On" is a experimental rock, synthwave mash-up with another song, “5:30 a.m.”, that Salem wrote and composed two years ago. After all the time in the cooker, the finished track is ready for an audience. Step inside this…


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FEATURE: Business owner H.A. Bell features Ghanaian model Kate Menson in editorial for The Passionista

After seeing the story we ran a few weeks ago about MAC Cosmetics’ Instagram post featuring the lips of model Maryse Kyelem receiving an onslaught of racist and ignorant commentary, business owner H.A. Bell, of …


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NEW MUSIC: Noise-punk rockers and AFROPUNK Paris alums, Youth Man, hit hard with unrelenting extended cover of "White Rabbit"

Yeah, I was pretty hesitant to press play when I realized this was a cover of Jefferson Airplane’s "White Rabbit": because purposefully setting yourself up for comparisons against an icon band and even more iconic song, like Youth Man has, too often ends abysmally. Lucky for us, AFROPUNK Paris alums, noise-punk rockers Youth Man, defy the cover odds and hit hard with this pretty spectacular, unrelenting,…


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FEATURE: Check out French newcomer rapper/beatmaker/dancer KillASon on his impressive debut LP "The Rize"

Your guess is as good as mine as to why KillASon isn’t on everybody radar yet. The first thing I noticed about the French rapper was his high-energy performances, insane stamina, and effortless flow that’d be impressive for seasoned rappers. Born Dossavi-Gourdot Marcus, KillASon grew up immersed in hip-culture where he developed a love for music and dance as a child. Now a…


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FEATURE: Photographer Ailton Fraga rejects media and societal standards of beauty and encourages female empowerment in new editorial series

In this recent editorial project, shot for International Women's Day, photographer Ailton Fraga presents an image of beauty that goes unseen: black, fat, coiled hair, stretch-marked, etc. and the empowerment that can come with taking ownership of one’s…


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FEATURE: Cape Town photographer and filmmaker Imraan Christian uses art as a form of protest in "Death of a Dream" series

Cape Town photographer and filmmaker Imraan Christian uses art as a form of protest in “Death of a Dream” series, staring South African activists Wanelisa Xaba, Dudu Ndlovu, Kealeboga Mase Ramaru, and Justice Machaba. "Death of a Dream“ was created as a symbolic protest to the culture of violence that student protestors are being met with in South Africa Over the last year. Police, under University and governmental instructions, now disperse peaceful protestors with…


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FEATURE: Janelle Monáe snags role in NASA Drama "Hidden Figures" alongside Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer

Janelle Monáe joins Academy Award winners Octavia Sencer and Kevin Costner and Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson in Fox 2000’s NASA drama "Hidden Figures". The film centers around three black mathematicians who were involved in NASA’s Friendship 7 mission, resulting in astronaut John Glenn becoming the first American to orbit Earth in 1962. Monáe and Spencer will play colleagues to Henson’s Katherine Henson (a mathematician).



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VIDEO PREMIERE: Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals reunite, release lyric video for sun-kissed single "Shine"

Check out the brand-new lyric video from multi-Grammy winner Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals’ and their feel-good, loved-up soul track, "Shine". The single, a nuanced melding of gospel-y blues and a dash of R&B supported by subtle flashes of a Hammond organ, a menagerie of quaint percussions (is that a maraca I hear?), and the all too brief impassioned wailing of an electric guitar. “If you were all I had, I would have it all.” We feel the same, Mr. Harper. …


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FEATURE: Illustrator/concept artist/animator Mervin Kaunda raises the bar for black representation in sci-fi and fantasy

Mervin Kaunda is an incredibly talented illustrator/animator/concept artist from Kalamazoo, MI who specializes in digital art. Many of Kaunda’s projects are inspired by fantasy and sci-fi graphic novels, fiction, tv, etc. which he uses to make black and female characters that aren’t seen nearly enough: mad scientists, mercenaries, quick-shooters. What’s most impressive about Kaunda's work is how detail-oriented it is and his uncanny ability to inform texture and realism in…


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NEW MUSIC: Progressive metal rockers Oceans of Slumber intrigue with darkly soulful new album "Winter"

Oceans of Slumber are a progressive, six-piece rock band from Houston, TX., where all cliches pertaining to size apply to their in-your-face sound—starting with frontwoman Cammie Gilbert’s larger than life vocals. Both soulful and straight-rock, Gilbert’s musicality isn’t bound by genre, and manages to stand up to the death growl of singer and guitarist…


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FEATURE: Kenyan photographer and digital artist Osborne Macharia visualizes the fabulous life of successful and wealthy retired grannies

"Kenya’s League of Extravagant Grannies" is a photo series by Kenyan photographer and digital artist Osborne Macharia. The conceptual series presents the three grannies as former leaders of industry and government who are…


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NEW MUSIC: Afro/Greek/Italian Alt-Soul Act Technoir Melds Atmosphere With Emotion On Their 'Soundstrokes EP' #SoundCheck

Though anchored by fluttering guitars, distorted bass, and Jennifer Villa's passionate voice, Technoir seems perpetually at risk of floating off. The burbling synths and glitchy effects that adorn the fittingly titled Soundstrokes EP are in a state of constant are with the earthlier elements. The tension between the two creates some of the EPs most compelling moments, as on the aggressive-yet soulful “Blame It” and the flamenco-inflected “Dirt.” Villa and guitarist-producer… Continue

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FEATURE: Check out these wicked original and fan art character illustrations by “Star Trigger” creator King Kai Juice

King Kai Juice is an animator/illustrator who draws a diverse world of comic and cartoon characters (some of which are gender and/or race bent) along with original characters belonging to his comic series, "Star Trigger". The series takes place in…


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FEATURE: Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel name Willow their latest brand ambassador

Less than six-months after signing with IMG, artist Willow Smith has been named a brand ambassador for Chanel. She joins ranks with Kristen Stewart, friend Lily-Rose Depp, Cara Delevingne and Julianne Moore. It’s unclear whether or not the ambassador role (sitting front row in head-to-toe Chanel) will translate into an official campaign. "Thank you Karl Lagerfeld and the entire team at Chanel for expanding the perceptions of 'beauty' by picking me to be the new…


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Rev. Sekou and The Holy Ghost Release Debut Album The Revolution Has Come

Rev. Osagyefo Sekou and Jay-Marie Hill are creating music that provides the therapy that so many of us need. Writer, producer and lead vocalist Rev. Sekou is anything, but your traditional fire and brimstone preacher. He and his musical partner Hill are providing ministry through their music. Hill is a Black y Boricua, gender queer artist, mentor, arts administrator and longtime organizer for Black Lives Matter and #SayHerName activism.

In a haze of…


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FEATURE: Canadian creatives Keesha Chung, Amarindi Norbert, and Ishmil Waterman collaborate on “Girls With Curls” editorial

“Girls With Curls” is an editorial collaboration by Keesha Chung, Amarindi Norbert, and Ishmil Waterman that about black beauty and, particularly, our relationship with their hair. The series, which originally appeared in Sophomore Magazine, features an array of black models and hair textures against quintessentially 90s patterns and pastels.…


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FEATURE: Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, the Fortune in her photography & intelligence

Those black-&-white photographs that prompts the onlooker to turn up the visual volume from a peep into a studious look at Daufuskie Island is due to Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe's photographic sense of settling with those whom she is photographing. With the modern guidance of being driven by instant gratification. The patience which comes with seeing into Jeanne's photography is about the dignity rising into cultural spaces. It is a space where the photographer is…


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FEATURE: These black models shine in "Jumping Colors" editorial series featuring garments designed by Cecily Habimana of Simply Cecily

"Jumping Colors" is the editorial project of freelance writer, fashion designer, and aspiring art director Amanda Moore-Karim. The series, shot by photographer Bryce Lennon, is aimed at showcasing the richness and diversity…


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