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OP-ED: AFROPUNK Contributor Danielle "Jazz" Noel received heartbreaking comments when she was featured in a viral video with her ex. She tells us how she handle it

Prior to the Elite Daily video, I had never gone to a casting. So when we found out Hack was selected to take part in a social experiment on exes, he asked me to come along. Despite the tone of the video, him and I are actually still best friends.

However, what started as a fun social experiment turned into a larger social conversation less than 12 hours after its release. The comment section was filled with comments bashing my physical features. Men were…


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NEW MUSIC: 21-year-old German “Bitch Better Have My Money” co-writer Bibi Bourelly Releases Infectious Rockabilly/Pop-Soul-Fusion “Sally”

21-year-old German musician and songwriter Bibi Bourelly is known mainly for co-writing Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” and “Higher”, Lil’ Wayne’s “Without You”, co-writing and featuring on Usher’s “Chains”. Did I mention she’s only been in the music business for a year? Her inherent musically probably a gift from her dad Jean-Paul Bourelly, a…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Michael Jablonka's 'Myriads' EP Is Alt-Pop/Rock Perfection #SoundCheck

My favorite recordings have always been the ones that present a sonic world to explore and get lost in. Pair that with some passionate performances and clever songwriting and you basically have perfection.

That's the new EP Myriads from London-based Michael Jablonka.

With that elusive balance between atmosphere and taut songwriting, the EP is a soft fuzzy couch for ears. Lying somewhere between the neo-soul of Gary Clark Jr. and the dreamy alt-pop of The…


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NEW MUSIC: Azealia Banks’ new Vogue-worthy track “The Big Big Beat” is an instant-hit

Let me preface this post by stating that Azealia Banks is the definition of problematic fave. One second she’s publicly taking on white supremacy and the multi-tiered oppression of WoC, the next minute she’s throwing black queers under the bus. As surprising as some of her public stances and interactions are, so is her music. Her new track “The Big Big Beat” (produced by An Expresso) is a super-listenable dance track laced with her trademark blend of excellent voguing…


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NEW MUSIC: North Carolina’s alternative soul band The Veldt release otherworldly new single, “Sanctified”

North Carolina natives The Veldt (named after Ray Bradbury’s short story of the same name) have come out with a new, ambient track called “Sanctified”. The aforementioned song is a wave of otherworldliness, from the disembodied voices, buzzing, muffled synthesizer, and electronic beat which all come together to a sound that’s Southern gothic soul mets ambient rock. Definitely worth a listen.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: Black model Maryse Kyelem’s mere existence on MAC Cosmetics Instagram account draws immediate wave of racism

"If I survived middle school in america I can get over this. The bullying and alienation from others solely based on my features and skin color did not stop me from doing what I want," 19-year-old model Maryse Kyelem. wrote on Instagram after MAC Cosmetics featured her lips in one of their lipsticks at Fashion Week. The picture, which was posted late Wednesday, quickly illicit disrespectful and…


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FEATURE: Check out radiant lifestyle blogger Mama Cāx #BlackGirlMagic

Check out the magnificent Mama Cāx, a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC and an ambassador for Alleles Design Studio. Alleles makes fashion-forward ready-to-wear prosthetic covers for both men and women. Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog fabulous …


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FEATURE: Black Punk History—Former Dead Kennedys drummer D.H. Peligro

D.H. Peligro is a multi-talented musician from St. Louis. D.H. became the Dead Kennedys second drummer early in 1981 until their 1986 breakup, appearing on four of their albums and the “In God We Trust, Inc.” EP. Two years later, D.H. got a sweet (but short lived) gig playing drums for his friends, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, until his struggles with alcoholism and substance abuse caused him to be fired. In years to come, Peligro briefly played for The Hellations, Jungle…


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NEW MUSIC: Birds of Chicago Make Longing Into An Art Form On 'Real Midnight' #SoundCheck

It's a rare kind of chemistry that buoys Birds of Chicago. Their sparse arrangements and unadorned songwriting becomes a platform to highlight the partnership between JT Nero and Allison Russell. Their voices blend and bounce of each other, often trading lead vocal duties in the course of a verse. Real Midnight is stunning in its stripped-backness, and utterly heart-rending.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK… Continue

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FEATURE: Portugal-based Angolan Dércio Tomás Ferreira Decolonizes Minds Through YouTube Channel

Dércio Tomás Ferreira, an Angolan YouTuber living in Portugal, has a lot to say. He started a channel on YouTube to talk issues like blackness, religion, culture and society from the perspective of an African boy living in Europe, but also in context with the black experience in the Americas. These types of complex connections makes his channel be more focused on provoking questions rather than giving answers, as he says:

“My purpose is to deconstruct black…


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FEATURE: University of Cape Town students protest university housing crisis leaving thousands of students displaced

Students of University of Cape Town are protesting the on-campus housing crisis which has left many students without residential placement. “The university has only 6,680 beds for a total of 27,000 students,” says university spokesperson, Elijah Moholola.

UCT student organizers of Rhodes Must Fall kicked…


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FEATURE: Mokshini weekly fashion illustration (AFROPUNK NY Fest edition!) - Terence

Here is this week's Mokshini fashion illustration (AFROPUNK NY Fest edition!). Terence, a Blogger, rocked this 70s-inspired psychedelic ensemble! @terencewentmad

By Nadeesha Godamunne, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: Model Mahany Pery in hats by Davi Ramos, photographed by Gustavo Ipolito

Check out these gorgeous editorial portraits of model Mahany Pery in hats by Davi Ramos. These were taken, by Gustavo Ipolito, for Ramos’ Art Deco and African-inspired collections. The African collection features Man Ray-inspired…


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OP-ED: Our Right to Black Love in the Face of State-Sanctioned Violence

Photo: Beyoncé's "Formation" music video

Well before I was born, my grandfather organized against police violence. He owned a nightclub in the heart of Oklahoma City where police had harassed him and his customers. This had become such a frequent occurrence that he was forced to close his business.

I was born to his daughter, a single mother who struggled with substance abuse and…


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FEATURE: Brazilian illustrator, graffiti and tattoo artist Finho bucks misconceptions about black skin and tattoos

Finho is a Brazilian tattoo artist, illustrator, and graffiti artist with nearly 15 years of tattooing experience. His latest project, #pelepretatatuada, or “tattooed black skin” aims to change the misconception that black skin can’t or shouldn’t be tattooed. In the project, Finho creates flash tattoos that buck the tradionally white influenced imagrey and replaces it with iconography of afro heritage. "My main focus is to help change that old statement that tattoos and…


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FEATURE: Acid jazz pioneers The Brand New Heavies ft. N'Dea Davenport hitting the road with original line-up

Acid jazz pioneers the Brand New Heavies are back for the first time since their 2014 album "Sweet Freaks" and are hitting the road with their original line-up: N'Dea Davenport (vocals), Simon Bartholomew (guitar), and Andrew Levy (bass). Created in the mid-80s in Ealing, London, BNH were inspired by the heavy funk music of the 1970s and James Brown. Over the tears, the Heavies have collaborated with Q-Tip, Guru of Gang Starr, and The Pharcyde.…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: San Diego-based rock-n-soul band The Routine drop feel-good single "Too Rich"

Check out new music from San Diego-based Soul-n-Rock band The Routine on their new single "Too Rich". Known for their diverse range of influences (and ethnic heritages' of their band members), The Routine seamlessly blend afrobeats, breezy, but energetic percussions, and some pretty heavy guitar licks which all comes together masterfully in this groovy, feel-good single. ""Too Rich" is a rock ballad that brings out the heart & soul of the band with raw emotion. Smooth…


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AFROPUNK Presents Race Music in Paris: film screenings & after-parties starting March 22

UPDATE: Billets disponibles ici pour le showcase de Michael Kiwanuka:

IN FRENCH (scroll down for text in English): Annoncée la semaine dernière, la première édition parisienne de AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Bruno Gomes celebrates "alternative" beauty standards and female empowerment in editorial series 'AFROnte'

In his newest editorial, photographer Bruno Gomes turns his lens towards "alternative" style, black beauty, and self-expression of Afro-Brazilian women. Be it elaborate chest tattoos, emerald green lipstick, or bright-colored bodysuits, this series celebrates self-empowerment through self-expression and self-acceptance. "The editorial 'AFROnte', aims to explore the beauty and diversity of black women. And above all, empower all women fleeing beauty…


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FEATURE: Spoken word poet Yazmin Monet shares free-write poem inspired by “Kendrick and Beyoncé at their peak blackness during Black Future Month”

My Black make people

.. Uncomfortable..

Makes them picket

And petition

Online and in ballot booth

Hidden by screen


Calling names,

All bloody murder

And trigger finger

My Black make people scared.

Well Boo! Boo,

My Black ain't goin nowhere

Will not bow my head

Nor dull my shine

My Black be a bold Black

A free Black

A I refuse to take anymore Black

My Black 'will no…


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