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NEW MUSIC: Stream the Lo-Fi Anthems on King Azaz's 'Tunnels' EP #SoundCheck

Named for the great King Azaz the Unabridged, ruler of Dictionopolis Philly lofi band King Azaz's downtempo minimalist punk rock defies its namesake by cutting right to the chase. Their music is skin and bones, taut and unadorned. Norton Juster would be proud. Or horrified. Throughout their EP Tunnels, the duo of Christo and Sarah tear up their songs leaving a mess of noise and feedback in their wake.

By Nathan Leigh,…


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FEATURE: Prince announces 'Rally 4 Peace' concert in Baltimore

Prince will hold a special concert this Sunday (May 10th) in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray and the subsequent riots and protests. The 'Rally 4 Peace' concert will take place at the Royal Farms Arena, and Prince has asked fans to wear gray in honor of Freddie Gray and all those recently lost in violence. Organizers state, "In a spirit of healing, the event is meant to be a catalyst for pause and reflection following the outpouring of violence that has…


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FEATURE: South Sudanese Models Stand Up For Education

Take a look at these stunning images of some of South Sudan's top Models. The models, previously featured, were shot by Cliff Watts for model Mari Malek's non-profit charity Stand 4…


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FEATURE: 'Ori' - the art of Nigerian-born artist Oluseye

Explore the work of Toronto based artist Oluseye aka Seye Ogunlesi.The Nigerian-born artist - whose work centers on the use of geometry and his Yoruba heritage - recently debuted his first body of work, 'Ori'  - an exploration of sexuality, spirituality and identity. Check it out below. Oluseye tells AFROPUNK, "With this body of work, I wanted to challenge the notion that sexuality and spirituality are dichotomous and instead present both as fluid and essential…


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FEATURE: Upcoming movie 'Fried IceCream'

Check out this teaser trailer for upcoming film 'Fried IceCream'. The coming of age story follows mavericks Akeebah and Sloan, "two mix-matched peas in a pod living and finding self in the summer solstice of inner-city Atlanta", forced to become ice-cream truck drivers for the summer to afford their last semester in college. Watch the trailer below and support the production of the film …


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FEATURE: The drawings of Haitian illustrator Joseph Kendy

Take a look at the illustrations of Haitian artist Joseph Kendy, a member of the Haitian art studio Chevelin Illustration. Check out his vivid storytelling below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: Mokshini weekly fashion illustration - Eunika, Designer

Here is this week's Mokshini fashion illustration. Meet designer Eunika, she aced the styling on this one.

By Nadeesha Godamunne, AFROPUNK Contributor

* …


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FEATURE: "An 18-Year-Old Baltimore Rioter Faces a Higher Bail Than the Cop Accused of Murdering Freddie Gray"

It's been reported that Allen Bullock (pictured), an 18-year old who vandalized a Baltimore police car during the Baltimore riots last week, faces a higher bail than the police officer accused of murdering Freddie Gray. Yes, you heard right! Bullock, on the advise of his family, turned himself into police on Thursday and is now charged with eight misdemeanors, with a bail set at $500,000. Shockingly, Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr - the driver of the police van in which Gray…


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FEATURE: International Reparations Summit - UPDATE

Last month (April 9-12) was the International Reparations Summit in New York, a summit exploring the growing reparations movement in the United States, the Caribbean and parts of Latin America. Check out the Final Communiqué from the summit below. In regards to the…


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NEW MUSIC: Eska's Self-Titled Debut Is The Beating Heart Inside The Machine #SoundCheck

There's something very old about Eska's music. Almost ancient. Despite the very-now synths and digital sweeps, her music harkens back at once to Medieval plainsong, chant, folk, and giant wooden early industrial machinery. Her debut self-titled album jumps from abandoned stone temples to deep forests to block parties to dancehalls to opera halls, sometimes in the span of a single song. Each song has been carefully constructed to sound like nothing else in the…


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COMIC: Storm with an AFROPUNK twist - created by Shawn Alleyne and inspired by hip-hop and the #BlackLivesMatter movement

Take a look at this badass Storm, depicted by Philadelphia based artist Shawn Alleyne (one of the artists from the Street Team comic). Inspired by hip-hop, black culture, and police brutality, Alleyne's version of the comic icon is a direct response to the current civil rights issues…


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AFROPUNK EXCLUSIVE: Reggie Watts on James Corden gig, Bonnaroo Festival + The Television Show He Can't Get Enough Of

Internationally acclaimed comic and musician, Reggie Watts, is known for his wickedly entertaining shows. The artist consistently takes his audience on a rollercoaster ride that’s riddled with funny accents and astute quips that sometimes leave those on the receiving end in deep thought. Then there are his beat boxing and looping skills—it’s, well, pure genius. The performer is set to take the stage at this year’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival in June,…


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PHOTO ESSAY: NYC protest last week - by photographer Janet Woo

Check out these images from last week's protest in New York City (April 29), lensed by Janet Woo (Photos From the Underground). The protest, which began in Union Square, was a response to the death of Freddie Gray - who died while in police custody - and the subsequent riots in Baltimore. From #NYC2Baltimore was a hashtag many started using for that day's protest.



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NEW MUSIC: The new wave sound of British R&B singer/producer Nao

Listen to the sound of singer/producer Nao. The London based musician - known for her new wave R&B sound - has now released her long awaited EP 'February 15th' (includes new single, 'Inhale Exhale'). Check it out below.


By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



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Interview: Biracial Rapper KYLE Doesn’t Give A Fuck About Rapper Stereotypes

The line in front of SOBs is growing longer and the chatter amongst the concert goers is getting increasingly louder as I head towards the front door of the venue. As I walk inside, 21-year old rapper KYLE is standing in front of a line of lucky VIP fans who are waiting anxiously for their meet-and-greet with the California born and bred emcee. It’s a scene that I’m actually familiar with, having seen it a week before at KYLE’s show in Philly - the kick-off show for his first…


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AFROPUNK Premiere: 'Grown Child' by B Forrest and Sam Trump #SoundCheck

Singer/songwriter B Forrest and soul singer extraordinaire Sam Trump bring you their latest collaboration: the silky smooth “Grown Child.” With a full string and horn section, the song harkens back to the golden age of soul with contemporary nods. Sam Trump's voice glides over the proceedings with Al Greenesque effortlessness. It's just the right amount of timelessness with the right amount of freshness.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK…


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NEW MUSIC: Lonely Horse release new single, 'Black People'

Listen to 'Black People', the new single from AFROPUNK Fest alums Lonely Horse - a release from the Texan rockers new LP, 'My Desert Son'. Check it out below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: Haitian artists recreate The Tarot with photographer Alice Smeets

Check out these Haitian Tarot cards, a collaborative photo project between Haitian art collective Atis Rezistans and acclaimed documentary photographer Alice Smeets. Each image - shot in underprivileged communities in Haiti - transforms a tarot card into a real life scene. Explore the "Ghetto Tarot" series below.

By Alexander Aplerku…


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FEATURE: The narratives of Haitian comic book creator Chevelin Pierre

Take a look at the work of Haitian illustrator and comic book creator Chevelin Pierre (president of Chevelin Illustration, based in Pétion-Ville, Haiti), an artist whose work - oftentimes wordless - explores the complex relationships between men and women. Check out his stunning images below.

By Alexander…


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AFROPUNK Mixtape #006: Town Square

AFROPUNK's mixtape #006 is here! It's called 'Town Square' and features thought-provoking music and words by Rough Francis, Malcolm X, Alabama Shakes, Saul Williams, Judith Hill and more.

Pump up the volume and get organizing!…


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