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Readers of the New School: 12 Years A Slave

There has been a lot of talk surrounding 12 Years a Slave recently and after seeing the movie and reading the story of Solomon Northup, a free man savagely kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841, I completely understand why; it is a vivid firsthand account of his life as a slave and his quest to be reunited with the family that he was so unjustly taken away from. Solomon Northup’s account of slavery is unique in that he is able to tell two very distinctive tales, one…


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Freeze That! London-Based Moko Is An Artist To Watch

Looking for something fresh and tasty? London-based artist Moko will grab you with her deep voice and finish you with her intriguing visuals. Her debut release 'The Black EP' is out now, with topics ranging from relationships to the challenges of cocaine addiction. We're giving you a taste of what to expect below with her latest video, 'Freeze' and some music to stream.…


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Babajide B. Olatunji: Recreating Life in Pencil

Art is one of many great channels to provoke thought and evoke emotion; emotion that many times we don’t understand or can’t put into words. For a human being to be able to create illustrious visuals mirroring man is undeniably great, which shows that there is God in man. The use of pencils, charcoals, and pastels is all Artist, Babjide B. Olatunji needs to create perfected Realism.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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Getting T(r)ashed: Do You Have To Be Reckless To Live Your Youth To The Fullest?

When my mother was my age she was two years out of school and two years away from her first child. The only one out of four sisters who had managed to finish her education, she had come straight out of an all-girls boarding school and got a job as an air hostess where she met my father and started a family soon afterwards.

She was born and raised in the motherland so partying back then wasn’t as experimental or liberal as it was and has grown to become in the West. Even in…


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Readers of the New School: Book Nerds Stand Up!

Remember that feeling of being so deeply enthralled in a book that you just could not remove your eyes from its pages, or reading an article that absolutely blew your mind? Well I am truly happy for you if you do, but unfortunately as a college student forced to read unnecessarily long and mundane textbooks and overly pretentious journal articles on a daily basis, I don’t. Though I understand the educational value of these types of readings (kind of), I miss the days when I read…


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"Men Prefer Black Women's Natural Hair"!?

Wilkine Brutus is a Black man who prefers his ladies with natural hair, and he thinks that most men do. Check out his tongue-in-cheek video about this topic and his perspective as an expat in South Korea.

"No outcast: We find natural hair on black women to be sexy, work-place professional, and internationally…


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R!OT: Disturbing the Peace Through Guerill[art]

The scene is frantic! Civil war has broke out against the once lived hierarchy & fed-up citizens. Stones, acting as rain drops hover over the crowd’s heads, while piercing screams of children go unnoticed through the dusty airways. In the midst of all havoc there is an image of a man with a radio sitting on his shoulders and a four-finger ringer that states, Uthando, which is the Zulu word for love. In the bottom right corner, “Fight The Power” is commanded. The same…


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BOOK REVIEW: 'What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal' by Laina Dawes

What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal by Laina Dawes explores the myths, realities, and perspectives of the African American community’s response to heavy metal music and the black women who love it. The book begins with a forward written by Skin of the heavy metal band Skunk Anasie. She discusses her Jamaican heritage and growing up…


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Vintage Anime Inspired Outfits by Lioness

If you know me you know I like anime, and last year I went to my first anime convention: Motaku. I was seriously mesmerized by all the cosplayers. They put so much detail into their costumes and not only did they look like the character they were portraying, they were walking and talking like them was sick! I probably won't be cosplaying myself anytime soon because I have no one who's willing to do it with me haha, but I…


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An 'American Promise' worth keeping? Documentary Opening In New York October 18

In just two days, the greatly anticipated documentary American Promise will be winging its way to a theater near you. The documentary was shot by filmmakers Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson. It follows the educational journey of their son Idris Brewster and his best friend Seun, filmed over 13 years, from Kindergarten right through High…


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Kalkidan Assefa: An Afro twist to Abstract Art

A Tribal African man wearing beautiful beads and a handmade cloak with UV Ray sun glasses? Not that the illustration can’t be realistic, this is just a painting by Ontario based artist Kalkidan Assefa - an example of his creative artistry. At first glance you may not be able to pick up on the metaphysical and Afrocentric message that these abstract paintings hold. Then when one begins to evaluate the defining lines,…


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Oh Shit, It's Columbus Day Again

As you may know, some of us are not exactly big fans of Christopher Columbus' ways around here. And yet, this holiday that so many Native Americans and others find offensive is still celebrated every year around the U.S. Let us know know what you think about Columbus Day and share you favorite memes with us! - L…


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Get Artwork From The Folorunsho Fundraiser - Pieces by Barron Claiborne, Quazi King & More

Amazing artwork was donated to raise funds for the Folorunsho creative collective in Sierra Leone.

Artists such as Barron Claiborne, Quazi King, Jules Arthur, Delphine Diallo, Myron Christian Macauley, Mambu Bayoh were among those whose pieces were up for auction at a recent event in New York. Some of these masterpieces are still available! Wouldn't it be great to have…


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"Hood Feminism": Feminism for Working-Class Women

Middle-class, white women have always been the poster children of feminism, and regardless of a woman's race it could always be a rich man's, err, woman's movement. Considering the wealth gap between families in the United States have been color-coded and broken down by race, let's not forget that there is a certain privilege to having the availability and resources to fight for equal rights and battle social disparities.

Writers Mikki Kendall and Jamie Nesbitt Golden…


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'Re-Introducing Oshun' Exhbibition in London Will Explore Black women's bodies, gender and sexual expression through the lens of the Orisha, Oshun

Dopeness happening soon in London, UK! 'Re-Introducing Oshun' is "an interdisciplinary exhibition in style of Art Nude, discussing black women's bodies, gender and sexual expression through the lens of the Orisha, Oshun." Creative director Janine Francois allowed us to premiere some of the images right here on AFROPUNK. She tells us that this series, called 'Exotic Fruits', "aims to be a critique of European colonial and…


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AP Fashion: Overalls back at it again?

Overalls were the rave again this summer, along with Jellies, jersey style shirts, grillz and bucket hats... At AfroPunk Fest 2013, Bayli, lead singer of the Skins wore a very fabulous pair of overalls -- a light washed and bleached jean overall, colorfully bejeweled on the front and pocket edges -- a cute way to re vamp my favorite clothing item from my childhood.

Words by Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK…


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LMAO! "23 Pieces Of Evidence That Punk Is Dead"

LOL! got jokes. Here are "23 Pieces Of Evidence That Punk Is Dead". Check out some examples below and click here for the full list.

- This back piece…


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Marvel's Prodigy Is Bisexual - Get Over It!

Marvel's announcement that character Prodigy is bisexual got a lot of people butt hurt (no pun intended!), saying they're trying to force LGBT propaganda on children. reports that Prodigy was added to Marvel's Young Avengers line-up and that the announcement of his bisexuality caused an uproar with some comic books aficionados: "The comments regarding the news ranged from comic companies…


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Janelle Monae: "Love Has No Sexual Orientation"

Addressing persistent rumors about her sexual orientation, Janelle Monae recently told the “Sway In The Morning” radio show hosts: "I feel love has no sexual orientation. Love has no religious belief. Love is the purest and most important thing we can possess for ourselves and for others. €œI keep my personal life very much to myself. I want everybody to focus on my music.""I feel love has no sexual orientation. Love has no religious belief. Love is the purest and most important…


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The Bots talk new EP, causing trouble on stage, and weird run-ins with the dude from One Direction - Exclusive interview. #SoundCheck

We were all a little punchy, I guess. Guitarist Mikaiah Lei and his brother Anaiah had just gotten off the stage from the release show for their new EP …


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