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AFROPUNK Mixtape #019: Hitlist

AFROPUNK Mixtape #019: Hitlist is now streaming! On it you’ll find a collection of rebellious anthems and empowering fight songs by artists like Unlocking the Truth, Shinobi Ninja, Marcus Alan Ward, White Moms and more. These tracks encapsulate the essence of self-liberation and defining your own freedom rather than waiting for it to be granted to you.…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Illustrator/photographer Ngadi Smart of Sierra Leone uses her art to intimately meld cultures

Born and raised in Serra Leone- now based in Côte d'Ivoire- photographer and visual artist Ngadi Smart is paving the way with her art as a means of social control. Her stated mission being to positively and intimately represent black cultures, Smart utilizes her talents individually to issue a cohesive message. The beautifully organic yet vibrant components of both her art and photography, leave viewers analyzing her inspiration; which is heavily influenced by…


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FEATURE: 15-year-old MIT genius Riri Williams replaces Tony Stark as Iron Man

The comic book franchise is one virtually untouched by the notion of 'black heroes', but, in the upcoming episode of Marvel's 'Iron Man', the tables are turning. Said to feature a 15- year old black girl as the headlining character, the comic industry is adding another necessary layer of representation for black girls everywhere. Teenage Riri Williams- a Chicago born science genius- was inspired by the 'chaos and violence' plaguing Chicago, and represents the power…


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FEATURE: Ysaunny Brito pays homage to Grace Jones for latest Max Mara collection

The impression one leaves is reflected in how their legacy is carried; and even though Ms. Grace Jones is still very much alive, her legacy is paid homage to constantly. The latest example of her influence can be observed in Max Mara'a latest collection: Max Mara Resort 2017 features model Ysaunny Brito- 22, from the Dominican Republic- wearing the beautifully edgy new material, as well as the signature- and much- loved- a symmetrical hair dubbed Ms. Jones' tag. Not…


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OP-ED: The mental anguish of the black man in America (Sterling was one of many)

                                       The Mental Anguish of The Black Man in America (Sterling was one of many)

                                                                                By Jasmin Pierre

    The black man in America has every right to be on alert. He has every right to mentally be frustrated Everytime he turns on the news and wonders…


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OP-ED: We are being hunted Hunger Games-style

"WELCOME BACK TO THE 2,016th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES. Yesterday we witnessed District Louisiana northern sector Baton Rouge Tribute (citizen) Alton Sterling fall. As we sound the cannon please hold a moment of silence. We have confirmed there was an altercation with Peacekeepers ultimately resulting in his death. There seem to be some uncertainties and irregularities surrounding his death but worry not, The Capital has it's best investigators looking into the matter. As new…


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NEW MUSIC: Nicotine and Rusk expose Catcalling in new track 'Can't be so'

"Don't you know you're beautiful/Would you mind if I got to know you?" 

From most people, this would seem a sweet declaration, but in Nicotine's eyes, it's merely a chance to run game without real romance involved. With this funk track, Houston-based singer Nicotine addresses catcalling with this song. "The inspiration for this song sparked from a recent cat calling situation I was targeted in. I felt the need to shed light on the fact that cat calling…


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EDITORIAL: Heavily modified model/performance artist IMMA/MESS captivates in Silvia Dee editorial

Model and performance artist IMMA/MESS’s razor-sharp gaze cuts right through the lens in this captivating editorial by Silvia Dee. Posed in front of a white background, and armed with nothing other than herself, the heavily modified stunner wears few accessories while rocking the crap out of an otherwise empty scene. Face tattoos and piercings, just another day as a modified babe, IMMA/MESS is what bod mod dreams are made off. Check her out down below.…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Rising Rwandan fashion designer Cedric Mizero excites with his vibrant, unique material

Born and raised in Cyangugu, Rwanda, Cedric Mizero has begun to catch the global eye. The 22 year old's vibrant, attention grabbing pieces inspire one to decorate themselves in his work, and excite whoever comes in contact with it. Mizero's meticulous and obvious attention to detail provides an added sense of pride and exclusiveness to those who are given the opportunity to wear his work. Aimed- specifically- to serve the ever-changing fashion references of…


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FEATURE: Mental health Activist Jasmin Pierre speaks to the root of the societal conflicts between Black women

With the media all ablaze after Azealia Banks' justification for bleaching her skin, there seems to be much criticism, but little reflection. 27 year old mental health activist Jasmin Pierre though, has seized this opportunity as a means for investigation. With her aspirations set on being a life coach, she was inspired to write a piece aiming to unveil the root of horizontal oppression among black women in society. In her passage 'The Black Woman and the…


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OP-ED: Barbados Dance Project - my way of saying thank you to the island that has taught me so much

Greetings, my name is Jamal Rashann Callender. I am the founder and artistic director of Barbados Dance Project (BDP). Born in the United States and raised at a young age in Barbados, BDP is my way of saying thank you to the island that has taught me so much. Dance has always been in my life since I can remember. Dancing to Soca and Calypso with my family. Formal dance training took place in NYC beginning at Ballet Tech. I attended the Professional Performing Arts…


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NEW MUSIC: Skye & Ross new single 'Light of Gold' sets a moving tone for upcoming album

The acclaimed Skye & Ross From Morcheeba, are exciting audiences once again with their latest single 'Light of Gold'. A preview for their new album- dropping September 2nd- this track brings the duo's sound back to basics as they reestablish their much-loved 90's groove that elevated 'Morcheeba' to the top during its prime. The familiar musicality is given a modern twist, offering the audience a retro, yet unique experience, and it leaves us itching to hear…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Brooklyn-based psychedelic soul singer Leila Adu celebrates human connectedness in striking "Love Cells" video

Check out Brooklyn-based musician Leila Adu’s newest music video, “Love Cells”. The psychedelic rock track is all about universal love, and the inherently spiritual love that we share with humanity, the Earth, and the cosmos. “'Love Cells' represents the fact that we are all the same underneath—we are cellular. Acts of bigotry, racial hatred, war and poor-blaming and future disregard of global poverty and climate change, shows how the belief that we are separate is…


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FEATURE: New collection 'Blossom' from South African designer Lebogang Mokgoko is a blooming start to his career

For South African designer on the rise, Lebogang Mokgoko, there could be no greater introduction to the fashion world. A designer and photographer from Pretoria (South Africa), Mokgoko is entering the field with a boom; his first official campaign for his premiere collection 'Blossom' is turning heads and making major mileage; his distinct textures and eye-drawing patterns create a comfortingly chic vibe- and viewers want immediate access to the material. Showcasing…


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NEW MUSIC: Lewiky's “Mangitry Asara” Is a Tsunami of Sound: Aggressive, Funky, and Unendingly Inventive #SoundCheck

From the opening mouth harp to the closing hardcore jam and all the reggae, funk, and salegy nods in between, Madagascar artist Lewiky's “Mangitry Asara” is unquestionably unique. It's aggressive, funky, and unendingly inventive; a tsunami of sound. When the fuzzed out guitar at the fringes finally explodes into the punk riffage it's been promising, it's almost a relief. With his stated intent to “raise the consciousness of modern society, globalization, egoism and…


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NEW MUSIC: Experimental artist WILLS Drops Hard-Hitting Single From His Anticipated Solo Debut, The Dark And Propulsive “Woes vs. Whoas”

It's been a year and a half since we were lucky enough to premiere WILLS' first single “Going Through It,” but that doesn't mean the artist hasn't been busy. After lending his talents on the producing side for Heems' masterful Eat Pray Thug, WILLS has been readying his debut EP. The second track to drop from it is “Woes vs. Whoas,” a breakbeat-mutating quasi-industrial future-soul track. It points to a darker direction than the last track, while still retaining…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Creative Casserley talks defying community expectations as Nigerian-Irish Vegan

Casserley is an actress, performance artist, model, harpist, writer and student. She is training to be a therapist on an attachment theory course and also studying for her masters in infant mental health. She lives in London, England.

By Black Vegans Rock, AFROPUNK contributor…


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AFROPUNK EXCLUSIVE: Rock and Soul Singer Mayaeni Showcases Powerful Voice and Serious Guitar Chops on Debut EP 'Elocution'

“I hope you brought your shovel / If you wanna dig deep down in my soul, babe” Mayaeni sings in “Break Me.” Through the 5 songs on her debut EP, Mayaeni does the digging, stretching her versatile voice to its breaking point. Vintage riffs that hearken back to her upbringing in Detroit grace the world-weary strut of “Shooter.” The EP splits its run time between poppier love songs like “Heart” and the infectious “Million N' 1,” but the blues-inflected tracks like “Too Late”…


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FEATURE: Video series, "Heroes of color", gives us the history lessons we should've received

Though society is under construction, the education system seems to be falling a bit behind- especially in it's focus on the experiences of those "of color". In David Heredia's animated web series- "Heroes of color"- though, viewers are offered a clear history of the excluded experiences. Focusing primarily on the stories of Black, Native…


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FEATURE: Azealia Banks justifies her decision to bleach her skin, fans are concerned

Azealia Banks’s self-loathing and internal conflicts with her identity came to a head recently when she took to Facebook Live to doubled-down on her decision to bleach her skin by saying, "What's the difference between getting a nose job and changing your skin color? What's the difference between wearing a hair weave and changing your skin color?"

Banks has a point, to an extent, about the possible underlying motivations for women of color modifying their…


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