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NEW MUSIC: Stream AFROPUNK alum Cakes Da Killa’s high energy, dance-infused debut hip hop album “Hedonism”

With a name like Cakes Da Killa, there’s no way the music can’t be sweet, but the New Jersey rapper’s debut album is much more than that. With a rapid fire delivery and an uncanny precision, Cakes Da Killa is every bit as lethal as he is saccharine. The ten-track album “Hedonism” is peppered with outstanding features and an energy that is becoming a hallmark of his brand of hip hop, a tangible reverberation of the unleashing of Cakes’ full self on wax. Stream the new album…


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Digital Illustrator Shocasky showcases #BlackGirlMagic in gorgeous portraits of enchanting Black women

The Black girl magic in the art world is at an all time high! Tumblr’s Shocasky is making sure that the cartoon and illustration world knows that Black girls are the perfect subjects for fantasy drawings too! Even her more realistic drawings have a certain touch of enchantment to them. Peep her work below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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OP-ED: Do Shows like "Love And Hip Hop" Paint A Bad Mental Picture Into The Minds Of Black America?

I won't even sit here and lie to you. I used to watch reality tv shows like "Love And Hip Hop" faithfully. That's until I realized this is not a good reality for my mental stimulation. Let me explain what I mean. Every week I tuned into LHH I saw every negative black stereotype imaginable. Loud and ignorant black women ready to fight on sight, sneaky black men constantly cheating on his beautiful black woman, black men with two or more baby mama's who can't get…


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Afrofuturistic photographer Tobi E Makinde transforms an ordinary woman into an extraordinary bionic creature in new photo series

Afrofuturism is alive and well and photographer Tobi Makinde is making sure that Black women are at the forefront with this sexy photoshoot. The series is of an unnamed bionic character from the depths of his imagination. Tobi said, "This image came around the time where I wanted to create ideas and imagination is based on comic books and graphic novels that I had read in the past. I didn't just want to re-create a look I wanted to imagine one. I used broken materials such…


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NEW MUSIC: Aussie-based hip hop producer Jus connects with songbird Muhsinah for folky, soulful track “Unconventional”

Hip hop ballads are a lost art in the current music industry. Very rarely do you see an artist approach a hip hop beat with the care and musicianship of a singer-songwriter, but this collaboration between Jus and Muhsinah does exactly that. Since he was a teenager, Jus has been in the studio and doing his thing. The analog beatsmith has worked with an ill cast of artists like Georgia Anne Muldrow, Declaime and Sadat X, displaying his versatile yet unique production style,…


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Check out illustrator Olivia aka @duchess365 daily drawing series featuring Solange, Amandla Stenberg, Prince and more!

Illustrators the world over are flocking to Instagram to show their work and the mysterious @duchess365 is no different. Olivia posts drawing every day, ranging from celebrities to some of her Instagram followers to imaginative political statements. Peep her artwork below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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Bad Brains frontman Paul “HR” Hudson announces new biography and documentary

On the heels of the band’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination, Bad Brains’ lead singer HR has announced a new biography entitled “Finding Joseph I: An Oral History of H.R. from Bad Brains” set to be released on January 17th. Written by Howie Abrams and James Lathos, the book takes on the biographical undertaking as colloquially as possible, using the voices of HR’s band members and the commentary of the musicians he influenced as material for the book. The book itself…


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OP-ED: When it comes to supporting Black women, some Black men are worse than Trump supporters #SayHerName

On Xenophobia, Black men’s continuous denial of it and the disastrous consequences

On August 7th, an In Defense Of Black Womanhood altar was put up in Brooklyn. No Black men came. The outrage for Philando Castile and Alton Sterling was a united rumble of voices bellowing against the pillars of white supremacy in hopes of crumbling them. The reaction for Korryn Gaines and Tanisha Anderson was a quaint, disconsolate cadre of Black women who are justified…


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OG street style photographer announces kickstarter for photography book release entitled “Street Culture”

In 2009, street style was fairly new to the fashion industry, but Hannan Saleh had an eye for the beauty of the concrete jungle. When presented with the opportunity to curate a weekly segment for Essence Magazine, she started covering the everyday people she’d encounter and eventually, her column became a hallmark and started to shift the conversation from the runway to the street, thus helping to usher in the era of the fashion blogger and influencer. To celebrate the…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Spit-Fire Rapper Sammus Gives “100 Percent” In New Video ft. Latasha Alcindor

Some people talk a lot about being authentic as a musician and rapper Sammus is no exception. In her newest music video “100 Percent” she slays her verses as she literally schools people on how to give it their all. Directed by Vince Lundi, the video also features Afropunk alum Latasha Alcindor delivering verses.

Speaking on the inspiration for the song, Sammus states that she wrote the song after performing at SXSW for over two years. “Anybody who has ever been…


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Rio de Janeiro’s Batekoo celebrates the power of poor, Black, LGBT Brazilians in new photo editorial

Queer pride is growing internationally and Batekoo is proof that Brazil is leading the charge. Batekoo is a party and social movement encouraging black empowerment, inclusivity, and sexual freedom. Its camp say: "BATEKOO is a festival of black, returned to the black public. It aims to empower black people and sexual freedom.” In this editorial collaboration with Brecó Replay, they aim to show the unity of the models, as well as the strength and self-esteem found in…


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NEW MUSIC: Rapper Quay Dash offers a brutally honest look into her experience as a transwoman in hip hop with new EP ‘Transphobic’

Quay Dash is coming for the top spot and that’s that. The NY spitter comes out the gate of her new EP ‘Transphobic’ with flames on her lips, addressing her intention of becoming the ultimate femcee in all the boroughs. ‘Transphobic’ is a reflection, a lamentation, and a celebration of all that comes with being a transwoman of color and Quay does it with an unrelenting cadence and brutally honest lyrics. Classic New York hip hop instrumentation is paired with contemporary…


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An October Message For All White People - by NegusWhoRead

Greetings White people!

It is rare that we break the fourth wall and address you specifically on this site, but this year we would like to take a preemptive strike and address the elephant in the room before the nonsense begins. As we enter the month of October, once again we approach the season of your silly shenanigans and we have but one request of you:

Chill with the blackface this year.

As a person of color, I confess that it…


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LA punk band Bazerk melds metal and hip hop for ironclad tunes to shock your system

Hip hop ain’t dead and metal ain’t either, according to Bazerk, a Los Angeles five-piece band combining the sounds of both genres for a huge sound and an even bigger following. Frontman Zu was originally inspired by Prince to push the boundaries of the sounds that he loved by combining the two, and since 2005, Bazerk has been making major waves in the LA area, winning a total of seventeen Battle of the Bands. After touring with names like George Clinton, Ludacris, KRS One,… Continue

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Dating: If he doesn't accept your natural hair, run as fast as you can

In the early stages of dating, you are always trying to impress that guy and appeal to him. You kind of aim to be his ideal woman. We can say, "no we don't", but we all do this. If he plays Pokemon Go, then you play Pokemon Go. If he likes Rock music, then you try out Rock music. It is needless to say you want to one day be his future.

But, there is always one thing that I will not suffice in a relationship. That is my hair. Yes, I am a proud naturalista and have…


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Renee Davis was depressed, suicidal, and pregnant when she was killed By Police #SayHerName

Once again someone going through a mental health crisis has been shot, and killed by police. This time 23 year old Native American woman Renee Davis. She was a mother of three, and was five months pregnant with the fourth. Statistically she is the 13th woman shot, and killed by police this year who was listed as mentally ill. This story comes less than a week after writing an article ( on a similar problem I have…


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Model/Blogger Simone Mariposa stuns as an intergalactic, glitter-drenched babe for photographer Taylor Giavasis’ The Naked Diaries series

Recently, L.A.-based beauty, model, and blogger Simone Mariposa teamed up with photographer Taylor Giavasis for their The Naked Diaries project. A body positive project that celebrates the unique perfection of ALL bodies—warts, scars, lumps, bumps, and all. Simone’s segment in the project is a breathtaking series of intergalactic, glitter-drenched photos that honor the magnificent shapes and curvature of Simone’s form, juxtaposing her supreme majesty with that of the…


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Illustrator @MunaDraws is giving witches badass makeovers in her new Halloween series!

It's the time of year where the freaky is fashionable and the gangsters get ghoulish, and what better to celebrate it than an artist that does it all year round! Muna Draws is the Minnesota-based illustrator bring spooky vibes but with such a delicate touch. Muna's drawings have all the makings of a fantasy world, complete with witches and superheroes alike. Check out Muna's artwork below!…


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I Accidentally Survived Suicide - The Stigma Around Mental Health Can Be Deadly

TW: suicide, mental health

In August of 2015, a father came home to every parent's worst nightmare:

The unresponsive body of his twenty-six year old daughter, naked, and lying in a pool of her own pink, red and white vomit, with the music list of her phone deleted to just two songs set to repeat over, and over, and over again:

“Center Of The Sun” by Conjure One (skip to 1:55), and “Breaking The Habit” by Linkin Park.…


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(H)afrocentric: The Comic - Naima Pepper's Workout Plan

Woke folks gotta stay fit too right? Peep (H)afrocentric's latest comic strip poking fun at all the ways hipsters can keep slim and trim, while still fighting the man. Written by Juliana “Jewels” Smith with art by Ronald Nelson, (H)afrocentric is the on-going series follows radical Black feminist, Naima Pepper. Enjoy #16 of the comic here!…


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