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VIDEO PREMIERE: San Francisco rock-n-soul band Con Brio drop politically charged, anti-police brutality video ‘Free and Brave’

Our first premiere of the day comes from Bay Area rock-n-soul band Con Brio and their latest visual for the politically charged, ‘Free and Brave’. The song itself is a bittersweet retrospective of what it means to be black in America, the so-called land of the free, home of the brave that routinely brutalizes and oppresses the poor and communities of color. "Living in Oakland during the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement really impacted my relationship with the…


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FEATURE: Nairobi-based creative Brian Siambi shares on-going photography collaboration The Dark Matter Project

Nairobi-based creative Brian Siambi is only two years into his exploration of photography with half of that time spent developing his The Dark Matter Project—an on-going collaboration with other local artist, most frequently with local fashion designers and stylist Bryan Emry. The goal of the project is to help shift the negative perception of dark, melanin rich complexations and remind dark skinned folks that their skin tone is something to be proud of and to be…


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OP-ED: Long-term St. Mary Parish School System substitute teacher fired after racist Michelle Obama post went viral

FLOTUS Michelle Obama has endured close to a decade of national disparagement and dehumanization by anti-black racists, Fox News pundits, and loud mouth white folks who don’t realize the internet is a public forum. Earlier this week, a racist post made by an educator for St. Mary Parish School System in Louisiana, went viral, showing a side-by-side image of Mrs. Obama and a gorilla, alluding to Harambe, the, er, now famous(?), now deceased gorilla from Cincinnati…


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Texas congressman to Trump: "take your border wall and shove it up your ass"

As push-back against the possibility of a Trump Presidency intensifies and grows more urgent, politicians like South Texas congressman Filemon Vela Jr. [D] are getting quite brazen in their call-outs of the presumptive Republican nominee. In a recent letter to the racist, xenophobic bully, Vela Jr. told…


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NEW MUSIC: London-based trio Big Joanie takes an avant-garde approach to punk rock on newest release, ‘Crooked Room’

Distorted, experimental, and fanciful—Big Joanie’s ‘Crooked Room’ is nearly impossible to label. It’s a paradoxically clean de-construction, in a way, of punk rock that fuses theatrical lounge music with lo-fi experimentation and a slightly sinister bass line that confuses before making all the sense in the world. And, interestingly enough, the song was initially inspired by a talk given by writer/professor/intellectual Melissa Harris-Perry on the intersectionality of black…


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FEATURE: Rio de Janeiro-based photographer Marcelo Cruz showcases Brazil’s glorious sunlight and beautiful locals in new editorial

Check out this sun-drenched editorial by Rio de Janeiro-based photographer Marcelo Cruz. Set amongst the foliage and the photos are slightly desaturated, giving them a worn-in feel that still manages to capture the radiance of that gorgeous Brazilian light, which is true of his editorial work overall. Scroll below to see the editorial.…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock: meat/dairy-free newcomer Jasmine celebrates first year of ethical food consumption

My name is Jasmine and I've been vegan now for one year! My journey didn't happen the way I expected it too. I honestly didn't know my journey would even lead to veganism. I started out as a pescatarian in October of 2014, mainly for my health. My husband was worried about our blood pressure since it runs in both of our families. So, I decided to take initiative and get on the right track. I was eating meat once a month and then in November of that year, the day that I had…


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AFROPUNK Mixtape #018: Music Is Revolution

AFROPUNK Mixtape #018: Music Is Revolution has arrived and it features some incredible establishment rebuffing fight songs and anthems for social change by Laura Mvula, Abdu Ali ft. Al Rogers Jr. + Joy Postell, Fantastic Negrito, Ill Fated Natives, Adia Victoria, Our Fears, Yasiin Bey and many more.…


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NEW MUSIC: Conner Youngblood Paints Desolate Landscapes On 'The Generation of Lift' #SoundCheck

Multi-instrumentalist Conner Youngblood has an obsession with wide open spaces and desolate landscapes. His songs are full of long suspended chords, unresolved phrases, and enough reverb to fill the Grand Canyon. On his latest EP The Generation of Lift, the young singer-songwriter-producer paints a series of landscapes equally inspired by the wastelands of the American Southwest as it is by the frozen seasides of Scandinavia. “The Birds of Finland” and “Stockholm” both…


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Tickets for AFROPUNK Brooklyn BATTLE OF THE BANDS 2016 Semi-Finals and Finals now available!

Huge congratulations to all 16 of our AFROPUNK Brooklyn BATTLE OF THE BAND 2016 finalists! Semi-finalist will be competing for a spot on the AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2016 line-up on June 20, …


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FEATURE: Check out Illinois-based illustrator Genesis E. Thomas’s contemporary take on portraiture

Genesis Thomas is a contemporary visual artist and illustrator from Kankakee, Illinois. The young artist is entirely self-taught and began exploring sketching and illustration with a charcoal pencil. More recently, Thomas has become more interested in paintings and acrylic and digital painting. Her portrait paintings are not exactly caricatures (which is a good thing) but they do exhibit a magical realist quality that is playful and unique. Genesis also sells the originals,…


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FEATURE: Brazilian TV series ‘Color Palette’ tackles black self-hatred in the face of Euro-centric beauty standards

Color Palette is a TV series project developed by Brazilian student Diego Paulino, who aims to create more representative spaces for black people in the media. The pilot episode introduces us to the story of Jaque, a 20-year-old black, vlogger girl who seeks a new medication that promises to clear her skin and help her fit the beauty standards imposed by society.

The series has the distinction of creating a dialogue around ethnic-racial issues, such as…


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NEW MUSIC: Electronic psychedelic soul singer/songwriter SassyBlack Thinks About Love on 'No More Weak Dates'

The charm of SassyBlack (1/2 of currently defunct THEESatisfaction) goes like this: she is the girl who most miserable women seek to knock the block off of. She's the woman who can successfully mix vintage 70's Pam Grier vibes and make it seem successfully modern. Above all, she is real. SassyBlack (nee Catherine Harris-White) is the kind of girl that will trip over a barbell, and successfully land upon her feet in a pose that'll make you admire such a beauty to the point…


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FEATURE: 17-year-old Angolan model Amilna Estevão kills it in high fashion editorial for Paper Magazine

17-year-old stunner and veteran model Amilna Estevão has been modeling ever since she was discovered from relative obscurity after winning a modeling contract with Elite Model Look in Luanda, Angola, changing the then 14-year-old’s life. Flash-forward to 2016 and Estevão, now based in NYC, is one of the most sought after models working in high-fashion runway and print, working for labels such as Gucci and DVF, walking for Lavin, Givenchy, and Anna Sui, appearing in…


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FEATURE: Models Juan Carlos and Hector clean up nicely thanks to Marc X Martin in lloydtheabstrac’s ‘Double Trouble’ editorial

Styled by MARCXMARTIN and shot by lloydtheabstrac models Juan Carlos and Hector star in ‘Double Trouble’ editorial. Dressed in creams, cognacs, browns, and soft pink, Hector and Juan pose side-by-side in Marc X Martin’s menswear collection where hoodies and leather jackets are paired sandals, sneakers, and turtlenecks and set in front of a warm, wooden backdrop. Need inspiration for some grown man looks that aren’t totally generic? Check ‘em out, below.…


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NEW MUSIC: French-Congolese musician Young Paris celebrates life as an African in America with new mixtape 'African Vogue'

AFROPUNK performer Young Paris just released his latest full-length project, produced by Ben Bronfman called ‘African Vogue’. The 10 track collection is filled with party-ready house and afro beats, introspection, and shout-outs to the Congo. "African Vogue symbolizes the influence we Africans have on pop culture and touches on parts on my life being African in America[…]"It's wild 'cause growing up we were laughed at, and now we're being praised. This tape is all about…


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FEATURE: Writer/comedian Sampson McCormick sheds light on homophobia and sexism in the stand-up industry in new documentary

In his new documentary ‘A Tough Act To Follow’, writer and comedian Sampson McCormick brings to light his experience black, LGBT comedian who has spent 15 years touring around the world and the lack of opportunities for minority and intersectional identities in the entertainment business and the homophobia and sexism that accompanies it. Check out the trailer, down below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: TV pilot for African Booty Scratcher takes humorous approach to explore African stereotypes and life as Nigerian immigrants

Even in the face of the impressive push for diversity on Hulu and Netflix, Fox, and shows like Black-ish, there is still plenty gaps that need filling in terms of black storytelling outside of Tyler Perry. New TV comedy African Booty Scratcher is tackling some of the most themes within African and diaspora communities, such as sexism and homophobia The show was created, written, produced by Damilare Sonoiki—a writer on ABC’s mega-hit Black-ish—that centers around a family…


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OP-ED: FEEL THE FIRE: White Supremacy Is Not About Your White Friends' Fragility

When we talk about white supremacy, sometimes we talk about white people. We talk about the ones we went to college with, that stood up for us in that racist town or checked their privileged parents at the dinner table. We talk about the exceptions: our white friends, our white neighbors, our white bandmates. The ones who are “not like that.” The good white people. Once we start talking about individual white people, we are no longer talking about white supremacy.…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Houston’s big band soul collective The Suffers celebrate the purity of love in playful new visual ‘Peanuts’

Big bang soul collective The Suffers celebrates that early playful energy and silly moments you have while falling in love with your spouse. You know, the honeymoon haze when the way the flip your pancakes is comparable to the way they make your stomach flip. Where the little things are worth all the gold in the world. “'Peanuts' is about remembering why you fell in love with your spouse. Maybe it was the way they made your food, or the way they complimented you,…


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