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FEATURE: Johannesburg’s fashion-forward youths continues to slay at the 10th annual Back To The City Youth Festival

Johannesburg is one of my favorite street fashion hotbeds right now. And the lovelies in attendance at the 10th annual Back To The City Youth Festival were no exception. Decked out in dirty sneakers, chunky heel boots, leather jackets, and lots of high-waisted denim, festival go-ers we’re channeling the better looks of 90s fashion and killing it in the process. Check out some of the sweet portraits photographer Cedric Nzaka captured, down below.…


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NEW MUSIC: Acoustic folk-soul musician Bear in the Forest vents frustrations in ‘Trapped In Apathy’

Bear in the Forest is a full-time student and artist, based in both Madison and Milwaukee, WI., where he makes his heavenly acoustic, folk-y tunes. His newest release ‘Trapped In Apathy’, a track from his upcoming EP, vents frustrations of the monotonous daily grind and not being able to kick back and enjoy what really matters. Not exactly angry boy music, BITF’s voice is soulful and soothing; the frustrations is really taken out on those guitar strings which squeak and…


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FEATURE: Photographer Lynette Luna uses 'Men With Flowers' series to depict softer side of masculinity

‘Men with Flowers' is a new photo series by photographer Lynette Luna. The series plays with the pressures placed on black men to be hyper-masculine, and the aggression-based stereotypes projected onto them, as well. Luna does this by juxtaposing black bodies against pastels and flowers— symbolic representations of femininity. "I photographed a black male with flowers to show a side that is often ignored by society. That these men can be soft, sensitive, and…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Wordspit The ILLEST and Shinobi Ninja collaborate for an acid trip of a ranger ‘Monks In The Moshpit’

‘Monks In The Moshpit’ is a brand new, all-up-in-your face collaboration between Wordspit The ILLEST and Brooklyn-based Shinobi Ninja. A fearsome fusion of high-energy punk-rock and hip-hop, ‘Monks In The Moshpit’ is a no-holds-barred track with an equally dynamic visual that looks like the early 90s acid trip I was never on. It was recorded at Shinobi Ninja’s midtown Manhattan studio and was a true meeting of creative minds, resulting in on-the-spot freestyles by…


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FEATURE: Anonymous Spelman College student chronicles gang-rape by Morehouse students on Twitter

A brave Spelman College student is using an anonymous Twitter account to share her experience being brutally gang-raped by four peers from Morehouse College. In a string of fewer than 20 tweets, the student outlines the party setting where her assault took place after she left her group in search of a restroom. The student also shares the events that followed…


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FEATURE: College students use multimedia project to explore intersections of race, sexuality, and gender performance

Our names are Erica West and Kyle Lopez, and we are both juniors at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. We are the co-creators of Collage, a multimedia creative project which investigates the influence of race, gender, sexuality and other markers of identity and difference on the personal styles and gender performances of queer people of…


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FEATURE: Check out the gritty lifestyle photography of Andre Victor of Sensor 3D fotografias

This morning we’re featuring photographer Andre Victor of Sensor 3D fotografias. The up-and-coming artist mainly shoots editorialized lifestyle photography that has a layer of grit and reality to it. His models are not overly dressed or styled in unattainable fashions—their looks are individual and representative of local black creatives. …


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Neo-jazz collective Birds of Chicago let love consume them in new visual ‘Kinderspel (child’s game)’

'Kinderspel (child’s game)' is the newest visual release from neo-jazz collective Birds of Chicago’s 'Real Midnight'. The track is draped in nostalgia and hopeful longing for the kind of love that rips through you, leaving you breathless. Set in a dark and grainy blue light-lit bar, a single…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet Joana Fatondji

My name is Joana Fatondji. I am 26 years old and I am mixed, my mum is German and my dad is from Ghana. I lived in Ghana for 3 years until the age of 6. Being African was always my understanding of my Identity so back in Germany I was deeply involved in the Black community. Today I see myself as the best of both worlds and so much more since I have grown more spiritually and free.…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Indie electro African folk artist Taharqa Satti drops stunning visual ‘Transcendence’

Check out this new visual from independent electro African folk artist Taharqa Satti, for his single ‘Transcendence’. On the track, the London-based rapper takes on the concept of self-actualization and identity by taking an introspective look at being a person of the diaspora. Taharqa (who produced the song himself) also aims to draw attention to the musical/instrumental aspect of rap-influenced music in general. "I personally feel that recently, there has been a…


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FEATURE: Multimedia exhibition ‘Black Magic: AfroPasts/AfroFutures’ now showing at Corridor Gallery in Brooklyn

‘Black Magic: AfroPasts/AfroFutures’ is a multimedia exhibition currently on display at Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation' Corridor Gallery that was curated by Niama Safia Sandy. The show is a collection of afrofuturist-themed works by artists such as Roger Bonair-Agard, Arnold Butler, Adama Delphine Fawundu, Charles Jean-Pierre,…


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FEATURE: New York Guitar Festival and Arts Brookfield celebrate 101 year legacy of Sister Rosetta Tharpe

To start off New York Guitar Festival, Arts Brookfield presents a tribute concert celebrating 101 of lasting contributions to music from the godmother of rock-n-roll and legendary blues musician Sister Rosetta Tharpe. The concert will have performances by Grammy-winner Alvin Youngblood Hart, Valerie June, Dom Flemons (of the Carolina Chocolate Drops), blues vocalist Ruthie Foster, Trixie Whitley, and Como Mamas. The free event will take place this Mother’s Day and…


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FEATURE: Cape Town photographer Dambakuombera captures authentic and expressive local beauty and culture

Authentic, gritty, and expressive—all words that come to mind when viewing images by photographer Dambakuombera. The native Afrikan is based in Cape Town, where the melding of cultures and stunning landscapes certainly work to the artist’s benefit by giving him access to the rich imagery and personalities of South Africa. "[My work is] a quest to change the world through my heart, I shoot with my heart and not my eyes," he writes on Facebook. Check out some photos that…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Bronx-Based Emcee Breeze Embalm Slays On This Reimagining of Audioslave's 'Cochise' #SoundCheck

Bronx-based emcee Breeze Embalm just did the impossible: he made Audioslave sound exciting. Borrowing the riff from “Cochise,” he turns the song from a by-the-numbers modern rock single into something almost joyful. With Chris Cornell carrying the hook, the contrast between Breeze Embalm's flow and Cornell's thunderous wail elevates them both. The video's bleary-eyed minimalism turns a shithole apartment into a character, finding surprising beauty in beer bottles on the…


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FEATURE: Artist Pierre Jean-Louis uses graphics app to glorify natural black hair

There’s a good chance you’ve seen at least one of these gorgeous portraits, but you may not know where they came from. The on-going series is the work of New York/New Jersey/Philly-based artist Pierre Jean-Louis, who uses an app called Enlight. He was inspired the surge of natural texture acceptance and pride seen in women of color. By adorning their crowns with some of the most majestic natural wonders, Jean-Louis hopes to highlight the power and beauty of black women. “I…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Jaded by love and relationships, Band Nerds look for some casual lovin’ in ‘Whore’

BandNerds return with their brand new track, ‘Whore’. The not-so-subtle angry boy track is an absurdly catchy, seamless fusion of hardcore rock and hip-hop. A pissed off anthem for jaded lovers everywhere, ‘Whore’ isn’t about women, it’s about getting down with whomever, wherever, whenever without being restricted by romantical obligations—which oh so often end up being in vain. "Whore" takes on the guys' trust issues - it's about hitting that point where you had enough…


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FEATURE: YouTuber Ameryst helps bring your black goth dreams to fruition with beauty/hair tips and lifestyle advice

YouTuber Ameryst (aka Victoria P.) helps you bring your goth dreams to fruition with lifestyle vlog channel! This lovely darkness enthusiast does some pretty sweet makeup and beauty tutorials for the make-up-wearer on the go, chats about goth culture, and gives style tips for goth-ing within your means. But…


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NEW MUSIC: Bad Brains’ Dr. Know and Deftones’ Chino Moreno join forces for hardcore supergroup Saudade

Chino Moreno of Deftones and BAD BRAINS guitarist Dr. Know, drummer Mackie Jayson, and Crosses’ bassist Chuck Doom and jazz keyboardist John Medeski join forces as new supergroup project called Saudade. Their first single, also called ‘Saudade’, is a brooding quiet storm that rumbles into thunderous intensity. It’s not totally clear which direction the project wants to go in, but this sure is a cool start.

Members of BAD BRAINS will be playing alongside members…


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FEATURE: Meet the fat goth heroine of cartoonist Calyn Pickens-Rich’s Dining with Dana

Dining with Dana is the super cute comic series by illustrator Calyn Pickens-Rich that follows fat goth babe Dana and her friends on the cultural fringe. Calyn uses situation humor to unpack the micro-aggressions fat women face, the ways in which society tells us that we don’t belong and that we need to change. Pickens-Rich also sells merch and…


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FEATURE: Rio de Janeiro-based photographer Jefferson Cardoso showcases Brazilian diversity in editorial work

Take a look at the work of the 21 years old Brazilian photographer Jefferson Cardoso. Cardoso, known as Jota, is based in Rio de Janeiro, photographing since his teenage and has been working professionally for almost two years.

What he likes the most in photography is that it enables him to show people how he sees and understand the world. "Everything is a matter of point of view and angle. Everything depends on the way we look at things", he says.



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