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FEATURE: 'Changing Face Of Harlem' Docu Examines The Revitalization & Challenges Faced by The Neighborhood

Changing Face Of Harlem examines the history and the current revitalization of Harlem, but also tackles the impact of gentrification on this legendary neighborhood. Through footage and interviews with old and new residents, business owners, community activists and more, the film celebrates Harlem but also aims to ask the tough questions. Check out the trailer and more info below. Directed by Shawn Batey. Screening dates are available…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist Tamara Natalie Madden: Mirror of Virtue

The bold colors, royal patterns, and majestic birds fill up the canvas without force. It as if the illustrations had effortlessly bled from the tips of the painter’s brush. Being that artist Tamara Natalie Madden has transformed vulnerability into a platform of intrinsic beauty, she has created allegories that captivate the ideas, beliefs, and fantasies that stimulate the imagination of the African diaspora.

With a rich Jamaican background, Madden's choice to use diverse…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Wishes and Thieves' latest single 'Go' #SoundCheck

We've been digging Wishes and Thieves since hearing their Forest Fire EP in 2012. Their unique mix of driving beats and ethereal melodies makes the quartet's music absolutely irresistible. And because resistance is futile, we're psyched to bring you the premiere of their latest single “Go.”…


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FEATURE: #BringBackOurGirls - Hundreds of Nigerian Schoolgirls Kidnapped

Hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped by extremist group Boko Haram. Why is it taking so long for this story to get major coverage, and for an international effort to take place? In an op-ed piece for, Frida Ghitis writes: "If it had happened anywhere else, this would be the world's biggest story. More than 230 girls disappeared, captured by members…


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AP Fashion: Welcome Pinned x Stitched!

Welcome Pinned x Stitched to the AFROPUNK community! The extremely dynamic duo, Meron Bekele and B Hawk Snipes, will be gracing the AP community with their style tips and sharing of art, music and culture! This video blog is definitely something to watch out for, as it serves as a platform for young African American creative minds to inspire and be inspired by others. Amidst stressful final exams and projects, I had the lovely opportunity to just slow down for 30 minutes and…


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FEATURE: Black Emoticons Launched by Oju Africa

Black emoticons anyone? Many have talked about it, this African company did it. Oju Africa is a start-up based in Mauritius. They released their set of Black emoticons after the topic gained momentum on social networks with the hashtag #EmojiEthnicityUpdate. They had been working on the project since 2012 and had to speed up the release after Apple announced that they were working on a more diverse set of emojis: "It's very important for us, as a small African company, to make…


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FREE DOWNLOAD: Gary Clark Jr.'s 'Blak And Blu Mixtape'

Here's a real nice way to end your week. Rocker/bluesman Gary Clark Jr. 's new 'Blak And Blu Mixtape' features special guests Alice Smith, Bilal, Talib Kweli, Big K.R.I.T. and more. "This projects features new and remixed records from Gary's latest album".



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OP-ED: Emotional Health - Is So-Called Black "Resilience" Doing More Harm Than Good?

When is a person really, truly healthy? I am a physically fit, twenty-something with an abnormal fondness of dark green vegetables and exercising, but in spite of all this, I still don’t feel healthy. My blood pressure is far higher than it should be and I experience anxiety so strong that sometimes it makes me physically sick. As I delve deeper into the world that is my blackness, I’m finding truths connected to my stress I can never unlearn.

The tragic death of Brown…


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FEATURE: 'Pi Frequency' - Naz Khalid's experimental afrofuturistic electro madness

Check out this experimental afrofuturistic electro madness: 'PI FREQUENCY' by Naz Khalid. Khalid says: "The concept behind both the 'Pi Frequency' video and song is the idea that we are all divine beings each of us individually and collectively. However we have forgotten our original selves. This video is serving as a reminder for us, to remember who we are so that we can remember our individual and collective power and get to the business of evolving to a higher state of…


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FEATURE: The SamOffThaRecord Experience - Welcome to Atlanta Rock Of Ages

Greetings Friends, I come in peace. Today is a good day! Actually a GREAT day! "The SamOffThaRecord Experience" Season 1 Finale is here! In this episode I take you into a place where dreams collide, great minds intertwine, good energy abides and creative forces unite, all in the name of love, music, art, progress, and change! No great thing was ever accomplished by just one person alone. It takes unity to create a shift, to begin a revolution. Welcome to Atlanta Rock Of Ages.…


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FEATURE: Haikus For Sundiata - Write On!


i love freedom

butterflies in the sky

and the stomach too.

the record

41 years down

no fistfight in all that time

so who's violent?

Former Black Panther and political prisoner, Sundiata Acoli wrote those two haiku poems in conjunction with a social media campaign launched by The Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign (SAFC), Haikus…


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FEATURE: Black Female Filmmaker Vibes With Female Hip-Hop Collective in London

My Name is Jaha Browne. I'm a British Filmmaker/Director. I work with the documentary form exploring the stories of people you may not come across in your day to day life. Giving people a platform for their voices and stories by entering their world. In 2013 I met Shay D, MC Angel, Sirena Reynolds and Emma Prior, who form the vibrant female rap group LC…


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FEATURE: 24 Previously Unseen Basquiat Drawings & Paintings On Display in NY May 1 - June 13

Have you heard the news? Twenty-two previously unseen Jean-Michel Basquiat drawings and two paintings will go on display in New York at the Acquavella Gallery, May 1 to June 13, 2014. The pieces are part of collectors Herbert and Lenore Schorr's collection. The press release states: "Herbert and Lenore Schorr began collecting the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat in 1981, before his first New York exhibition. “During the artist’s seminal years 1982-83 the Schorrs acquired several of…


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FEATURE: 'Alien Cartoon' Afrofuturist Fashion Show At Dakar's 100-year-old Train Station

Hi guys, check out the 'Alien Cartoon' project by Senegalese designer Selly Raby Kane and her team. They have an Indiegogo campaign if you'd like to support.

Info from the press release: "With Alien Cartoon, her new collection that will be presented in May 2014, Selly Raby Kane throws herself into an urban and futurist Africa, populated by…


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FEATURE: Stream 'Curious Cool', the latest EP From Willis Earl Beal #SoundCheck

As the tools of self distribution and DIY networks become stronger, more and more artists are asking the question “why do we even need the labels?” For a former street musician like Willis Earl Beal, a label is little more than a marketing department; a means to a fan base. But it comes with a set of rules and release schedules. A huge chunk of Beal's appeal is that he follows his own muse whatever anyone says. So without any announcement or fanfare, he suddenly released his latest… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: UK Pop Rocker Jetta's New Single 'Crescendo' Produced by Pharrell Williams

We told you UK pop rocker Jetta was making major moves! Her new single 'Crescendo' is produced by none other than Pharrell Williams. It's the first single from her upcoming EP. Stay tuned!…


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FEATURE: Black Americana - Reclaiming The Beauty WIthin Our Stories

I am a visual and creative griot following in the afrikan tradition. I'm a storyteller and I focus on telling stories that redefine, re-appropriate and explore "BLACK AMERICANA," highlighting and finding the beauty in both the contributions, contradictions, pain and pride within "our stories", and thus hoping to discover and re-claim the beauty within my own. I use my acting, creative writing, photography and visual art as modalities for making sure my creative vision and voice…


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FREE DOWNLOAD: Andy Allo's 'Unstoppable'

Prince protegee Andy Allo is sharing a free download of her track 'Unstoppable'. Click here to grab it (password: wellsfargo).


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NEW MUSIC: Raury Follows Up 'God's Whisper' Anthem With Love Song 'Sunshine'

In case you missed it, 17-year-old Atlanta-based artist Raury has been buzzing with his epic single and video 'God's Whisper'. The follow up tune "Sunshine' shows his versatility. It's a duet with vocalist Ari, written and produced by Raury himself. Stream it below!…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Magic Mouth's Video For 'Mother Lode'

We already introduced you to Portland-based post-punk band Magic Mouth. Today we're premiering the video for the epic ballad 'Mother Lode'.

Info: "Video directed by Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher, best known for their work as co-directors of feature documentaries. After years of Palmieri doing videos for the likes of Beck, The Strokes, Belle and Sebastian, and…


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