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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Martiniquais photographer Georges-Emmanuel Arnaud transports viewers with intensely stunning portraits

Beginning in Martinique, then blossoming throughout the world, photographer Georges-Emmanuel Arnaud has made it his mission to capture some of the most stunning, potent images on the scene today. With a hefty resume, and an even heftier drive, this artist succeeds his chosen medium, as he uses his images to evoke endless meaning and thought. Not only…


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Malaville by Mala Bryan doll company Toys sets new standard for black beauty and positive representation for brown girls everywhere

Mala Bryan, South African model and creator of Malaville Toys, is revolutionizing beauty standards with her beautiful- and exclusively- black dolls. While providing a fresh platform for black worth, Bryan continuously offers little brown girls a reflection of their beauty- being all too scarce in modern toys. Of course, there is no progression without resistance, and Malaville has been targeted or 'called out' by costumers for one doll in particular: the darkest…


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FEATURE: East London digital artist Abigail Adeoti mixes cartoon and realism to add new interpretations of black beauty

East London has produced yet another stellar artist in digital illustrator and graphic portaitist Abigail Adeoti. In her most recent photo series, her main focus is to capture the natural beauty of the black woman. With her meticulously crafted graphic representations, Adeoti's work illuminates the essence the modern 'black girl' aesthetic and maintaining the raw nuances of the black female culture. In her own words: 'I feel like the universe captures the essence of these…


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Feature: Artist Amani Holbert's womanist expression meets cultural pride in her fascinatingly compelling series

For visual artist Amani Holbert, capturing the essence of cultural beauty and recognition is a number one priority. As she herself navigates through the modern societal realities of African American beauty and interpretation, Holbert takes the initiative by writing her own. Her chilling, potent pieces serve to directly empower women of color and to promote social activism- aiming to strengthen the Black community with her art and message. While thoroughly understanding the…


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FEATURE: The Fashion & Beauty Imagery of Michael J. Photography

Take a look at the photography of Washington DC based fashion and beauty photographer Michael J - a visual artist who started out as a web developer. His team state, "At an early age Michael did not know exactly what he wanted out of life yet he always had a passion for cooking, electronics and technology. Starting his technology based lifestyle Michael began to develop websites which later down the line led to Android Development, Programming and SEO. After…


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FASHION: Model Sara Naomi Stuns In Photographer Cooper Penn's Latest Beauty Editorial

Check out the new beauty/fashion editorial from Atlanta based photographer Cooper Penn. The photostory - produced by Nia Penn and styled by Shadé Olabisi - features arresting model Sara Naomi, who stuns in every shot. Explore below and CLICK HERE to see more of Cooper Penn's…


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FEATURE: "Everyone is perfect in their own unique way" - Photographer Joey Rosado Continues To Explore Natural Beauty, With Latest Work

Check out the latest work from NY photographer Joey Rosado (Island Boi Photography) - part of his ongoing exploration of natural beauty, flaws and all. He told us a while back, "I photograph portraits of black women (and men) in their natural beauty. I want them to embrace their true inner…


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NEW MUSIC: DC Legends Beauty Pill Return With The Flawless 'Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are' #SoundCheck

Here's the thing about being ahead of your time: if you wait long enough, eventually time catches up. While “ahead of their time” is usually a component of a tragic story, for Beauty Pill, it's a triumph. The 11 years since their groundbreaking debut full length The Unsustainable Lifestyle have been incredibly kind to their brand of social conscious meta-genre atmosphere-heavy indie rock. What was once an uncategorizable outlier, is now still uncategorizable, but it…


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FEATURE: Janelle Monáe’s collective Wondaland announce upcoming EP, 'The Eephus'

Janelle Monáe and her musical collective Wondaland are set to release a 5-song EP in May! The EP - called 'The Eephus' - will feature Wondaland members Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, St. Beauty, and Deep Cotton (all signed to the Atlanta-based custom label). The collective, described by many as a family, have worked collaboratively for many years - Isis from St. Beauty was one of Monáe's backing singers, whilst Roman GianArthur wrote the…


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OP-ED: "To My Rare Black Woman"

Sometimes, I think that all genders owe each other a massive apology. Why? Weeks ago, I had been online, checking in on Black YouTube. (Hey, if Twitter can have one, why can't YouTube?) It seems like of the major things happening between men and women is this need to declare that there are no such things as a good black (wo)man anymore. Nowadays, it seems like black women are getting an equal amount of brunt for the problems regarding dating and relationships. From a crazy amount… Continue

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Join THIRTEEN, AFROPUNK & Black Public Media on August 13 for 'Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth'

Join THIRTEEN WNET, AFROPUNK and Black Public Media Wed August 13 at 7pm EST as we present our FREE interactive screening of 'Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth'. Post your thoughts and questions during the screenings or anytime on Twitter with #afropunkwnet



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FEATURE: Black Person launches a crowd-funding campaign to acquire some white privilege! lol

A New York-based person launched a crowd-funding campaign full of humor, because they want to "acquire some white privilege".

Yaya M. says: "Although I have layered oppressions that have affected my ability to access my slice of the American Pie™, no issue has affected me more readily than my lack of white privilege. From being assumed to have "cheated" my way into programs for gifted children AND college (via affirmative action), to having my natural hair viewed as…


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Op-Ed: The Tipping Point: Finding Beauty's Balance

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, erase my dark skin, forever more!" Growing up as the “darker” child between my caramel, Afro-Latina, sister with long silky hair touching the bottom of her spine, and my never aging, fair skinned mother, I struggled with great identity issues. Like many other Afro men and women of darker complexions, I was no stranger to beauty issues when it came to my definition of beauty. For so long, I would criticize myself harshly about my beautiful hue. In…


Added by The Race Card on April 7, 2014 at 10:00am — 5 Comments

FEATURE: 'Pretty. Period.' Project Uses Photos To Tackle Colorism

Scholar Dr. Yaba Blay offers her rebuttal to the statement "you’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl" in her latest project, 'Pretty. Period.'. The collection of photos showcases strong imagery of dark-skinned women. “Pretty. Period. is an emphatic statement,” Blay said.

Her decision to use photos to inform consciousness, incite dialogue and inspire others to action comes from her conviction that we need to value the…


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AP Fashion: Valentine's Day is Right Around the Corner – Gifts for your loved ones and for yourself!

‘Tis the season of love and well, do I miss middle school because everyone got a little bit of love—there were always class wide exchanges of chocolates and heart shaped cards and little notes that cheered up your Valentine's Day. I think the last time I had a real valentine was maybe in 8th grade, once high school hit and now in college, I’ve learned to treat myself on the day of love. So whether or not you’ll be grabbing things for a significant other or looking forward to a…


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AP Fashion: Skin and Body Restoration for the Winter!

Sitting at my desk, drinking a cup of chamomile tea, listening to Lianne La Havas, checking the weather and my mood is dampened by yet another expected snowstorm. Winter is always trying to break us down. This brisk winter weather has been drying out my skin and taken a toll on my body. ‘Tis the time of year of eating everything I see, which has definitely weakened my immune system. Skin becomes super, super dry, people are recovering from colds and the flu…time to get back on…


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Cultural Pride Is A Fashionable Asset

Two beauty pageant winners set a tone for social cohesion as they display

cultural fashions in the forefront during their humanitarian missions.…


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'An Oversimplification of her Beauty' Screenings

Dope movie 'An Oversimplification of her Beauty' is opening around the US. Don't miss it guys!

Started 4/26 – New York, NY

- Cinema Village

Showtimes: 1:05p 2:45p 4:25p 6:05p 7:50p 9:30p

Q&A with Terence Nance hosted by Tambay Obenson, Sat 4/27 at 7:50pm.

- Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, Lincoln Center

Showtimes: Varied. See …


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Empowerment or Just a marketing ploy to sell products to women of color?

Hi guys, please tell us what you think about the piece The New York Times recently published about the Procter & Gamble campaign "My Black Is Beautiful", their new documentary "Imagine A Future", while the company also makes/markets skin-bleaching products.


"The documentary does not mention that Olay, a Procter & Gamble…


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Tired of hearing "Mixed kids are the cutest kids"?

Are you tired of hearing "Mixed kids are the cutest kids"? What the hell is this theory about anyway? published a piece about this topic.

Excerpts: "A friend got the biscuit analogy. Wait for it: God burned black people and undercooked white people, but removed her from the heavenly oven at the perfect moment, she was told. Awkward. Well-intended. Poorly…


Added by The Race Card on April 10, 2013 at 10:59am — 3 Comments

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