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FEATURE: Atlanta's First Ever Sci-Fi Film And Art Festival Is Almost Near (Oct 31st)

Check out the teaser video for Atlanta's first Sci-fi film and art festival, taking place Sat Oct 31st 2015 1-7 at the Fulton County Aviation Community Cultural Center. The one day boutique festival will feature "compelling Sci-fi influenced Art and Prop/ Replicas from some of the best visual artists, both locally and internationally", states its organizers - the Multicultural Sci-fi Organization (MCSFO). The organizers say: "The mission of our annual Atlanta sci-fi…


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FEATURE: 'Festival of Stories" - The Matatu Festival is back in Oakland This Week (September 23-26)

The Matatu Festival is back! Taking place this week from September 23-26, the Oakland based festival is set to be even bigger than last year. The Matatu team state: "Re-centered as the Matatu Festival of Stories, the multidisciplinary festival works to amplify the spectacular walk of ordinary people by way of film, music and performance. Saul Williams will host a dinner party reading from his new book, 'US(a.)', while Afro-Vegan Chef/Author Bryant Terry DJ's the…


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FEATURE: Matt Damon "Whitesplains" Diversity To Successful Black Woman Filmmaker

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's HBO show, 'Project Greenlight' (a show that gives new filmmakers the chance to make their first feature film), is now back for its fourth season. And on this season's premiere episode, Matt Damon graciously took it upon himself to "whitesplain" diversity to... a Black woman. Yes, a Black woman. That woman is experienced Hollywood filmmaker …


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FEATURE: "Increase The Understanding, Respect and Appreciation For Women" - Upcoming Web Series, 'Coffee and Cream'

Take a look below at the teaser video for actress Karin Nicole's 'Coffee and Cream' series - an upcoming web show which aims to connect all women by sharing normal daily thoughts and experiences women have or may eventually face. The 'Coffee and Cream' team state that the series (which began as a platform for Karin to open up and embrace her imperfections) was "developed to encourage and normalize conversation between women (as well as men) on these “minor” but…


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INTERVIEW + TRAILER PREMIERE: ‘Ori Inu’ Graciously Shows Why Black Spirituality Matters

Chelsea Odufu, is the director, producer and writer of Ori Inu: In Search of Self, a thought-provoking film that tells the story of a young immigrant woman’s quest to examine her roots in the Afro-Brazilian religious practice Candomble. The film challenges us to look at the ways we are forced to…


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FEATURE: Creating An Escape - The Art Of Painter And Filmmaker Maxine du Maine

Take a look at the striking art of painter and filmmaker Maxine du Maine. In an interview with her university's magazine, Maxine (who hails from St. Louis, MO) stated: “For me art has always presented an escape [...] Whenever you’re young and sad, hungry, upset, something, some people turn to cartoons, and I would just pull out a piece of paper…


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FEATURE: 'Raising Dion' - A Superhero Comic Book, From The Parent's Point Of View

Check out this new superhero comic book, 'Raising Dion' - a superhero's story, but from their parent's point of view. Created by Dennis Liu (with illustrations from Jason Piperberg), the story centers on Nicole; raising her 7 year old son, Dion, who has superpowers. Liu states, "Life was hard enough keeping up with the bills, let alone trying to keep track of her son’s invisibility, plasma powers, and telekinesis. In order to study his progress, Nicole films her son…


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FEATURE: Dancer & Actress Karen Bengo And Her ‘LEÇONS’ Short Dance Film

Check out this stunning short dance film from East African Born-British dancer and actress Karen Bengo - 'LEÇONS'. Bengo describes the film, directed by Kyle Stevenson, as ”a reference to the many lessons I have learnt in the process from it being an idea". Adding, "I created this video to cover my journey as a dancer from hip hop to commercial work (working for different music artists) to contemporary. The film also marks a point in my life where i feel like I'm…


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FEATURE: Richard Scott Thamar On The Joy And Struggle Of Being A Young Afro-Caribbean Film Director

My name is Richard Scott Thamar. I am a film director and a musician from Guadeloupe, French west Indies. At the moment, I mainly direct music videos (collaborating with musicians that I'm inspired by); and in my work, I'm interested in pushing the envelope of black beauty and black representation. Throughout my studies in France I realised that Afro Caribbean art, and even more generally black culture are hugely underexposed, unknown, and most of the time negatively…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist Ng'endo Mukii - Challenging Beauty Standards with 'Yellow Fever' Short Film

In this day and age the quest to attain Eurocentric beauty standards within the Afro-, Black, and African communities have come to an all time high. Media outlets have contributed greatly to the madness by constantly advocating blue-eyes, straight hair, and less pigmented skin — the natural appearance of many European descendants compared to natural African features. Unfortunately, our young, and often impressionable Black children subconsciously aspire to obtain those traits, due… Continue

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FEATURE: 'The Unbabylonians' - The Captivating Photography Series From Guadeloupean Filmmaker Damien Jélaine

Take a look at the captivating work of photographer Damien Jélaine, a Guadeloupean filmmaker - introduced to the world of cinema by his mother at the age of 7 - who turned to photography as a way of creating visuals more frequently . Inspired by filmmakers such as Larry Clark, Spike Lee, David Lynch, Terrence Malick, Jélaine…


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FEATURE: Flying Lotus’ Short Film ‘FUCKKKYOUUU’ Will Debut At Sundance Next Festival

Flying Lotus’ short film ‘FUCKKKYOUUU’ (and accompanying new music) will debut at Sundance Next Festival this sunday. The short, a collaboration with director Eddie Alcazar, will premiere this Sunday (August 9) at 8pm at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles for the Sundance event. Lotus, known for his cinematic visuals, is not new to the film world. Last year he scored a short film starring actress Noomi Rapace (Prometheus, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo); and previously…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: First Official Poster For New Film 'The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution'

A few months ago we wrote about upcoming feature length documentary, 'The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution', and today we're premiering the first official poster for its long-awaited theatrical release (designed by Sawyer Studios). The film, by acclaimed documentarian Stanley Nelson, chronicles the rise and fall of The Black Panther Party through the use of rare archival footage - with the voices of the people who were there (police, FBI informants,…


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FILM: 'Generation Soweto' - Nisa Ahmad's Upcoming Documentary On South Africa's Millennials

Take a look at the trailer for new documentary 'Generation Soweto' (featuring Soweto residents Twiggy & Sedi, pictured). Created by veteran producer Nisa Ahmad, the independant doc is about South Africa's millennials and centers on the youth culture of Cape Town and Johannesburg. Ahmad states: “Our project explores the current political and social climate, 20 years after the ending of Apartheid in South Africa." Adding, "We look at how the job market,…


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FEATURE: Grace Jones Set To Star In New "Dark Fairytale" Rock Film, 'Gutterdämmerung'

Grace Jones is returning to the silver screen! The iconic musician is set to join rock royalty Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins in an upcoming silent film, 'Gutterdämmerung'. Its creator, Belgian-Swedish director and visual artist Bjorn Tagemose, describes the film as “the loudest silent movie on earth” and adds that the part Death metal rock show and part cinema experience is a "loud and dark fairytale". Check out the taster video below, and catch Ms. Jones at this…


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FEATURE: A New Tumblr Is Showing How Diversity Is Still One Of Hollywood's Biggest Problems - 'Every Single Word Spoken'

A new Tumblr is highlighting the disproportionate amount of white actors in Hollywood movies - 'Every Single Word Spoken'. Creator Dylan Marron, who is an actor himself, has edited some of the biggest mainstream films to show the amount of screen time given to non-white actors; posting the videos on his Tumblr. Hollywood's lack of diversity grabbed…


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FEATURE: 'A Moving Image' - A New Multimedia Film About Gentrification In London

Check out upcoming feature film, 'A Moving Image'. Written and directed by British filmmaker Shola Amoo, the multimedia film explores the gentrification affecting many areas in London - with Shola focusing his lens on the South London areas of Peckham, Brixton, and Elephant & Castle. The plot centers on visual artist Nina (played by actress Tanya Fear) who returns to her community after a long absence and is then accused of being a symbol of gentrification. The…


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FEATURE: 'Rediscovering The Scientist' - Filmmaker Lydia Marie Hicks Animated Documentary On The "Repressed Histories" Of Science

Explore 'Rediscovering The Scientist' - filmmaker Lydia Marie Hicks' in-progress animated documentary on race and the history of science. Talking to us about the experimental project (now in its 10th year), Hicks tells us: "Portraits of repressed histories of science are woven together as a former scientist looks for herself within science's foundations. This is a film that helps to validate and empower black and brown experiences by highlighting the margins of…


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FEATURE: Sunday Kinfolk & Theatre Roscius' Soul-stirring Short Films - 'Dear Nina' + 'Black Like Her'

Check out these two experimental short films from Sunday Kinfolk & Theatre Roscius, the first two of their triptych series - 'Dear Nina' and 'Black Like Her'. Both films (directed by Renata Cherlise) feature performance artist Constance Strickland (pictured), who - as the film's camp states - draws us "into her world filled with a myriad of unresolved emotions." Watch the captivating shorts below and read more about the project …


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FEATURE: 'Tamara W.' - Photographer Marko Vuorinen's New Documentary About Transgender Woman

Take a look at the trailer for new documentary 'Tamara W'. A film centered on transgender woman Tamara Williams, and described by its director as "an honest, stripped-down, and highly visual look into the world of voguing, escort business, drug addiction, sexual abuse, and being a transgender girl". The film, which was awarded Best Documentary Feature at Portland Film Festival 2014, is documentary photographer Marko Vuorinen's debut film. Watch the trailer below and…


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