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So here I am, balls deep in this documentary and it’s going pretty well! My co-producer Gabs and I have been working really hard to select speakers and go over shot concepts. Gabs has a lot of film experience and more industry knowledge than I do so once I got the call that I received the funds she was literally my first call! Gabs has a show called Queens of the Game which plays on the web station…


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Nigerian-British filmmaker Joseph a. Adesunloye’s ‘White Colour Black’ snags premiere spot at the London Film Festival next month

‘White Colour Black’ is a British film by director/writer/producer Joseph a. Adesunloye that follows a young, hedonistic photographer named Leke (played by Dudley O’Shaughnessy) living in London. While in the midst of what will surely be the critical success Leke has been working towards, a family death forces him to travel to Senegal where he embarks on the journey of a lifetime, re-discovering himself and the places of his past. ‘White Colour Black’ will premiere at the 60th… Continue

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FEATURE: UK-based filmmaker Ayesha Ramsay translates the modern black girls struggle with natural hair in beautiful new film project 'Pull Tag Knot'

In the latest mini- film from British-born creative/writer/director/filmmaker Ayesha Ramsay, the relationship between a Black girl and her hair is put into chilling perspective, leaving all the feels hanging out to dry. Viewers are swept into the dominant reality of natural hair, and society's influence on the Black girl's internal narrative. With her goal being to unearth the continuous pressures to conform to Western beauty standards, Ms. Ramsay is able to…


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FEATURE: Director James Bland provides window into the perspective of a strong man of color with his moving features

It is so important that an artist reflect the times. It is even more important that an artist be honest with the times, and with themselves. With director James Bland, these criteria serve as a model for his work- as he translates his personal point of view into that which we can not only relate, but want to see played out.

His most…


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FEATURE: The renowned history of NYC nightclub Paradise Garage set to be the subject of upcoming feature film

The contributions of the 70's are often idolized and emulated, yet as the 'vintage' fads grow to a monumental height, many simply benefit from the era, lacking the proper education and point of view. In actuality, the 70's was more than just an impressive era to borrow clothes from, it was a booming, blooming decade of music- with a nightlife that was off the chain.

In the upcoming feature, written and directed by…


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FEATURE: Director Bobby J. Brown presents both the brilliant and the dark side of genius in Parliament Funkadelic documentary 'Tear the Roof Off'

In the recently published documentary by award-winning director Bobby J. Brown, the rise and fall of the greatest funk band ever is placed into the spotlight yet again.'Tear the Roof Off' is a raw, authentic account of the truth behind the one and only Parliament Funkadelic.

As the film unearths the dark side of fame, contrasting…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Martiniquais director Khris Burton continues to captivate audiences with his expressive, boundary-breaking projects

More and more, filmmakers of color are solidifying their place in the media, and providing a strong platform for their point of views to be published. For director Khris Burton, the space for creation is not only filled, but exceeded. Born and raised in Martinique, the award-winning film maker has made it his mission to capture not only the stories of people of…


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Upcoming film project 'Blasian Narratives: Volume I' uncovers the complexities of the 'mixed intersection of Black and Asian identities'

"What are you?"

"Where are you really from?"

The Blasian Narratives project is breaking the illusion of mixed bliss with its raw, organic representation of growing up in a society where- if your race isn't clear, neither are you. 

This interactive, intimate multi-media production, delves into the…


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FEATURE: 'Outcast Forever' the much anticipated motorcycle documentary finally released on demand

An Outlaw Films production, the much awaited documentary 'Outcast Forever' has finally come out on demand. First featured on AFROPUNK in 2011, the then work in progress follows the Outcast Motorcycle Club: the oldest all-black motorcycle club in…


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FEATURE: New film Afro Punk Girl tests the barriers of race and gender leaving audiences reflectively engrossed

Britain- based filmmakers Annetta Laufer and Shobu Kapoor are raising the bar with their new short film "Afro Punk Girl". Starring actress Danielle Vitalis and Larrington Walker, the Sci Fi film takes place in a dystopian, apocalyptic England, where "everyone has become migrants and are trying to escape to the 'New World.'" The team originally viewed their concept as futuristically out of this world, yet after Brexit and it's eminent repercussions, the idea is not as…


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OP-ED: My journey as an indie young Black female sci-fi filmmaker

Some of the films I love include, The Green Mile, Equilibrium, The Matrix, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Photographing Fairies and TV series, In The Flesh.

These films are very different in their own right. However, what has always inspired me with the intelligent, Fantasy/Sci­fi/Horror genre, is the use of current/past issues within society and creating a brand new environment/setting to tell the story. It’s akin to the grotesque in fairy tales,…


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FEATURE: Fine artist Christie Neptune shares visually captivating and thought-provoking commentary on the African American experience in new show 'She fell from Normalcy'

In this beautifully crafted and much needed commentary by D.C.-based artist Christie Neptune, the experiences 'of color' are put into a chilling perspective. While countering the 'hegemonic system' of whiteness, Neptune works to redefine individualism; a concept that is proven one of deep contemplation in terms of race, gender, and class. 'She fell from Normalcy' is the third and final installation of her multi-media series 'Eye of the Storm', and this particular project…


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FEATURE: Video series, "Heroes of color", gives us the history lessons we should've received

Though society is under construction, the education system seems to be falling a bit behind- especially in it's focus on the experiences of those "of color". In David Heredia's animated web series- "Heroes of color"- though, viewers are offered a clear history of the excluded experiences. Focusing primarily on the stories of Black, Native…


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FEATURE: Chilling short film by Savanah Leaf, 'F Word' offers truthful glimpse into the realities of adolescents in single-parent homes

'I can't go my whole life without addressing half of me, or at least half of my DNA'. This new film by London-based filmmaker Savanah Leaf, may be one of the most accurately raw interpretations of life as a single-parented child to take the screen. 'F Word' investigates the reality of a young black woman, Nicole(Savanna Small), and her struggle to address her absent father. The emotionally reflective journey…


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AFROPUNK Presents Race Music in Paris: 'What happened, Miss Simone?' film screening + Music May 18

Bonjour Paris! We're back on May 18 for a screening of 'What happened, Miss Simone?', an incredible documentary about the powerful Nina Simone!

Rendez-vous le Mercredi 18 Mai à 19h à La Manufacture 111! (19, Boulevard Davout, 75020 Paris)

Les 35 premieres personnes qui RSVP et reçoivent une confirmation cette semaine pourront assister à la projection:



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AFROPUNK Presents Race Music in Paris: 'Mr. Dynamite' film screening + DJ Set April 20

IN FRENCH (scroll down for text in English): Paris! Le deuxième événement de notre série Race Music aura lieu le Mercredi 20 Avril 2016 au Comptoir Général!

Les 30 premières personnes qui ont RSVP nous rejoindront pour la projection du film incroyable 'Mr. Dynamite: The Rise Of James Brown' à 19h.

Puis nous vous invitons tous (même ceux qui n'assistent pas à la projection) à nous rejoindre après le film pour danser sur un DJ set de DavJazz!…


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NEW MUSIC: Open Mike Eagle and Paul White's 'Hella Personal Film Festival' Is A Goddamn Masterpiece #SoundCheck

At this point, I greet every Open Mike Eagle Record as a holiday. Clear the schedule (or at least find an hour or two to turn the phone off and close my e-mail tabs) and listen with headphones and sink in to Eagles strange universe. On an impressive run starting with 2012's 4NML HSPTL, each new release from the self-proclaimed art-rapper has set the bar higher; offering a new banquet of boundary-pushing sounds, insightful juxtapositions, and choice lines. “Rap music has ruined me /… Continue

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AFROPUNK Presents Race Music in Paris: film screening + Michael Kiwanuka Live on March 22

IN FRENCH (scroll down for text in English): Annoncée la semaine dernière, la première édition parisienne de AFROPUNK Presents Race Music le 22 mars à la Maroquinerie est déjà un succès: les places pour la projection du documentaire inédit en France …


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AFROPUNK Presents Race Music in Paris: film screenings & after-parties starting March 22

UPDATE: Billets disponibles ici pour le showcase de Michael Kiwanuka:

IN FRENCH (scroll down for text in English): Annoncée la semaine dernière, la première édition parisienne de AFROPUNK…


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Physics- Poetry Film

Physics from bok kunda on Vimeo.

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