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NEWS: Stevie Wonder announces North American tour

Legendary musician, Stevie Wonder, has announced that he will embark on a tour of over ten North American cities. The tour which will be named 'Songs in the Key of Life Performance' will be produced and promoted by Live Nation, and will feature music from the singer's classic album, 'Songs in the Key of Life'. Tickets will be on sale from Monday 22nd September via and the Live Nation Mobile…


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FEATURE: Catch 'What Are You Doing Here?' Author Laina Dawes @ AFROPUNK Fest!

In case you haven't heard the news: Laina Dawes, author of What Are You Doing Here?: A Black Woman's Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal, will be at AFROPUNK Fest this weekend signing her book.

Here's the press release from her publisher Bazillion Points Books: "Greenlight Bookstore and Bazillion Points Books present renowned music journalist Laina Dawes signing…


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FEATURE: Africa Is The Future's New Project Spoofs 'LIFE' Magazine Covers

You may have heard of Africa is The Future, the movement launched in 2004 by Nicolas Premier and Patrick Ayamam "to challenge mainstream media’s representation of Africa and more generally of the World". Their T-shirts and hoodies made a big buzz a few years ago.

Their new project imagines Africa as the first world power…


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Just Clearing My Head

Are you staying true to the dream of the adolescent you?

Are you doing the things you always wanted to do? 

Are you able to shut off life around you and do silly things by yourself like you use to just because you wanted to?

The other day I was in the elevator with a kid no more than 4 years old 

He was singing and dancing in circles around his mother to a song that he probably made up in his head because the…


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FEATURE: Jocelyn Ellis Creates Conceptual Masterpiece with 'Life Of A Hologram'

In 2012, Jocelyn Ellis (lead singer of Jocelyn Ellis & The Alpha Theory) set up an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for her album Life of a Hologram, which is a conceptual project based on a hologram’s life in 4013. Having raised most of her $5,000 target, debut solo album Life Of A Hologram was released in the winter of 2013.

By Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK Contributor *…


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Ester Rada and all that glorious jazz

Badass ethio-soul singer Ester Rada combines an earthy, soulful sound with classic jazz. This month, the beauty (Israeli by way of Ethiopia) released her self titled album. Bold brass instruments collide with Ester’s honey sweet vocals to create some super smooth, easy listening for your enjoyment.

Leading track “Monsters” has an upbeat, swing feel whilst “Sorries” dips its toe into the reggae realm. It’s all very illuminating and never ever downbeat. This album is the…


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Stream/Download: Amber Mimz is living 'The Life Of Riley'

D.C native Amber Mimz offers her complete self in the medium of her album, The Life Of Riley. I say that not only because of the emotional outpouring of Amber’s soul on the project, but also because of the fact that everything on The Life Of Riley has been crafted by Amber. From writing the songs, to singing them and even producing (and co-producing) the dreamy beats, thus ensuring that her message is being conveyed accurately.…


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L.I.A. #8 - Spring Call for Violence Against Women



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Hardcore from Paris! As They Burn's newest album Will, Love, Life will straight up kick your ass. #SoundCheck

Parisian deathcore band As They Burn's latest record Will, Love, Life is a punishing piece of hardcore. The band marries quasi-progressive song structures to tried-and-true hardcore pummeling for a sound that owes a little bit to extreme metal luminaries Meshuggah. The band's first for Victory Records is less melodic than previous efforts (the lead guitar bits and occasional crooning of Aeon's War are all but gone) but the band's ability to completely kick your…


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L.I.A. #7 – Die-Hard Award Winners!!!



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Stream: Talib Kweli - "Art Imitates Life" feat. Black Thought & Rah Digga

Digging the new Talib Kweli/Black Thought/Rah Digga collab 'Art Imitates Life'? Look out for Kweli's upcoming LP 'Prisoner Of Conscious'.…


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L.I.A. #6 - Sandy Wrap-ups for 2K12!!!


L.I.A. #6 – Sandy Wrap-ups for 2K12!!!


AL Bey

Author of Tainted Saint: The Autobiography of D-Rock SOUL-Jah

Owner, Tribal Metal Spear-it Publishing, LLC (TMSP)…


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Post-Hardcore Band Life After Me Breaks Down The Creative Process - Interview

Life After Me is a Post-Hardcore group with members split from New Jersey and Delaware. The talented young band independently released its first album, 'Existence', in 2009 and followed up with its first EP, 'Where The Ocean Ends', last year. Lead guitarist Matt Ryan and vocalist Brandon Potter gave an exclusive interview to Afro-Punk about touring, songwriting, and the future of the band.

Contributor:… Continue

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Life in Technicolor: Meet Slim aka Tat2Slim

Continuing the photo essays, "Life in Technicolor," by photographer, Ijeoma D. Iheanacho's, this week she featured Afro-punk community member, Slim, other wise known as Tat2slim.  Slim, a tattoo artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York is an avid AP supporter and could be spotted at the 2010 Afro-punk festival promoting the local tattoo studio he works at in Fort Greene.  Find out what makes him a rebel, why he supports Afro-punk, and his one wish for the… Continue

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Life in Technicolor: Meet the Yogi, Khay

Model, DJ, yogi, and long time Afro-punk supporter, Khay, makes everything she puts her hands on look flawless- with her undeniable beauty and effortless fashion.  Continuing New York photographer, Ijeoma Iheanacho's photo essays of everyday people who identify with the AP community, this week she featured Khay, a 20-something fashionista and world traveler, who lives, parties, and works in the budding Brooklyn hipster… Continue

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Life in Technicolor: Meet Moe

Meet Moe.  An avid Afro-punk supporter, Moe comes out to almost all of our events, volunteer functions, and almost always shows up with a smile.  As part of New York photographer, Ijeoma D. Iheanacho's, photo essay for Afro-punk, "Living Life in Technicolor," Ijeoma wanted to feature normal people who identified with the AP community for Black History Month and reveal their personalities beyond just their faces and… Continue

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If You Don't Know Now You Know: Life After Me

Watchu know about Life After Me, huh? From the minute lead singer Brandon Potter opens his mouth, you can tell these guys have a lot of potential and are very serious about their music. Their self released EP 'Where The Ocean Ends' (available on iTunes) is a proof of that, and so is their 'Anchor' video shot by one of their friends at night in Normandy Beach, New Jersey. Talk about DIY! Going from experimental… Continue

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Who am I

Lately I have been feeling like I just don't fit in. I started my life as the only "black kid in school" thanks to the NYC school busing program. After leaving NYC, I joined the Coast Guard and moved to Washington State. I thought I could be a republican but dropped that idea after all the Obama hating and I'm way to much of a freak in bed to be a conservative, but wait there's more!

1. I work for the Government (a.k.a the man)

2. My body is filled with tattoos (some are… Continue

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True Life: I'm unhappy with my small breasts.

True Life is having a marathon right now. It's still a somewhat good series.

This one, about women and girls unhappy with their small breasts and wanting bigger breasts but not wanting the surgery is hard to watch. Most of these people are in lines of work- dancing, mostly- that have a heavy idealized body type. And they are also around nothing but titties behemoths. I wonder why that always happens? This one really pretty black girl's MOTHER teases her about her small breasts. Even… Continue

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