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Nigerian artist Ayo Filade creates stunning hyperrealistic drawings with just pastels, pencil and paper

The world is an amazing place and the artists within it make it worth living in. Depicting beauty, and thereby deciding what gets to be called beautiful, is one of the few reasons why artists hold a special power. Ayo Filade is using his superpower to create hyperrealistic drawings that look like they’re one breath away from joining us in the three dimensional world. The Nigerian artist just closed his exhibition entitled “Insanity” at Omenka Gallery in Lagos, and hopefully…


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Peep Mega Woman, the fierce leading lady of Godhood comics’ forthcoming issue

Atlanta comic publishing company Godhood is taking over for the 99 and 200 with new leading lady Mega Woman. Their mission is to diversify characters and stories so that they are relatable to people of all colors, background, and creed. Their aspirations are to inspire acceptance and tolerance through complex character development is exactly what the comic and greater entertainment world need, rather than empty promises and attempts at diversity. Mega Woman is a comic about…


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Say hello to “Keleshe,” Runway Curl’s doll with kinky curls and all the #BlackGirlMagic

Move over Barbie! Entrepreneur Mushiya Tshikuka created a doll for the youngins with natural hair and lots of spunk with her “Keleshe” doll. With the fight for representation coming in many different forms, Tshikuka thought it necessary and proper to have a doll for the curly-headed cutie pies, so they can learn to love the way they look and the way their hair naturally grows out of their heads. Since the holiday season is right around the corner, consider copping this for the… Continue

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Illustrator Goblin Hams is a wizard with the digital illustrations

Goblin Hams is going ham with the digital illustrations, folks. The concept artist and illustrator, given name Paul Davey, is drawing Black women in the most glorious, fantastical depictions he can muster and I AM HERE FOR IT. Black folks in cartoons and comics ain’t nothing new, but I’ll be damned if it ever gets old. Spoiler alert: the drawings are FIRE, the women are POWERFUL, and there are even EMOJIS. Get your entire life and support this young man, because he’s doing…


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Nigerian hyperrealism visual artist Arinze Stanley breathes life on to the page

The most unbelievable things are often the things that happen in the real world and Arinze Stanley’s art defies what should be possible with pencil and paper. In his series of hyperrealistic drawings, he breathes life on to the page, using the shadow and depth to make it seem like they’re alive and in 3D. There’s not much else I can say about the sheer brilliance and talent required to make these masterpieces, so just enjoy them and support Arinze via… Continue

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Street artist Neequaye Dreph Dsane blackening London streets with his larger than life graffiti

Celebrating the beauty of Blackness is always the move and street artist Neequaye Dreph Dsane is about this life. In his home of London, he’s adorning as many walls as with Black faces as humanly possible. Peep these amazing works of art below and more via his Instagram!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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21-year old illustrator is killing the game with her digital paintings

Age ain’t nothing but a number in the art game and Lavanda Ladd is a perfect example that talent can come at any age. This 21-year old New York native is still a student at Rochester Institute of Technology but she’s showing some serious skill in the illustration department. Check out an eclectic assortment of her work below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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Evolution of the Black Superhero: From the Racist Stereotypes In The Early Days to Luke Cage

For the last 10 years, we've been flooded with superhero films. Every time we open our browsers, a new, obscure comic book hero has been given a movie deal. Ant-Man gets his time in the spotlight and Spider-Man gets yet another reboot but how many Black superheroes can you name? Blade? Spawn? The original Green Lantern? In this non-stop current of masked crusaders, why aren't there more heroes to represent minorities?

Netflix has answered the call with their…


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Bestselling Afrofuturisum comic launches Kickstarter to get to print!

Nothing better than well-researched and historically-based fiction and for those of us that love comics, we’re in luck! The series born out of five years of research conducted by creator Paul Louise-Julie, including time spent living and learning on the continent where he studied pre-colonial Ancient Civilizations and Empires, is being put to use in his comics The Pack and Yohance, and they’re headed to print, but only with your help! Let’s help this amazing comic take the…


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Korean graffiti artist celebrates Black women’s power and beauty in mural series

Graffiti has long been about the expression of people, places, and things that get overlooked. Graffiti artists take pride in the history of uplifting things that would otherwise go unnoticed and Royal Dog of Seoul is no different. In a recent trip to the states, he made an effort to celebrate Black womanhood. In ever mural he painted, it showed Black women and girls in Korean garb, celebrating cross-cultural inspiration. Check out his work below and via…


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Nothing but #BlackGirlMagic in @artwerkbyjus’ digital portrait series

Celebrating Black beauty is even more important now that white supremacy is rearing its head more publicly than it has in the past 3 decades. In every shade, hue, tone, style, and vibe known to woman, Justin Moore is celebrating the lovely ladies on the web and in his home, London. Peep his amazing work and support him with a like or five on his Instagram.

By T. McLendon,…


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Painter Paul Lewin’s new exhibition opens today at the Betti Ono Gallery in Oakland

Jamaican born visual artist Paul Lewin is a phenom. His style of painting is both primal and pristine, focusing on storytelling through his artwork in ways that Western art rarely accomplishes with the same level of earnest passion. Inspired by his father, a griot in his own right, and the graffiti and science fiction of his childhood, he uses these influences to create portraiture and scenes with the utmost intimacy and attention to detail. Recently, his collection was…


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Watch the orixas create the universe in teaser for new Brazilian animated stop-motion film

Origin stories are some of the most interesting pieces of folklore in the human collective imagination. Learning and sharing our theories on who and from where we were created is as much a part of your journey as a species as our bodies. In Òrun Aiyê, directed by Jamile Coelho and written by Cintia Maria, is a stop-motion animated film that tells the candomble origin story, complete with orixas Olodumare, Orunmila, Oxala, Oduduwa, Nana, and Exu. The film not only explores…


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London based illustrator draws Morgan Freeman, Bill Gates, and more in art series!

Larvi Morgades is killing the illustration game in this new series! With portraits of Morgan Freeman, Bill Gates, and John Travolta, and plenty of other comic characters and superheroes in his portfolio, Larvi can’t lose! The artist is based in London, by way of Equatorial Guinea, and his aesthetic is putting on for the continent! Peep the illustrations below!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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Illustrator Sanina K. Reid is centering ethnic women in her art and the outcome is magical

Sanina K. Reid loves and is inspired by the beauty of women of color and it shows. Her work reminds me of Steven Universe, another outlet celebrating the strength, power, and brilliance of femininity. The art below is a combination of illustration and ingenuity, and it’s clear that Sanina is an artist on the rise. Enjoy her work here and check back in on her blog for new art soon!

By T. McLendon, AFROPUNK…


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Model Winnie Harlow is the inspiration for this futuristic Silver & Gold illustration series by Kenal Louis

Kenal Louis has found his calling the afrofuturistic digital painting world. After a brief hiatus following his Royal Art Series, Kenal is back to the digital canvas and is making it clear that he’s been spending that time perfecting his craft. Using Winnie Harlow as his muse, he’s returned with a series of portraits of the standout model in his new series “Silver & Gold.” Winnie made headlines and magazine covers alike after she was discovered by America’s Next Top… Continue

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Brazilian digital artist fills her spunky illustrations with #BlackGirlMagic

Eloi Artes is snatching edges with her drawings of popping, cartoon-esque women. From sea witches to activists to artists like Abra, Eloi’s quirky illustrations and unique style is such a breath of fresh air in the digital art space and the young Brazilian talent is sure to make some serious waves on the interwebs soon. Til then, enjoy her work and support on Tumblr &…


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20 year old Polish illustrator draws the fiercest fashionistas in this drawing series

It’s not everyday that you hear of a Polish woman making waves in just about anything, but this illustrator is making waves on the web with her drawings of the flyest fashion forward cartoons around. In her illustrations, Natalia Madej shows her artistic prowess, depicting young women of color in the latest trends in urban and streetwear. Peep her art below and show her some love via Instagram! …


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Designer Manzel Bowman combines photography and digital painting to create stunning collages

Collage art is one of the most difficult art forms to master and is tragically underrated. Manzel Bowman is making sure that this genre of visual art is never out of the public eye with his mixed media creations. In the series he’s displayed via Instagram, he merges photography, digital painting, and a boatload of creativity to transform ordinary objects and images into brilliant works of art. Peep his work… Continue

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Five queer af comics starring Black and Brown women

Yo, I can’t lie, sometimes being a queer woman or femme of color just sucks. Between the mix of racism + misogyny + queerphobia that’s served up with intersecting identities like some kind of twisted jackpot, the struggle to find other people like you, and then the impossibility of being able to just take a break with some comics without the intrusion of heteronormativity, male gaze, and whiteness? I mean Bast knows how we made it this far.

Thanks to the…


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