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FEATURE: Mokshini weekly fashion illustration from AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2016

Here is this week's Mokshini fashion illustration. Introducing Akua Shabaka, the designer and budding fashion icon (@shabakaaa).

By Nadeesha Godamunne, AFROPUNK Contributor

* Nadeesha Godamunne is a fashion illustrator from New Zealand now residing in Brooklyn, New York - and the creator of fashion illustration blog…


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Royal Art Series: Visual Artist & Illustrator Kenal Louis Immortalizes Black Celebs In Futuristic Portraits

Afrofuturism is alive and well in the internet age, thanks in part to digital illustrators and visual artists like Kenal Louis. In his Royal Art Series, he takes the celebrities we know and love and paints them against the backdrop of the galaxy. From Willow Smith and FKA Twigs, to Kevin Hart & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he highlights the golden and bronze in each subject’s skin tone and surrounds with symbols that reflect their work. Be on the lookout for more…


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16-year-old Johannesburg-based digital artist Tasia wows with diverse character illustrations

Believe it or not, but Johannesburg-based South African illustrator Tasia is only 16-years-old. A digital portrait artist and visual storyteller in her own right, Tasia creates stunning and diverse digital portraits; many original and custom, and so inspired by fiction, fashion, and history. What I love about Tasia’s work the most is how delicate her renderings appear, as if they’re paintings, and her attention to lighting, which is quite striking. Scroll down to…


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(H)afrocentric: The Comic - Kwame Toes The Line of Wokeness

Written by Smith with art by Ronald Nelson, (H)afrocentric is the on-going series follows radical Black feminist, Naima Pepper. In this particular strip, we see Kwame, a student of numerology, Kemetic history and supreme mathematics, balancing the "woke" qualities he purports and the mainstream tendencies of the times. While he breaks down toxic masculine stereotypes by stating that he's secure enough to cuddle, he explains that his mixtape is available and the…


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FEATURE:Atlanta-based contemporary artist Kyeoshin explores life, death, and destiny through African heritage-inspired paintings

Kyeoshin is an Atlanta-based contemporary acrylic artist who, through her work, explores modern cultural themes by translating them into eye-catching paintings inspired by African ancestry and heritage. Often times Kyeoshin’s vibrant pieces present complex, metaphysical questions dealing with life, death, destiny, and consciousness. Keyoshin work has been featured by Microsoft, Creative Loafing, and A3C. See some of her pieces down below!…


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AFROPUNK contributor Mokshini returns with brand new weekly installments of her incredible fashion illustrations from AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2016

Fashion illustrator and long-time AFROPUNK contributor Mokshini checks in with brand new weekly installments of her incredible illustrations of AFROPUNK Brooklyn festival-gooers! Check it out down below and stop by next week for all new illustrations.

Pictured: Trae Harris - @gypsybruja…


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FEATURE: UK-based Angolan visual artist PeDraw creates uber-imaginative & afro-futurist digital illustrations

Inspired by ancient history and fiction, UK-based Angolan illustrator PeDraw (Pedro Gomes) creates these majorly impressive digital character illustrations. In one way or another, most of his work make subtle references to African culture, heritage and history through depictions of ancient iconography, often presented through an afro-futurist lens. Gomes has also drawn some of the most prolific Black American Civil Right’s figures, like Rosa Parks and Malcolm X. Scroll down…


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FEATURE: Indiana-based illustrator Dani Renaé aims to inspire other up-and-coming creatives with dream-like artwork

Born the daughter of a truck driver, 18-year-old Kokomo, Indiana-based illustrator Dani Renaé spent much of her childhood traveling the country with her family and needing to find ways to entertain herself. “Due to my circumstances, I was narrowed down to keeping myself entertained with pencil, paper and a VHS tape of OZ. As a child of a truck driver, my imagination was indispensable, and my experiences were my canvas.” Dani’s illustrations included digital glitch…


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Kalamazoo-based digital artist Art of Mervin shares imaginative new character illustrations + #Niobe4Cover submission

Check out new work from Mervin Kaunda, a Kalamazoo, MI-based visual artist who specializes in digital illustration. His renderings are delightfully detailed, playful and imaginative. Kaunda’s interest in sci-fi, graphic novels, fiction, tv, etc., clearly influence the pieces that he creates, regularly blending historical references with the futuristic and turning Amandla Stenberg into an elf for her #niobe4cover contest. See his work down below!…


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‘Skank’ comic book co-creator Bobby Joseph returns with black cop graphic novel project ‘Scotland Yardie’

Best known for his cult publication, Britain’s first satirical black culture comic book ‘Skank’, Bobby Joseph has recently collaborated with illustrator Joseph Samuels for a new graphic novel project called ‘Scotland Yardie’. The project follows an aggressive, drug-abusing, “Jamacian-styled” cop, out in the streets, doing whatever it takes to enforce his screwed up sense of justice. ‘Scotland Yardie’ comes out Oct. 6 via Knockabout Comics, and you can pre-order it…


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FEATURE: Instagram naturals, models, and make-up mavens get immortalized with gorgeous illustrations by @katyaaaar

Loving the crap out of these gorgeous illustrations of natural haired black babes and men folk by Russian artist @katyaaaar. To paraphrase the artist, Katya gets inspiration from creeping on beauties on Instagram and through submissions. A visual feast, Katya’s illustrations immortalize beauty trends (peep the luminous highlight), boost representation of black and brown girls and show off the artist’s unreal talents working with a medium, that looks a lot like,…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Prague-based artist and dancer Kristián Mensa shares lighthearted, mixed-media illustrations

Kristián Mensa is a Prague-based artist and illustrator and dancer. The multi-talented creative publishes work under the banner of World by Kriss where Mensa uses commonplace items to create humorous, mixed-media illustrations. These playful illustrations poke fun at everything from pop culture to politics to the plain silly. When he’s not drawing, Mensa flexes his creative muscle through breakdancing. See him bust a move at a London dance contest, down below.…


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FEATURE: Artists flex their skills in 17-year-old Autumn Massaquo’s #StyleChallenge

Okay, but who doesn’t love a viral trend that shows off black excellence? The #StyleChallenge hashtag, created by 17-year-old Autumn Massaquo, a student from London. After her version of the challenge, where the artist sketched stylisticlly different versions of cartoon illustration next to her own, went viral, it didn’t take long for others to…


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FEATURE: Fictional undergrad Naima Pepper navigates contradictions of allyship in the humorous (H)afrocentric: The Comic

Here is our first installment of Juliana “Jewels” Smith's (H)afrocentric: The Comic strip. Written by Smith with art by Ronald Nelson, the on-going series follows radical Black feminist, Naima Pepper "(who has a White mama)" as she navigates undergraduate life at PWI Ronald Reagan University and deals with the contradictions of her own allyship and activism. For summer 16, look for a new (H)afrocentric comic strip every Monday on Afro Punk. Connect on…


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FEATURE: Lawrence Lindell Studio uses quirky illustrations for pro-black representation

Lawrence Lindell Studio is a pro-black artist and illustrator using his imagination and creativity to create technicolor drawings that re-affirm black existence, allude to the diaspora, and create visual representation for black identities. Lindell publishes his artwork as stand alone pieces which go on to be part of his printed booklets (think zine-sized). If you'd like to support the project, you can do so on …


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FEATURE: Denise Silva spreads empowering intersectional messages with Denisenhando project

Denisenhando is an on-going illustration project by industrial design student Denise Silva. Silva uses pastel illustrations featuring diverse depictions of people of color paired with empowering quotes by prolific intersectional writers and thinkers, like Audre Lorde.…


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Feature: Afrocentric and unapologetically bold illustrations by artist Iz Sanders give a fresh new look to cultural reclamation

Iz Sanders, the 22 year old cartoon artist from Texas, provides a provoking platform for a much needed cultural commentary. At first glance, the bright illustrations fall directly into the modern pop culture aesthetic- approaching it’s audience in a strikingly provocative way. Yet, as one delves deeper into the individual content, the activism begins to speak for itself. Each illustration works to dismantle a different level of stereotype- by recognizing it, embracing it,…


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The visual storyteller that goes by the name, Helena Banks is nothing short from leading-edge. She’s a Richmond, CA native currently creating in Washington, DC. From her imagination, she concocts her own animated world and brings it to life through her artistry. She describes her work as “A visual or physical manifestation of my own reality.” Her current project Little Monster House is not only ingenious but mysteriously intriguing. Here she talks with SHANISUNDAZE…


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FEATURE: Paraná-based graffiti artist @cafegraffiti depicts Afrocentric heritage, culture, and diasporic identities

Cafe the graffiti artist aka @cafegraffiti is a theology student and visual artist based inParaná Brazil, known for his expressionist, representational public graffiti. Many of his pieces call back to Afrocentric heritage and culture and the diasporic experience, from the perspective of an Afro-Brazilian. At the same time, Cafe plays with mystical imagery and recurring themes of looking forward and enlightenment. See some of his work, below.…


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FEATURE: 16-year-old West Indian artist Lunaaltare wows with stunning digital illustrations

Lunaaltare (aka Jackie) is a digital art and illustrator who makes highly stylized renderings of her favorite celebrities and fictional characters. The West Indian creative is just 16-years-old and is still experimenting with her style, even still, her work definitely makes an impression throughout saturated online communities around the tumblr-sphere. Check…


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