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FEATURE: Check out these pop art-inspired illustrations from Angola, Luanda-based visual artist Kwanhama Art

Mandume Domingos, aka Kwanhama Art is a visual artist and designer from Angola, Luanda. His digital illustrations are done beautifully in a pop art style and often depict portraits or couples. His other pictures, which are a little more abstract, harken back to ancient and art historical images of the female form: think The Venus of Willendorf. Check them out down below.…


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FEATURE: Visual artist Derin Fletcher celebrates black female artists and inspirational figures with portraits and prints

Check out some of the inspirational, pro-black, pro-female portraits and mixed media prints from SCAD alum and fine artist Derin Fletcher. Down below you’ll find a hodge-podge of pieces from Derin’s portfolio, including some prints from her civil rights themed series ‘Ego Trip’ (my personal favorites) and portraits of black women and artists that they admire. Go on, take a scroll.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: Toronto-based visual artist blckgold turns 2D sketches into movie-ready 3D models

blckgold (aka Simon ‘Sy’ Blake) is an outrageously talented illustrator/animator/3D and 2D designer based in Toronto, who is killing every creative avenue he specializes in. But today I want to highlight his impressive 3D character models of artist and collaborator Gyimah Gariba’s 2D illustrations. His miniature renderings are so well executed and crafted, they’re basically feature film ready. These original characters exude uncanny personality thanks to Gariba’s…


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FEATURE: Check out L.A.-based artist Kitamu Latham Sampier’s playful character illustrations

Check out a few illustrations from SCAD alum and L.A.-based illustrator Kitamu Latham Sampier. Sampier’s playfulness permeates each of her characters, from the mischievous glint on Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ eyes to her whimsical pixies and warriors. Strawberry Shortcake-inspired pixie. Even though her illustrations are not realism, Sampier still pays attention to those elements by adding realistic character, like giving the buxom character down below subtly…


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FEATURE: Cal State L.A. hosts 3-day celebration of femmes in sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book genres for Eagle-Con 2016

California State University Los Angeles is honoring creative femmes in sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book genres at Eagle-Con 2016 - “Pushing Boundaries: Gender, Identity, Expression”. The three-day event (May 12-14) will focus on the importance of diversity in these genres, not only from femme-identified-individuals, but LGBTQIA folx, the differently-abled, and people of all ages. Over those three days, attendees will be able to attend…


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FEATURE: Check out Vortex Comics Nigerian superheroes series Wrath House

Wrath House is a comic series by Lagos-based Vortex comics, which produces graphic series’ and cartoons with roots in pan-African culture. The series follows a group of revolutionary rebels who are leading the charge against an oppressive political state. Wrath House takes place sometime in the distant future, but is steeped in historical events and ancient cultures. You can check out issues …


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FEATURE: Nigerian-born Roye Okupe gears up to release Part Two of his African superhero comic, EXO: The Legend of Wale Williams.

A few months back we featured Part One of Nigerian-born writer and creator Roye Okupe’s, ‘EXO: The Legend of Wale Williams,’ a sci-fi superhero story set in 2025 Africa. The comic…


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FEATURE: Meet Ariell R. Johnson, owner of the East Coast's first black female-owned comics and coffee shop

Photo by Charles Fox for

"I got the idea for the shop about 12 years ago, when I was still attending Temple University. My favorite coffee shop was directly across the street from my comic book store of choice. So, each Friday, I would buy my books at Fat Jack’s, go across the street to Crimson Moon, and read everything I bought," Ariell R. Johnson, owner of…


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FEATURE: Nigerian Comic Book Artist Roye Okupe Releases His Graphic Novel, 'EXO: The Legend of Wale Williams'

It's finally out! Earlier this year, we wrote about forthcoming graphic novel 'EXO: The Legend of Wale Williams' - Nigerian born artist Roye Okupe's superhero tale - and now it's finally been released. The comic (set in the year 2025, in the fictional Nigerian city of Lagoon) centers on a…


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FEATURE: The Second Installment Of Graphic Novel Series 'The Pack' - 'Brothers Out Of Bond'

Check out these images from the second issue of 'The Pack', 'Brothers Out Of Bond'. 'The Pack' is a new graphic novel series, created by artist Paul Louise-Julie, that follows a motley crew of Egyptians and Nubian Werewolves as they travel through a fantasy version of Ancient Africa.…


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FEATURE: Marvel Courting Ava DuVernay for long awaited Black Panther Movie?

Selma director Ava DuVernay is reportedly in the running to direct Marvel's upcoming Black Panther movie. The company, intent on hiring an African-American director for the project, has (according to insiders) been courting DuVernay for the project; also eyeing her for the super heroine led project 'Captain America'. Her hiring would…


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BLACK AND NERDY: 5 Reasons Why Black Cosplay is Pretty Much the Best Thing Ever

The first time I saw a black person cosplaying, I’m not gonna lie — it blew my mind. I was only in middle school, and it hadn’t quite occurred to me that just because all of my favorite characters in my favorite comics/shows/video games were white (simply because most, if not all, of the main characters were), didn’t mean it had to stay that way. Why couldn’t Batman be black? Why couldn’t Spiderman be a black girl just like me underneath that mask? There is no good reason,…


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FEATURE: Comic Book Superhero Huff (aka Phaedra Huff)

If I was to shout Ororo Munroe, most people would immediately know who I'm talking about; but what if I was to exclaim Phaedra Huff. Well World of Black Heroes recently spotlighted the lesser-known comic book heroine (created by Yorli Huff). Check out their full bio below, plus some images of the…


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COMIC: Storm with an AFROPUNK twist - created by Shawn Alleyne and inspired by hip-hop and the #BlackLivesMatter movement

Take a look at this badass Storm, depicted by Philadelphia based artist Shawn Alleyne (one of the artists from the Street Team comic). Inspired by hip-hop, black culture, and police brutality, Alleyne's version of the comic icon is a direct response to the current civil rights issues…


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FEATURE: The narratives of Haitian comic book creator Chevelin Pierre

Take a look at the work of Haitian illustrator and comic book creator Chevelin Pierre (president of Chevelin Illustration, based in Pétion-Ville, Haiti), an artist whose work - oftentimes wordless - explores the complex relationships between men and women. Check out his stunning images below.

By Alexander…


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FEATURE: "A new ebony, lead, female character" - new Sci-Fi Comic 'Celflux'

Take a look at new Sci-Fi comic Celflux. The action-adventure comic - created by the husband and wife team of Dixie Ann Archer-McBain and Everad J. McBain Jr. - follows young priestess Okira who becomes the leader of a disjointed group of strangers, after they wake up in a remote lab with no memory of how how they got there or what happened to them. The group then seek out the answers to their questions, all while they try to evade the pursuit of a powerful group.…


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FEATURE: 'Menthu' comic book series - Ancient Egypt/ Modern L.A.'s Ultimate Action Hero

Check out 'Menthu', the comic book created by Robert Roach. The books, set in Ancient Egypt and the modern Los Angeles area, centers on a father/son narrative; following the journey of Rashan N'Shanga, who "upon learning that he has superpowers, sets out on a quest to figure out exactly what this means". The series feature Egyptian immortals, superheroes, Voodoo super-villains, angels & demons, and is currently four issues…


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FEATURE: New comic book 'Pari(s) d'Amies' - from feminist and anti-racism activist Rokhaya Diallo

Check out new comic book 'Pari(s) d'Amies' - a story about a diverse group of friends in Paris and the joys, pains, heartbreak, and racism, that they encounter. Created by activist Rokhaya Diallo (co-founder of Les Indivisibles), and with illustrations by Kim Consigny, the series centers on lead character Cassandre who returns to Paris after two years spent in the…


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FEATURE: The Almighty Street Team - How we created our own comic book/video game studio

Hello everyone! First off, I would like to say simply, “Thank You!” Since we first announced this concept of “The Street Team” years ago, the support from everyone has been explosive and humbling. Street Team Studio is the umbrella company that unites four production studios and affiliate “members”. It is a multi-media…


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FEATURE: Egyptians and Nubian Werewolves - new graphic novel series, 'The Pack'

Check out new graphic novel series, 'The Pack'! A culmination of 5 years worth of research - which saw creator and artist Paul Louise-Julie living in Africa and studying pre-colonial Ancient Civilizations and Empires - has now led to the release of the series first issue. The debut is the first of a five-part arc titled 'The Egyptian Saga', an arc centered on a motley crew of Egyptians and Nubian Werewolves as they travel through a fantasy version of Ancient Africa.…


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