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Noise Hop outfit Melanin Free attempts to drown out white supremacy

When your band in named Melanin Free, you are black and your album cover has a distorted picture of Donald Trump, you cannot expect anything more than music that is filled with absolute tension. If any band seems to have that in spades, it's Melanin Free. Once tagging a song as "white excellence", Melanin Free seeks to give us the sound of seething anger and tension that has and will build in this country. Mostly, anger and confusion inspired by caucasian…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet Peace of Food founder Letitia Richards

Peace of Food was founded by Letitia Richards in 2010 as a platform to educate and support those who are seeking holistic healing through a vegan, vegetarian, or raw lifestyle. Witnessing loved ones being affected by lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure ignited a change in Letitia. She wanted to prevent this from ever happening to her so she…


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See The New Webisodes "Those Who Walk Among Us"

See the New Webisode “Those Who Walk Among Us”.

Directed by Carla Kennedy and Rick Williams

Cast: Kamal Imani, Carla…


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FEATURE: Familiarity - Street Art in Occupied Palestine

You are a ward of a state that does not love you and will not let you forget it. A place that constantly reminds you of your inhumanity in its eyes, with allies more comfortable with you as a victim than a man.

Your life is a series of indignities, small and large. Palms to the wall, eyes level, legs spread—a demeanor that implies no sudden moves. The boot nudging apart your heels a reminder of your place. A reminder of the terrible things that are…


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OP-ED: Yoga meets the streets: yoga demo with Nityda Bhakti for Urban Edge Yoga in Little 5 Points

Hey guys, this video is a little different from my usual. Rather than instructional, this is more for entertainment, but there is a passionate message behind this video. In both my professional and personal lives, I am sincere and enthusiastic about exposing as many communities to yoga and its healing benefits as possible. I have been fortunate to work not only as an experienced, certified yoga teacher, but…


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FEATURE: North Carolina-native indie rocker Q Baby fuses hip-hop and rock

Rock/hip-hop fusion acts, that announce themselves as such, have a tendency to come off a little gimmicky. That said, North Carolina-native Q Baby is anything but. With a style of delivery that somehow seamlessly embeds itself inside hard rock instrumentals, Q Baby, a warped tour veteran, is an authentic fusion act who lets the best bits of either genre complement each other in an organic way. Check her…


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OP-ED: Yoga teacher Nityda Bhakti gives you a beginner's yoga lesson

After teaching yoga to people from all different walks of life over the past 10 years, two of the most frequent comments I hear from people about why they believe yoga is just not for them are, (1) "I'm too tight. No, for real, I'm not flexible enough to do yoga!" and (2) "I don't have enough time to do yoga."

So first off, you do not need to be super bendy, able to touch your toes, or a former gymnast to do yoga. No matter your flexibility or…


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NEW MUSIC: Listen to B. Steady's 'Jaded. dark love songs' EP

Be Steadwell's new EP entitled 'Jaded. dark love songs' is, as you might guess, a collection of "sad bastard music." Which is great, because who can't relate to the total misery and agony of dating and unrequited love or platonic "squish" feels (I see you, aromantics!).

Steadwell's authentic emotions…


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Coded Language: Words are our new shackles. We need to develop our own lexicon/language

Coded language is one of racism's most effective weapons in the psychological warfare we are faced with on a daily basis. I liken it to a bioweapon, a toxin that changes, morphs and mutates the mind. Whether we are talking about Africa/Africans or the diaspora, specific words used specifically for specific people are utilized to separate, segregate and tell the same, negative, 500 year old story ad infinitum. Whether it's when a house becomes a hut, a forest becomes a jungle, expressionist…


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Me 1, Ketchup chips 0, nuh nuh nuh na nuh na

So, I'm addicted to Ketchup chips

(if you happen to be from the US, I'm sorry that you have missed out on something incredible)

And this addiction has pushed me to walk into stores soooo many times, tempting me to buy plastic and most often times that addiction is thwarted, but sometimes.......... (see…


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The Flatbush Zombies- BetterOffDEAD Mixtape [Download]

BetterOffDEAD is the latest from Brooklyn-based Flatbush Zombies, and they brought out some heavy hitters. Download the dense yet dope tape featuring Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Harry Fraud, Obey City and MORE!…


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plastic free and (next time)organic homemade "Reese" peanut butter balls.

Yesterday I simulated Reese peanut butter cups but bite-sized-balls version. I made the chocolate a little more dark than the store bought version just to give it a kick, and I also put chunks of toffee in it. I think next time I'll make it I'll add a little bit more salt into it. I love salty/sweet chocolate.

makes about 20 large marble-ish sized balls

Inside Ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup peanut butter (or experiment with whatever nut butter you might want to…

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GIRRL RIOT: Michaela Angela Davis + Event

Tonight is our GIRRRL RIOT event with Taren Guy brought to you by AFROPUNK x Qream at Knitting Factory Brooklyn. In the spirit of GIRRRL power and empowerment, we're giving a #GIRRRLRIOT salute to image activist, former fashion editor and current fashionista Michaela…


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My Christmas Present to You

SO...I have a little present for all of you!

For a while, I have been either creatively blocked or procrastinating due to being one of many people falling victim to lofty goals. Has anyone who ever created something ever wanted to make the best frackin' thing they could ever make? Have you ever wanted to create the best thing you have ever heard? Well, it looks like I let that go and settled for just creating something good enough for me. This has helped me move on and got me back to…


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OxYmOroN frEEloAdErs EdiTIon post includes download;music video;song streaming

ThiS MY latest realease mix hope you like it ? maybe give some feedback on it helps me grow as a musican:

twitter: @PRESTEGOUS


download link for mix :


upcoming NortHweSt CollECTIvE of art music film…


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Here is a free download of our album "Retribution For The Afflicted" Pass it on to anyone you like! INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Go to our website 2 Enter this code number 88576751657100001…

Here is a free download of our album "Retribution For The Afflicted" Pass it on to anyone you like!


1) Go to our website
2 Enter this code number 88576751657100001
3) Enter this secret code 11678


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