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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominates Bad Brains for the Class of 2017

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has long been a source of divisiveness in the music community for reasons much like the Grammys, the Oscars, and all awards shows controlled by the industry--often the most deserving artists go overlooked. But this year, in a very surprising, but exciting turn of events, the legendary DC punk band Bad Brains has been nominated for the hall. The Cleveland based museum included Bad Brains in the list of candidates along with names like Janet…


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Happy 90th Birthday, Chuck Berry!

Icon and father of rock and roll Chuck Berry turns 90 today! From his first single Maybellene in 1955 to now, Chuck has been on the forefront of pushing music’s boundaries. To celebrate his 90th year, he’s releasing an album in 2017 dedicated to his wife of 68 years, Themetta Berry, entitled, "Chuck"—his first album since 1979. Berry recorded "Chuck" with his longtime backing band that includes his children Charles Berry Jr. (guitar) and Ingrid Berry (harmonica), as well as…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: London fusion rock group Mangoseed pays homage to their reggae roots in “Jah Jah” video

Creating a medley of sounds from influences is a hallmark of fusion music, but none do it quite like Mangoseed. Hailing from the cultural and creative melting pot that London is, Mangoseed’s members are of Trinidadian, Jamaican, Australian and Irish descent. Meshing ska and soca, jungle and funk, rock and punk, all of it high-energy and unfailingly danceable, Mangoseed has been releasing their unique brand of fusion since 2014. In newest video for the Sam Dyson produced…


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Explore London’s dreadlock subculture and the creatives rocking them in new short documentary “London Locks”. Watch:

The relationship between a Black person and their hair is a special one. Trends, in hair or otherwise, are cyclical in nature and at present, a revitalization of the natural hair movement is being seen on an international scale. “London Locks” is a short documentary directed by Aaron Christian about the rising subculture of locks throughout the city of London. Christian says, The film follows six individuals whom are pioneering a change in the way young black men and women…


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BOOK: Black author & activist Dr. Tamara Pizzoli combats negative imagery of Blackness with spunky new illustrated book 'Tallulah the Tooth Fairy, CEO'

As a child, every time my tooth started to wiggle, I couldn’t wait for the tooth fairy to pay me a visit. The story of the tooth fairy was such a lovely accompaniment to the frightening prospect of losing a tooth. Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, the author of new book ‘Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO’ is bringing our favorite fairytale into the 21st century in a partnership with Rome-based Italian publishing house The English Schoolhouse. The book's main character is Tallulah, the founder…


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FEATURE: Young Rockers From Johannesburg Form Punk Band, TCIYF

Johannesburg is brewing with the types of protest and energy that makes for a hotbed for alternative Black expression. TCIYF is a product of Soweto, the storied township in Joburg, and their music is chock-full of passion and grit of their surroundings. The band came together out of the Skate Society Soweto fam, a common accompaniment to the sounds and style of the punk aesthetic. Primarily inspired by metal bands like Black Sabbath and Slayer, the sounds are youthful and… Continue

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Rock & Roll Band The Tulips Are #BlackGirlMagic

Atlanta-based fusion indie rock band The Tulips is bring all the #BlackGirlMagic in their tunes. When they're not back rapper Diamond, they're making waves in Atlanta's vibrant indie music scene. In the video below, they open up a Paperboy Studios set with an edgy, intensified cover of Beyonce’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” Their own biography states, “The Tulips is an all girl fusion rock band that came together to represent for chocolate women. The Tulips bring energy and…


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Danny Brown Drops Monster Track "Really Doe" With Kendrick Lamar, Ab Soul & Earl Sweatshirt

After Danny Brown’s hiatus of almost 3 years, he’s back with some undeniable heat. Joined by his peers Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Earl Sweatshirt, “Really Doe” is the perfect comeback track. If this song is any indication as to how the rest of the upcoming album, then it’s sure to be a strong return for every rocker’s favorite rapper. “Really Doe” is available for streaming below and Atrocity Exhibition will be available for purchase and streaming on September…


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NEW MUSIC: LA-Based Blues Duo Music Bones Releases Groovy Single “Do It Anyway”

Music Bones is back with their powerful new single “Do It Anyway,” a song about pushing past your limits, looking fears in the face and doing what you have to do anyway. “Work yourself up, count yourself down. Breathe quiet in, spit fire out,” sings Sara Haile-Mariam over the grooves of the bluesy, dense guitar of Mike Sutjipto. This uptempo groove is a perfect end to a long week and a great start to the weekend. Enjoy streaming below.…


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BOOK: "Why did rock & roll become 'white'?" - Rock & Roll and the Racial Imaginary

How exactly did Rock & Roll, the creative offspring of a black man named Chuck Berry, become whitewashed in the span of a decade? That is the equation that drove Jack Hamilton, a professor at the University of Virginia and Slate music critic, to write his new book Just Around Midnight. In an interview with Pitchfork, Hamilton asks, “Why do we ensconce this band in the genre of rock music? You hear them on classic rock stations all the time in the 21st…


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BLACK VEGANS ROCK: American expat Sea Sharp pairs activist profession with low income, but flexible, planet-based diet

Sea Sharp is an American poet of color who immigrated to England in 2012 as an alleged "refugee of Kansas." Sharp is a self-taught hula hoop dancer with tattoos, piercings, and semi-freeform locs.

As a Kansas State University graduate with qualifications in Creative Writing, Literature, Theatre, and Women's Studies, Sharp is a Pushcart Prize nominee, winner of the Prairie Seed Poetry Prize 2015/16 (judged by Debra Marquart), and has upcoming or published poems…


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BLACK VEGANS ROCK: Jordan Cates aka babegloss advocates for animal rights and ethical consumption

My name is Jordan. I'm black, I'm queer, I'm a punk and I'm a vegan.

I'm also a drummer. My band is called Roadkill. We're punk and emphasize animal rights and veganism in our music.

I went vegetarian when I was 15 in 2012. I watched Paul McCartney's "If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls" video on YouTube which highlights the ethical side of vegetarianism. I went vegetarian immediately but was conscious that I wanted to go vegan because the video touched on…


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FEATURE: Body Count takes on Slayer with cover of hardcore classic "Raining Blood"

Body Count, the controversial heavy metal band fronted by Ice-T, has been making audiences virtually jump out their skin over the past 25 years. Known for it's lyrical reality checks, and intimidatingly electrifying performances, the primarily all- African American group brings heavy metal sound to a deeper, more grounded level; appealing to multiple audiences. Coming out with a new album-'Bloodlust'- in 2017, Body count shocked listeners yet again…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - diversity strategist, critical race feminist scholar, public speaker, and author, Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Amie Breeze Harper, PhD, the creator of The Sistah Vegan Project and the editor of the ground-breaking anthology, Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society, is a sought-after speaker, writer, researcher and consultant at …


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NEW EP! NEW DIRECTION... #FlintWaterCrisis

My New EP Black is now available for donation only.

ALL proceeds for "Black" will go to water relief for Flint, Michigan and other cities in need in association with Flint Water Fund (…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Get To Know Writer, Producer And BVR and Aphro-ism Founder Aph Ko

Aph Ko is a feminist activist and writer. She is the founder of Black Vegans Rock as well as the founder of Aphro-ism, a website that provides critical analysis through a black vegan feminist framework. Aph is also a contributor to …


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FEATURE: Black Punk History—Former Dead Kennedys drummer D.H. Peligro

D.H. Peligro is a multi-talented musician from St. Louis. D.H. became the Dead Kennedys second drummer early in 1981 until their 1986 breakup, appearing on four of their albums and the “In God We Trust, Inc.” EP. Two years later, D.H. got a sweet (but short lived) gig playing drums for his friends, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, until his struggles with alcoholism and substance abuse caused him to be fired. In years to come, Peligro briefly played for The Hellations, Jungle…


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FEATURE: Check out Atlanta-based punk rock band HOWLING STAR

HOWLING STAR is garage rock band, from the ATL, making some pretty hard punk music. They describe themselves as “four minds, four sounds, one band” coming together to usher in the new generation of brutal rock music—the four horse-persons of the rock-pocalypse, if you will. Formed by several members of Tragedy Called Truth, HOWLING STAR’s members have played sets all around Atlanta and continue to prove…


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