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BOOK: 'Devil's Music, Holy Rollers and Hillbillies' dispels myths to shed light on the true origins of rock #SoundCheck

By the mid 60's, rock had been so thoroughly gentrified, that a young Rick James declared himself the black Mick Jagger, despite Mick Jagger himself being just a white Chuck Berry who can't play guitar (though in fairness, Keith Richards can't play guitar either). Elvis is lionized as the King of Rock and Roll, despite the hit-making era of his career lasting barely 2 years. His crown was given by a white audience to erase the black origins of the music he played. Delving…


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NEW MUSIC: Georgia-based rock band African Americana are right on time with their killer summer jam, “Sugarcane” #SoundCheck

Taking a detour from their usual witch house and glitchier leanings, Macon, GA based African Americana's “Sugarcane” is a killer summer garage rock jam. The band keeps the synths lurking in the edges as texture beneath singer / guitarist Tommy $uperior's ode to “ice cubes and sugarcane / cause I know it gets hot in summer.” The track ends in a hazy wash of synths, for the best of both sides of the band. African Americana's stated mission is to “reclaim the white colonial…


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Amp Fiddler, Leron Thomas, Nia Andrews & more rocked New Orleans in concert series

As the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans is a city that has had the privilege of influencing music of all genres in some way. With deep rooted African, French, Spanish and Caribbean cultural footprints, it is arguably the most culturally rich city in the United States.

Since 1970, the city has hosted its New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (affectionately known as “Jazz Fest”) which has now turned into the city’s most attended festival, attracting over 400,000…


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RuPaul once fronted a punk rock band called Wee Wee Pole

Thanks to the internet, the past never dies and Unicorn Bootyrecently informed the world that icon RuPaul once fronted an Atlanta punk band by the name of Wee Wee Pole. “I was inspired by bands like The B-52’s, Wendy O. Williams (of Plasmatics), and my all-time favorite Blondie,” RuPaul said on a season 8 episode of his hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race.…


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Rock and Soul band Quantum Split, Releases An Eye Opening Classic with Their Debut Music Video "America"


   3 very artistic men and a woman full of power and presence, from New York City's Lower East Side, are a huge part of the formula for Rock and Soul band, Quantum Split. And what you hear and experience from their sound is like nothing you have seen or heard before. If this writer HAD TO choose where to put this band, just by what has been heard, They would be sharing the stage with the late and great Jimi Hendrix. 

    Made up of lead singer and…


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Willow and Jaden Smith are starting a rock band

Usually, when Jaden Smith tweets, I have no idea what is being said. It's gotten to the point where even posts that seem straightforward scare me into thinking I'm losing it, because I'm so not used to making sense of them right away. This is part of the reason why when he tweeted that he, his sister Willow and his actress girlfriend Odessa Adlon were starting a rock band, I had to confirm across multiple sources before actually believing it.…


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Meet Botswana's fearsomely vibrant heavy metal subculture, The MaRock

In recent years, the rocker subculture of Botswana has attracted a lot of international attention. ‘MaRock’, as they are popularly known, have been a part of Botswana’s cultural landscape since the 1970s.

MaRock are known for wearing elaborate outfits, sporting tassels, studs and cowboy boots and hats. Many integrate animal parts, (sculls, teeth, tufts of hide) into their regalia, adding a uniquely local twist to the local rocker mythology.

As the…


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AP EXCLUSIVE: Death frontman Bobby Hackney talks new single and the immortality of punk rock #SoundCheck

If you don't already know Death, now's a pretty good time to watch A Band Called Death. It's on Netflix. I'll wait. The proto-punk band wrote the book on punk rock in the early 70's, cutting a series of tracks for Columbia records, before the deal fell apart and the band released a few tracks on their own label. The legend of Death spent the better part of 30 years growing, while the Hackney brothers logged time in various other projects, most notably the reggae…


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Bazerk Rocks Los Angeles


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Company releases collectible figurine of H.R. of Bad Brains

Japanese toy/collectibles company PressPop is releasing a pretty cool “statuette” figurine of Bad Brains frontman, H.R. The miniature is constructed from PVC and ABS while his clothes are made from real…


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Black and Native solidarity is paramount and has to go both ways

Solidarity between historically oppressed groups is an important component of a powerful and successful movement. And the black liberation movements have aligned themselves with other people of color around the world. Activist/educator Angela Y. Davis called attention to the need for solidarity in last year’s ‘Freedom Is a…


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Botswana's death metal scene is celebrated in docu series

Death metal is alive and well in Africa. Winter Metal Mania Festival is quickly becoming one of the biggest heavy metal fests on the continent and will celebrate it's 8th anniversary this year in Ghanzi, Botswana.

ṢOJU, my ongoing docu-series about youth culture in Africa, caught up with cousins and bandmates Tshomarelo Mosaka /Vulture Thrust and Shalton…


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As a Black Kid, Anime Music Taught Me To Appreciate Rock & Roll

You probably don’t know the first person who took highlights from an anime and put music on the track to create the first Anime Music Video (or AMV, for the initiated). And I don’t know either. But God bless them. I mean that sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, may God bless them with riches and happiness, because they unexpectedly changed my life. And while they live in anonymity without the accolades and Grammy category deserved to them, the least the rest of us can do… Continue

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The Konvalescent's First Tour

The Konvalescent is a self-described metalcore band from Atlanta, Ga featuring a lineup entirely of young black musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds. Their sound is heavily metal-core influenced, with the signature trading of clean/screamed vocals and dual guitar…


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The hottest guitarist on the block is stealing hearts and ripping crowds to shreds with her solos

Ever hear a guitar solo and proceed to lose your mind at its brilliance? Well prepare to do just that because Ariel O’Neal has skills for days and she’s just getting started! The recent graduate of University of Maryland College Park and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated teaches music by day and rips crowds to pieces by night with her weapon of choice. In school, she studied theatre performance and aspires to also make her mark in the acting world, and…


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These portraits of African Americans at Standing Rock celebrate solidarity

Solidarity is one of the most powerful tools that people of color and marginalized communities have to fight the oppression we face. In solidarity, all struggles are worth fighting for, all progress is shared, and all resources are made towards the attainment of freedom. The #NoDAPL movement has seen its share of struggles, but recently, a major step forward has been made, as the US Army Engineer Corps and President Barack Obama have halted the construction of the pipeline.…


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Upcoming Sly Stone documentary features Bobby Womack, Cornel West and many more

A new documentary on legendary funk and soul trailblazer Sly Stone is coming to Slamdance Festival in January! Best known as the lead singer and producer for Sly and the Family Stone, Sly is often credited for helping to usher in the creative and sonic content that would come to characterize funk, rock, R&B, soul, and psychedelia. On Sly’s impact, Cornel West says that he wouldn’t be who he is without the song ‘Everyday People,’ originally released in 1968 on the album… Continue

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OP-ED: Attention racist rednecks: Country music is Black

First and foremost, like all forms of American pop music, country music was started for and by Black people. Although country music is now viewed fundamentally as white people shit, without Black folks, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood and whoever the hell else ya’ll listen to would be insignificant. But this wouldn’t be the first time you co-opted our creations, now would it?

The book Blues People by LeRoi Jones, also known as Amiri Baraka, artfully explains the…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: London alternative pop singer Iris Gold is starting her own freedom movement in new video for “Revolution Riders”

Freedom is evasive, but once you get it, it’s gold. Or at least that’s what Iris Gold has us believing in the new visual for her single “Revolution Riders” from her forthcoming "The Marsha Hunt Mixtape" set to be released December 2nd. The Londontown songstress says, “It's about feeling free. Free to be who you are. Expressing yourself for real.” One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is to be your full self, because in doing so, you give others the inspiration… Continue

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominates Bad Brains for the Class of 2017

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has long been a source of divisiveness in the music community for reasons much like the Grammys, the Oscars, and all awards shows controlled by the industry--often the most deserving artists go overlooked. But this year, in a very surprising, but exciting turn of events, the legendary DC punk band Bad Brains has been nominated for the hall. The Cleveland based museum included Bad Brains in the list of candidates along with names like Janet…


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