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‘Black Women in Medicine’ film shows exactly #WhatADoctorLooksLike

Although not inspired by the viral hashtag #WhatADoctorLooksLike, it seems that the film ‘Black Women in Medicine’ is right on time on a subject that’s extremely relevant. Crystal R. Emery is an artist, author, filmmaker, actress, and playwright known for producing socially-conscious works and stories that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit and her latest project is a deep dive into the history, contributions, struggles and presence of Black female doctors. Emery is… Continue

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Nigeria’s first skate crew WAFFLES N CREAM is too sweet for these Naija streets

Naija stand up! WAFFLES N CREAM, Nigeria’s first skate crew, is shredding the scene and trailblazing for the African continent. In Lagos, skateboarding is of growing interest, especially in upper and middle class communities, and the youth of the movement are fiery and fearless. Skateboarding has long been the outlet of the punks among us and with new edit ‘Jide,’ WAFFLES N CREAM are making a name for themselves as a powerhouse brand. From events, to clothing, to…


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This movie unravels the erasure of tap dance from African American culture

Don’t sleep on student filmmakers, y’all. The New School’s Simone Maurice made the film “Lost In The Shuffle” for her thesis and has since been gaining traction in the documentary world. Following Emmy award winning choreographer and tap dance instructor Jason Samuels Smith, the documentary offers a glimpse into the history and erasure of West African slaves in the foundational movements of tap dancing, as well as the role Smith has in its revival. In an effort to create…


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“Nice & Rough” film project is highlighting and celebrating Black Women in Rock

Black women rock. In the most figurative interpretation of this phrase, I’m sure you’re thinking duh, Black women are the diamonds in the rough, the crown jewels, the jeweler and the crown. But in the most literal sense, Black women literally are showstoppers and rock with the best, and new indie film “Nice & Rough” is paying homage to the women of the 50s and 60s that helped birth rock n’ roll for generations to come. Director Sheila Dianne Jackson has proclaimed 2017… Continue

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Taraji P. Henson in SAG speech: "They are hidden figures no more!"

”Hidden Figures,” the film about Black women working at NASA preparing for John Glenn’s launch into orbit. At the SAG-AFTRA awards this weekend, they won the most coveted award of “Best Ensemble,” with Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Butler, and Janelle Monae at the helm. As she accepted the award, Taraji expressed her gratitude and the brilliance of the women they portrayed exclaiming, “They are hidden figures no more!” This story, although not told perfectly, is still a story… Continue

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Stream the premiere of “Giants,” the millennial webseries by James Bland, Issa Rae & Jussie Smollett

“Giants” is a series about three Black millennials approaching the age of 30 and the realizations that despite their age, they haven’t quite mastered “adulting.” In a press release, director James Bland said, “Giants explores social issues that are either ignored or stigmatized by the black community and regardless of race, these characters’ experiences are relatable to almost anyone because they learn the hard way that when life kicks your ass, you either lie down or… Continue

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Barry Jenkins: Black actors don’t have to play slaves to win an Oscar

If you ever needed proof that Black actors and actresses can portray the full gambit of theatrical roles, look no further than the Oscar nominees for 2017. With stories about the brilliance of Black female NASA mathematicians in Hidden Figures, or the riveting tension between lost dreams and duty to family in Fences, Black thespians are providing the most glorious performances of their careers in roles that neither make them subservient or inferior. Moonlight, arguably… Continue

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New film “Storyboard P, a stranger in Sweden” is the story of a dancer conquering the impossible and transforming movement into art

The human body is capable of many things, but dance has to be one of the most awestriking accomplishments of movement. For Brooklyn-born flex artist Storyboard P, his movements come in various intensities, shapes, and speeds, all resulting in a beautiful expression of his story and a remarkable work of art. Filmmaker Matthew D’Arcy chose him to document in a hourlong film about his journey to Sweden to teach and perform alongside fellow dancers. On February 5th, the Lincoln… Continue

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Breast cancer patient Ericka Hart delivers breathtaking speech topless at Philadelphia Women’s March

Most people have heard the age old advice of pretending their audience is naked to get through public speaking. Breast cancer patient Ericka Hart flipped that notion on its head, donning her double mastectomy scars in the open during her speech at the Philadelphia Women’s March on inauguration day. Hart, who is no stranger to showing the effects of the disease on her body, was extremely poignant and succinct in her her speech, critiquing not only the presidency and the new… Continue

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“Blasian Narratives” film explores how race, identity and heritage impact everyday life

The Blasian Project is a multimedia undertaking documenting the experience of people of Black and Asian heritage. A lot of discussion and attention is given biracial heritage when it concerns Black and White parents, but very little discourse surrounds “Blasian” families. In the documentary below, seven “Blasian” actors describe the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of being both Black and Asian in America and how the intersections of race, class and identity impact their…


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Washington-based experimental exhibit unites US & Caribbean black communities with breathtaking art

A professor once told me, “If it’s not pushing boundaries, it’s not doing the work and if it’s not doing the work, don’t bother doing it!” And pushing boundaries is exactly what Tacoma, Washington-based COLORED art exhibit is doing. Curated by Christopher Paul Jordan, the exhibit combines augmented reality, social media, and public art to facilitate dialogue between Black artists from the United States and the Caribbean. The African diaspora is vast and our experiences…


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Issa Rae and Jussie Smollett team up to produce new millennial webseries “Giants”

Although Issa Rae didn’t nab any awards at this year’s Golden Globes, it’s clear that her story is far from over. Teaming up with Empire star Jussie Smollett and director James Bland, they’re set to release a project on Youtube, the platform where she created the series Awkward Black Girl, which catapulted her into the spotlight. “Giants” is a series about three Black millennials approaching the age of 30 and the realizations that despite their age, haven’t quite mastered…


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Canadian creative DJ Stop snaps street style shots of black Canadians in Winnipeg

Shot late last Spring in Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, creative DJ Stop assembled a group of black Canadians, each from different places, who all share the experience of living in a predominately white area and struggle to find places to get their hair done and to find friends (like each other) who share similar interests in style and fashion. To celebrate their unique aesthetics and the end of the harsh Canadian winter, the models and DJ took to the park to snag…


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Heavy metal artist Sidney Black is bringing a grotesque aesthetic to even grimmer sounds

There are few genres of music that balance the intensity and humanity of the grotesque quite like heavy metal and punk rock, but Sidney Black is doing just that. The hip hop leaning heavy metal rocker is creating visuals that invoke the horrorcore, with an undead aesthetic pervading his visuals. The music is metal hip hop, an amalgamation of the ferocious cadence found in the concrete jungle and the raw rage that finds its home in the pit. With clear influences from Nine Inch… Continue

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Stream Tuneful TV’s coverage of of AFROPUNK London #TBT

Oh how we miss the AFROPUNK London. So many beautiful Black Europeans getting their lives and it seems like only yesterday that we were vibing hard to Skinny Girl diet, Nova Twins, and the Noisettes. Luckily for us, Tuneful TV covered the festival and got some dope interviews with the attendees, so let’s take a quick journey back in time to feel all that Black love and great vibes again. Stream the videos below!

By T. McLendon,…

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Brazilian photo editorial “Cabeça de Nego” celebrates Black hair and freedom of expression

Much like the United States, Brazil is a country built upon the backs of African and indigenous exploitation. Because of it, Black Brazilians are marginalized, often discriminated against because of their socioeconomic status and attitudes towards their appearance. Very little, if any, positive representation of AfroBrazilians exist in Brazilian popular culture, but independent artists are changing the narrative with their own celebrations of Blackness. Creative director…


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Black & British: Watch documentaries from the BBC series!

Starting last month, BBC has begun to celebrate the Blackness within its borders by kicking off a season of programming highlighting Black culture and Black British accomplishments through film and television. To this end, over 8 hours of original programming have been prepared for this moment, focusing primarily on documentaries about the contributions Black people have made to British history as well as contemporary narratives surrounding identity and nationality in…


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Queer in Nigeria: new short film explores life & violence in a country where queerness is criminalized

Queerness on the continent is often met with persecution, violence, and ostracism, and new legislation has been popping up in West and Central Africa criminalizing gender identity and sexual preference at an alarming rate. New documentary “XIV” is a short film following RXMXT visual artist and aspiring filmmaker from Lagos, currently residing in Galesburg, Illinois, and the struggles as an openly queer person in one of the most “progressive” countries in West Africa, and a…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Ska band Judge Roughneck join Fishbone's Angelo Moore in cover of classic "Mirror In the Bathroom" in new video

Not many can do justice to classics, but Judge Roughneck and Fishbone’s Angelo Moore combine for this rework of The English Beat’s classic is effortless. "Mirror In The Bathroom" takes Judge Roughneck's blend of ska & reggae to its peak, paying tribute to both the early '80's British 2-Tone movement and the original jazz-laced ska of Jamaica and infused with soul. The in-studio visual showcases the vibrant energy that radiates from this outfit, plenty of soul and…


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Upcoming Sly Stone documentary features Bobby Womack, Cornel West and many more

A new documentary on legendary funk and soul trailblazer Sly Stone is coming to Slamdance Festival in January! Best known as the lead singer and producer for Sly and the Family Stone, Sly is often credited for helping to usher in the creative and sonic content that would come to characterize funk, rock, R&B, soul, and psychedelia. On Sly’s impact, Cornel West says that he wouldn’t be who he is without the song ‘Everyday People,’ originally released in 1968 on the album… Continue

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