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FEATURE: Check out the lovely editorial work of NYC-based photographer Jeff Salomon

Starting the morning off with some beautiful faces and strong photography by Jeff Salomon, an NYC-based photographer. Salomon has been dabbling in the photographic arts since 2009, taking candid, editorial, and beauty shots of models, friends, and artists around the city. Follow him on Instagram and …


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FEATURE: See Donald Masoga’s take on the street fashion scene of Neighbourgoods Market, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Donald Masoga is an up-and-coming photographer from Johannesburg, South Africa who has a deep passion for representing the stories of African people through his artwork. “My vision is to tell African stories via Photography. People, moments, fashion, trends, and art are the things that I focus on most of the time when I take photos. And I'm inspired by AFROPUNK,” says Masoga.

Masoga’s street photography shows off the impeccable fashion, style, and swag…


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FEATURE: Familiarity - Street Art in Occupied Palestine

You are a ward of a state that does not love you and will not let you forget it. A place that constantly reminds you of your inhumanity in its eyes, with allies more comfortable with you as a victim than a man.

Your life is a series of indignities, small and large. Palms to the wall, eyes level, legs spread—a demeanor that implies no sudden moves. The boot nudging apart your heels a reminder of your place. A reminder of the terrible things that are…


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FEATURE: Meet Brazilian photographer and designer KHAFOFO

Check out the work of photographer KHAFOFO. KHAFOFO is from Salvador, Brazil and is the founder of KHAFOFO Photography and Design. Like his bright yellow logo suggests, KHAFOFO's portfolio radiates with light as many of his models bathe in a wash of warmth. KHAFOFO shoots a diverse bunch of models in both color and black & white.

See more of KHAFOFO's work on…


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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Helen Mozao's exploration of Black Skin and Tattoos

Salvador's Helen Mozao is a feminist photographer who specializes in editorial street photography. Many of her series' explore afro-Brazilian identities and alternative culture, including a series called 'Pele Preta Tatuada', an exploration of tattooed black skin. 



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FEATURE: Painter Samuel Mougey creates gritty street art portraits of music legends and cultural iconography

Take a look at the work of pop artist and painter Samuel Mougey. Mougey has a diverse body of street art-inspired work that ranges from portraits of artistic greats like Erykah Badu, Ayo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Lenny Kravitz, and Patrice to graphic design renderings of animals. Even if he's not creating art in public spaces, Mougey's work is layered with gritty textures and graffiti imagery. See some of his…


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Street Style by Whosthefreshest - New York Fashion Week (the Stevie Boi Fashion Show)

Check these street style shots by Whosthefreshest for AFROPUNK! Today's photos were taken at the Stevie Boi Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week, showcasing the designer's eyewear designs. 



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FEATURE: Street Art in Martinique - the work of Art collective NPL

Check out the work of Martinique's street art collective NPL (Mada PAINT). Founded by graffiti artists James and R-MAN in the 80s, the collective are recognised for bringing color and their signature art to the streets of the Caribbean country. Take a look at some of their pieces below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: The "Afro Girls" - the work of Illustrator and Street Artist Eddaviel

Check out the work of Dominican visual artist Edison Montero aka Eddaviel (known for his signature "Afro Girls"). Montero graduated from the School of Arts of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo and heads comic book and illustrations company Moro Studio. With both his large and smaller scale works, the illustrator/muralist centers his work on celebrating women - and their voluminous fros. Explore his work, below!…


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FASHION: "Who's The Freshest?" Street Style Photography

As legendary photographer Bill Cunningham once said, "The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be." On that note, check out the latest captures from NYC based Who's the Freshest? - the mission: documenting unique personal style. Explore the images, below.…


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Shot by French Gold photography, our new streetstyle series is a celebration of all the style and fashion from within our AFROPUNK community - exploring indivIdual style and the minds behind them. On that note, meet young Skater and model Lulu. 

Age: 8

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY…


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Age: 26

Hometown: Connecticut (moved to Harlem, NY, last year)…


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VIOLATION an edgy feminist film

Do you want to see more films about street harassment that feature badass women of color? I'm directing a short action/fantasy film called Violation about a…


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Occupy Wall Street 2 year anniversary anthems #SOUNDCHECK

Occupy Wall Street turns 2 this week. Here are 10 songs celebrating the ongoing revolution. Featuring The Coup, Talib Kweli, Tom Morello, and more. #SoundCheck

By: Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Soundcheck Editor


2 years in…


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Roger Kisby Photobooth at AFROPUNK FEST 13

Oh, I'm sorry.. You thought you saw some fashion in the street? Oh, You wanted to talk about street fashion? You wanted to talk about AFROPUNKS really putting on at AFROPUNK FEST '13. BANG. The Roger Kisby photo-booth was QUITE the apex of style and sho-nuff.…


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Street Style with AAGDOLLA

Street Style photographer aagdolla hits the streets of NYC to bring us his top street styles of the week. Which styles are your feeling?…


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Here's your weekly dose of Street Style from AFROPUNK's own aagdolla. Summer style is varied, layered and of course HOT on the streets of NYC. What looks are you feeling?…


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Street Style by Antonio Griffith

It's summertime in the city, and it's time to express yo'self! Peel off the layers, and layer on the style. Check out the summer trends in NYC from AFROPUNK photographer Antonio Griffith aka @aagdolla from AAGDOLLA…


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dreamy new Yuna songs on "Sixth Street" EP

Yuna breaks it down on her upcoming Sixth Street EP. "I Wanna Go" is a starlit song about young love! hile "Let Love Come Through" is a little more upbeat and…


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Basquiat's ex to release a treasure trove of never before seen art

Hot Moses, Guess this is true. 80s legendary street artist Jean Michel Basquiat was known for painting on doors, trashcans, and sides of buildings before he linked up with Andy Warhol. He shot into super-stardom, and all those bit of street art relics have been in the possession…


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