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“How would she feel?” An interview with Lamar Robillard and Nicole Callender

“How would she feel?”

An interview with Lamar Robillard and Nicole Callender

 Independent curators for the “How would she feel exhibit?”

ART HELIX GALLERY: Friday, June 30 – Sunday, July 2…


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'Lolendo' photo series highlights the plight of sexual minorities from the Congo

Just in time for the annual Pride Festival in Brussels, photographer Régis Samba-Kounzi's unveils a new and powerful exhibition, “Lolendo” (which means “Pride” in Lingala), at the Bozar Center for Fine Arts. "Lolendo" is a photo series done in collaboration with the Massimadi Festival (the LGBT film festival from Africa and its diaspora) showcasing the stories of queer people from the Congo through portraits. Highlighting an array of queer Congolese in…


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Kintaro, formerly of The Internet, steps into the spotlight with the Anderson .Paak-oroduced EP 'Universal' #SoundCheck

The Bruner family's having one hell of a year. Between Thundercat's surrealist masterpiece Drunk, Ron Jr.'s solo debut, and now we got youngest brother Kintaro busting out on his own with his EP-length collaboration with the great Anderson .Paak. It's a big shift from his previous work as the keyboardist for The Internet, focused more on deconstructed trap beats and sci-fi synths, but Kintaro brings the same head turning imagination and gleeful experimentation. The standout…


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NEW MUSIC: South African soul/punk-rock singer Tuelo gives an powerful tribute to mothers in "Saint Margaret"

New York-based, South Africa-born Tuelo fuses soul and punk-rock to create what has been dubbed "revival music," an inspiring and spiritual experience carried by the singer's powerhouse vocals that have filled some venues like Carnegie Hall and Late Night with David Letterman. Although Tuelo has been noticeably influenced by the likes of Nina Simone, David Bowie, the Sex Pistols, Blondie, and Miriam Makeba, her biggest influence is the subject of her latest single, "Saint…


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Brands love rebels... until they actually rebel :D

For the past two years, Dolce & Gabbana has featured millennial social media influencers in their Spring-Summer runway show. It's clear that the brand is trying to tap into a youthful, fresh, counter-cultural energy, and last week at the Men's Fashion Week in Milan they featured Atlanta-based soul singer Raury who provided exactly that.

Leading up to the show, D&G had been taking heat for dressing Melania Trump, and had responded to the…


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Overzealous policing of Black kids: DC teens handcuffed for selling bottled water. smh

Last Thursday, three black teens (two 17-year-olds and a 16-years-old) were detained for selling bottles of water at Washington D.C.’s National Mall without a permit. The young men were detained by plainclothes officers—captured in a photo by passerby Tim Krepp, a tour guide—for the “safety of the officers and of the individuals.”

Krepp’s documentation of the event spawned outrage from commentators, locals, and …


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WTF? This college professor was fired because she ridiculed Fox News anchor's white tears

At the end of last week, the president of Essex County College announced the suspension of adjunct professor Lisa Durden, two weeks after her appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight“ (video below). During the show, the college professor was asked about a memorial event put on by a Black Lives Matter group that was exclusive for the healing of black people. In response to Carlson (and his perpetually furrowed brow), Durden explained, “Boo hoo hoo. You white…


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VIDEO: SZA masterfully overcomes tech issues to steal the show at last night’s BET Awards

Working through some apparent tech issues during her set at last night’s BET Awards, AFROPUNK vet SZA handled herself like a pro, captivating the audience with those drop-dead vocals. Peep a clip of SZA’s show stealing performance of “The Weekend”, from her newest album 'CTRL', below. …


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RNB Singer Ellis Prescott Releases New Single Featuring Emcee D. White

     "Show Me" the VICI produced single from Ellis Prescott is a smashing new single on the charts. Ellis croons over the had hitting track while explaining to a young lady he deserves to be shown she…


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DJ Mike Klaw Release new Single and Lyric Video to "Making Memories" Featuring Singer Bogomil

   Dj Mike Klaw has been working and creating his legacy producing for about 12 years now. Based in London he tries to set no limits to genre, style or artists, when creating good music. His latest production, the up tempo "Making Memories" includes the vocals and partnering up with Bulgaarian singer Bogomil. Together…


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No, you can’t be friends with a White Supremacist and not be one yourself

Dear Liberal White Folks,

I remember when you started pinning little safety pins to your clothes – you said they were to show that you were nice white allies and the protection brigade for marginalized people of color, whereas I thought you were wearing them as badges which said “I didn’t vote for…


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Salvador-based La Frida bike project combines biking and art to empower Black women to have healthier lifestyles

La Frida is a project created by self-proclaimed Black "cycloativistis." The project unites biking and street art to encourage urban mobility among Black women by amplifying their voices and encouraging them to occupy more spaces in public life. The project teaches women and girls to ride bikes while creating a “moving home” for them to express and share art and poetry. Paying particular attention to the way racism and sexism impede Black women from positive interpersonal…


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Comic series follows brilliant scientist who channels Dr. Frankenstein after police kill her son

Author Victor LaValle’s Destroyer is a new six-issue limited comic book series that follows a brilliant Black scientist, Josephine Baker, who is grief-stricken after her 12-year-old son is killed by the police. Baker also happens to be the last living descendent of Dr. Frankenstein. In an interview with NPR, LaValle explained that his interest in writing his own Frankenstein had more to do with its creator Mary Shelley than the…


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Queer musicians from around world release Rainbow Riots album to resist homophobia

Largely with the help of colonial globalization of patriarchal European standards, queer and transantagonism is an unfortunate staple of most of the world. Swedish music producer Petter Wallenberg from The House of Wallenberg hopes to use his talents, and the talents of queer people around the world, to change this. Wallenberg is behind The Rainbow Riots album, described as "a protest musical repertoire that features queer artists from all over the world." The album…


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Street art project paints positive inspiration for South African youths away from cycles of violence and abuse

ph/t HealOurHome is a street art project created by South African visual artist Imraan Christian, aimed at uplifting the young people of the community in the face of an intense increase in gang and domestic violence. Using photographs Imaraan shot with kids from the Harvest Youth Program in Hangberg, he transformed the images them into murals. The HYP is a visual and performing arts center for young people who have been affected by gang-related violence. The supportive…


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AFROPUNK Joins Sounds of Freedom Programming at Basha Uhuru

In association with Nando’s and the Department of Arts & Culture, AFROPUNK is hosting a stage, apart of Sounds of Freedom, in Constitution Hill’s Marshalling Yard for the Basha Uhuru Freedom Fest. Inspired by a 1976 peaceful protest facilitated by students in the streets of Soweto…


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NEW MUSIC: Brazil-based indie rock artist Héloa transforms the world around her on the unique 'Eu' #SoundCheck

What's truly impressive about Brazillian artist Héloa, other than her voice of course, is that on her latest album Eu, no two songs sound anything alike, but every song sounds like Héloa. Speckled with stunning ballads and driving bursts of indie rock, the album incorporates new wave (“Calei”), reggae (“A Avenida”), bossa (“Crua”), and somehow a klezmer-tinged country western song (“Meus Amigos”). Her band's impeccable timing pulls through jagged time signatures…


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No, interracial love is not “saving America”

This year is the 50th anniversary of Loving vs. Virginia, the famous Supreme Court case that officially overturned state laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Predictably, this has been accompanied by a flurry of events, films, articles, and even songs celebrating this moment as a milestone in the history of America’s journey toward racial…


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