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AP Fashion: Meet Designer Sewra Kidane and her Waist Beads Collection

Growing up, I always admired the beautiful waist beads clumped together in my mother's jewelry box. The adornment, from my perspective, seemed to be a symbol of sensuality juxtaposed to the beauty of private intimacy—loving and adorning the self. I loved the way the beads hugged her waist and hips-- the colors outlining her beautiful brown skin-- and I thought, “I can't wait to get my own pair of waist beads.”

By Aliyah…


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INTERVIEW: Meet Namibian Designer And Stylist "Loux the Vintage Guru"

I first heard of Lourens Gebhardt, aka “Loux the Vintage Guru,” from a friend who had sent me a link to his blog. I have long been interested in contemporary African fashion, but remain mostly ignorant of Africa’s vintage fashion and street style scenes. Going through Loux’s Tumblr was like a crash course in Namibian vintage menswear, and I was amazed by the…


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FEATURE: DC Street Style By Britt Elyse Nelson: Prepster Punk

Name: Quincy Jones (

Occupation: Event Curator/Stylist

Place you live/from: Washington, DC from Virginia

Next place you wish to visit:

Why? Have we ever found where unicorns live? That’s where I wish to…


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AP FASHION: Swimsuit Season is Almost Here… Bantu Wax Will Get You Excited!

So with this bit of warm weather in NYC and finally the pleasant feeling of sun beaming down on my skin—I spent part of my weekend trolling on the web, planning my fantasy vacation in Barbados, creating a 2014 summer playlist, and of course searching for bathing suits.

Honestly, I have never bought a bathing suit/bikini that I’ve truly loved… nothing has ever really wowed me. My swimsuit shopping has always been very rushed — I pop in to a H & M or Forever 21, pick up…


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FEATURE: Kelis Editorial in Schön! Magazine

Does it get any hotter than this? Check out the dope editorial Kelis did for the latest issue of Schön! Magazine. Photography: Louis Banks. Fashion: Liz Mendez. Visit

Kelis' new album Food will be out April 21.…


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FEATURE: Mosaert, Stromae's new fashion line for dapper people

As you may know, Stromae is an exciting singer, songwriter and performance artist from Belgium, with songs who often deal with social issues (deadbeat dads, war of the sexes, etc.). He reached mainstream success in some European countries like France over the past few years. His new fashion line, Mosaert, features clothes made in France, Portugal and Belgium, similar to the ones he wears in his…


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INTERVIEW: Meet Fashion Designer Charles Harbison of HARBISON Collection

I stood in the lobby of the Ace Hotel… my meeting was set for 11:30 am on March 14th with New York-based designer Charles Harbison. Afraid that I wouldn’t spot him in the crowd of people in the hotel lobby, I was suddenly approached by a warm smile and handshake, and it was indeed Mr. Charles Harbison. I was excited to sit and speak at length with him about his innovative visions and the development of his line, HARBISON. HARBISON is a brilliant and refreshing line that truly…


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EVENT: 'Labo Ethnik Fashion & Lifestyle' Showcases Afro-Caribbean Talents in Paris May 22-25

AFROPUNK Fam, the 'Labo Ethnik Fashion & Lifestyle' event will showcase Afro-Caribbean talents in Paris from Thursday May 22nd to Sunday May 25th! Fashion, music, culture, dope indie designers that you don't see on the big runways during Fashion Week. Audacious creators who push the boundaries of traditional fashion codes.

Location: "The Labo Ethnik leaves the right bank (Le Marais) to take place on the left bank, on THE DOCKS, (The Fashion and Design Center) more in…


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AP Fashion: Dreadlock Confessional

Rewind Two Weeks Ago: "It is just hair right. Honestly, I could cut it at any time and if I really don’t like it, I can start my dreads all over again. This summer actually, I was ready to cut my hair, I stood in front of my bathroom mirror, looked at my hair one last time and proceeded to cut one lock off (starting from the back of course), and then I stopped. My hands got cold and my heart started to race. Woah. I had an epiphany in that moment—that I am my hair, contradictory…


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Street Style by Whosthefreshest - New York Fashion Week Part 2

Check these street style shots by Whosthefreshest for AFROPUNK! Today's photos were taken during New York Fashion Week.…


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AP Fashion: Tees to Add to Your Drawer!

A complete side note but…let me just say, CONGRATS to Lupita Nyong’o for her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and to 12 Years A Slave for Best Picture! To Lupita--what an excellent speech she gave—sat on my couch, eating Caribbean Coconut ice cream with tears running down my face—her journey as a black actress, who brings so much to the table, should be extremely inspiring to young females. Dreams, as she stated are achievable and “[n]o matter where you’re from, your dreams are…


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FEATURE: The 'Every Body' Project - You are beautiful the way you are

It’s hard out there for a chick. Being bombarded with the media’s impossible standard of beauty, constantly telling us that we look "wrong" isn't easy to deal with on a daily basis.

I created the Every Body Project as a way to help women everywhere celebrate their bodies. I capture stylish women of all ages, body types and races to showcase their own unique beauty. After each photo, I ask every woman what her…


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Tattoo Of The Week: Hey Ehusan!

Mr. Ehusan Johnson hails from Los Angeles and is our Tattoo of the Week. Check out this badass tattoo artist/skater/rapper.

To submit your tattoo(s) for Tattoo Of The Week, send pictures + answers to the questionnaire below to afropunk[at]…


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AP Fashion: Dangerously Sexy - Femme Fatale by Chelsea Jackson

AFROPUNK Fam, check out this photo series sent to us by badass photographer Chelsea Jackson. Info: "Up-and-coming photographer and University of Texas at Austin senior advertising major, Chelsea Jackson explores the realm of love, seduction and female dominance in her 1600 shot photo shoot.

In a little under eight hours, with one model and two wardrobe changes, Jackson was able to capture her vision on film using her Nikon D500. The entire shoot was shot in…


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AP Fashion: Dress and Fill Your Environment to Be in Touch with Your Inner Self

I would say that I have always had more of an affinity towards spirituality and belief in a higher being, than necessarily clinging to one religious home. In high school I took an introduction to Buddhism course and felt I connected more with the idea of practice and lifestyle, rather than just praising the Lord on a Sunday and then returning to normal activities every other day of the week. Not to say this is for all people who may be Christian, or of other religions—but…


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Street Style By Aagdolla: New York Fashion Week

Photographer Aagdolla hits the streets of NYC to bring us his top street styles. Forget about the runways, creativity is right here on the street. Check it out and let us know which ones you like.…


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NEWS: Safety Pin - 'Black Dress: Ten Contemporary Fashion Designers' Exhibition in NY

I must say, one of the perks of now attending college in New York City, is the plethora of events and opportunities that occur right under your nose, like there really is always something going on. On Thursday February 6th, I braved this bone chilling cold weather and headed out to the opening reception, for Black Dress, an exhibition that pays homage to the pioneers and innovators of fashion world by allowing ten black designers to exhibit their own works. Pratt Manhattan…


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Street Style by Whosthefreshest - New York Fashion Week

Check these street style shots by Whosthefreshest for AFROPUNK! Today's photos were taken during New York Fashion Week.…


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For The Kinky Ladies: "I AM NOT SORRY. My hair is gorgeous"

Why is it sticking up like that?

Why don’t you just lie down and do what I want you to do? It will be better for the both of us. Really.

Oh, so you are just going to do this all over my head today? This is so not going to work for me.

(Pause) Get your mind out of the gutter if it has gone there.

What you just read above is the conversation us kinky ladies have in the mirror every morning as we get ready for work. If your hair strains are a mix of zigzags and…


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Lupita Nyong'o - New York Magazine's 2014 Spring Fashion Issue

Lupita Nyong'o covers New York Magazine's 2014 Spring Fashion Issue. Her face is sitting! Cover to cover. …


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