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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: 'The Lingering Effects of Disconnection' - UK singer-songwriter Daudi Matsiko's "Raw, Authentic & Ultimately Cathartic" New EP

Today we're premiering the new EP from UK singer-songwriter Daudi Matsiko, 'The Lingering Effects of Disconnection' (described by the Nottingham-based musician as, "raw, authentic & ultimately cathartic"). His camp state: "With roots in Uganda and the UK, Daudi’s love affair with music began at the tender age of 8, and began to flourish during his…


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NEW MUSIC: Project Black Pantera's Debut Album Is The Best Metal Record of the Year #SoundCheck

Let's start by throwing objectivity out the window. I've been digging Project Black Pantera hard since they first exploded out of my headphones last year. So that bias is there. Also they have a song about Godzilla which is a surefire way to my heart. Lastly, their debut record closes with a mash-up I produced of their “Execucão na Av 38” with J Cole's live performance of “Be Free” for AFROPUNK's mixtape #002, so I'm uniquely unqualified to review this album. That being said,…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Roxanne Tataei - Sweet Poison (Live)

As U.K. artist Roxanne Tataei gears up for the release of her EP 'Grey Area' on November 27th, we're premiering the video for 'Sweet Poison' (Live), a raw song about a destructive relationship.

Tataei tells us: "This is a bitter-sweet melody depicting all consuming, toxic L.O.V.E. It will make you say & do things you'd never dream. For most of my life, I thought it was a weakness to be vulnerable, but it's now something I embrace. No smoke & mirrors in this track…


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NEW MUSIC: Brooklyn Lyricist Ace Clark Shares His New Single 'Melanin' ft. Cato

"I'm so thankful for the skin I'm in, I'm so proud of all my melanin". This is how Brooklyn lyricist Ace Clark's inspirational new single 'Melanin' starts. The track was produced by produced by Tone Jonez and features soul singer Cato.

Ace Clark tells us: "I just wanted to lift up my people. In trying times it's easy to lose who you are or question why you are dealing with the trials and tribulations. This was just my way of giving back to my culture and showing appreciation…


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NEW MUSIC: Brazilian Psychedelic Quartet Boogarins' Latest Is a Beautiful Tangle of Melody and Noise #SoundCheck

Dinho Almeida and Benke Ferraz have been making music together since childhood, so it's no wonder Boogarins' latest full length Manual ou Guia Livre de Dissolução dos Sonhos (aka Manual) has a lived in chemistry at its heart. While the psychedelic record has no shortage of spaced-out jams and effects-laden solos, what makes Manual special is the interplay between the quartet.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK…


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NEW MUSIC: British Rapper/Producer Jay Prince Celebrates Self-Love With New Track, 'AfroPhunk' (feat. SiR & Joyce Wrice)

Listen to the new single from British Alt Hip Hop artist Jay Prince, 'AfroPhunk' (feat. SiR & Joyce Wrice). This is the lead track from the 22 year old London rapper/producer's upcoming collection, 'Beautiful Mercy'. Prince says, "'AfroPhunk" represents love. Self love. The whole approach of this song is to spread positivity and really get people to…


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NEW MUSIC: Harlem Electro-Soul Duo Jazze Belle Release Their Debut Single, 'Jagged Edge'

Listen to 'Jagged Edge', the first single from Jazze Belle - Harlem-based electronic-soul duo comprised of producer/instrumentalist Jett Carter and singer/songwriter Taylor Simone. Their camp states, "With influences such as Flying Lotus, Jill Scott, and Outkast, the two share a sound influenced by jazzy vocals, dark chords, and edgy, hip hop digital production.' Get into Jazze Belle's debut release below, a perfect introduction to…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Multi-instrumentalist & Post Millennium Rocker Sananda Maitreya Addresses Civil Injustices In America With Latest Visual - “I Wanna Breathe”

Today we're premiering the new video from rocker Sananda Maitreya, “I Wanna Breathe” - the legendary multi-instrumentalist who released classic songs under the name Terence Trent d'Arby (yes, that's him!). This latest release is a powerful response to the civil injustices plaguing the United States, and appears on…


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OP-ED: A Thank You Letter To Missy Elliot

My first real dose of hip-hop that I can remember was at age 4. I was sitting in the back seat of my mom’s ’97 Honda Civic, and “Supa Dupa Fly” by Missy Elliott came blaring through the speakers. I heard the strange, slow lyrics drip onto the soulful chorus and slide into a beat that was toxic…


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FEATURE: The Electric Talent Of Chicagoan Singer-Guitarist Melody Angel

Explore the talent of singer-guitarist Melody Angel. The young musician (born and raised on the south-side of Chicago) is inspired by legendary guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and Slash, and began playing the guitar in her mid teens. Her camp state, "She got her 1st guitar from a pawn shop at age 15 and never looked back. After learning a few songs, Melody immediately started going to open mics. By age 16 she had started her first band called, "Melody Angel and the…


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NEW MUSIC: Experimental LA Music Duo J*DaVeY Share Their New EP, ' #LiteWaitLife'

Following the release of their comeback project, 'POMP', J*DaVeY (aka Jack Davey and Brook D'Leau) have now shared their second EP of the year, entitled '#LiteWaitLife'. Get into the four-track collection below, shared by the experimental LA R&B duo with these words: "The purgatory between struggle and success. Let them eat life." The EP is available to stream for a limited time, and is officially released on January 12th via via…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream Metromara's Gorgeous Blend of Traditional Jazz and Classic Hip-Hop #SoundCheck

With the lyricism of Billie Holiday and a backbone of 90's era Blue Note hip-hop, Amsterdam-based sextet Metromara works overtime to bridge the two worlds. Their singles run the gamut from more traditional jazz ballads to tight grooves, while cuts like the fantastic “Free Fall” float somewhere between both ends. Singer Mara Minjoli's voice has a confident grace and power, nowhere more than on the…


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VIDEO: LA Romance Rockers Lady Low Share Their New Visual - “Burning Like a Fever”

Check out the new visual from Romance Rockers Lady Low - 'Burning Like a Fever' (directed by Simon Cardoza). The rock sextet - made up of Jimmy Sweet on vocals and guitar, Lee on vocals and drums, Shanel Chavers on vocals and synth, Kaitlin Wolfberg on violin, Corinne Olsen on violin, and Mia Siler on viola - are releasing their debut full-length record on February 12 2016.  Watch their striking new visual below and catch the band in LA…


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NEW MUSIC: British Hip Hop artist Aina More Celebrates "Afrikan" Women With New Afro-House Track - 'Afrikan Lady'

Listen to the new track from British Hip Hop artist Aina More, 'Afrikan Lady'. "When you're staring at this woman / Tell me do you see my strength / See my walk / See my smile / See my struggle," sings the London based wordsmith. She states: "'Afrikan Lady' is a very straight forward song about who I am as an Afrikan Woman. In this case (the images) I chose to embrace my melanin as I believe it's one of the things that heavily account for who I am and I consider it to be…


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FEATURE: Rock out with the music of Canadian 4-Piece The Veer Union

Listen to the musical offerings of The Veer Union. The Canadian rockers were formed in 2004 by lead singer Crispin Earl (pictured above) and guitarist Eric Schreaeder. Their camp say: "Originally from Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, the two longtime friends and neighbors had a common bond. “We had played in bands together and we were both living out of our rehearsal studios in downtown East Vancouver,” recalls Crispin. Living for their music was to become the…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: 'Fumes' - The New Single From NY Based Singer Songwriter Stella

Today we're premiering the new single from NY singer songwriter Stella, entitled 'Fumes' - a musician who cites two of her biggest influences as Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill: “That whole era of music really shaped me [...] There was a strong sense of…


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NEW MUSIC: DMV Soul Act Remember The Forgotten Release New track, 'DEAR BLACK PEOPLE' - "We stand for the people and we really want this message to be heard"

Check out the new single from DMV soul act Remember The Forgotten - 'DEAR BLACK PEOPLE'. Earlier this year, they told us: "We stand for more than just music. We stand for those who society has forgotten or neglected (the homeless, working-class citizens, children, anyone with a dream etc.), all people in general. Our mission is to use our music as a form of outreach to help bring awareness to those forgotten or neglected in our society. We also seek to do outreach…


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NEW MUSIC: 'Conversations', The Latest SIngle From 9-Piece Group Brockaflower (feat. Zoe Moon) - Electro Soul From New Zealand

Check out the latest single from 9-Piece Electro Soul group Brockaflower, 'Conversations' (featuring vocalists Zoe Moon and Estère). Describing themselves as 'an eclectic collective bound together by our mutual love for music", the Wellington based band are made up of three vocalists,…


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VIDEO PREMIERE + INTERVIEW: Rapper City James Discusses His Purpose, His New Project & Reveals Debut Video

Flashback to June 2013 and it is my first time at Da Poetry Lounge in Hollywood, California. I am a fresh faced, 100% newbie poet, just excited to watch others grace the stage. Cue City James walking to the mic, poignant, reserved, yet powerful. That night, he performed a poem about his grandmother that was probably the sole reason I came back to visit DPL for a second time. He was clearly close to my age but commanded the stage with such a presence, all eyes were…


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NEW MUSIC: Stream Jules and the Jinks' Effortlessly Chill Debut EP #SoundCheck

Jules and the Jinks is a band that unabashedly wears their influences on their sleeves. A little 50's rock n roll, a little soul, a little classic rock, a little R&B, lots of tenor sax. Add a tight rhythm section and the inimitably powerful vocals of lead singer Julissa Lopez, and you get their debut self-titled EP.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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