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NEW MUSIC: Electronica duo Technoir is back with the third installment of their EP series and it’s too dope for words!

Electronica duo Technoir is all vibes in the latest installment in their EP series. New Ecosystem Musically Improved Vol.3 is a downtempo groove with moments of excitement and energy, but overall it’s perfect for when you want a soundtrack to accompany a cup of tea, a home date or a scenic drive. For electronica artists, it’s imperative to not get bogged down in trends or fads, and Technoir consistently rises above and pushes the envelope by staying ture to the groove.…


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NEW MUSIC: Rocker Colleen Lovejoy collabs with Thundercat on Tamir Rice tribute

Resistance in songform has been apart of Black culture since slaves sang spirituals to get through legal torture. Rock singer Colleen Lovejoy joins the legacy of artists pushing back against police brutality, racism, and hatred in new collaboration with Thundercat on a song called “With Guns.” From its description, the song was ”Written after a young man was shot and killed across the street from my house. The next day there was no news of it. I called the police department… Continue

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Teen heavy metal band Unlocking The Truth’s documentary “Breaking A Monster,” is now on Netflix!

Unlocking the Truth, the teenage sensations who were discovered playing heavy metal in Times Square and went viral on social media were followed for over a year afterwards, documenting their progress, struggles, and growth in documentary “Breaking A Monster.” Guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, bassist Alec Atkins and drummer Jarad Dawkins began playing when they were in grade school and the trio was signed to Sony Entertainment soon after their videos went viral. After being… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: Willow Smith shares intimate cover of “The Book of Right On” by Joanna Newsom

The youngest people in the music industry often catch unnecessary flack about their naivete, ignorance, or the direction their careers go, when much of their artistic direction is guided by the adults in their midst. For Willow Smith, most people still distinctly remember her for “Whip My Hair,” a shrill pop anthem with little depth and even less musicality, but since that time Willow has been evolving into quite a vocalist and songwriter. Because she releases music…


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Woo! D'Angelo has a new album "on the way"

It took fourteen years for D’Angelo to come back to music and once he did Black Messiah took our breath away. It seems that neo soul’s prodigal son has been working hard so that we never have to feel his absence again. Kevin Liles management company, the home of our favorite crooner, hinted that such an earth-shattering event may be on the horizon via Instagram, although the post has since been deleted. "Ready for another D'Angelo album? Might be coming sooner than you think!… Continue

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NEW MUSIC: Indie Soul Singer NoMBe's new single is like a hot cup of coffee on a lazy morning

With hushed vocals, slinky guitar, hazy synths, dancy beats, retro soul stabs, and even a damn 303, NoMBe's debut single “Wait” has a little bit of everything. The song is like a hot cup of coffee on a lazy morning. Rich and smooth but with a little something to pick you up. NoMBe's debut record comes out later this year, and if the single's any indication, it'll be one to watch out for. “Let's make it last forever,” NoMBe sings. Please do.…


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UK soul artist Omar invokes dancehall vibes in new swaying single “I Want It To Be”

Caribbean influence in popular music has been surging since early in 2016 and it looks like those vibes are taking 2017 by storm as well. From Rihanna’s “Work” to Drake’s “Controlla,” dancehall took its rightful place in hip hop and pop to create some of the biggest songs of the year. UK soul artist Omar infused his latest single “I Want It To Be” with a slightly more mellow influence from the West Indies, but the song is no less stunning than the rest. It reminds me of…


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Chance The Rapper and Anderson .Paak are cooking up something in the studio

Collaboration is a major key, just ask DJ Khaled. And what’s lovely about 2017 is the collaborations we have to look forward to from our favorite hip hop artists. It’s hard to say who had a bigger year between Chance the Rapper and Anderson .Paak, but both of them broke new ground and did it bigger than anyone could’ve guessed. And wouldn’t you know it-- they’re in the studio together and previewed the new track via Snapchat for their fans to get hype. The only thing more…


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NEW MUSIC: London MC Eneeks Looks For Meaning In The Struggle On 'My Queen, My King, My God' #SoundCheck

“Get up get up get up get up / I know you're fed up fed up fed up fed up / But keep your head up head up head up head up” London MC Eneeks sings on the EP opening “Get Up.” Sometimes a song captures a moment a little too perfectly. On his latest EP My Queen, My King, My God, Eneeks leads a tight band through meditations on struggles for justice, love, and understanding. Vintage vocoder, neo-soul grooves, and touches of glitchy production collide for an album that is equal… Continue

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Spanish band Freedonia is bring soul to the masses but they need your help!

Soul never dies and Spanish band Freedonia is looking ensure that soul lives on through their music. With tunes that pluck directly at your heart strings and sounds that evoke memories of classic rhythm and blues, Freedonia uses sounds of soul and gospel of the 50s and 60s to create a soundscape that is chock full of nostalgia. It reminds me of the records that used to spin in my grandmother’s living room, but made modern by the textures and attention to detail. If you need…


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German band The Mighty Mocambos are funky and fresh and fighting to keep soul alive!

Funk is alive and well! The revival we’re seeing in its influence on pop culture and music direction is through the roof and bands like The Mighty Mocambos clearly were ahead of the curve. Hamburg, Germany’s own The Mighty Mocambos specialize in the type of funk that James Brown would get down to. From the description of the new album, “The Mighty Mocambos’ new album “Showdown” sets another cornerstone in their prolific career as a globally active instrumental funk…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Stream NYC electro-rockers Blak Emoji’s bombastic debut EP ‘Intro’

EXCLUSIVE—Now streaming NYC electro-rock band Blak Emoji’s debut EP, ‘Intro’. A five-track collection of sexy, funk-infused alt. rock, leading with last year’s wicked release ‘Sapiosexual’ and inspired by bands like Nine Inch Nails and Panic! At The Disco, Dresden Dolls, and Bjork, 'Intro' is an interesting hodge-podge of quirky pop and dirty rock, culminating in a righteous bombastic sound. “"Intro’ is my introduction to the spasmodic yet cohesive crazy sonic world of Blak…


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NEW MUSIC: DC Hardcore Band Pure Disgust Pulls No Punches On Their Self Titled LP #SoundCheck

Maybe it's just because I grew up in DC's sister scene in Boston, but I've always seen DC Hardcore as the gold standard of punk rock. There's something about that sound. An often imitated, rarely captured mix of laser-focused rage and unadorned musicality that explodes in bursts of social criticism and honest introspection that's hard to pin down, but when it hits, it fucking hits. And holy shit. Pure Disgust has it.

There's not a bad track on their self-titled…


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VIDEO PREMIERE: Progressive metal rocker Militia Vox drops supernatural thriller ‘This Is She’

Like we’ve come to expect from the post-industrial NYC rocker, Militia Vox’s newest release ‘This Is She’ is an ominous visual/art installation stacked with spooky vibes. Paying homage to cult-classics like Poltergeist and the Nightmare on Elm Street, ‘This Is She’ is a psychological thriller about a supernatural (and erotic) encounter with the paranormal. “Feminine sexuality is so intricate,” Militia Vox tells AFROPUNK. “It usually requires a setting or a scene, and layers…


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Atlanta’s all femme band The Tulips melds soul and punk effortlessly!

It’s not often that the backing band for a hip hop artist comes out with jams that speak volumes past rap, but Atlanta’s own The Tulips is making waves. After forming in order to support Crime Mob rapper Diamond, the foursome grew closer and started creating for themselves. The result is some amazing vibrations and even more electrifying performances. Peep the video below and tune in via Soundcloud and… Continue

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Ayoinmotion issues call-to-action against police brutality in hair-raising visual ‘Outrage on the Front Page (OFP)’

Whoa. This morning we’re debuting Ayoinmotion’s intense visual for social justice, ‘Outrage on the Front Page (OFP)’. A six-minute short film that challenges the society that made it possible for a police officer to get away with shooting a fleeing, unarmed man in the back, and on camera. That challenges our reactions to violence and how we can channel that energy more impact-fully. "For me OFP is as much of a reflection of society as it is call to action on an issue that…


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SZA teases highly anticipated debut album with new single “Drew Berrymore”

After sharing several unreleased tracks in NYC, the AFROPUNK alum dropped the first single from her highly anticipated full-length, debut album, called ‘Drew Berrymore’. An apologetic, introspective track about depression, struggling with self-worth, and feeling like you’re not worthy of love. Less dream-like than her…


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NEW MUSIC: Activist and Poet Linda LaBeija Teams Up With Byrell The Great For Trans Justice Anthem 'Urgency' #SoundCheck

We're barely a week into 2017, and the epidemic of violence against trans women of color has already taken 2 lives. With an incoming administration that seems outright hostile to the very idea of queer rights, the situation is urgent. Activist and poet Linda LaBeija's new single “Urgency” addresses the crisis head on. The song blends Linda's impassioned poetry with a cloudy beat from Byrell The Great for something simultaneously contemplative and propulsive. It's a…


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NEW MUSIC: The Experimental Electro-Soul Of Paris-based Kodäma is Absolutely Sublime #SoundCheck

It's January and my lungs have been bothering me, so I'm sitting here on pain meds under a blanket, and this new EP by Kodäma is just everything. It's a warm enveloping fuzzy coat for your ears. The blending of trip-hop by way of Japan and Congo is full of rich tones and captivating nooks and crannies of sound to explore. When the duo adds neo-soul into the mix on standout “North Wind,” it becomes absolutely sublime. Singer Kiala Ogawa has an ear for the kind of hooks that…


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Atlanta metalcore band The Konvalescent makes waves with vicious hardcore sound

The Konvalescent is an indie metalcore band from the ATL. A quartet of talented musicians—Alan Lundy - Lead Vocalist, Asante "Ash" Shakur- Guitarist/Vocalist, Brian "Mephisto" Legree- Guitar, James Taylor - Bass, LaNise Essick - Drums—who are beasting out some of the most hardcore tunes in the city. If ear-splitting metal isn’t your jam, check out their acoustic performance of “Transparent” down below.…


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