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FEATURE: Metal In Madagascar! Stream the First Two Tracks From Toamasina Band Behind The Mask

With lead guitar runs that would make Paganini jealous and a barrage of earth shaking beats, Behind The Mask marries metalcore feel with an almost neo-classical sense of melody. Their first two singles “The Message” and “Who's The Evil One” are laden with political and social commentary. “The Message” deals with corruption and starvation in Madagascar, while “Who's The Evil One” asks whether the band's image and sound make them more evil than the people they're…


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NYC-based rock/reggae musician JAFÉ discusses multi-cultural musical influences and transcended sound in Higher Conversations: Part 1

We explore the mind, creative process, and the gritty burrough of the Bronx with conscious, multifaceted musician Jafe. Part 1 of Higher Conversations takes you into his home where he shares a bit of his Dominican roots and the purpose behind his music. "Jafé was raised performing the afro-carribbean music and philosophies from the Dominican Republic. With exposure to Yoruba and its many spiritual sects, Rastafari, and the contradictions of modern society, he began…


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NEW MUSIC: Electro-R&B bassist and singer-songwriter Thundercat returns with enticingly melodic ode to technology in new track 'Bus in These Streets'

'It's OK to disconnect sometimes...'

Thundercat is back and better than ever with the latest release of his new track 'Bus in These Streets'. The R&B/funk bassist and singer-songwriter has previously joined the Brainfeeder creative alongside Flying Lotus, George Clinton…


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OP-ED: Frank Ocean is a black, sexually liberated, genre fluid artist creating in an industry that desires sameness

Frank Ocean Is An Iconoclast


If the Grammy-award winning “Channel…


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NEW MUSIC: UK-based electro-soul singer Alxndr London blends space and time in concoctive new single 'XXX'

The latest track from electro-soul artist Alxndr London is just the roller-coaster of genres you've been waiting for. It's ineffably important to have access to music that excites and keeps us on our toes- and thanks to this East London-based creative's new track 'XXX', audiences are yet again allowed a pleasant surprise from their listening…


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FEATURE: Funk Icon George Clinton joins Flying Lotus' label Brainfeeder exciting audiences with impending album

Just when you thought he couldn't get more cool, George Clinton exceeds your expectation. Adding to his incomparable resume and overflowing pool of contribution and influence, the punk icon is teaming up with the freshest sounds of today to produce yet another masterpiece. The former Parliament Funkadelic frontman has recently announced plans to release a new…


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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Rock Out To The Raw And Urgent “American Eyes” From AFROPUNK Brooklyn Band In The Whale #SoundCheck

It takes a special sort of alchemy to kill it as a two-piece, but In The Whale has it down. On their latest single, the heavy “American Eyes,” the duo of Nate Valdez and Eric Riley call up a sort of Jawbox-meets-Local H flavor for something raw and urgent. The song plays off of and tears down the rah-rah jingoism and nationalism that's all the rage these days, sneering the chorus “American eyes / star-spangled and full of pride.” The track comes from In The Whale's forthcoming…


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AFROPUNK Mixtape #021: Speak Truth To Power

AFROPUNK Brooklyn is just a few days away and to get everybody pumped we’ve released a pre-festival mixtape packed with some of our favorite politically charged empowerment tracks inspiring us to take back control by means of voting. Mixtape #021: Speak Truth to Power features tracks from AFROPUNK Fest alums and performers Gallant, Ho99o9, Trash Talk, Saul Williams, The Internet, TV On The Radio—and more. Check it out down below.…


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NEW MUSIC: Canadian R&B Singer Allie teams up with Harrison in new funky, electronic anthem 'Vertigo'

If this new track from Toronto-based R&B singer Allie doesn't make you want to jump, then I don't know what will. Featured on Harrison's new track 'Vertigo', the track definitely lives up to it's name. An electronic…


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FEATURE: Singer/Songwriter and Medicine woman Gina Breedlove to be first ever Sound Healer ever at Afropunk Brooklyn

Imagine a world where sound not only fuels and influences, but heals. Actually, there's no need to imagine it, because it exists right here, right now.The ancient practice of sound healing is the intentional use of Sound to move stuck energy through the body- and with the emersion of Gina Breedlove- with…


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MetalCore in Angola! Check Out Before Crush's Video For “A Bruxa” #SoundCheck

Hell yes! Before Crush has been kicking around since 2006, back when they were called Nightmare Today. Based out of Lobito, Angola, they dropped the heavy as fuck video for “A Bruxa” in 2012 after changing to Before Crush. The band is anchored by the sung / screamed vocals of frontman Queiros Estevão Cumpanhe and drummer Nick Costa. Though they only have a few tracks online, the band continues to play out in Angola, and the few tracks available have us hungry for a full…


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FEATURE: Get to know the energetic and eclectic sound of Aussie electro-punk rocker ECCA VANDAL

Check out some energetic tunes from Australian pop-rockers ECCA VANDAL. An enigmatic group of eclectic sounds inspired by everyone from Beacon Street-era Gwen Stefani to M.I.A. to Paramore, ECCA VANDAL is an in-your-face burst of electro-punk rock. Born in Aparthid South African to parents of born, Sri Lankan heritage, ECCA VANDAL spent her upbringing in Melbourne, Australia where her multi-cultural background has played a powerful role in her creative development and…


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NEW MUSIC: The Internet's Syd tha Kyd surprises listeners with an rhythmic homage to love in new solo track 'Amazing'

You think I'm crazy I know... but you're just amazing'

The latest track from The Internet's Syd Tha Kyd, is just right sound to ease us out of summer. With the release of 'Amazing', the 24-year old singer is…


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NEW MUSIC: Blaqstarr Premieres New Music From Forthcoming 'Moan Her Lease Her EP' #SoundCheck

Say what you will, but Blaqstarr is never boring. The singer-songwriter-producer-MC-other stuff probably but we're constrained by time and space adds erotic coloring book impresario to his resume with his latest release. The “Moan Her Lease Her” EP drops next week, but the title track is streaming today on Spotify. Banging handclaps hold down the foreground while a slinky guitar glides in and out of focus. Like the best of Blaqstarr, it's sexy, hook-filled, and more than a…


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NEW MUSIC: South London Rock priestesses Nova Twins have finally released debut EP and audiences are blown away

Finalllyyyyyyyyyy! It's the punk-rock duo we've all been waiting for.

Releasing their debut EP today, Nova Twins are taking off with no intention of slowing down. Since their last track …


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VIDEO PREMIERE: UK-based rock-pop Group Nova Neon shares the daily struggle for self-actualization in new video for latest track 'Geek Freak'

'Don't listen, don't follow, be a geek, be a freak, be free with whoever you are'...

Today we're premiering the latest video from London-based soul/pop/rock band NOVA NEON. Their most recent single 'Geek Freak' is an edgy homage to the daily struggle of self-actualization and routine, and with its enticing use of synth, variation, and…


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NEW MUSIC: Funk-soul singer Rob Milton preaches the realities of the everyday hero in infectious new track 'Threat'

Introducing his latest track 'Threat', electro-funk-soul artist Rob Milton is the answer to all our summer feels.

The Jersey-born, Virginia-based singer has issued one of the most melodically pleasing anthems I've heard in a while, and as his lyrics socially charge his platform, he redefines an already unique genre.…


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FEATURE: LA-based poet KiNG recites audiences into a stupor with the release of her latest album 'Baptism'

The latest album from poet KiNG is an ineffable compilation of raw emotion. Attempting to explain the beauty and truth of this project would do it no justice, but we had to introduce you to it:

The LA-based visionary's new album, 'Baptism' is just that; a baptism into the world of the poet, into the reality of the present…


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OP-ED: Why Ice Cube and N.W.A. Are AFROPUNKs

To understand what Ice Cube and N.W.A. may be doing at AFROPUNK, it is first important to recognize that there is more than one way to be both black and ‘other,’ and that black American counterculture has become a melting pot of ideas about what happens when a person’s racial identity is at odds with their individuality. Since its inception, AFROPUNK has thoughtfully considered black punk as a reappraisal of what it means to be black, not an alternate lifestyle that exists…


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Join us for AFROPUNK After Dark!


The 2016 Brooklyn AFROPUNK Festival, whose lineup includes Ice Cube, TV On The Radio, Tyler The Creator, Flying Lotus,The Internet, Laura Mvula, Skunk & Anansie and Janelle Monae, among many more has announced a series of events for AFROPUNK After…


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