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Body Modification: Tribal and fashion

Body modification has been around since the beginning of time, for one of the longest times dating back years ago and even prevalent today is body modification in African Tribes. Seen as socially acceptable in African culture as a way to enhance beauty by giving status in tribes, it is also a right of passage from boyhood to manhood in children.

Body Modification: Tribal and… Continue

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Bloc Party's Kele Set To Release Solo Album

Any Bloc Party fans out there? Frontman Kele Okereke will release his first solo album, entitled 'The Boxer', on June 21st in Europe and June 22nd in the US. Look out for the first single "Tenderoni" to be released soon along with upcoming tour dates. Stay tuned! Our sources are telling us the album will be a blend of dance and pop sounds. Bloc Party is currently on hiatus.

- Lou C-D

Photo: Getty…

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J*DAVEY: New Video "Outta The Window"

Genre bending duo J*DaVeY is back with a video for their electro-pop track "Outta The Window", in anticipation of their forthcoming album. Directed by V-Chip with "one camera, awesome location, awesome talent and a ton of creativity". The song was featured on their mixtape "Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistape EP". Check it out below!

Lou C-D…


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Good Girls Gone Bad, Requirement or Reproach?

It’s been a long-accepted ugly truth that when it comes to female pop singers, no matter how much of a good girl you are, you eventually have to go bad. Hell, songs and albums are even being titled as such now. And while there’s always going to be criticism of such an approach, I always try to look at things on a case-by-case basis.

Good Girls Gone Bad,…

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Earl Greyhound Goes On National US Tour!

One of our favorite Brooklyn bands is going on a national US tour! We were thrilled to have them on last year's Afro-Punk Tour, and they're about to hit a city near you. Check out the tour dates below and be sure to catch their kick-ass Live show when they come to town! There's also a poll in Magnet Magazine about exciting album releases. Click… Continue

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London Pirate Radio Documentary

"I grew up with Pirate Radio in the UK, it was one of the only ways for us to find new music coming from the inner city kids that created it. I found this piece and wanted to share." ~Matthew Morgan

Source: Fader - "Most people will tell you that the internet killed pirate radio, which it did essentially, although there are still stations keeping the spirit alive, hijacking the airwaves for kicks. Footwear brand Palladium present…

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Murs: Hip-Hop Artist Tries to Find a Balance

Rapper MURS might just be the hardest working man in hip-hop. He is preparing to release his 8th solo disc Fornerver; he is also getting ready to perform at the Paid Dues Festival, an independent hip-hop festival he created! He’s still basking in the praise about the last FELT (FELT: A Tribute to Rosie Perez) disc he recorded with Slug from Atmosphere. He has recorded with punk rockers Whole Wheat Bread…

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From the royal class to your closet

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, I went to check out a speciality shop located in Harlem. Upon arrival, I peered into a foggy glass window of this brownstone building when a petite young lady, jazzed in a dress laced with Kente cloth opened the door. She led me to a humble little space where another young lady sat amongst mannequins dolled in modern business and formal attire with obvious traces of material commonly used in Ghana. To my surprise, these two women who appeared to be…

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WTF?! Confederate History Month?

Alright, let us get this straight. Virginia Governor (Republican Bob McDonnell) has issued a proclamation declaring April 'Confederate History Month', angering Virginia NAACP & Legislative Black Caucus, and other civil rights leaders. Granted, the official declaration only talks about 'understanding' and 'remembering' this part of US History (you know, the part where some White Southerners fought to secede from the Union and uphold slavery). But knowing that the…

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Bands Wanted! Afro-Punk Festival 2010: Who Should Be On The Line-Up???

AP Family, it's that time of year again! We're excited to announce that the 2010 Afro-Punk Festival will hit New York City on June 26th - 27th. This year we are taking the festival to two other cities: Atlanta & Chicago (dates coming soon)!

Most importantly, we need to know which bands from the Afro-Punk community (here on you would like to see tear up that stage! Sound off below with your comments and feel free to add links to the band's page… Continue

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Pants On The Ground: Is This A Fashion Statement?

With the Stop The Sag campaign in full effect, sagging pants are all over the news. Some go as far as saying that they hurt minorities' image and we are reminded that the trend was born in prisons, where inmates weren't allowed to keep their belts on. What do you all think of the sagging pants style?

- Lou C-D

Click here for more info on the 'Stop The Sag'…

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O.Children's New Video "Ruins"

Hey guys, we ran something on UK based band O.Children before and we quite like them! So we wanted to share their latest video with you. Let us know what you think! Single to be released on April 19th 2010 + if you're in London you can attend the single release party on April 22! (tickets here)


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Kelis Goes Electro and Tribal With New Vid & A Free Mixtape!

Kelis released her video for "Acapella", the first single off her forthcoming album Flesh Tone, due out May 17th. The singer is opting for an electro sound this time, as shown by this song and the "Queen of Hearts: Off with their Heads" free mixtape she just released. Watch the "Acapella" video below, showcasing her new tribal… Continue

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Video: The Noisettes Cover 'Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've'!

What happens when one of the hottest UK bands covers a classic pop/punk song? Afro-punk favorites The Noisettes' just released the video for their cover of Buzzcocks' 'Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't've'. The song was recorded as part of a campaign to celebrate shoe brand Doc Martens' 50th anniversary. Watch the stunning video below!

- L C-D

Bonus: Making…

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LMAO! Mos Def On Yo Gabba Gabba

Alright we love Mos Def even more now that we've seen his special appearance on kids' show Yo Gabba Gabba. Watch him play "Super Mister Super Hero" as he helps rescue a lost monster (wearing spandex and all, a must-see, we're tellin' ya!). You don't wanna miss the sing-along, check out the video below!

- Lou…

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First Black Disney Princess Smashing Stereotypes or Promoting Them?

With The Princess and The Frog, it's the first time a Disney animated movie features a Black princess. Some scholars hail the movie as a milestone in national imagery while magazines such as the Italian Vogue draw a parallel with real life Princess of Liechtenstein Angela Brown (pictured below). But many argue that the movie actually… Continue

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The Black Weirdo Tour Preview Clip: Sweet Justice

Out on the Black Weirdo Tour, Seattle's own DIY female funk band, THEESatisfaction, take a stroll in the park to give Afro-punk an impromptu sample of their sound. Created by themselves, Catherine Harris-White and Stasia Irons, are using this tour to spread their messages of queer expression, black consciousness, and gender harmony within and outside United States.…

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Chris Rock and... Crackers? (Outkast Spoof Video)

Chris Rock's unreleased Outkast spoof surfaced online... Okay Chris Rock.. Crackers... No wonder this was unreleased! Is “crackers” a racist term or something we can joke about? We love us some Chris Rock here at Afro-Punk, and we know he hangs out with a lot of white people. Watch the video below and tell us what you… Continue

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New Janelle Monae Video: "Tightrope"!

Electrifying Afro-Punk diva Janelle Monae just released her video for "Tightrope", the first single off her upcoming album 'The ArchAndroid'. Drawing inspiration from James Brown, and featuring Big Boi from Outkast, the scene takes place in an asylum where dancing is forbidden. If you've been craving for some new Monae material, here's what you've been waiting for. Check it out below and tell us what you think!

- Lou…

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Black Barbie: Appeal or Substance?

Over the years, Barbie has taken quite a change. Yester years vision of Barbie was a fun, beach running, blonde haired beauty whose only care in the world was what she was going to wear and how to accessorize herself. Today's image of Barbie shows us a rather different side of her; she's career driven, mother of two, married to her high school sweetheart.

Black Barbie: Appeal or…

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