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FEATURE: Pharrell Williams will guest on 'The Simpsons'

Have you heard the news? Pharrell Williams will make an appearance on 'The Simpsons'! reports: "Pharrell will pop up in Springfield very soon (...) he will make a cameo appearance as himself in the Feb. 8 episode of the animated Fox comedy. Titled “Walking Big & Tall,” the installment opens with a plot that’s based on the true story about…


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FEATURE: First trailer for Sundance Film 'Dope', starring Zoë Kravitz and A$AP Rocky

Check out the trailer for Rick Famuyiwa's feature film, 'Dope' - premiering at Sundance this week. The coming of age story, inspired by the director's own years growing up in Inglewood California, follows three best friends (Tony RevoloriKiersey Clemons, Shameik Moore) who are also in their own hip hop-punk band. Famuyiwa -most noted for directing the 90s classic, 'The Wood' - has stated: “There’s an…


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OP-ED: Mainstream Award Shows Have Always Been Racist

In 2015 in early January, Iggy Azalea received “The Best Hip-Hop Artist” for the People’s Choice Awards with nominees being Drake and Eminem. Along with these nominations for music, the movie Selma directed by Ava DuVernay did not receive any nominations for an Oscar – yet, it is arguably one of the most important movies of this decade.

By Philip Jackson, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: Preserving cultures through a lens - the work of photographer, Diego Arroyo Méndez

Travelling the remote corners of the world, Spanish documentary photographer Diego Arroyo Méndez has documented some of the world's most elusive cultures - travelling to the likes of Cambodia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Kenya, and Nepal. His work is regarded not only as a celebration of culture and tradition, but as a form of preservation. Explore his work, below.…


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REVIEW: Dimitry Elias Léger’s debut novel, “God Loves Haiti'

Dimitry Elias Léger’s debut 'God Loves Haiti' is a riveting, insightful and witty tale that takes place in Port-au-Prince Haiti during the catastrophic 2010 earthquake. Rather than simply painting a dull and dismal picture of the events as…


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FEATURE: The "careless" expressionism of illustrator Kiranjeet Kaur

Check out the work of British artist Kiranjeet Kaur. A celebration of Indian and Afro-Caribbean culture (and its soundtracks), Kaur's work reflects a voice that is not only distinct but unapologetically - in her words, a voice that is both "carless" and "imperfect". Inspired by the neo-expressionists and Fauvism art movement, Kaur has no desire for the representational or reality. Explore her work, below.



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FEATURE: Hollywood snubs movie depicting how US authorities contributed to the crack & cocaine epidemics, harming urban communities

At its very best journalism manifests as a friend, a catalyst for truth, knowledge and change. At its very worst journalism manifests as a foe, a fearmonger that gleefully enjoys inciting panic, anxiety and mass hysteria. Gary Webb, was a reporter that many would have categorized as the first description. Webb sought to uncover the origin of the 1980s crack epidemic and later found US involvement and a larger conspiracy that attributed to the dismantling of Black and Latino…


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FEATURE: Spike Lee releases new movie online & says "Fuck'Em" to Hollywood after 'Selma' snub

Spike Lee has released his new joint, 'Da Sweet Blood of Jesus' ahead of its theatrical release next month. An adaptation of the 1973 blaxploitation film 'Ganja and Hess', the film is now available to stream and buy on …


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FEATURE: “Picture Books are the new hip hop!” - Children's book artist and author, Charles George Esperanza

“Picture Books are the new hip hop!” This is a realization I had come to a while ago as I began to write the manuscript for what would become my upcoming debut picture book “Red, Yellow, Blue and a dash of white too!” My name is Charles George Esperanza. I am originally from the South Bronx, NY. Based on my work, many would label me as a children’s book artist and author. But I consider myself to be the original “Visual Emcee”. You might feel referring to picture…


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FEATURE: 'Black Doll Life', a web page celebrating Black dolls

"The more of their own likeness they see in the things they like, the more accepting they will be of their looks and culture" - the words of Taofick Okoya, creator of the 'Queens of Africa' dolls (currently outselling Barbie in Nigeria). In a world where Black girls and…


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FEATURE: 'Minister of Self-Defense', my film project about Huey P. Newton

Hello Afropunk community, I have a film campaign at JuntoBox Films for "Minister of Self Defense", my feature film screenplay about Huey P. Newton of The Black Panther Party - the baddest motherfucker in civil rights history. Junto Box Films is Forrest Whitaker's online film production company. The project has reached Level 3 so please follow and star the campaign. You can read a scene, The Mulford Act when Huey is confronted by Representative Mulford on the Black Panther…


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FEATURE: DC Comics & CW Announce New TV Series based on Vixen, Black Female Super-heroine of the Justice League

With the current uprise in race relations taking place in America and around the world, positive and powerful images of minorities on television and in the media could certainly aide in the movement towards equality, and bring additional prominence to the overall picture. Coincidentally, one network has already been on the move. Announced at this past weekend’s Television Critics Association event, DC Comics and The CW are teaming up to…


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FEATURE: An exploration of scarification, with artist/model Moniasse

My name is Laurence Sessou aka ‘Moniasse’ I was born in France and my roots are from the West African Republic of Benin. I am a Neuromuscular Therapist and artist/model based in London UK. I went to Westminster University and graduated in 2007 Bsc Natural Therapeutics. I have always been fascinated by the human body and art. When I started my degree, I didn’t think I was going to become a therapist, I had a genuine fascination and…


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FEATURE: The mystery woman of Gordon Parks' famous photograph

LENS - the photojournalism blog of The New York Times - is currently searching for the African-American woman in the iconic Gordon Parks photo, above. The blog writes: "The image is striking: a stone-faced African American woman in a spotless maid’s uniform cradles a white toddler…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist Binx Shares Her Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

My name is Binx, and I am a polychromatic soul. I'm a graphic illustrator from Chicago, IL that went to school for illustration at Columbia College Chicago. Since graduating and moving to Los Angeles, I've not only explored what it means for me to be an artist, but also fallen deeper into my fantasies.

By Binx, AFROPUNK Contributor

I've struggled with…


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FEATURE: ‘Queens of Africa’ dolls outsell Barbie in Nigeria

What began as a way of giving his daughter an alternative to Barbie - and the european standard of beauty she presents - led to Taofick Okoya creating a line of African dolls that not only celebrate the beauty of black women, but showcase Nigeria's heritage in all its glory. Now Okoya stands as one of Nigeria's most promising entrepreneurs and has seen his dolls even outsell Barbie. Of the dolls, Okoyo remarks in a recent interview with…


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FEATURE: Misty Copeland will make ‘Swan Lake’ debut with The Washington Ballet

Ballet dancer Misty Copeland is someone who continues to break ground in dance, bringing diversity to an industry often times described as 'white washed' - seven years ago she became the first African-American in two decades to dance as a soloist for the American Ballet Theatre. It's now been announced that the ballerina will break new ground, making her American 'Swan Lake' debut this April with the Washington ballet (playing the lead of Odette/Odile).…


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FEATURE: The paintings of Spanish graffiti artist Zeta

Check out the work of Spanish painter and graffiti artist Zeta. A hip-hop and soul music producer since the 80's, Zeta takes his love for music and translates it on to canvas with a vibrancy that is clear for all to see. Get into his work, below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FASHION: Crochet and Knit Goods for the Winter Weather: Mawusi by Jane Odartey

Thankfully winter in New York has not been extremely terrible this year, but I am always an advocate for a warm knit or crochet piece to top off any outfit. Meet Queens based designer, Jane Odartey from Mawusi.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor …


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FEATURE: Revisions of Us - capturing the journeys, struggles of African Americans & African people in the U.S.

You hear it all the time. “Go back to your country, you African booty scratcher” and as for the African American “Lazy Akatas” Harlem based artist, Naima Atti took her resistance to the streets. Her project “Revision Of Us” takes portraits of men and women, young and old, insolent and impactful, in the very spaces where strangers and peers have victimized her. The real power of Atti’s work, however, is not in reliving those moments of fear,…


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