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FEATURE: Denise Silva spreads empowering intersectional messages with Denisenhando project

Denisenhando is an on-going illustration project by industrial design student Denise Silva. Silva uses pastel illustrations featuring diverse depictions of people of color paired with empowering quotes by prolific intersectional writers and thinkers, like Audre Lorde.…


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FEATURE: Student artist Kemi Layeni reinterprets the annihilation of young unarmed black men with starkly beautiful photo series

Artist Kemi Layeni, currently an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia, not only creates art for expression but for analysis. With her primary mission statement being to "unflinchingly present her work in a way that complicates, disturbs, and reveals previously held notions about her subjects", Layeni works to place her audience in a position of that which is open to receiving a multilayered, unabashed representation of the African- American experience. In her…


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FEATURE: South African photog Trevor Stuurman makes serious waves in the international high-fashion and street style scenes

Trevor Stuurman is an international fashion photographer who is making serious waves in the fashion editorial and street style community. Recognizable for his incredible consideration of visual detail, balanced composition, and featuring cutting edge fashions—particularly from up and coming African designers. You’ve probably, unwittingly, seen some of his images on Tumblr and Instagram which seem to go viral pretty regularly. Check out some of those images and a few of his…


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Feature: Afrocentric and unapologetically bold illustrations by artist Iz Sanders give a fresh new look to cultural reclamation

Iz Sanders, the 22 year old cartoon artist from Texas, provides a provoking platform for a much needed cultural commentary. At first glance, the bright illustrations fall directly into the modern pop culture aesthetic- approaching it’s audience in a strikingly provocative way. Yet, as one delves deeper into the individual content, the activism begins to speak for itself. Each illustration works to dismantle a different level of stereotype- by recognizing it, embracing it,…


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FEATURE: Artist Sophia Costa explores the importance of hair to black femme identities for ‘Raízes’ exhibition

Sophia Costa’s ‘Raízes’, or ‘Roots’, exhibition highlights the importance of hair to black women and their identities. Hair in the black community is always a touchy subject, particularly when it comes to the post-colonial diminishment and shame projected onto our natural textures by white culture. ‘Raízes’ aims to visualize how black femme identity is wrapped up in the perception of hair and to reclaim self-love for and pride in natural hair and heritage. From the project:…


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The visual storyteller that goes by the name, Helena Banks is nothing short from leading-edge. She’s a Richmond, CA native currently creating in Washington, DC. From her imagination, she concocts her own animated world and brings it to life through her artistry. She describes her work as “A visual or physical manifestation of my own reality.” Her current project Little Monster House is not only ingenious but mysteriously intriguing. Here she talks with SHANISUNDAZE…


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FEATURE: Paraná-based graffiti artist @cafegraffiti depicts Afrocentric heritage, culture, and diasporic identities

Cafe the graffiti artist aka @cafegraffiti is a theology student and visual artist based inParaná Brazil, known for his expressionist, representational public graffiti. Many of his pieces call back to Afrocentric heritage and culture and the diasporic experience, from the perspective of an Afro-Brazilian. At the same time, Cafe plays with mystical imagery and recurring themes of looking forward and enlightenment. See some of his work, below.…


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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Kelvin Yule brings his dystopian aesthetic to São Paulo in ‘ATLANTE’

Kelvin Yule is one of our favorite photographers from Brazil who stands apart from the creative pack with his distinct use of de-saturated palettes and futuristic/dystopian settings and imagery and, usually, just one male model who seems to process a secret that alludes those of us in the “real world”. We're premiering his newest series called ‘ATLANTE’, which was shot around São Paulo, where Yule recently relocated. It features model Kim Olivier and clothing by…


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FEATURE: 16-year-old West Indian artist Lunaaltare wows with stunning digital illustrations

Lunaaltare (aka Jackie) is a digital art and illustrator who makes highly stylized renderings of her favorite celebrities and fictional characters. The West Indian creative is just 16-years-old and is still experimenting with her style, even still, her work definitely makes an impression throughout saturated online communities around the tumblr-sphere. Check…


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FEATURE: Atlanta photographer Kareem Quow proves tattoos and body mods belong in beauty editorial with ‘Citrus Queen’

We’re really digging Atlanta photographer Kareem Quow’s ‘Citrus Queen’ editorial where he juxtaposes alleged non-traditional ideas of femininity (i.e. heavily tattooed women) with mainstream editorial beauty. He pairs this picture of femme with a naturalistic setting and imagery with allusions to citrus fruit (delicious) and melanin rich models (perfection). See more of the series below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: NYC artist Darius X Moreno visualizes the grittiness of hip-hop culture with dynamic paintings

Get to know multi-discipline artist and painter Darius X Moreno. The NYC-based creative works in 2D and 3D mediums, predominately sculpture and paintings. His work as a painter is inspired by the grit of hip-hop culture—not only in subject matter, but in the raw, unrestrained brush strokes that suggest an inherent powerful energy. Moreno is also a member of the GLUnyc creative collective. Check out his paintings down below.



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FEATURE: 16-year-old Gaborone-based photographer Towela Kams shares powerful ‘COLOURISM: Shades of Africa' editorial

In her powerful, new photo series, 16-year-old Gaborone, Botswana based photographer Towela Kams sheds a bright light on colorism-based discrimination and representation in media, as well as society as a whole. If you’ve been sleep, colorism is a system of racial discrimination based on a foundation of white supremacy. Colorism favors individuals with lighter skin because of their perceived proximity to either whiteness or the “exotic”, i.e. distance from ‘plain’…


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FEATURE: Digital artist TAKO mixes eclectic street style and quirky personalities for unique character illustrations

TAKO aka Terence Maluleke is another student from South Africa’s The Animation School who is currently killing it in the animator/digital/illustrated arts. He is a digital art and animator whose work is recognizable for his character’s lanky forms and expressive facial expressions. There’s also a cohesiveness in his color palettes, which tend to run in earthy tones with pops of neon, giving his work a luminescent quality.

By Erin…


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FEATURE: Hundreds of art lovers attend 'The Philosopher’s Muse: An Alternative Art Exhibition' at Blue Mahogany in Lagos

Last Easter was an exciting one for art lovers in Lagos and me, Morountodun Obaigbo with the opening of my first group art exhibition which I organized with my partner Sadiq Williams and Blue Mahogany and some well-meaning friends titled “The Philosopher’s Muse: An alternative Art Exhibition” which opened on Saturday, 26th march 2016 and closed on the 2nd of April 2016 last weekend. The opening brought in roughly 200 to 300 art lovers from across Lagos to “The Gallery” @…


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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Luiz Ferreira visualizes the emotions, stories, and experiences of black youth

In his new series Brazilian photographer Luiz Ferreira visualizes the emotions, stories, and experiences of people of the diaspora, who often left in the margins of the societies that they are in. With a sequence of handsy portraits, we the audience are given the allusion of both worship and grabby commodification. Peripherally, Ferreira aims to also bring attention to historical black resistance and explore the many identities and histories within the community.…


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FEATURE: Check out London-based digital artist Ashely Straker’s celestial portrait series

Check out London-based digital artist, animator, illustrator and concept artist’s celestial portraits. Inspired by the cosmos and afro-futurism, Straker creates out-of-this-world illustrations that blends black femininity with numinous transcendence and a enlightenment. Check ‘em out down below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: Young musician (and cyborg) finds unlikely friendship in afro-cyberpunk animation short 'Rankuwa'

Rankuwa is a visually stunning Afro-cyberpunk animation short from South African artist Sandro Pellarini. The 25-year-old is based in Tshwane, Gauteng Province where he works as a professional 3D texture and graphic designer. Pellarini directed Rankuwa last year, during his final year at South Africa’s “The Animation School”, a collaboration with a team of schoolmates. The film centers around a young struggling musician (and cyborg), trying to find her sound, who forms a…


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FEATURE: Check out mixed-media artist Ndidi Emefiele’s whimsical and eye-catching portraits

Ndidi Emefiele is an uber-talented Nigerian painter and mixed-media artist and graduate student at UCL’s Slade School of Fine Art. Her whimsical, eye-catching portraits are easily identifiable by their over-sized heads, chubby cheeks, and beautiful, deep skin tones. “The exaggerated heads are symbolic, particularly in the western part of Nigeria[…]The head is said to control a person’s destiny,” Emefiele told …


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FEATURE: "Tribute: Prince Rogers Nelson" comic book chronicles the late musicians rise to meteoric fame

Inspiring creativity is what so much of Prince’s legacy has been about. And since his untimely passing, there has been an even greater influx of artworks and projects done honoring the late musician, like this tribute comic, "Tribute: Prince Rogers Nelson" by writer Michael L. Frizell and illustrators Ernesto Lovera & Vincenzo…


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FEATURE: Queer feminist magazine Posture releases issue #2 featuring artist Rashaad Newsome, celeb photographer M. Sharkey and more

Posture is a digital and print publication that covers issues , brand new lifestyle and culture issues within queer, minority, alternative, and artistic communities and subjects like gender, feminism, sexuality, and race through fashion, photography, and creative other mediums. What sets Posture apart from other like-minded publications is their uncompromising dedication to boundless inclusivity and respect and appreciation for queerness, however it manifests.…


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