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Octavia E. Butler’s afrofuturism masterpiece ‘KINDRED’ gets adapted into graphic novel

More than 35 years after afro-futurist literary pioneer Octavia E. Butler’s masterpiece ‘Kindred’ was released, the iconic novel is being adapted into a graphic novel! A compelling, lucid tale about a young black woman, Dana, who travels back through time from California in the 70s to the pre-Civil War South. As Dana inexplicably travels through different perspectives during this turbulent time, Butler challenges the treatment of women, specifically black women, throughout…


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“Don’t Touch My Hair” photo series reclaims and celebrates body hair as the natural, sacred state of women’s bodies

Fighting the symptoms of patriarchy is a worthwhile resistance in any shape or form, but fighting back through art holds a special place in our culture. Ayomide Odumosu, a pre-med Psychology student at UC Berkley felt compelled to create the photo project “Don’t Touch My Hair” as a response to the policing of women of color in their natural state. Juxtaposing the flora of Southern California with women of color of various shades and ethnicities donning their “overgrown” arm…


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Washington-based experimental exhibit unites US & Caribbean black communities with breathtaking art

A professor once told me, “If it’s not pushing boundaries, it’s not doing the work and if it’s not doing the work, don’t bother doing it!” And pushing boundaries is exactly what Tacoma, Washington-based COLORED art exhibit is doing. Curated by Christopher Paul Jordan, the exhibit combines augmented reality, social media, and public art to facilitate dialogue between Black artists from the United States and the Caribbean. The African diaspora is vast and our experiences…


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Issa Rae and Jussie Smollett team up to produce new millennial webseries “Giants”

Although Issa Rae didn’t nab any awards at this year’s Golden Globes, it’s clear that her story is far from over. Teaming up with Empire star Jussie Smollett and director James Bland, they’re set to release a project on Youtube, the platform where she created the series Awkward Black Girl, which catapulted her into the spotlight. “Giants” is a series about three Black millennials approaching the age of 30 and the realizations that despite their age, haven’t quite mastered…


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South African visual artist breathes life into forgotten heritage in his paintings

The African continent is not a monolith and neither are its artists. South Africa in particular has been a creative hotbed for quite some time, both in visual and audio art, but it seems that as of late, an even bigger crop of artists are spreading their wings. Qhama Maswana is a South African visual thinker, breaking down barriers and creating unique pieces of art with paint. When reflecting on his work, he said, “As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak…


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INTERVIEW: Meet Liv Slaughter, the multi-talented artist/activist bringing POC visibility to Boston’s art scene

So, are any of you still enjoying that Haasan Barclay album, Heaven is Your Last Dream? As brilliant as it is, that album probably wouldn't have gotten as far as it has, if it wasn't for the lady right beside him, Liv Slaughter. A photographer, an activist, a director and Haasan Barclay's manager, she has worn multiple hats, as far as her jobs are concerned, and as a participator of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, she works mostly with artists, writers and other subjects of… Continue

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Next season of 'Atlanta' pushed back to 2018

Sad news, fam. Donald Glover’s Atlanta won’t be returning until 2018. Joining network sibling American Crime Story, season 2 of Glover’s knockout series has been delayed until next year. The agonizing wait is said to be the result of the multi-talented showrunner landing the role to portray Lando Clarissian in the upcoming 'Han Solo' Star Wars movie (which will be dope, too). Following ‘Atlanta’’s successful season 1, FX has signed a deal with Glover that ensures more…


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‘Noir Reads’ book subscription service delivers black literature to your front door

Noir Reads is a literature subscription service that offers a simple way of accessing and reading books written by black writers. The service was created by Derick Brewer and Zellie Imani with the hopes of exposing readers to authors who aren’t white men. And at the same time, amplify the often overlooked stories and narratives about the diaspora. “Our aim was to create…


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Brooklyn creatives are celebrated on Black Genius platform

Black Genius is a social platform aimed to highlight an array of exceptional talent in the Black community. Each month, the platform hosts cocktail socials at a local Cocktail bar in Brooklyn, NY - BedVyne Cocktail - showcasing a diverse group of talent; allowing them the opportunity to speak about their respective brands/talents. Creative director and photographer Amanda Moore-Karim and photographer Kimneak…


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Multi-talented AFROPUNK alum Janelle Monáe is radiant in new NASA-themed editorial

On the editorial circuit promoting her #1 film, ‘Hidden Figures’, multi-talented AFROPUNK alum Janelle Monáe stuns in NASA-inspired series for Cosmopolitan’s February issue. Styled by James Worthington DeMolet and photographed by Max Abadian, the ‘Moonlight’ actress worked it futuristic ready-to-wear…


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Zimbabwean born photographer is capturing the captivating cool of Jozi and Cape Town’s streets

Style. Swagger. Presence. All the things you’d want in street style portraits, delivered by Zimbabwean born, Cape Town dweller Ben Moyo. His photography is simple but stark, composed without a single thought of excess. His subjects are chosen for their brilliant style--the kind that tells a story about the person inhabiting the clothes and about the moment they met and every moment thereafter. Moyo is a born griot limits to his lens and the magic captured there. Peep some…


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BOOK: “Heavy Metal Africa” documents the flourishing heavy metal scenes throughout the continent

The continent is brimming with young and engaging creatives and the book “Heavy Metal Africa: Life, Passion, and Heavy Metal in the Forgotten Continent” is double the evidence that this is true. Author Edward Banchs wanted to document what he saw in several different countries, the beauty of punk and heavy metal outside of the mainstream and within a community of the most expressive kids in the world. After spending five years traveling to various African countries and…


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Comic series follows sibling geniuses solving mysteries & strange occurrences in Kid Carvers

Kid Carvers is an all-ages comic book tale the follows two genius inventors named Marley & Charley Carver. The dynamic, pint-sized duo uses their impressive creativity and unparalleled intellect to solve the mysteries and strange occurrences around them. Part scientists, part private eyes, Kid Carvers are an inspiring representation for curious minds of all…


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Illustrator @tadmichaell is bringing more magic to melanin in his fantasy portrait series!

Nothing like some poppin’ illustrations to brighten up a dreary day and these digital pieces from Tad Michael are right on time. The Kansas City, MO graphic designer and digital wizard is drawing the cartoon and anime style works and bringing a lot of magic to those with melanin. The drawings look like they belong in some intensely fantastical comics and we hope there’s more to come! Take a look below and support this talented brotha on his …


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8 Black Brazilian Youtubers to Watch in 2017

2016 was the year when the black Brazilian millennials dived into YouTube. Not satisfied with just watching content created by white people, they decided to create their own channels and content and express themselves about their interests and lifestyle. Also, awesome projects were created, like the group Negros Digitais, getting together almost 300 black content creators and digital influencers to develop a lot of different cool projects.

And 2017 promises to be…


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We are in the era of the Black Geek!

If you are a geek, the past couple of years have been pretty amazing. The rapid adaptation and wide spread use of technology sparked a shift that made being geek cool and the business world raced to profit off of it. There was a resurgence of interest in comic books and some of the hottest movies and television shows were based on comics and sci-fi or fantasy. Consequently, geeks, who had been shunned and outcast were now putting their years of comic book knowledge…


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ANNAFORA SS17 collection photo editorial is an ethereal journey of billowing cottons and neutral silks

Gotta love a beautifully shot and artfully conceptual fashion editorial and ANNAFORA doesn’t disappoint. Teaming up with photographer Ishmil Waterman, ANNAFORA dreamed up an amazing photo story entitled "THEM". As the second chapter of their concept ONE, beginning with their most recent fall collection, their SS17 collection “tells the story of transitioning from our present state of reality to an age of true freedom of enlightenment.” It’s creating a lot of buzz and was…


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#LetHerLearn initiative is fighting harmful stereotypes of Black girls in the classroom in new PSA

The prison industrial complex and school-to-prison pipeline have been hot topics in the Black community for the past decade but have seen a spike in focus now that documentaries like Ava Duvernay and Netflix’s “13th” are making waves. #LetHerLearn is an initiative by the National Women’s Law Center highlighting the negative stereotypes that contribute to Black girls being at the…


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Young Brazilian artist Sarmurr heals past abuse trauma through otherworldly creations

As cliche as it sounds, pain is one of the most poignant sources of art, and for Brazilian multimedia artist Samuel Saboia, aka Sarmurr or Nympheshit, trauma is a part of what got him started. The Recife born, São Paulo based youngster is far beyond his years in wisdom, creative output, and quality, and each of his creative monikers attest to that.

Creativity as a means of survival is something all artists can relate to in some way or another and when reflecting…


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Amandla Stenberg will star in movie about biracial children growing up in Nazi Germany

Amandla Stenberg, the actress who stole our hearts as Rue in The Hunger Games, but gave us wings with their consistent and courageous outspoken support of all things Black and queer, has a new intriguing role as one of the leads in “Where Hands Touch” directed by Amma Asante. According to IMDB, the film is a romantic war drama “centered on a mixed-race German girl and an SS Officer.” In a heartfelt Instagram post showing their newly shaved head, Amandla expressed profound… Continue

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