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FEATURE: PRETXS, a new web-documentary series about race, sexuality, gender and class from the perspective of four young black Brazilians

PRETXS, new Brazilian web-documentary series, brings issues of everyday life of those who are compelled to deal simultaneously with the oppression of race, gender, sexual orientation and class.

Directed by Jay Viegas, a 23 years old graduate student, and launched by Vaidapé Magazine, the mini doc entitled PRETXS shows four young woman and men who are forced to face several oppressions for being black, LGBTT and residents of the outskirts…


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FEATURE: Interdisciplinary artist Shanina Dionna's 'Embryo V' exhibition raises mental health awareness for inner city youth

My name is Shanina Dionna. I am a Philadelphia-based Interdisciplinary Artist, non-profit Youth Arts Instructor and an aspiring Mental Health Awareness activist. This March I will present the fifth installment to the 'Embryo' exhibition series due to commence March 5, 2016.

By Shanina Dionna*, AFROPUNK contributor

Driven by personal testimony, "Embryo V" began as merely a way to experiment with my voice…


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FEATURE: Meet Brooklyn-based Colombian illustrated Jose Berrio, see his Nina Simone project

Last week, I sat down (via email) with Brooklyn-based Colombian printmaker/graphic designer/illustrator Jose Berrio after seeing his tribute to Nina Simone. Learn more about the artist and check out his Nina Simone project.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

How do you describe yourself as an artist?

I like to see art in my life as the opportunity of learning more…


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FEATURE: Check out jack-of-all-trades St. Louis-based Haitian photographer Izaiah Johnson

Izaiah Johnson is a professional editorial photographer from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, now based in St. Louis, and graduate of Webster University. Johnson is extremely versatile artist who demonstrates some serious skill in several ‘types’ of photography, including fashion, landscape/scenic, product & food photography, etc. Down below, check out just a few examples of his editorial portrait work. To see more, creep his …


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FEATURE: Get immersed in art director Gabrielle Kannemeyer & photographer Kevin Mackintosh's surrealistic world of visual theatre

Kevin Mackintosh is an avant-garde fine arts photographer who is based in London, NYC, and Paris. With art director and stylist Gabrielle Kannemeyer, Mackintosh created surrealistic landscapes and imagery with the help of household and commonplace items, which he uses as accessories for his models and scenes. It’s not unusual to see a tea kettle stacked on a model’s head, a rustic drinking cup necklace…


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FEATURE: Check out artist LaKendra Huckaby’s dope illustrations and sketches of badass black femmes

A little afro-futurism, a little anime, lots of black girl magic. Currently based in Durham, NC LaKendra Huckaby, a graphic/web designer and illustration artist harnesses her life experiences and emotion to gain inspiration for the work that she creates. Many of her drawings are of femme characters and re-imagined portraits of other female artists and performers she admires, like Zendaya as Kida from Atlantis…


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FEATURE: See Donald Masoga’s take on the street fashion scene of Neighbourgoods Market, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Donald Masoga is an up-and-coming photographer from Johannesburg, South Africa who has a deep passion for representing the stories of African people through his artwork. “My vision is to tell African stories via Photography. People, moments, fashion, trends, and art are the things that I focus on most of the time when I take photos. And I'm inspired by AFROPUNK,” says Masoga.

Masoga’s street photography shows off the impeccable fashion, style, and swag…


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FEATURE: Check out the work of self-taught fashion and editorial photographer Sherrod Bolden

Sherrod Bolden began teaching himself photography nearly seven years ago after playing around with a camera while working on a photo shoot as a model. It was love and first sight and he hasn’t looked back since. What’s striking about Bolden’s photography is his ability to capture texture and color without the use of heavy post-production manipulation.…


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FEATURE: London-based visual artist Heather Agyepong's photographic series 'Too Many Blackamoors'

'Too Many Blackamoors' is photographic series by London-based visual artist and photographer Heather Agyepong. The thematic series is based on a 1596 event in which Queen Elizabeth penned an open letter to the lord mayor of London, demanding the forceable removal of the “blackamoors”, or dark skinned black Africans,…


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FEATURE: Award-winning fine arts photographer Adrian Richards

Check out a few photographs from award-winning fine arts photographer Adrian Richards. Richards, who has been seriously pursuing photography since 2008, specializes in portraits and body forms and creating specific photographic themes, motifs, and moods that are suited for any client’s decor to seamlessly integrate his art work into any setting.

You can follow Adrian on …


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FEATURE: AFROPUNK contributor Honey Makwakwa shows us Johannesburg's thriving creative community

Johannesburg used to be known as the city of gold, but with the mining industry singing its siren song Joburg’s creative economy is thriving under its own currency; Collaboration.

By Honey Makwakwa*, AFROPUNK contributor

At the opening of a project funded by the British arts council at the now (very unfortunately) closed Ithuba arts Gallery  in Braamfontien, I happened upon a…


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FEATURE: 'Abandoned Margins: Policing the Black Female Body' exhibition open at Chicago's Woman Made Gallery

Woman Made Gallery in Chicago is exhibiting ‘Abandoned Margins: Policing the Black Female Body’, a group show that challenges the supremacist systems that marginalize and disenfranchise black female bodies.

The show explores the projected images and perceptions of black women in American culture and the paradox of being simultaneously fetishized…


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FEATURE: F.I.T. graduate Max Luger captures grit and personality in black and white portraits.

Check out the photography of editorial/music journalism/event photographer and musician Max Luger. Little can be said about this mysterious F.I.T. graduate background, possibly based in Brooklyn (maybe Atlanta), but no matter because Max takes gorgeous portraits, among other things.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: Comic book creator Greg Anderson-Elysee raises funds for diverse, creepy-crawly comic “Is’nana: The Were-Spider”

Check out this new comic book series “Is’nana: The Were-Spider”, a coming-of-age fantasy tale created by Greg Anderson-Elysee. Is’nana and his father, Anansi the Spider, embark on an adventure that requires them to save the world from havoc-wreaking creatures and requires Is’nana to become his own person. Greg is currently running a …


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BOOK: A review of 'Cicatrizes' by Nia Hampton

My partner and contributor to my blog Nia Hampton just released an ebook about her experience in Brazil. Nia, like me, is based between the U.S. and Brazil. She uses her experience as an African American woman from Baltimore to influence her work with Afro Brazilians (including her partner Davi Nunes - author of the Bucala: Princess of Cabula). She is a…


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FEATURE: L.A.-based fashion and beauty editorial photography Brandon Hicks

Brandon Hicks is a majorly impressive L.A.-based photographer. Hicks specializes in conceptual, fashion, beauty editorial and personal brand portraiture—all of which are striking. There’s something simply radiant and lush about his ability to capture a multitude of rich colors and textures without drowning in them, and the way his lens fixates on the eye’s of his models. Check out just a few examples of his work down below and find his portfolio right …


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FEATURE: New artist residency program, The Center for Afrofuturist Studies, aims to increase Iowa City diversity

Image caption: “Black Object / White Smoke I-III” (2015), Alexandria Eregbu. All images courtesy of artists.

By Anaïs Duplan*, AFROPUNK contributor

With the rise of the movement for Black lives to the national spotlight, the Center for Afrofuturist Studies makes a simple proposition: the Afrofuture is now.…


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FEATURE: Photographer Ray Geofrey brings fashion editorial to the Makgadikgadi Salty Pans of Botswana

Take a look at this neat fashion editorial, ‘Men In The Salty Pans.’ ‘Pans’ was shot on-location at the Makgadikgadi Salty Pans, of north-eastern Botswana, by fashion photographer, Ray Geofrey. Ray is a fashion photographer, blogger, and style editor from Francistown, Botswana. The Pan is one of the largest salt flats in the world and, obviously, a killer location for photography. The…


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AFROPUNK exclusively publishes a new multartist web comic, 'When We Were Kings'. The series, created by Alverne Ball, is a post-apocalyptic story that examines the human nature of survival and its toll on the physical and mental stability of a former astronaut; exploring the perception of human connection, the loss of social laws, and the diminishing of natural resources as it correlates to modern-day life. The series will feature some of the comic industry’s “rising star”…


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