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Queer in Nigeria: new short film explores life & violence in a country where queerness is criminalized

Queerness on the continent is often met with persecution, violence, and ostracism, and new legislation has been popping up in West and Central Africa criminalizing gender identity and sexual preference at an alarming rate. New documentary “XIV” is a short film following RXMXT visual artist and aspiring filmmaker from Lagos, currently residing in Galesburg, Illinois, and the struggles as an openly queer person in one of the most “progressive” countries in West Africa, and a…


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Yabás photo editorial strikes back against intolerance of Afro-Brazilian religion candomblé through art

Religious intolerance comes in many forms and is present in every country on this beautifully terrible planet. While the United States reckons with its own gruesome examples of Islamaphobia, in Brazil, a quiet revolution is growing in opposition to the treatment of those who follow candomblé. Candomblé is a religion inherited from Yoruba religion of Nigeria, in which orishas are the deities, who represent the various elements of the earth and personalities that exist upon…


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AFROPUNK Brooklyn portrait series captures the effortless essence of Black expression

What’s better than AFROPUNK Brooklyn? Not much, but the art that’s inspired by it is a close second. Photographer Andrew Boyle is using the beauty, poise, and style of AP BK festivalgoers as the muse for his portrait series and the final product is brilliant. Cast against a deep gradient of blue hues, each subject is looking off into the distance, as if to dream of the full freedom their beings exude in the frame. I’m in love with these photos and they’re reminding that…


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Documentary Photographer Yagazie Emezi uses her lens to examine the reclamation of scars and education for at-risk Liberian girls

Art is activism and activism is art, and photographer Yagazie Emezi is working for a helluva cause. The young documentarian is using her lens to document Liberia’s at-risk female population, focusing on education and the reclamation of scars. Born and raised in Aba, Nigeria, she went on to study Cultural Anthropology and African Studies in the States before returning to her home to work as a visual curator for Bialere,… Continue

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Young Black entrepreneurs create a "black Etsy" to connect consumers to African fashion designers

Every year, in time for the holiday season, Black thinkers pontificate on the Black dollar, the power therein, and collective economics. Many people start shaming Black folks who buy mainstream brands and don’t invest money in Black owned business, and although we don’t condone shaming of any kind, we definitely encourage you to take a look at the work of some young entrepreneurs who have shaken up the marketplace by starting the “Black Etsy.” The creators of…


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Illustrator Goblin Hams is a wizard with the digital illustrations

Goblin Hams is going ham with the digital illustrations, folks. The concept artist and illustrator, given name Paul Davey, is drawing Black women in the most glorious, fantastical depictions he can muster and I AM HERE FOR IT. Black folks in cartoons and comics ain’t nothing new, but I’ll be damned if it ever gets old. Spoiler alert: the drawings are FIRE, the women are POWERFUL, and there are even EMOJIS. Get your entire life and support this young man, because he’s doing…


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Model Ajok Madel is way too dreamy in fantastastical photo editorial by Meiji Nguyen

Seems like things are heating up down under! Australian model Ajok Madel of Viviens Modelswas shot by Meiji Nguyen for this fantasy editorial, complete with cotton candy hair and glitter strewn across her exquisite face. Loads of imagination were clearly poured into this shoot, with make up artist…


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Stream Ethiopian Afro-Futuristic film "Crumbs," for free online

Afrofuturism is alive and well! Director Miguel Llansó of Lanzadera Filmsjust released “Crumbs,” an Ethiopian post-apocalyptic sci-fi film for the whole wide world to see. Available via Vimeo and Indiepix, the film follows the lead character, Candy, a physically differently abled Ethiopian man and a woman who he affectionately calls Birdy. The description of the film reads, “Tired of picking up the crumbs of…


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IAM editorial from BlackAttitude Mag balances unbridled masculinity and vulnerability

Prisca M. Monnier has an eye for detail and a mind for concepts that break the mold. From the mouth of the photographer herself, “The vision is to combine the traditional with the modern, about being Black and living one's truth regardless of what's expected of Black people by others (black and non-black), even if it seems paradoxical to some.” In this editorial, kinky hair is coupled with dulled metals, deep molasses skin is enveloped in light-washed linen, and colorful wool… Continue

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Nigerian hyperrealism visual artist Arinze Stanley breathes life on to the page

The most unbelievable things are often the things that happen in the real world and Arinze Stanley’s art defies what should be possible with pencil and paper. In his series of hyperrealistic drawings, he breathes life on to the page, using the shadow and depth to make it seem like they’re alive and in 3D. There’s not much else I can say about the sheer brilliance and talent required to make these masterpieces, so just enjoy them and support Arinze via… Continue

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Botswanan photographers capture the female form in nature ‘Women, Basadi’ photo series

The feminine energy present in nature is one of the most humbling, yet expressive visuals in the natural world. Two photographers in Botswana, Gonna Elvis Monngakgotla and Motheo Malgas have captured that essence from models Barbara Moleboge and Gotlhe Kgosi in new photo series ‘Women, Basadi.’ In this breathtaking display, the models use the natural world as a backdrop for their beauty and encompass all the growing possible between sun and earth. Enjoy the photos…


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20 year old Brazilian photographer captures effortless cool in new Makossa photo editorial

Makossa is a party in Brasilia, Brasil dedicated to celebrating 70s Black dances from the country. Matheus Alves is capturing the partygoers at their most fly in this new editorial. These Brazilian models are serving looks! From long braids and afro puffs, to chokers and mesh, these hip young Brasileiros are bringing their own effortless cool to the camera and killing it in the process. Peep the full editorial below!

By T. McLendon,…

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'Floyd Norman: An Animated Life' documentary chronicles the incredible life and career of Disney’s first black animator

'Floyd Norman: An Animated Life' is biographical documentary that chronicles the life and career of Disney Animation’s first black animator, Floyd Norman. Hired in 1956, Norman worked on many on the Disney classics created around that time, like “Sleeping Beauty“, “Mary Poppins,” “The Jungle Book”, “101 Dalmatians” and many more. After Walt Disney’s 1966 death, Norman left the company to pursue his own business endeavors as a co-founder of Vignette Films, Inc—a production…


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Parisian Model Josué Comoe is regal and refined in new photo editorial

Some say love makes the world go ‘round, and currently I’m in love with Parisian model Josué Comoe. In this new editorial for Modern Weekly China Magazine, the stunning youngster is daring and debonair with menswear laid for the gods. His chiseled jawline and deeply melanated skin tone are every bit as dreamy as his eyes, piercing and passionate even…


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Makedaa Dolls are the perfect companion for the amazing Black child in your life

Move over Barbie, Makedaa is coming for your spot! Named after a legendary Ethiopian queen, Makedaa exudes boldness, brilliance, and all natural beauty! With natural hair and kente print clothes, Makedaa Dolls are the perfect doll companion for the Black girl or boy in your life. For the younger siblings, nieces and nephews, and little cousins we love, it’s important to celebrate their hair and skin, and what better way to that than to give them the gift of representation.… Continue

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MOVIE PREMIERE: Seattle tap dance and social justice studio puts their passion in protest in new documentary “Hell You Talmbout”

"America's youth are listening, mindful and aware. The youth are watching and they are affected by our decisions (political, economically, spiritually) and they are holding us accountable to make a bright future for them." Reflect on these words by Joseph Webb for a moment. The past few years have been all turmoil and very little progress. With Black lives being lost at the hands of law enforcement at such a steady rate, people have turned to protest in various ways, but very… Continue

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FEATURE: Up and coming British model Oyin Solanke slays in futuristic photo series

Inspired by florescent colors and neon lights, stylist Georgina Curtis and photographer Daniel Holfeld collaborated with fresh-faced beauty Oyin Solanke for this four-part photo series. The pair found the stunning Oyin working at an Abercrombie & Fitch, “I had to convince her to be our model as I thought she was stunning!” Curtis tells AFROPUNK. Check out the futuristic looks, below.…


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Stream the ever graceful Sophie Okonedo in sneak peak of BBC’s new series “The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses”

Black women are taking Hollywood by storm as of late and the UK’s Sophie Okonedo is the latest to get cast as in a leading role for BBC’s new series “The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses.” The series features some of the UK’s finest acting talent and Sophie has been cast to play Queen Margaret. She joins Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III, Tom Sturridge as Henry VI, Hugh Bonneville as Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, Judi Dench as Cecily, Duchess of York, Sally Hawkins as…


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#BlackGirlMagic is on full display in Joyanne Panton’s new fashion editorial

Black Girl Magic is abundant these days and photographer Joyanne Panton is capturing every bit of it. In this new editorial, models Delcia and Alicia Johnson emanate the confident cool of a thousand sunbeams and look absolutely stunning in emerald, white, gold, and nothing at all. With makeup by Natalie Black and fits from Legaci Clothing, I can’t find a single thing wrong with this editorial except that I want to see more! Peep these beauties below and see their gorgeousness… Continue

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Brazilian photo editorial ‘Negros no Poder’ celebrates the curls and kinks of Black hair at Evento Empoderamento Crespo

Brazilian photo editorial ‘Negros no Poder’ celebrates the curls and kinks of Black Brazilian hair

Brazil is booming with Black pride right now! Scores of afrobrasileiros are coming together to celebrate their culture, their skin, and their hair. In this editorial by photographer Alex Santos and ClickStudio entitled “Negros no Poder” (Blacks in Power). Organized by LipePreto e LuanaAltina, this event specifically was to to celebrate Black hair in all of its kinks, curls,… Continue

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