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Community-minded social entrepreneurship residency Red Bull Amaphiko Academy heads to Baltimore for the first time

Red Bull Amaphiko, Red Bull's 10-day launch pad camp for grassroots social entrepreneurs who are working to make positive improvements in their communities, is headed to the States! At Red Bull Amaphiko, like-minded, solution-driven creatives and future (and current) business owners have the chance to collaborate on ideas, draw inspiration from each other, develop…


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Visual artist JG channels the lords of anime for his larger than life characters

Check out the trippy illustrations of visual artist JG. Clearly inspired by geek culture and anime, JG’s characters lean more in the direction of machismo buff dudes who do stuff and busty women who look good, so it would be really cool to see some babes ready for whoop some ass. But, JG’s characters, even the quick pieces he whips up in 30 minutes are of larger than life characters that seem to radiate with rage, passion, and strength. Check out a few of our favs…


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White Lens, Black Lives: how a Nazi filmmaker made a career of photographing Nuba peoples in Sudan

What constraints Photography's societal freedom & what has guided its power would be how it has grown into a tool for civilizations, as well as communities of people & governments to design the visual feelings, attitudes & mentalities attributed to the sway of perception.

Photography, when placed on the clock of historical significance does not fit under an ancient medium---it is a very young medium with under 200 years surrounding its age. …


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PREMIERE: Empowering picture book promotes self-love for black boys

New pages from the follow up to Lawrence Lindell’s self-empowering, black skin-loving picture book, ‘From Black Boy With Love: Part I’! 'Part II' is a thoughtful and uplifting collection of affirmations for black and brown boys aimed at instilling a sense of worthiness and self-love in a world committed to tearing down black men and women.

“This book is for all the boys of color who feel pressured to fit in and be something you're not. We are not…


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Meet self-taught Cameroonian visual artist Felix Fokoua

Meet Felix Fokoua, a concept artist and graphic designer from Yaounde, Cameroon. From a young age Felix had a passionate interest in visual arts that was encouraged by his mother. His impressive skills as a digital and conceptual artist are surprisingly self-taught; he actually earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Buea in 2014.

Check out his awesome work, below!…


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Boots Riley will direct new movie starring Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson

Hip Hop/Rock musician Boots Riley is taking his talents to the big screen. According to Deadline, the first time director has snagged Tessa Thompson, Lakeith Stanfield and Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) to star in his upcoming drama Sorry to Bother You, slated to begin filming this month. Riley studied film…


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Diversity and representation are at the forefront of visual artist D. Mathieu Cassendo’s inclusive cartoons

D. Mathieu Cassendo is a brilliant visual artist who prioritizes diversity and a celebration of black history and black people in their digital character renderings. Cassendo’s inclusive cartoons feature a range of black and brown folks, both gender conforming and non-conforming characters, some with disabilities, some who wear the hijab, others with vitiligo, and all of these characters with a variety of body types and hair textures. In addition to their stand-alone…


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Afro-Brazilian designer Maiwsi Ayana’s By MAIA brand crafts eclectic pieces for the bold and daring

By MAIA is a three-year-old t-shirt and accessories brand founded by Brazilian designer Maiwsi Ayana and geared towards fashionistas looking for something off the beaten trail that can be styled up or styled down on a whim. What began as a line of customizable t-shirts has morphed into a line of unapologetic, fashion-forward pieces and styled looks. Peep By MAIA’s current collection, the Tumbeiro collection, down below.…


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French afro-feminist author creates children's book on natural hair, inspired by Toni Morrison

Inspired by work of Toni Morrison, “Comme un Million De Papillons Noirs” or “Like A Million Black Butterflies” is a children’s picture book geared towards inspiring empathy and self-love for black and brown kids with textured hair. Written by Laura Nsafou (aka Mrs Roots) and illustrated by Barbara Brown were both drawn to Morrison’s passage in “God Help The Child” that read, “Her clothes were white, her hair like a million black butterflies asleep on her head." An…


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Indie fashion Brand Ikiré Jones featured in 'Black Panther' movie wardrobe

When Marvel dropped the first trailer for Black Panther over the weekend, we could barely contain our excitement, and the fact that it made the heads of racist white fanboys explode made the…


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Free alphabet book teaches children about Europe's violent colonial past and present

Spain-based Peruvian writer Daniela Ortiz’s new book is the history lesson I never got as a child but always needed. The ABC of Racist Europe seeks to expose how Europe’s racist, colonial laws came to be and can still be felt today in xenophobic migrant and refugee policies. According to …


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Visual artist Deni Dimochka’s illustrations mix pop culture with Afrofuturism and fantasy

Digital artist Deni Dimochka’s illustrations are both unusual and playful mixes of fantasy and Afrofuturism. Drawing inspiration from icon black figures like Grace Jones (below) and nerd culture, Deni conceptualizes diverse characters that bend gender norms, defy odds, and storytelling norms. I can’t get enough of Deni’s warm us of color and her moody, almost underwater-esque palettes. See some of our favorites, below, and follow Deni on…


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Erykah Badu, Childish Gambino and Chris Rock added to Dave Chappelle's Radio City shows

Dave Chappelle fans rejoice! The comedian has just announced a ten show Fall residency at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Running from August 1 to August 24, the shows will feature an all-star cast of special guests, including Erykah Badu, Childish Gambino, Chris Rock, the Roots, Trevor Noah and Ali Wong, with even more to be announced in the near future.

In 2014, Badu and The Roots…


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Black acrobats center queer narratives at the Topsy-Turvy Queer Circus

A spectacular performance of acrobatics, Topsy-Turvy Queer Circus is a multidisciplinary circus arts production that centers queer stories and that subvert traditional ideals and norms of beauty, gender, sexuality, and power. Initially a singular event, Topsy-Turvy Queer Circus has evolved into a consistent and supportive space for queer, trans, and nonconforming…


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New photo book features Solange-inspired testimony from 61 Black women about their 'Seat at the Table'

Seher Sikander is a New York-based photographer & creative architect whose latest project, Testimonies From the Table, is a collection of portraits and firsthand narratives "honoring the lived experiences of 61 diverse black women in America." Inspired by Solange's race-themed album, A Seat at the Table, and her follow up interdisciplinary performance piece at the Guggenheim Museum,…


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Black Panther poster references iconic Huey P. Newton picture

Marvel’s first Black Panther trailer and poster are full of Easter Eggs for comic book fans and the pro-black crowd that’s converging for this highly-anticipated superhero film. So far, the film looks wonderfully black as hell with its gorgeous black cast and Afrocentricism. But one of our favorite shout-outs to black history and black culture is from the film’s new poster which features Chadwick Boseman‘s Black Panther sitting on a throne verrry reminiscent to the iconic…


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Independent film project brings Indigenous cultures, spirituality and MMA together for a groundbreaking adventure

Derek Jay Garlington is a New York based writer, filmmaker who published his first novel Souls of a Kindred Flame last year. The book follows a character named Divinity who convinces her cage fighting boyfriend to join her in meditation, only to be thrust onto a spiritual journey full of enlightenment and adventure. Now Garlington hopes to bring the story off the page and onto the screen.…


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Afro-Italian and Cameroonian models get delightfully weird in ‘The Strangelings’ editorial series

F*cking. Obsessed with this wicked editorial series featuring some breathtaking (albeit unrecognizable) Afro-Italian and Cameroonian models Brenda Beaux (insta: @msbeaux) and Etionsa Agbontaen and shot by photographer and creative director Lucy Feng for Glassbook. ‘The Stranglings’ is just that, a super moody,…


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Afro-Brazilian artist Annie Ganzala's graffiti paintings celebrate the world of Black lesbians in Salvador de Bahia

Annie Ganzala is an Afro-Brazilian graffiti artist who develops watercolor and graffiti paintings about the universe of Black women and lesbians in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. The artist tells that she became fascinated with exploring identity in her work after experiencing violence from her non-Black and lighter…


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Black-owned accessories and clothing line Miscê draws inspiration from Afro-Brazilian culture and Brazil’s tropical climate

Miscê is a Sao Paolo-based accessory line was co-founded by Bruna Rigato and designer Kelen Lima. No doubt inspired by the tropical climate and fusion of African cultures in her home country of Brazil, Miscê is a diverse collection of multi-use wraps, backpacks, cross-bodies, and wallets created with vibrant mixed print and textiles. Lima's gorgeous fabrics used to make her larger wrap pieces can be re-purposed and worn as shirts, skirts,…


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