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FEATURE: Erykah Badu and 'Black Dynamite' set to address police brutality in special episode

'Black Dynamite' - the animated series from Adult Swim -  is reportedly set to air a special one-hour musical episode that will address the police brutality that has dominated news s and conversation since the fatal shooting of Mike Brown on August 9th. The satirical show - which is based on the 2009 Blaxploitation film of the same name - will feature guest appearances from Erykah Badu and Tyler, The Creator in the upcoming episode - titled 'The Wizard of Watts'.…


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FEATURE: Celebrating legendary New York Times photographer Chester Higgins Jr.

To mark the retirement of legendary New York Times photographer Chester Higgins Jr, AFROPUNK would like to celebrate both the photographer and his work - a photographer known for his iconic photographs, such as the one above of Maya Angelou dancing with Amiri Baraka at the Schomberg Center (dancing over the ashes of Langston Hughes). Check out some more of his most notable images, below; and read his own words …


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FEATURE: 'Queen of Glory', the upcoming mini-series

Nana Mensah of 'An African City' fame - the hit youtube series - is set to direct and star in new film, 'Queen of Glory. Apart of the 'Black Girl Quirk' genre (pioneered by works such as Issa Rae's 'Awkward Black Girl'), Mensah's film will continue the dialogue that black women can play outside those stereotypical roles usually given to them. The synopsis of the film is as followed:  “a dark comedy about a Christian bookstore,” the film follows Sarah Obeng, a PhD candidate…


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ART: An interview with visual artist Kamille Jackson

At a moment in which social media directs and shapes daily interactions, artist Kamille Jackson converges the digital with her traditional practices of painting and drawing. Pieces she begins on canvas or paper she then scans, converts and distorts in Photoshop through a series of interventions that draw on both pop art and psychedelic aesthetics. A Northern Virginia native now living in Richmond, she recently graduated from Virginia…


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EVENT: Join acclaimed artist Wangechi Mutu for the 'Africa's Out' afterparty

Calling all you brilliant, fly, creative, unique, makers and breakers of interplanetary hearts. Join Wangechi Mutu Studios at Putnam's on Friday, December 12 for a holiday after party honoring their new initiative, Africa's Out! hosted by Wangechi Mutu. Celebrate courage, pride, and sheer "queermazingness" as we work to strengthen, support, and shout out for the rights, lives, and love of our African LGBTI family! Music by DJ Underdog (upper…


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FEATURE: Visual Artist/Illustrator/"EclecticWeirdo" Nadya Nickels Shares Her Story

My name is Nadya Nickels, I’m 18 years old and I currently live in Orlando, FL. I’ve been painting and drawing since I can remember but I started taking it seriously at 11. I predominantly do portraits, I like expressions they can you tell a lot about what's going on and what someone's thinking. Though I find it still allows room for people to form their own interpretation. Because I think we all try to connect to someone else's expressions with our own emotions. My art is a…


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FILM: 'AFRONELL' - new feature film about a young black woman in the L.A. punk scene of the 1970's

Check out new feature film project 'AFRONELL'. Currently in its early stages, the film tells the story of a teenage musician from South Central, Los Angeles, and the L.A. punk scene of 1979 that she struggles to establish herself…


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EVENT: 'Fade to Black', a celebration of contemporary Black art at Art Basel Miami

For those lucky enough to be at Art Basel Miami, look out for 'Fade to Black' this saturday. In partnership with MoCADA, AFROPUNK will celebrate contemporary black art's most important and emerging names - featuring the work of artists such as Tim Okamura (pictured).  Check out the information, below.

Fade to…

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FEATURE: 'Legend of the Mantamaji' - the comic with a multicultural cast and African American leads

Many in our community have expressed their frustration at the lack of diversity in the comic book genre, but some are now turning their frustration into action by publishing their own projects. Working with a talented team of artists, television director Eric Dean Seaton has done just that; and is now set to launch the second book in his graphic novel series, 'Legend of the Mantamaji'. Using his experience as a director on hit shows such as NBC's 'Undateable' and…


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FILM: Steve McQueen and Harry Belafonte set to join forces for Paul Robeson biopic

Award winning visual artist Steve McQueen, now noted for his directorial achievements in cinema - '12 Years A Slave', 'Shame' - has now announced that he will collaborate with Harry Belafonte to produce a film about the late American Singer, actor, and civil rights activist, Paul Robeson. During the announcement, McQueen disclosed that he's wanted to make a Robeson biopic for the past six years; but just didn't have the power to do so.…


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PHOTOGRAPHY: 'Bananas About Bananas' - the work of Ricardo Rivera

Bananas have always been both exoticized and eroticized in our popular culture - think Josephine Baker's 'The Banana Dance'; so it's interesting to see the way that New York based fashion photographer Ricardo Rivera incorporates the phallic fruit into a body of work that deals so beautifully with dark skin and the black body. Explore Rivera's…


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BOOK REVIEW: Bridgett M. Davis - 'Into the Go-Slow'

Bridgett M. Davis’s latest novel Into the Go-Slow is a remarkable tale that powerfully addresses the challenges that arise while on the search for the often hidden and misconstrued answers to life. Davis takes you on this adventure through the lens of a young, black woman from Detroit named Angie. Angie is in a very critical point in her life where she is trying to find meaning and purpose amidst the whirlwind that she has been tossed into. The death of her eldest…


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FILM: Award winning documentary Death Metal Angola gets its NYC theatrical premiere this week

The award winning documentary Death Metal Angola will get its NYC theatrical premiere this week at Cinema Village, 7pm on Friday 21st. The film tells the story of Sonia Ferreira, 'a war survivor, lover of rock music, and mother to 55 orphans - as she and her partner, the Death Metal musician Wilker Flores, launch Angola's first-ever national rock concert.'  Watch the trailer, below; and for more info on the premiere - which will include a…


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ART: Brooklyn Museum will exhibit rare pieces from the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat

Since his untimely death at the age of 27 in 1988, Haitian-American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat has become somewhat of a cult figure - akin to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Demand for new Basquiat pieces continues to grow, and his works remain highly collectable; one piece selling last year at auction for $23.7 million - for an artist from such humble and troubled beginnings. Now fans of the artist will have the opportunity to see his never-before-seen work - in an…


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FEATURE: Young cartoonist Calyn Pickens-Rich shares her story

Apparently, someone writes Dill’s comics. I am Calyn, a young Paris-dwelling-afro-wearing-temporary-tattoo-sporting full-time artist, part time mad scientist and occasional technical captain. I am the creator of Dill. 

When I was one of those drooling discombobulated speech patterned six years olds, I came up with a character. At the time, he was all I used to ever draw, to the point of general teacher frustration. So, my mother introduced me to Charles Schulz.…


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FEATURE: Braamfontein’s gold - Vibrant Cultural Scenes in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is an unbeatable blend of stunning nature and a colorful collection of humans. This secret gem was revealed to me by my mother, an avid traveler herself. I expected nothing when I made plans to visit Johannesburg but instead I left with an enriched soul and a renewed mind because of the characters I encountered while scanning the street for charismatic faces.

Thanks to the guidance of new friends, I was introduced to two very important cultural gatherings in…


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FEATURE: Skin is set to star in upcoming sci-fi film, 'Andron: The Black Labyrinth

Skin will feature in upcoming sci-fi film 'Andron: The Black Labyrinth'. It's yet to be announced the role that the iconic Skunk Anansie frontwoman will play, but it's been reported that the film is about a group of young men and women who awake in a dark, claustrophobic maze. All are unable to remember who they are or how they got stuck in the black labyrinth, and must work together to escape. The film, which is currently in production,…


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FEATURE: Issa Rae releases 'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl' book

If you haven't heard of 'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl', you probably don't use the internet. The award-winning web series  that follows the life of an awkward Black girl named 'J'  has become one of the most talked about and successful shows to come from the interweb, attracting attention from the likes of Oprah Winfrey. Now the star and creator of that show, Issa Rae, has put her funny words to hardback as she releases her new book - aptly named The…


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FEATURE: Erykah Badu and Chance the Rapper guest star in 'Black Dynamite' as Rita and Bob Marley

Check out Erykah Badu's cameo on Adult Swim's animated comedy 'Black Dynamite' - playing the role of Rita Marley. Joining Erykah in the latest episode of the cartoon show - an adaptation of a 2009 Blaxploitation film of the same name - is Chance the rapper, who plays the legendary Bob Marley. Get into the stream, below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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PHOTOGRAPHY: 'Tribe of Ghosts: Albinism in Tanzania' - the work of Jacquelyn Martin

In Tanzania, albinos are often killed or mutilated in order to use their body parts for traditional medicines. Through photography, American photojournalist Jacquelyn Martin has brought to light the plight of this shunned and disenfranchised community of east Africans - many of whom suffer from skin cancer due to their albinism. A staff photojournalist with the Associated Press, Martin's most notable project is 'Tribe of Ghosts: Albinism in Tanzania', where she…


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