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FEATURE: 'Soul Black' - Artist Nina Franco Explores Racial And Gender Identity In Brazil Through The Words And Backs Of Black Women

Explore 'Soul Black', the latest work from Brazilian visual artist Nina Franco. The collection, which was recently exhibited at SESC Ramos in Rio de Janeiro, explores the issues of ethnic, racial, and gender identity with photography and confessional letters (each letter based on the following question: "How do you feel being a black woman in a patriarchal and racist country?"). As you'll see below, the subjects in each photo were photographed from the back;…


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FASHION: 'Matty The Neon' - Model Maty Sal Features In Photographer Kazuma Takigawa's Captivating New Work For Superior Magazine

Check out these majestic visuals! The images, featuring model Maty Sal, were lensed by Japanese photographer Kazuma Takigawa for Superior Magazine (with hair and make up from Anastasia Hess); and its neon colors paired with the model's flawless skin and bantu knots makes the Copenhagen based photographer's latest work a captivating sight. Explore…


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FEATURE: Unapologetic Beauty - The Photography Of #StudioLovn

Take a look at the photography of #StudioLovn aka Virginia based freelance photographer Niqko Charles, and the breathtaking and bold women that feature in his work - proudly showcasing their skin, hair, and bodies (unapologetically). Explore the images below!

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



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FEATURE: Affirming Identity Through Art - The Captivating Work Of Montreal Based Painter And Muralist Ma'liCiouZ

Check out the badass art of Afro-urban Montreal based visual artist Ma'liCiouZ - a multi-disciplinary artist, of Haitian origin, known for her paintings and large scale murals. Her camp tells us: "Ma'liCiouZ affirms in her art her identity, which she builds positively by showing the strengths of her people rather than contestation and the wounds of history. Her works are tinged with tribal aesthetics and various references to Black myths, that she adapts to the…


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FEATURE: "We Are Beautiful" - Artist Ruramai ‘Rudo’ Musekiwa Celebrates Phenomenal African Women With Her 'Sibahle' Poster Series

Take a look at the must-see 'Sibahle' poster series, the latest illustration work from Zimbabwe-born visual artist Ruramai ‘Rudo’ Musekiwa. The Johannesburg based creative activist created the on-going series in celebration of this year's upcoming National Women’s Day in South Africa (9th August), and describes the posters as a "tribute to phenomenal African women". She adds: "The statement it seeks to make, is that our young girls can and should find inspiration…


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FEATURE: Introducing Ama Makeda, Haitian Visual Artist And Yogi

Drawing her inspiration from the visual intensity of Haiti, Christina Clodomir-Makeda instills within her paintings the abstractness of Georgia O’Keeffe. Her work captures the vibrancy of life, as well as the feelings and emotions of the brilliant wonder that nature is.

By Debbie Jonas, Afropunk Contributor…


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FEATURE: The Comic Creations of Montreal Based Visual Artist D. Mathieu

My name's Debbi Paul, aka “D. Mathieu” (my artist name). I'm a Montreal based visual artist, specializing in comics. I started doing art on a professional level in 2011: I was selling acrylic and aquarelle paintings in addition to starting an online blog about comics. Between that time and today, I've tried three times to go back to college to be either a 2D animator or a fashion designer. For some reason, I didn't think being a cartoonist would've…


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FEATURE: 'Afro-inks' weekly illustration by Eddaviel

Eddaviel (who was a Live painter at AFROPUNK Paris) takes his favorite AFROPUNK ‘Afro Of The Day’ images and creates illustrations weekly. "A line, created by a drop of ink that becomes an expression of afro traits."



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AFROPUNK PREMIERE: First Official Poster For New Film 'The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution'

A few months ago we wrote about upcoming feature length documentary, 'The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution', and today we're premiering the first official poster for its long-awaited theatrical release (designed by Sawyer Studios). The film, by acclaimed documentarian Stanley Nelson, chronicles the rise and fall of The Black Panther Party through the use of rare archival footage - with the voices of the people who were there (police, FBI informants,…


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ART: Revisiting The Great Migration, With Paint And Cardboard - Jacob Lawrence's 60-Panel Migration Series at MOMA in NYC

Jacob Lawrence was just 23 years old when he painted the 60-panel Migration Series on cardboard in the 1930s during the Harlem Renaissance. He received money from a grant to focus on his art and he would go to the 135th Street Branch of the New York Public Library (now the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture) to do research and also recounted his parents' journey from the south in his paintings of Negroes leaving the crumbling cotton economy in the early…


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FEATURE: The Paintings Of Brooklyn-based Panamanian Artist S. Whittaker's "Woman" Exhibition

Check out some paintings from the 'Woman' exhibition - Brooklyn-based Panamanian artist S. Whittaker's Instagram Art Exhibition, which took place last year (curated by Robyn Willard of Reign Entertainment). For the social media art show, Whittaker debuted custom portraits daily on her …

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FEATURE: The Beautiful And Playful Illustrations Of Visual Artist Mohammed "Mojuicy" Fayaz

Explore the playful work of New York illustrator Mohammed Fayaz. Fayaz, known as "Mojuicy", describes his work as illuminating "the otherwise esoteric experience of being a queer person of color in New York", an on-going documentary of (as he puts it) "his vibrant community". See his beautiful and vibrant illustrations below (plus the badass flyer that he designed for our "After Dark" event last year). 

By Alexander…


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FEATURE: 'The Questions' - AFROPUNK's Monthly Comic Strip, By Illustrator Branson Belchie II

Every month, illustrator Branson Belchie II creates a comic strip for AFROPUNK that addresses current social issues. This month's comic strip is about this #AllLivesMatter thing.

"'The Questions' are a series of comic strips and illustrations born out of frustration and anger at the injustices society has committed against African Americans. I’m just as tired as you of cops greeting us with guns drawn, asking us questions in threatening…


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Greenlight Bookstore @ Afropunk Festival 2015

Greenlight Bookstore (the independent bookstore located in the heart of Fort Greene) is coming to AFROPUNK Festival 2015 for a second year of Rock-n-Read - with an eclectic array of books for purchase. From food and music writing to fiction, memoir and graphic novels, there will be something on hand for everyone to round out their summer reading.


Greenlight will also host authors…


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AFROPUNK Partners With ACT/ART For #IAMTHEMANY Poster Campaign

AFROPUNK has partnered with non-profit ACT/ART to use the power of art to inspire positive change. Make a captivating poster and join the #IAMTHEMANY ​campaign to help bring about change to racial bias in the criminal justice system. …


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FEATURE: 'EclecticWeirdo' Weekly Illustration by Nadya Nickels - "Take a bite out of happiness today"

Artist Nadya Nickels creates weekly illustrations for AFROPUNK showcasing the 'Eclectic Weirdos'. This week's piece is titled "Take a bite out of happiness today".



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FEATURE: 'Drty Diana' - A New Dark Comedy Web Series About "Today’s Millennial Woman"

Take a look at 'Drty Diana', a new dark comedy web series from co-producers Dalena Huynh and Yonas Michael. The series follows Nyaomi (Cassi Maddox), a music journalist and rocker who has moved back to her hometown after failing to hit it big in New York. The synopsis reads as followed, "one year after moving back to her hometown and taking a job in ad sales, Nyaomi has abruptly quit her nine-to-five and barricaded herself in the lies she’s spun. Her friends think…


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FEATURE: 'From Within And Without: The History Of Haitian Photography' - NSU Art Museum's New Exhibit

Check out some of the featured works from new NSU Art Museum exhibit, 'From Within And Without: The History Of Haitian Photography'. The Florida museum has presented a comprehensive survey of Haitian photography (taking place from June 21 – October 4, 2015), featuring almost 350 works from the…


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FEATURE: “KingSun” - A Bright Literary Tribute To Jamaica By Author Gladstone Taylor

Jamaican author Gladstone Taylor presents an unconventional tribute to his home country with his latest publication “KingSun; The Testaments of Sunlight and Water”, a rich tale of reverence and self-exploration. “This book, as it says, is a testament to the fact that Jamaican people and culture are both incredibly unique and complex and that there is a relationship between this and the Sun”, said Taylor when describing his work. The 23-year-old writer aims to use…


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FILM: 'Generation Soweto' - Nisa Ahmad's Upcoming Documentary On South Africa's Millennials

Take a look at the trailer for new documentary 'Generation Soweto' (featuring Soweto residents Twiggy & Sedi, pictured). Created by veteran producer Nisa Ahmad, the independant doc is about South Africa's millennials and centers on the youth culture of Cape Town and Johannesburg. Ahmad states: “Our project explores the current political and social climate, 20 years after the ending of Apartheid in South Africa." Adding, "We look at how the job market,…


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