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Company releases collectible figurine of H.R. of Bad Brains

Japanese toy/collectibles company PressPop is releasing a pretty cool “statuette” figurine of Bad Brains frontman, H.R. The miniature is constructed from PVC and ABS while his clothes are made from real…


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Carbon-ar’s afrofuturistic designs turn styling combs into artwork

Carbon-ar is a black-owned, Oakland-based media creator that’s putting an artistic, pro-black spin on the wide-tooth styling comb. These beautiful pieces are made from sustainable hardwoods and are crafted and produced locally. Each comb is made using “furniture construction techniques” for maximum style as well as functionality. The combs are each adorned with…


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Black entrepreneur launches "Switch Fresh" replaceable deodorant, reducing plastic waste by 96 percent

Buying a plastic bottle that isn't biodegradable nor completely full to begin with, then throwing it in the trash each month probably isn't the greatest thing for the environment. That's why Chicago native Antoine Wade launched an Indiegogo campaign for Switch Fresh, a personalizable deodorant with refillable cartridges. In comparison to other products, Switch…


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Photo Series: "Pure Black" challenges limitations around Blackness

Sam Gonçalves is an Afro-Brazilian model with vitiligo who partnered with Haitian model Jean Woolmay Denson Pierre for a photo series called "Pure Black". Shot by photographer Vinicius Costa, the series is meant to push back against the ways we limit our conception of what Blackness can look like. "We just want to show the world that Black is Black, no matter what," says Gonçalves. "We all suffer. We are Black." Incredible!…


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Photo series: MAN UP - A Boy's Struggle for Male Sensitivity

A few months ago, 17-year-old Towela Kams, a Botswana based photographer, decided she wanted to do a project addressing male sensitivity as a response to hearing the phrase "man up." Having always centered misfits, outcasts and the misunderstood in her work, it made sense for Kams to eventually tackle gender norms, but she also felt the project needed a male perspective to be authentic.

A natural collaborator, she partnered with Amogelang Tshenyo, a…


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Body positivity and self-reflection are highlighted in ‘The Mirror Stage’ project

'The Mirror Stage' is the new photography project by photog Phuong-Thao Hoang, Creative Director (and model) Magnus Juliano, and model Melrose. Aimed at facilitating a conversation around social issues and body positivity, The Mirror Stage gets its name from Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytic theory of the same name that deals with an infant’s first recognition of themselves in a literal mirror, and how that shapes our early sense of self.

""The full concept…


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This Afro-Latina artist is bluntly bringing the issues of Black women to the forefront

Afro-Dominicana artist Zahira Kelly says she spent years wrestling with erasure and devaluation as a Black woman in society, and more specifically as an Afro-Latina. Understanding that part of the problem was how few images acknowledged her existence, the 34-year-old Bronx native, who is now based in Georgia,…


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Comic series follows Chicago teen possessed by the spirit of Shaka Zulu

Created and written by Alverne Ball, ‘Zulu’ follows the life of Lazarus Jones, a 16-year-old boy who becomes possessed by the spirit of warrior king Shaka Zulu while visiting South Africa with his father. Back home in Chicago, Lazarus finds himself navigating through the turbulent streets of Chicago with friends when he discovers that a big corporation is behind the endless gang violence and disintegration of his neighborhood.

“‘Zulu’ is a story that blends a…


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Nigerian-American designer Buki Ade takes swimwear to the next level with Bfyne collection

Nigerian-American Buki Ade is a designer and entrepreneur who is changing the conversation in swimwear with her collection of culturally-inclusive designs, called Bfyne. Inspired by trends in West African fashion, Bfyne seamlessly infuses traditional patterns and colors of the region with bold and truly innovative swimwear designs. Think high necklines and long sleeves with chic and sexy cut outs and straps in…


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Representation Matters: this Black Queer comic book is taking love stories to brand new heights

Bingo Love is a comic unlike any you've ever seen before by writer Tee Franklin (Nailbiter's The Outfit, Love is Love), who previously created several queer friendly #BlackComicsMonth panels at NYCC.

The graphic novella tells the story of two Black women who meet while 13-years-old in 1963 and later fall in love, fighting together through whatever hurdles come their way. According to the…


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Ghanaian Immigrant Becomes First Black Woman Neurosurgeon Resident At Johns Hopkins Hospital

If you have family or friends who are medical students (or are one yourself), you know that the third Friday in March, or Match Day, is one of the biggest moments in a young doctor's life. Match Day is when fourth years find out which residency programs have accepted them, and this year it was also the first time a Black woman became a neurosurgery resident at Johns Hopkins Hospital, making history.…


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Meet the painter turning your favorite memes into hysterical abstract masterpieces

There's something about the way memes come into being that have always struck me–as a writer–as particularly artistic. Each meme tells a story that becomes shared across a vast, digitally connected community, while taking on new shapes, forms and meanings as they spread to the farthest corners of the internet, before eventually running out of fashion (aka when white people finally get hip). Poetic.

26-year-old Delaware based artist Alim Smith,…


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Young entrepreneurs launch new and affordable airline serving the Caribbean

(Photo courtesy of France-Antilles Martinique)

On March 16, Ava Air made its first flight between Fort-de-France and Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. The moment marked the momentous realization of a project imagined nearly a decade ago by an airline pilot, David Renard, and his flight attendant wife, Élisabeth. Named after…


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Check out photographer Joyanne Panton’s gorgeous ‘Royalty’ editorial

Rich royal blues and glimmering golds, Joyanne Panton’s (@joyannespanton) ‘Royalty’ fashion editorial is a majestic photo series that was inspired by black female empowerment. Through visual references and allusions to Ancient African imagery, the series symbolizes the beauty, strength, and regality of black women. It features the lovely Sorayah (@ssorayahh) with make-up by @stephaniefaiirah.…


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"Bayou Maharaja" explores the unbelievable life and music of openly-gay piano legend James Booker

Bayou Maharajah takes us on a roller-coaster through the life and times of openly-gay piano legend James Booker. By New Orleans based documentary director, producer and educator Lily Keber, the film gives viewers a look into how Booker's notorious struggles addiction, depression and schizophrenia contributed to his legend, but never overshadowed his genius.

Once described as "the best black, gay, one-eyed junkie piano genius New Orleans…


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PREMIERE: New UK play “Custody” shows police brutality isn’t just an American problem

“Custody” is the forthcoming play by UK-based Urbain Wolf, aka Urbain Hayo, (The Art Machine) and written by Tom Wainwright (Banksy: the Room in the Elephant that delves into the phenomenon of black people being killed while in police custody. The play’s narrative follows the bereaved family of Brain, a man killed by the police, as they struggle to find justice when the administers and enforcers of justice are the one’s withholding it. “Custody” also aims to bring awareness…


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This 24-year-old artist blends South African influences with pop culture for a dynamic portrait series

Thabiso Mbambo is a graphic designer and illustrator whose portraits are a vibrant mix of traditional South African influences with pop culture fashion trends. Based in Durban, the 24-year-old's art seems to jump off the page with its bold coloring and unique styling:

By Hari Ziyad*, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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Peep Mali-based photographer Wahib Chehata striking and theatrical portraits

Wahib Chehata is a multi-media artist who interperts the theatricality of Renaissance and Baroque paintings through a photographers lens. Chehata’s striking images place black bodies in poses and set-ups that echo art history, but largely didn’t include people of color. Chehata mirrors the techniques of painters like Rembrandt and Caravaggio, playing razor-sharp attention to the delicate light work and depth of darkness that exists between and around his figures.…


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FEATURE 'Afro-inks' weekly illustration by Eddaviel feat. @nestreya

Eddaviel (who was a Live painter at (AFROPUNK Paris) takes his favorite AFROPUNK ‘Afro Of The Day’ images and creates illustrations weekly. "A line, created by a drop of ink that becomes an expression of afro traits." This week's illustration features @crownedneptune!…


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"Greene" is a film tackling Black love, loss, and depression

Keenan Dailey is a student at the University of Illinois who has already had an official selection in the New Art Film Festival with the short film Labyrinth, in addition to being a qualifier for the Sundance Ignite 2016 fellowship with the short film Dadaism.

Now he's tackling his first feature-length with Greene, a film about a 28-year old Black gallery owner, Marcus Greene, who is struggling to find peace with the fractured…


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