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FEATURE: London-based photographer Ade Okelarin presents dynamic juxtaposition of remarkable attributes in ‘Skin’ project

Scarfication isn’t for the faint of heart, but even if you’re not bold/brave enough or interested in marking your body with raised scars, boy oh boy, do they look neat. Photographer Ade Okelarin’s (aka àsìkò) ‘Skin’ project presents a dynamic juxtaposition of remarkable traits; including a pair of freckle-kissed black gingers. The London-based artist is known for his highly conceptualized and stirring editorials that linger in your mind long after viewing them. Check ‘Skin’…


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FEATURE: 'Afro-inks' weekly illustration by Eddaviel

Eddaviel (who was a Live painter at AFROPUNK Paris) takes his favorite AFROPUNK ‘Afro Of The Day’ images and creates illustrations weekly. "A line, created by a drop of ink that becomes an expression of afro traits." …


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FEATURE: Salvador-based photographer Tamires Allmeida uses artistic representation as a form of protest with AFROdivasedivos

AFROdivasedivos is a photographic project from Salvador-based artist, Tamires Allmeida. “The project is not only a photo shoot, it is a form of protest. A form of repositioning blackness within our universe.” A quote from poet Jonatas Cesario from whom Allmeida drew inspiration from in creating this representational project. The vastness of AFROdivasedivos is impressive on its own and the images themselves are certainly compelling to look at. They range in style…


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FEATURE: Tacoma-based artist Perry Paints creates imaginative magical realism watercolor portraits

Perry Paints is a surrealist watercolor painter and portrait artist from Tacoma, WA. Perry, who is inspired by women of color, depicts just that! Many of his portraits are rooted in magical realism while the others content elements of surrealism, like the seamless allusions to the sea and of marine life seen with the blue-haired character below or the woman with her head, literally, in the clouds. Check out some of Perry's portraits below then hop to his Society6…


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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Bruno Gomes heads to Rio’s The Rocinha district for ‘DONA’ fashion editorial

Bruno Gomes is one of our favorite Brazilian photographers around right now—you might be familiar with his work. If not, check out this beautiful editorial, 'DONA', which was shot in The Rocinha district of Rio de Janeiro. Gomes chose this area to experiment with angles and lightening and to take advantage of the local marketplaces, scenic backstreets, and vegetation. Scroll below to check it out!

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: 22-year-old digital sculpture artist Deji Onwugbufor creates impressively detailed fictional and historical 3D illustrations

Check out some impressively detailed 3D illustrations from 22-year-old digital sculpture Deji Onwugbufor. The London-based artist creates absolutely gorgeous renderings that are inspired by art history, religious history, social issues and whatever else bubbles up in his imagination. My personal favorite is the black Jesus, of course, because what other color would a man born in a Bronze Age Palestine be? Check them out down below.



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FEATURE: Botswana-based Androgynous model Kesaobaka Kay celebrates Afrocentric style and queer identities through modeling

Botswana-based Androgynous model Kesaobaka Kay celebrates Afrocentric style and queer identities through modeling. Kay was born and raised in the village of Mahalapye, located in the Central District of the country. His objective as a model and creative are to represent the diverse identities of the region and portray freedom to express one’s sexuality, lifestyle, and identity in an authentic way.…


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FEATURE: Ghanaian illustrator El Carna Studio is one to watch. Check out their fictional fashionista series Aku & Molly

Aku & Molly is an illustration series by Burma Hills, Accra, Ghana-based El Carna Studios. The project follows (fictional) fashionistas Aku and Molly by documenting their fashion sensibilities—which play on contemporary Ghanaian street style. The renderings have a sleek, almost painterly quality about them that brilliantly shows off texture and detail. El Carna is definitely one to watch—meet Aku & Molly down below.…


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FEATURE: Brazilian photographer Fagner Damasceno and model Rodrigo Somalia channel political restlessness in “Black Is Beautiful” editorial

Brazilian photographer Fagner Damasceno teams up with model Rodrigo Somalia for his new project where he explores and expresses the restlessness many black Brazilians are currently facing in a time of socioeconomic and political strife. The series, which is called “Black Is Beautiful” is, of course, a reference to the same slogan from the Black Liberation Movement and the famous Brazilian song by Elis Regina. Damasceno, who also describes himself as someone who is…


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FEATURE: Jamaican born artist/business owner WizziDread makes lasting impression with editorial photography

WizziDread is a Jamaican born photographer, artist and designer and the founder of WizziDread Productions and HeavyMannaz. Through her production company, WizziDread dabbles in commercial photography, fashion, fine art, and more. This afternoon we’re featuring some of her awesome editorial photography. See some of those images down below and be sure to follow WizziDread on Instagram.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: X-Men’s Storm gets darker dystopian tribute in Maya Glick’s independent fan film ‘Rain’

A while back we previewed artist/performer Maya Glick’s short film project ‘RAIN’—a fan-fiction short derived from punk versions of X-Men’s Storm, the darker, dystopian story arcs within the Marvel’s X-Men Universe, as well as Chris Claremont and Barry Windsor-Smith’s comic LifeDeath. The project was born out of Glick’s own experience… Continue

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FEATURE: Check out NYC-based Nigerian artist Ike Slimster’s dynamic illustrations

Where to begin with the man in front of the canvas and behind the lens, other than to just dive right in? Ike Slimster is an Nigeria-born artist, now based in NYC, who churns out some pretty amazing work across each of his many disciplines, like photography and graphic design. But today I want to highlight Silmster’s illustrations and graphic edits. These brightly-colored original pieces appear to be partially inspired by large-scale graffiti murals and comic books. Many of…


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FEATURE: Academy Award-winner Lupita Nyong’o in talks to star in Black Panther movie alongside Chadwick Boseman

The goddess who goes by the name Lupita Nyong’o is currently in talks to star in Marvel’s much anticipated black superhero Black Panther flick, which stars Get Up and 42 actor Chadwick Boseman and Creed and Fruitvale Station's Michael B. Jordan. It’s unclear who the Academy Award-winner will play in the film, but all speculation points to a love interest role. Because of course. Either way, after seeing Boseman steal the show in…


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FEATURE: Check out these pop art-inspired illustrations from Angola, Luanda-based visual artist Kwanhama Art

Mandume Domingos, aka Kwanhama Art is a visual artist and designer from Angola, Luanda. His digital illustrations are done beautifully in a pop art style and often depict portraits or couples. His other pictures, which are a little more abstract, harken back to ancient and art historical images of the female form: think The Venus of Willendorf. Check them out down below.…


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FEATURE: Visual artist Derin Fletcher celebrates black female artists and inspirational figures with portraits and prints

Check out some of the inspirational, pro-black, pro-female portraits and mixed media prints from SCAD alum and fine artist Derin Fletcher. Down below you’ll find a hodge-podge of pieces from Derin’s portfolio, including some prints from her civil rights themed series ‘Ego Trip’ (my personal favorites) and portraits of black women and artists that they admire. Go on, take a scroll.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK…


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OP-ED: Factor - My magazine & app to celebrate black queer artists and leaders

I had a moment. I believe that every creative person reaches a point where they feel they need total satisfaction from their art. In 2010, I was working at a small, local, gay Atlanta publication called Fenuxe magazine as their founding art director, where I was privy to the important gay events in the city. At one particular function, myself and the other handful of POCs invited were discussing the lack of ethnicity at these “minority” events. After that conversation I…


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FEATURE: Feast your eyes on Brooklynite Dexter R. Jones’ otherworldly photography

Dexter R. Jones is Brooklyn born and raised photographer who specializes in conceptual editorial and cultural photography. There’s an unidentifiable darkly ethereal quality to his images. A secret mystery lurking just below the surface, threatening its exposure at any moment. Drawing inspiration from his Caribbean heritage and African studies, Dex uses his photography to create something of a vacuum that removes pretense to project a different image of beauty and cultural… Continue

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FEATURE: Muse Marcus Branch styles, shoots, and art directs himself in editorial in Sergio Wonder’s Spring ‘16 collection

For his Spring 2016 collection, fashion designer Sergio Wonder collaborated with his muse, photographer and artist Marcus Branch, to create and shoot looks for the collection. Traditionally, the role of a muse is all about theoretical inspiration. In the fashion industry, they are the ideal or imagined person a designer is designing for. But for this project, an editorial series appearing in The Tenth Magazine, Branch played an integral roll in imagining this collection’s…


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FEATURE: Toronto-based visual artist blckgold turns 2D sketches into movie-ready 3D models

blckgold (aka Simon ‘Sy’ Blake) is an outrageously talented illustrator/animator/3D and 2D designer based in Toronto, who is killing every creative avenue he specializes in. But today I want to highlight his impressive 3D character models of artist and collaborator Gyimah Gariba’s 2D illustrations. His miniature renderings are so well executed and crafted, they’re basically feature film ready. These original characters exude uncanny personality thanks to Gariba’s…


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FEATURE: Check out L.A.-based artist Kitamu Latham Sampier’s playful character illustrations

Check out a few illustrations from SCAD alum and L.A.-based illustrator Kitamu Latham Sampier. Sampier’s playfulness permeates each of her characters, from the mischievous glint on Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ eyes to her whimsical pixies and warriors. Strawberry Shortcake-inspired pixie. Even though her illustrations are not realism, Sampier still pays attention to those elements by adding realistic character, like giving the buxom character down below subtly…


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