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FEATURE: Artist Llanakila says "We Love What We Got" with new series of paintings

Check out the latest works from painter and graphic artist Llanakila (Hawaiian word for "Victorious"). In her new series of paintings, "We Love What We Got" and "All Eyes on Queens, Llanakila celebrates what Black women are naturally born with - in her words, "Beautiful hair, bodies, & minds filled with Love & Knowledge". The D.C. artists centres a lot of her work on women, saying: "The female body, our life force, and our sexual energy inspire my works.".…


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FEATURE: Mokshini - The drawings of fashion illustrator Nadeesha Godamunne

My name is Nadeesha Godamunne, and I’m a fashion illustrator from New Zealand now residing in Brooklyn, New York. Ever since I could pick up a pencil, I drew. For me, it was the quickest way of communicating. I was privileged enough to have parents that nurtured drawing, and placed equal value in the arts as arithmetic or English. Growing up drawing was my escape; I drew any chance I could. In high school I excelled in the arts, taking every art course imaginable…


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FEATURE: Phylicia Rashad to play lesbian FBI agent, directed by Ava Duvernay

Phylicia Rashad, best know for role as wife and mother Clair Huxtable in cult classic The Cosby Show', is making a comeback to television; and this time she is set to play a lesbian. The role is for new CBS drama 'For Justice' and will see Rashad playing the role of "Georgina Howe, a Washington DC agent working to protect her Civil Rights Division of the FBI". In addition, the pilot episode will be directed by '…


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FEATURE: 'African Daughters' - capturing the beauty of black Brazilian women

Check out this stunning photo essay 'African Daughters' - Shot by Vini Souza, creatively directed by Janaína Grasso, and inspired by Canadian artist Sara k. Golish's 'Sundust Goddess' series. The images tell a story…


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FEATURE: Street Art in Martinique - the work of Art collective NPL

Check out the work of Martinique's street art collective NPL (Mada PAINT). Founded by graffiti artists James and R-MAN in the 80s, the collective are recognised for bringing color and their signature art to the streets of the Caribbean country. Take a look at some of their pieces below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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FEATURE: 'Staying Power' - The Victoria & Albert Museum explores the history of black British culture

For the last seven years, the Victoria & Albert (V&A) museum in London has been working with Black Cultural Archives to compile a collection of photographs which document the lives of black people in Britain. Now with a collection of 118 works by 17 artists, the museum is currently exhibiting the collection in an exhibition titled 'Staying Power' (February 16 – May 24 and January 15 – …


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FEATURE: 'Clear As Black' - a photo essay on albinism in Puerto Rico by photo journalist Adriana Monsalve

Take a look at this photo essay from photojournalist and writer Adriana Monsalve. In her essay, 'Clear as Black', Monsalve explores identity through a sub culture of albinism found in Puerto Rico. Of the project, she says: "It deals with questions of blackness and whiteness and what these colours can mean or not mean and everything in between." Check out some of images from the story below and see the entire project …


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ART: 'CONGO-POP' - the work of illustrator Jonathan Mwe di Malila

Check out the work of visual artist Jonathan Mwe di Malila. Describing his work as 'CONGO POP' (a cross between fauvism and Pop-Art), the Congolese born artist - who moved to Germany at the age of four - centers his work on the African continent and in particular the famed "Gentlemen of Bacongo" (known by most as the Sapeurs). Through an exploration of these Congolese men, known for their striking attire, Mwe di Malila explores African individuality and the…


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POETRY: Cannibal (a Poem to White Supremacy) by Alyesha Wise


Cannibal (a Poem to White Supremacy)

You’ve been borrowing me for so long

That I forgot to demand myself back

I found me



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FEATURE: 'The Untamed: A Sinner's Prayer' "dark fantasy comic book series

Take a look at comic book series 'The Untamed'. The dark fantasy series centers on a stranger given "seven days to reap seven souls and earn his way out of hell". When he meets Niobe, an orphan girl who reminds him of his daughter, he is given a conscience and source of hope. A graphic hardcover novel is on the way and you can support …


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FEATURE: 'EXO: The Legend of Wale Williams' graphic novel

Check out 'EXO: The Legend of Wale Williams', a graphic novel set to be released later this year - created by Nigerian born Roye Okupe (Owner/Creative Director at YouNeek Studios). Set in the year 2025, in the fictional Nigerian city of Lagoon (modeled after the Nigerian city Lagos), a young man named Wale Williams inherits a suit with super powers after his father goes missing and uses the suit to battle against the terror attacks of a sociopathic extremist.…


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FEATURE: Introducing ‘AfroNOWism': Five Funky Philosophies

I was that kid at school who was always restless.‘Distracted’. ‘Boisterous’. ‘Excitable’. Just a few of the adjectives that were used to describe me in my school reports.All this much is true, as I have always had a relentless energy and over-active mind and imagination. I was, and still am a dreamer, and I know that I am not alone in these feelings. I also have an abiding passion for ideas (both my own and others). And it is this passion that has driven me, to…


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ART: The New Museum‘s '2015 Triennial: Surround Audience'

Check out some of the pieces from the New Museum's 2015 triennial, Surround Audience - the recurring New York City exhibition which is "devoted to early-career artists from around the world." Showcasing paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, installations, and performances, the exhibition is described by the museum…


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FEATURE: Young Director Saji Gabriel Abude on doing something big while you are “little”.

My name is Saji Gabriel Abude. I am from Manhattan, NYC, currently finishing my last year in high school. Almost about a year ago I was accepted into the yearlong Tribeca Film Fellows program, for juniors and seniors in high school, in NYC. In the spring portion we examined films, spoke with filmmakers and explored our own ideas. During the summer we learned technical skills, and developed our own scripts. At first I didn’t know what to write about, it was one of those things…


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FEATURE: Support 'Queen of Glory', a female-directed dark comedy

Last year we announced that Nana Mensah of YouTube series 'An African City' fame was writing, directing and starring in a new film called 'Queen of Glory'. Apart of the 'Black Girl Quirk' genre (pioneered by works such as Issa Rae's 'Awkward Black Girl'), the dark comedy follows Sarah Obeng (a PhD candidate at Columbia University) who when her mother dies suddenly becomes the sole proprietor of King of Glory, a Christian bookstore in the Pelham Parkway neighborhood…


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FEATURE: The Story of The Brown Ballerina

Though my memory is a bit hazy now, I once wanted to wear a pink tutu, point shoes and make boundless magic on a stage, glowing—like so many other little girls wearing their mother’s DIY platted hairstyles. My mom put me in ballet lessons when I was 5. I stood…


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FEATURE: The latest from visual artist Jaszmine Hawkins

Check out the latest pieces from painter Jaszmine Hawkins (known for her bold and bright colored paintings). The visual artist is getting a lot of attention at the moment with several recent exhibitions (including the Pancakes & Booze art show in Tribeca). Inspired by Steampunk culture,…


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FEATURE: The Surrealist Drawings of visual artist Rohan Clarke

Explore the work of Jamaican artist Rohan Clarke. The award winning artist, recognised for his surrealist pencil drawings, began focusing on art during a six month stint in prison and, in his own words, his body of work depicts "the artist’s story and life of most Africans living in the diaspora." Check out the imaginative drawings below.…


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FEATURE: AFROPUNK presents 'The Triptych' will be screened at Sonos Studios, Los Angeles Feb. 25th

'The Triptych' recently aired on public television and now the series of short films will be screening in Los Angeles at Sonos Studios this Wednesday (02/25). Produced by Matthew Morgan and Jocelyn Cooper of AFROPUNK and directed by Terence Nance and Barron Claiborne the films immerse AFROPUNK in the world of fine art through 3 of today's most celebrated visual artists: Sanford Biggers, Wangechi Mutu and Barron Claiborne. Find the details for the screening below…

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FEATURE: Crowned Afropunks of the Queen City - Artist John Hairston Jr

An underground visual arts scene has been bubbling in a land where bank controlled skyscrapers rule the clouds, where NASCAR rules as the King sport, and the new city marketing campaign has been tasked to attract more corporate headquarters to add to the Chamber of Commerce Fortune 500 roster. Charlotte, NC, affectionately known to its residents as the Queen City, has been working to find the Formula One way to speed to the top of the metropolitan checklist for…


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