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Brazilian rapper Flávio Renegado invokes the spirit of Candomblé deities in photo essay + music video

Brazilian rapper Flávio Renegado is expanding his horizons in a new collaboration with esteemed Brazilian photographer Daryn Dornelles. Capturing the elite in the entertainment and public sphere are the usual for this brilliant photographer, but creating a message and extension of a piece of music is somewhere neither of these artists has ventured before. In this photo essay, Daryan and Flavio invoke the spirit of the orixas, the deities of AfroBrazilian…


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Brazilian photographer captures street style at Rio de Janeiro’s inaugural ‘Black Fair’ art & culture festival

Economic power is one of the primary ways in which Black people the world over are disenfranchised. Wealth is severely lacking in the Black community both domestically and abroad, but in Brazil especially, afrobrasileiros are consistently the poorest. But things are changing and the proof is The Black Fair, the first iteration of a new Black cultural and afro-entrepreneurial event being held in Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of Black entrepreneurs, artists, and festival goers poured… Continue

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Peep Mega Woman, the fierce leading lady of Godhood comics’ forthcoming issue

Atlanta comic publishing company Godhood is taking over for the 99 and 200 with new leading lady Mega Woman. Their mission is to diversify characters and stories so that they are relatable to people of all colors, background, and creed. Their aspirations are to inspire acceptance and tolerance through complex character development is exactly what the comic and greater entertainment world need, rather than empty promises and attempts at diversity. Mega Woman is a comic about…


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New webseries 195 LEWIS is an honest exploration of black queerness premiering in New York next week!

Queer love is radical. Queer love is revolutionary. Queer love is love. And that’s the reason why queer representation, especially in Black art forms is so necessary. Director Chanelle Aponte Pearson and co-writer Terence Nance (An Oversimplification of Her Beauty), created this daring story of a group of Black, queer, polyamorous friends navigating the intersections race, sexual and gender identity, and love. The series was created and produced by Rae Leone Allen and Yaani…


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Brazilian photo editorial “Cabeça de Nego” celebrates Black hair and freedom of expression

Much like the United States, Brazil is a country built upon the backs of African and indigenous exploitation. Because of it, Black Brazilians are marginalized, often discriminated against because of their socioeconomic status and attitudes towards their appearance. Very little, if any, positive representation of AfroBrazilians exist in Brazilian popular culture, but independent artists are changing the narrative with their own celebrations of Blackness. Creative director…


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Brave 10 year old Iman navigates through post-revolutionary war L.A. in afro-futuristic film ‘Iman And The Light Warriors’

‘Iman And The Light Warriors’ is an afro-futuristic, post-apocalyptic story that follows brave 10-year-old, Iman, as he navigates the gritty landscape of a post-revolutionary war Los Angeles, intent to make a bold declaration of love to his crush. Faced with the roughness of the city and his own battle to understand his emotions, Iman is joined by The Light Warriors—guardians (and superheroes) of the block.

Directed by Jarrett Woo and Written by Osahon Tongo,…


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‘Black Pulp’ exhibit aims to explore the rich history of resistance and counter-culture through Black print design

Images rule the information world, with more visual information being processed than ever before in the information age. With representations of Black folks under the microscope for their racist and classist undertones, it’s no wonder that this area of popular culture is being explored so heavily. NYTimes notes that, “Corrosive racial stereotypes have always been rife in American culture, but a counterculture of corrective images has existed too,” and those corrective images… Continue

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Say hello to “Keleshe,” Runway Curl’s doll with kinky curls and all the #BlackGirlMagic

Move over Barbie! Entrepreneur Mushiya Tshikuka created a doll for the youngins with natural hair and lots of spunk with her “Keleshe” doll. With the fight for representation coming in many different forms, Tshikuka thought it necessary and proper to have a doll for the curly-headed cutie pies, so they can learn to love the way they look and the way their hair naturally grows out of their heads. Since the holiday season is right around the corner, consider copping this for the… Continue

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Black & British: Watch documentaries from the BBC series!

Starting last month, BBC has begun to celebrate the Blackness within its borders by kicking off a season of programming highlighting Black culture and Black British accomplishments through film and television. To this end, over 8 hours of original programming have been prepared for this moment, focusing primarily on documentaries about the contributions Black people have made to British history as well as contemporary narratives surrounding identity and nationality in…


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Willow Smith is serving face and taking names in new high fashion editorial for Vogue Paris

Look out Kardashian-Jenner clan, the Smith kids are ready to take the fashion world by storm! The lovely Willow Smith is absolutely stunning in her new spread in Vogue Paris, and it looks like she's made for the camera. The young starlet posed for the magazine following a strong year for her modeling aspirations, including being named as an ambassador for Chanel and signing a modeling deal with Society Agency, the very same agency representing Kendal…


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The writer whose play inspired 'Moonlight' was named head of Yale's playwriting Dpt.

Congratulations to “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue” playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney whose work inspired Barry Jenkins’s acclaimed film “Moonlight,” for being named the new chairman of the playwriting department at the Yale School of Drama. McCraney, who earned a graduate degree from the Yale School of Drama in 2007, also wrote the critically acclaimed shows “The Brother/Sister Plays” and “Head of Passes”, and won a MacArthur fellowship in 2013.

Before the…


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H.R. of Bad Brains will attend screening of ‘HR - Finding Joseph I’ doc in Brooklyn

What a time to be alive! H.R. of Bad Brains will be in attendance of the screening of the new documentary about his life, ‘HR - Finding Joseph I’ in Brooklyn next week. HR “Finding Joseph I” is a documentary chronicling the eccentric life and struggles of punk rock reggae singer, Paul “HR” Hudson from the one and only Bad Brains. The frontman’s charismatic and energetic live performances helped pioneer hardcore punk, cementing Bad Brains as a seminal group in the punk…


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18-year-old photographer Ian Souza celebrates Brazil's Black Consciousness Day with new photo series

Late last month, Brazil celebrated Black Consciousness Day 2016. A tribute to the 1695 murder of Zumbi dos Palmares—a free-born Afro-Brazilian and the last military leader of the Quilombo (a “Kimbundu word: "kilombo," of the North Mbundu Bantu language in Angola, meaning "warrior village or settlement"), a haven and resistance…


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Multiculturalism & identity in France: Upcoming movie 'Chimen an mwen' looks for answers

Self discovery is a theme with a large presence and thematic representation in the artistic canon, with books, poetry, film, music and visual art all having abundant examples of artists reckoning with themselves in their art. As the world changes, these themes remain, and within the confines of race, nationality, and identity are themes are wrought with nuance and wonderment. Screenwriter and director Harry Eliézer is using this framework to explore his own identity as a…


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Indie designer Manaka wants you to get cozy with new winterwear accessories

With the harshest winter months on their way, it’s no wonder that Manaka is providing some fashionable accessories for colder weather. Scarves, gloves and leg warmers in both solids and prints are available for the fashionista with coziness in mind. The artist and designer behind these says, “The things that we choose to adorn ourselves with can have a dramatic effect on our wellbeing. That is why I infuse my work…


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Queer in Nigeria: new short film explores life & violence in a country where queerness is criminalized

Queerness on the continent is often met with persecution, violence, and ostracism, and new legislation has been popping up in West and Central Africa criminalizing gender identity and sexual preference at an alarming rate. New documentary “XIV” is a short film following RXMXT visual artist and aspiring filmmaker from Lagos, currently residing in Galesburg, Illinois, and the struggles as an openly queer person in one of the most “progressive” countries in West Africa, and a…


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Yabás photo editorial strikes back against intolerance of Afro-Brazilian religion candomblé through art

Religious intolerance comes in many forms and is present in every country on this beautifully terrible planet. While the United States reckons with its own gruesome examples of Islamaphobia, in Brazil, a quiet revolution is growing in opposition to the treatment of those who follow candomblé. Candomblé is a religion inherited from Yoruba religion of Nigeria, in which orishas are the deities, who represent the various elements of the earth and personalities that exist upon…


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AFROPUNK Brooklyn portrait series captures the effortless essence of Black expression

What’s better than AFROPUNK Brooklyn? Not much, but the art that’s inspired by it is a close second. Photographer Andrew Boyle is using the beauty, poise, and style of AP BK festivalgoers as the muse for his portrait series and the final product is brilliant. Cast against a deep gradient of blue hues, each subject is looking off into the distance, as if to dream of the full freedom their beings exude in the frame. I’m in love with these photos and they’re reminding that…


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Documentary Photographer Yagazie Emezi uses her lens to examine the reclamation of scars and education for at-risk Liberian girls

Art is activism and activism is art, and photographer Yagazie Emezi is working for a helluva cause. The young documentarian is using her lens to document Liberia’s at-risk female population, focusing on education and the reclamation of scars. Born and raised in Aba, Nigeria, she went on to study Cultural Anthropology and African Studies in the States before returning to her home to work as a visual curator for Bialere,… Continue

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Young Black entrepreneurs create a "black Etsy" to connect consumers to African fashion designers

Every year, in time for the holiday season, Black thinkers pontificate on the Black dollar, the power therein, and collective economics. Many people start shaming Black folks who buy mainstream brands and don’t invest money in Black owned business, and although we don’t condone shaming of any kind, we definitely encourage you to take a look at the work of some young entrepreneurs who have shaken up the marketplace by starting the “Black Etsy.” The creators of…


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