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BLOG POST: Chilling short film by Savanah Leaf, 'F Word' offers truthful glimpse into the realities of adolescents in single-parent homes

'I can't go my whole life without addressing half of me, or at least half of my DNA'. This new film by London-based filmmaker Savanah Leaf, may be one of the most accurately raw interpretations of life as a single-parented child to take the screen. 'F Word' investigates the reality of a young black woman, Nicole(Savanna Small), and her struggle to address her absent father. The emotionally reflective journey…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Award-winning choreographer Jeremy McQueen founds community ballet collective The Black Iris Project

The Black Iris Project is a premiere ballet collective program energizing black youth through artistic movement and expression. Founded just this year by award-winning choreographer Jeremy McQueen, The Black Iris Project uses arts education curriculums that result in the creation of original ballets that boldly address and celebrate diversity, build and facilitate performance platforms for young black artists to tell their own stories and perspectives—all while receiving…


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FEATURE: New exhibit 'The Black Woman is God' crucially illustrates the social activism and creativity following female artists of color

More and more, the intersectionality of race and gender has been the focus for social artists of color. In a new exhibit at SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco, CA, curators Karen Seneferu and Melorra Green have gathered over 60 intergenerational, female artists of color, to issue a necessary social commentary and celebration of Black women in art. 'The Black Woman is God'  features many artists from the Bay Area in particular, offering an organic,intriguing…


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FEATURE: Chicago-based photographer Darryl Terrell challenges toxic masculinity with floral portrait series

Inspired by the #MasculinitySoFragile tag, Chicago-based photographer Darryl Terrell created a visual representation of the dualities that make up so-called “masculinity”, called ‘Hive Tete’. “Masculinity”, a word used most commonly (and incorrectly) as an attribute of man/male identities. It describes physical and mental toughness, machismo, manliness blah blah, but for too many men, these tropes snowball into the realm of toxic masculinity instead. Where male…


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FEATURE: Comedian Jessica Williams goes her own way, leaving The Daily Show to star in her own Comedy Central show

Jessica Williams, best known for her work on The Daily Show is taking the wheel, ready to star in her own Comedy Central production. Williams, 26, continuously held the audience's attention with to her satirically dry delivery and unapologetic cultural commentary. Working on the show for more than four years, her presence did more than just entertain, it served as a platform for the black female point of view to be properly heard. As Williams tackled the most…


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RAD CREATIVE OF TTHE DAY: Lawrence Jackson's new project on gentrification illuminates thriving, resistant counter-culture

To residents of inner-cities, the wave of gentrification is almost inevitable. For Lawrence Jackson though, the owner of The Vintage Vandalism Photography & Creative Works, it serves as an opportunity for expression. For his latest project: 'No Vacancy', Jackson focuses on the imminent and definite gentrification of Detroit, Michigan; a city saturated with the realities of working-class people of color, gradually turning into a haven for juice bars and a brewing…


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FEATURE: East London digital artist Abigail Adeoti mixes cartoon and realism to add new interpretations of black beauty

East London has produced yet another stellar artist in digital illustrator and graphic portaitist Abigail Adeoti. In her most recent photo series, her main focus is to capture the natural beauty of the black woman. With her meticulously crafted graphic representations, Adeoti's work illuminates the essence the modern 'black girl' aesthetic and maintaining the raw nuances of the black female culture. In her own words: 'I feel like the universe captures the essence of these…


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FEATURE: Multifaceted artist and photographer Naporje grants a new perspective on gender in beautiful photo series

As her art grows, artist, photographer, and jeweler Naporje navigates through her personal definitions of beauty while granting her audiences access to her individual portrayals. While she releases her most expressive emotions throughout her work, Naporje shares her creatively progressive point of views. The concept of art is given a deeper meaning in her latest photo series; which focuses- futuristically- on the balance between masculine and feminine. The codependency of…


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Feature: Artist Amani Holbert's womanist expression meets cultural pride in her fascinatingly compelling series

For visual artist Amani Holbert, capturing the essence of cultural beauty and recognition is a number one priority. As she herself navigates through the modern societal realities of African American beauty and interpretation, Holbert takes the initiative by writing her own. Her chilling, potent pieces serve to directly empower women of color and to promote social activism- aiming to strengthen the Black community with her art and message. While thoroughly understanding the…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: Photographer and documentarian Carlos Rodriguez uses privilege and talent for LGBTQIA rights awareness

Today’s RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY is a bold photographer named Carlos Rodriguez who is one of the few artists, activists, and politicians leading the charge for progressive social change and LGBTQIA rights and representation in the Dominican Republic. Through his photography Rodriquez, who has shot at NYC Fashion Week and the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, aims to de-stigmatize queer identities and raise awareness for the discrimination, abuse, and violence such groups…


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Feature: Brainwash, the new self-reflective D.I.Y blog puts the modern reliance on the media into perspective

 In this media-consumed society, there seems to be little escape from the constant input of 30 second wisdom and fast-paced lifestyle. For founder and editor in chief of Brainwash, Ayanna McNeil, this reality is a debilitating one; as she recounts her own reliance to the media and how it often stands in the way of substantial creation and movement. Brainwash works as an advocate for the necessity of real communication- one that elicits thought and…


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FEATURE: South Africa-based Congolese photographer Robert Nzaou-Kissolo studies the strength and majesty of natural hair in ‘Nzoussi’

‘Nzoussi’ is a visual project by South Africa-based Congolese photographer Robert Nzaou-Kissolo that explores the politics of black hair. Inspired by his niece, Nzoussi’s natural, long hair and her resentful, difficult relationship with it. "I fail to understand how can a lucky girl like my niece not embrace her natural hair, kinky Afro? Instead she wants soft and smooth hair," says Nzaou-Kissolo. "I couldn’t help it but to engage by asking her the infamous question…


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FEATURE: Lawrence Lindell Studio uses quirky illustrations for pro-black representation

Lawrence Lindell Studio is a pro-black artist and illustrator using his imagination and creativity to create technicolor drawings that re-affirm black existence, allude to the diaspora, and create visual representation for black identities. Lindell publishes his artwork as stand alone pieces which go on to be part of his printed booklets (think zine-sized). If you'd like to support the project, you can do so on …


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FEATURE: Entertainer Coco Deville shakes up the underground burlesque world with unique routines

Coco Deville is an international burlesque artist who is changing the image of burlesque and pin-up performers. The curvaceous entertainer is known for her unique, theatrical performances and, of course, her gorgeous brown skin. The world of underground burlesque is certainly notably for its range of diversity as far as represented fetishes and niches for both performers and enthusiasts, but the default entertainer and what, I wager, many audience members might expect are…


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FEATURE: Thássio Dias (aka fotopoetizando) glorifies black and brown skin with ‘Brown is the new black’ editorial

'Brown is the new black' is a new editorial series by Brazilian photographer Thássio Dias aka fotopoetizando. As the title suggests, the project is a visual celebrations of melanin, black beauty, and black hair. The series captures four black models representing four different shades of blackness and showcasing the diverse beauty of the black community. Check out ‘Brown is the new black’, below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK…


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FEATURE: Denise Silva spreads empowering intersectional messages with Denisenhando project

Denisenhando is an on-going illustration project by industrial design student Denise Silva. Silva uses pastel illustrations featuring diverse depictions of people of color paired with empowering quotes by prolific intersectional writers and thinkers, like Audre Lorde.…


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FEATURE: Student artist Kemi Layeni reinterprets the annihilation of young unarmed black men with starkly beautiful photo series

Artist Kemi Layeni, currently an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia, not only creates art for expression but for analysis. With her primary mission statement being to "unflinchingly present her work in a way that complicates, disturbs, and reveals previously held notions about her subjects", Layeni works to place her audience in a position of that which is open to receiving a multilayered, unabashed representation of the African- American experience. In her…


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FEATURE: South African photog Trevor Stuurman makes serious waves in the international high-fashion and street style scenes

Trevor Stuurman is an international fashion photographer who is making serious waves in the fashion editorial and street style community. Recognizable for his incredible consideration of visual detail, balanced composition, and featuring cutting edge fashions—particularly from up and coming African designers. You’ve probably, unwittingly, seen some of his images on Tumblr and Instagram which seem to go viral pretty regularly. Check out some of those images and a few of his…


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Feature: Afrocentric and unapologetically bold illustrations by artist Iz Sanders give a fresh new look to cultural reclamation

Iz Sanders, the 22 year old cartoon artist from Texas, provides a provoking platform for a much needed cultural commentary. At first glance, the bright illustrations fall directly into the modern pop culture aesthetic- approaching it’s audience in a strikingly provocative way. Yet, as one delves deeper into the individual content, the activism begins to speak for itself. Each illustration works to dismantle a different level of stereotype- by recognizing it, embracing it,…


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FEATURE: Artist Sophia Costa explores the importance of hair to black femme identities for ‘Raízes’ exhibition

Sophia Costa’s ‘Raízes’, or ‘Roots’, exhibition highlights the importance of hair to black women and their identities. Hair in the black community is always a touchy subject, particularly when it comes to the post-colonial diminishment and shame projected onto our natural textures by white culture. ‘Raízes’ aims to visualize how black femme identity is wrapped up in the perception of hair and to reclaim self-love for and pride in natural hair and heritage. From the project:…


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