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FEATURE: A Month in Africa - Going back to Zambia 21 years later

Looking down from the plane at the patches of light winking up at me below, my stomach did backflips – and it wasn’t from the turbulence. In about 20 minutes I’d be landing on a continent that I should call home but seemed far from it. Africa. A city called Lusaka in a country called Zambia to be exact.

This is the city I was born in and swept away from before I could even speak so that my parents could start a new life in England, which came to be my home and all that I…


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OP-ED: Yes, we need African-American history classes

"Why should they have their own classes? I don't understand what the big deal is." Flabbergasted. Shocked. In my head, I resembled Munch's "The Scream", but I am sure I appeared more calm than the inner turmoil I was experiencing. I stared at my high school classmates circa 1988 or so, none of which were African-American—some were Japanese-American, Mexican, Jewish, perhaps Armenian but in that particular class none were black or else the words would not have been…


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FEATURE: Black Person launches a crowd-funding campaign to acquire some white privilege! lol

A New York-based person launched a crowd-funding campaign full of humor, because they want to "acquire some white privilege".

Yaya M. says: "Although I have layered oppressions that have affected my ability to access my slice of the American Pie™, no issue has affected me more readily than my lack of white privilege. From being assumed to have "cheated" my way into programs for gifted children AND college (via affirmative action), to having my natural hair viewed as…


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OP-ED: You Have Your Black Love, I Have Mine

It only took me three years to write this article. It took three years of question avoidance, to bring to me to this point. After three years, I finally have an answer. The question? Well, the question is always the same, “but what about ‘Black Love’ ?”. Now this question surfaces wrapped in different phrasing, but its core remains the same.

This questions surfaces consistently around the discovery of my partner’s racial and ethnic identity. I am proud of the love that…


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OP-ED: Annie, Quvenzhané Wallis and Me

When the original Annie movie was released in 1982, I was ten years old living in idyllic and beautiful Southern California, Pasadena to be exact, a short drive without traffic to the streets of Hollywood where tourists congregate attempting to catch a glimpse of some star. My mother often took us on aimless and destination unknown car trips around Los Angeles. We'd throw in a couple of friends on occasion and our dog Patches, a very nervous Shetland Sheepdog. We loved…


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WTF: UK Store Sainsbury's Tries To Sell You The Slave Outfit To Go With Your '12 Years A Slave' DVD

It's getting better and better! The Independent reports that UK store "Sainsbury's shows shoppers how to 'get the slave look' with 12 Years A Slave display mannequin". "For reasons unknown, an Oxford branch of the supermarket embellished its DVD and Blu-ray stand for Steve McQueen's film about the horrors of slavery with a mannequin wearing a similar outfit to that of protagonist Solomon Northup.

Looking defiantly summer-ready, the mannequin wears a loose-fitting, holey…


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Op-Ed: The Tipping Point: Finding Beauty's Balance

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, erase my dark skin, forever more!" Growing up as the “darker” child between my caramel, Afro-Latina, sister with long silky hair touching the bottom of her spine, and my never aging, fair skinned mother, I struggled with great identity issues. Like many other Afro men and women of darker complexions, I was no stranger to beauty issues when it came to my definition of beauty. For so long, I would criticize myself harshly about my beautiful hue. In…


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FEATURE: The Curious Case of the New Orleans Zulu Club: Black People in Blackface

“If you think Zwarte Piet and blackface is wrong in the Netherlands, what do you think about the Zulus?” This the question that sat waiting for me in my Facebook inbox from my mother (who has been a very active member of Facebook since 2011 and who clocks my page religiously, might I add). At first…


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NEWS: The Race Card - "Black Guy Breaks Into A Car" Video Goes Viral

Over 1 million views in 24 hours? Simple Misfits' new video "Black Guy Breaks Into A Car" is going viral. Is there a difference when a white guy tries to break into a car and when a black guy tries to do it? The video suggests that there is, turns out the Black guy gets arrested real quick! Check out the experiment and let us know what you think.…


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Bad Taste Alert: Russian Socialite Dasha Zhukova Sitting On Black Woman-Like Chair

Shouldn't this woman know better? Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova is facing criticism for an image that appeared in her interview with website,, showing her sitting on a Black woman-like chair. (the image has now been cropped to remove the part of the chair that looks like a Black woman, but you can see the original image below).

What gives? Also known as:…


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Feature: Juliana Huxtable On Fashion’s Appropriation of Urban Culture

Juliana Huxtable speaks on fashion’s appropriation of urban culture with Bullett Magazine.

Read the full article…


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Chatting With 'Black Folk Don’t' Web Series Creator Angela Tucker

Black Folk Don’t is now in its third season. The provocative web series was created by Angela Tucker, a Brooklyn-based writer, director and producer. She has a knack for putting critical questions on display in a way that’s riotous. The third season takes a look at feminism, adoption, going green, plastic surgery and more. This season is shot in California. “I was interested in California, because the black population is in minority in Cali. The kinds of responses we…


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"Whitenicious"? Say it ain't so

AP Fam, skin-bleaching, beauty standards, self-hate are topics we've written about before. This week, scholar Dr. Yaba Blay wrote: "Nigerian-Cameroonian pop star, Dencia, recently launched her own skin care line - Whitenicious. Within days, it sold out. Yes, this is real life."



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Some people say I have “Minority Privilege.” Here is a list I complied of 50 Black Male Minority Privileges I’ve experienced in the twenty-four years of my life. Feel free to pick and choose from the ones…


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Thoughts on Beyonce

We were scrolling through Facebook and came across one of our favorite cultural commentators, Greg Tate. Read what he had to say about Beyonce's latest…


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7 Black Female Thought Leaders History Books Ignore by Atlanta Blackstar

female leader ella baker

Ella Baker (1903-1986)

Major events like the civil rights movement and women’s movement would not have been possible without the ideas and efforts of Black women. Yet, Black women are rarely acknowledged or praised for the many contributions they have made to these struggles for liberation.

In remembering these…


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Prison Memoir of a Black Man in the 1850s

Years ago, a rare-books dealer browsing at an estate sale in Rochester came across an unusual manuscript, dated 1858. The family selling it said little about where it had been for the last 150 years. It appeared never to have left upstate New York. Scholars now believe that the mystery manuscript…


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A Black Woman Who Loves "White Folks" Music

Tweet from February 15, 2012 to be logged in The Library of Congress for future generations: Fun Random Fact for the Day: Pandora Radio figured out I liked Tool before I did. Such an admission used to bring about confused stares and side eyes along with that inevitable question: “You like white folks music?” White folks music. A black girl isn’t supposed to be into that. Yet I was, I am and I have been all my life. The black girl who likes “white folks music”…


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"Racist or Not Racist?", aka "Straight Trippin' or We Cool?"

The Daily Show

Get More: Daily Show Full…


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'NEGRO': exploring identity and the color complex among Latinos

'NEGRO' is a docu-series exploring identity, colonization, racism and the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean and the color complex among Latinos. Through candid interviews from Latinos, the social manifestations and consequences of the deep-seated color complex is deconstructed.

There are over 150 million AfroLatinos in the Americas, but invisibility…


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