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FEATURE: No criminal charges for McKinney, Tx. cop in pool party incident

The McKinney, Texas police officer who attacked a teenage girl attending a community pool party last year won’t face charges for disproportionately violent handling of the situation and the young woman. The decision not to indict former Cpl. Eric Casebolt was made by a Collin County grand jury that, apparently, was totally okay with a trained officer and grown man body slamming a law abiding, but black, teenager for essentially no reason. Business as usual.…


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OP-ED: WTF? Zoe Saldana thinks that "for years, nobody knew who the fuck Nina Simone was"

Oh, Zoe. Why can’t you just let us forget that time you disgraced Nina Simone’s legacy? Because, apparently, talking nonsense and sacrilege is more her speed. Once again opening up about her, eh, controversial casting as Nina Simone in the July issue of…


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OP-ED: Hood Rich - Does Gentrification prove people need to invest in their 'ghetto

With gentrification rife and the people of inner city communities seemingly in anguish over big developers and corporations moving in and changing the landscape of local life, I wanted to explore a taboo term that existed as long I can remember - ‘Hood Rich’.

I needed to understand why people use the term hood rich, furthermore I wanted to explore when people who declare themselves of this status often suddenly disengage from the same communities that…


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FEATURE: Black Lives Matter organizer sentenced to 90 days jail time for crime formerly known as "felony lynching“

In a disturbingly transparent attempt to intimidate the movement and make an example out of black resistance, activist Jasmine “Abdullah” Richards, 28, was recently sentenced for a crime formerly known as "felony lynching" after attempting to rescue another protestor from police custody last August. Since joining the Black Lives Matter movement in 2014, and participating in local actions in the Pasadena area, Richards was known by police and officials for her presence and…


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OP-ED: Long-term St. Mary Parish School System substitute teacher fired after racist Michelle Obama post went viral

FLOTUS Michelle Obama has endured close to a decade of national disparagement and dehumanization by anti-black racists, Fox News pundits, and loud mouth white folks who don’t realize the internet is a public forum. Earlier this week, a racist post made by an educator for St. Mary Parish School System in Louisiana, went viral, showing a side-by-side image of Mrs. Obama and a gorilla, alluding to Harambe, the, er, now famous(?), now deceased gorilla from Cincinnati…


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OP-ED: FEEL THE FIRE: White Supremacy Is Not About Your White Friends' Fragility

When we talk about white supremacy, sometimes we talk about white people. We talk about the ones we went to college with, that stood up for us in that racist town or checked their privileged parents at the dinner table. We talk about the exceptions: our white friends, our white neighbors, our white bandmates. The ones who are “not like that.” The good white people. Once we start talking about individual white people, we are no longer talking about white supremacy.…


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FEATURE: São Paulo’s Mercado Negra project enables Afro-Brazilian female entrepreneurs with fair wage and business ownership opportunities

Mercado Negra is an initiative that has created by Dara Ribeiro, Ketty Valencio and Mariana Mári, as a spaces that encourages black women to create, produce and sell their products which as strengthened economic relations within the black community in São Paulo. The project operates as a fair trade-like model where the only cost to exhibit their products is a symbolic price for the space maintained. The rest of the earnings are theirs.

In Brazil, black people…


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FEATURE: Gun used by George Zimmerman to kill Trayvon Martin reportedly sold for $138,900

In this week’s edition of News That Makes Me Sick, that grown man who stalked and murdered 17-year-old Trayvon Martin has sold the murder weapon on United Gun Group where a user named “John Smith” (who claimed to be from Alabama) won with a last minute bid of $138,900. George Zimmerman’s decision to sell the firearm that enabled him to murder an unarmed minor marks a particularly ugly and shameful example of the callousness towards and dehumanization of black lives and…


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FEATURE: Know Your Black History - Three Young Girls Triumph Over the Most Sinister Side of Slavery

This is the story of three young girls. Two are my relatives; the third is the relative of a family friend. Each girl was stolen from Africa and sold into slavery in the Americas.

I consider the kidnapping and sale of children into slavery the most sinister side of slavery, if the evil of slavery itself can have a more sinister side. The reasons for kidnapping children are simple and fiendish. Children were easier to capture, kidnap and control than full-grown…


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FEATURE: CNTRST website calculates total whiteness of main casts in over 20,000 movies

It’s no secret (or, at least it shouldn’t be) that white people and men are overrepresented in just about every faction of life. After another year of #OscarsSoWhite, a website called CNTRST is calculating the total percentage of ‘whiteness’ in mainstream films. Most popular movies hover around 85 percent, with movies like The Huntsman Winter’s War, Carol, The 5th Wave, The Revenant clocking in at a full 100%. It’s worth noting that whites make up just 63 percent of the…


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FEATURE: Ubuntu Talks: My Web Series Demystifying Black Experiences Through Conversation

My name is Chelsy Monie and I am a communications and art history student at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. I was born in Washington D.C but spent most of my life in Cameroon, and then Tanzania, before moving to Canada. Growing up in Africa, I never felt the need to define my blackness. My actions and experiences as a black person were never questioned or threatened. Everyone was treated equally and with the upmost respect regardless of the color of their…


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OP-ED: Feel The Fire - Using Black Imagination As Political Warfare

"I like kids' work more than work by real artists any day."

~ Jean Michel Basquiat

One night in East Baltimore, I stood outside an art event exchanging repartee with a local grassroots organizer. It was a typical city night— sounds of robust chatter were roaring, dark colored cars were zooming past, glass bottles were rolling loudly across the cement and dim streetlights were burning steady. It was a lively event…


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OP-ED: Why Black Anger Is Necessary For Peace by Fire Angelou, AFROPUNK contributor

This week, Allen Bullock, the 18-year-old seen smashing the cop car window during the Baltimore Uprising, was sentenced to write an apology letter to the Baltimore City Police Department. I imagine him: sitting in his room, staring blankly at a page with grief running through his skin. Anger in his heart.…


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FEATURE: Hilarious 'Barbie Savior' parodies savior complex of some White NGO volunteers in Africa

Oh, boy. I’m just going to speak for myself when I say that every time a white friend travels to a poor brown country in Africa to spread White Jesus™, I roll my eyes. It’s not that philanthropic work is ridiculous, it’s that there’s something a little too exploitative and self-serving about a picture of a white face grinning amongst a sea of impoverished or disenfranchised black and brown faces. Lucky for us, I’m not the only cynical asshole out there! Some lovely…


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OP-ED: Rachel Dolezal getting a book deal to write about race is white privilege in all its glory

Rachel Dolezal, the black-passing white woman and former NAACP Spokane President who once sued Howard University for discriminating against her because she is white, is now writing a book about race.

“Nothing about whiteness describes who I am,”…


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OP-ED: FEEL THE FIRE - Letter to my white roommates

We are not the same. We season our squash with paprika, use hemp rose body wash and forget to take our laundry out of the dryer. Indeed, we are humans, who want to cuddle on Saturday night and remember how it all felt tomorrow, we laugh wildly with our friends and pay rent like sophisticated adults. Perhaps, I can understand why, when blackness is so close to you, when we use the same toilet paper and rage at cold shower water, that you will feel eager to do what your privilege…


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OP-ED: FEEL THE FIRE - F*cking A Black Person Does Not Mean You Fight For Black Lives

For 6 months, I lived with a white man with a black girlfriend. They cooked, traveled and slept together. She sautéed his favorite vegetables in a black cast iron pan and ran into his arms when he arrived home. They merrily drunk beer together, laughed over metal music, and exchanged acid trip stories. From the outside, it was thriving and passionate romance. It was a deep human connection of shared secrets and nights of warm touches. There was just one problem with this…


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FEATURE: 14-years-old Pedro Henrique Cortês creates YoutTube channel to present the forgotten Afro-Brazilian history

What do you know about great black heroes of the country where you live? A phenomenon that crosses the Americas is the invisibility of black people who have had a prominent role in the fight against racism and in the social and cultural fabric of their country. And it isn’t different in Brazil. Not knowing the great black names of our history takes from us references that could inspire us in our fight against racism and in our daily battles.



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FEATURE: Know Your Black History - Repression: A Creative Force for Black Americans

Repression has often created solidarity between different groups in America. In the black community and throughout the nation continuing police brutality and murder of citizens, Wall Street misconduct and racist political demagoguery have galvanized activists and communities. In the face of repressive policies, African Americans have historically opposed injustice with vigorous determination and new levels of creativity.

1830 was a…


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FEATURE: Absurdist satire web series "Dark Justice" explores racism, policing, and activism through the eyes of officer Amir Johnson

"Dark Justice" is an absurdist satire web series that deals with issues around and relating to racism, activism, and of course police brutality and the justice system. Season one is broken down into six episodes that run between 5-8 minutes a piece. The episodes follow Amir Johnson, the first black officer in a small town department. Watch episode one down below and check out the rest of the season right …


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