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Students from South Africa’s Pretoria High School for Girls take powerful stance against white policing of black hair

The students from South Africa’s Pretoria High School for Girls are making a powerful stance against the institutionalized white supremacist policies embedded into South Africa’s formerly segregated “Model C” system and the white policing of black hair. This past Saturday, during the school’s annual Spring Fair, students peacefully and silently marched in protest of the policies until teachers and parent volunteers threatened to call the police to have the girls…


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FEATURE: LA-based writer/filmmaker Darnell Lamont Walker recognizes the impact of police brutality on Black youth in new children's book 'I Hate That I Have to Tell You'

Writer and filmmakerDarnell Lamont Walker has brought a powerful, touching narrative to that which no one ever wants to have to address. In this societal climate of splattering Black lives, the roars for Black Lives Mattering has grown to an all-time high. Among the protests and movements- though we preach for the futures of then youth, do we…


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OP-ED: My Afro Isn't Superficial- It's Political

Not since the civil rights movement has the afro been so visible, but now its purpose isn’t just political — it’s aesthetic. Designers now use “natural” models regularly, countless black-owned online stores and care sites have sprouted up, and even mainstream cosmetic brands have developed product ranges catered to kinks and coils. For me, however, the journey to my afro definitely was political. It was also deeply personal and a way to solidify and explore my…


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OP-ED: Know Your Black History: The American Lie of Black Underachievement (We are on to this)

Today a new generation of Americans are becoming activists. These people are on to something. These Americans are on to the lie of American history. The lie is that black Americans are underachievers and lack initiative. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This point was driven home to me after a visit to New Orleans and then meeting my cousin who was attending a NMA conference in Los Angeles. 

The National Medical Association (NMA) is…


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Upcoming film project 'Blasian Narratives: Volume I' uncovers the complexities of the 'mixed intersection of Black and Asian identities'

"What are you?"

"Where are you really from?"

The Blasian Narratives project is breaking the illusion of mixed bliss with its raw, organic representation of growing up in a society where- if your race isn't clear, neither are you. 

This interactive, intimate multi-media production, delves into the…


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OP-ED: Pittsburg-based mentor and survivor of police brutality Leon Ford conquers victimhood and inspires communities across the country

On November 11th,2012 Leon Ford's life was changed forever after being shot by the Pittsburgh police during a routine traffic stop. The unfortunate event left Leon paralyzed, however, he refuses to allow his experience to keep him down. Although Leon's case is still undergoing and the information he can share with us is limited, we caught up with him to listen to his story and get a glimpse into his perspective. Leon is a mentor, he considers himself a survivor and…


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FEATURE: The Weeknd sets an example for all mainstream artists as he donates $250,000 to Black Lives Matter

This just in: The Weekndhas donated $250,000 to the Black Lives Matter movement- and it is shocking that people are so shocked.

An avid supporter of the BLM movement on Twitter, Abel Tesafaye is doing what any woke person would; supporting the cause by which we are all effected.

In a medium so…


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Parents upset after a Kentucky high school bans natural black hairstyles

With a ban on cornrows ("cornrolls", wtf), dreads, twists, afros longer than two inches, and fade designs, a Louisville, Kentucky school (Butler Traditional High School) just became the latest example of institutionalized environmental hostility, in public education, towards black students. According to the high school, locs and fades are more detrimental to a…


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FEATURE: Brazilian and American activists collaborate during 'Black July' in the fight against racial injustice and police brutality

'Julho Negro' or 'Black July' is arguably one of the most important events to grace Brazil as of late. Taking place in late July, this event is comprised of a series of meetings, pow-wows, seminars, and marches- all preaching the necessity of the black culture, and driving the message of cultural unity through the roof. Both American and local activists…


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VIDEO: Black woman calls 911 because she was scared of cop during a traffic stop

Earlier this year, after being pulled over during an alleged traffic violation, 28-year-old Earledreka White called 911 because she was afraid of the officer who had pulled her over, the Houston Chronicle reports. While requesting that another officer be sent to the scene to better handle…


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OP-ED: Korryn Gaines didn’t have a mental illness, America does

Baltimore-based Hip-Hop scholar and artist, Labtekwon, proposes in his song “The Truth About Race”, that “racism is a learned psychological disorder, a psychosis, a delusion belief based on a premise that’s bogus.” …


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White Mayor of Sommerville refuses to remove ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner from City Hall

A Black Lives Matter banner has been hanging in front of City Hall in Sommerville Massachusetts since the town’s white major had it erected in August 2015. Since then, a Somerville Police Employee’s Association sent a letter to Mayor Curtatone requesting that the banner be replaced (i.e. silenced) in favor of a general, meaningless “All Lives Matter” one. “It is inconceivable to us as it is demoralizing that our city would propagate its support for this movement while…


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FEATURE: 16-year-old Isaiah Cooper becomes youngest Black pilot to fly over continental US

History has been made yet again: Early this week, Compton teen Isaiah Cooper became the youngest African American pilot to fly over the continental US. The 16-year-old touched down Monday after his 8,000 mile journey after roughly 2 weeks (13 days), and was in no mood to rest. Already planning his next endeavor: To be the youngest pilot ever to travel around the world. Prepping to leave at 18, many will attest that he is more than equipped. A young professional,…


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OP-ED: From Brazil to the U.S.: We need solidarity in the African Diaspora against police brutality

On July 17, 2014 at around 3:30pm in Staten Island, New York City, Eric Garner, 43, was murdered by the New York City Police Department. Earlier that same day, before 8am in Rio, Brazil, Pedro Ivo, 19, was murdered by Military Police from the Riot Police Battalion...

By Fire Angelou*, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: 'We were never friends, We Just grew up Together'

My name is Terrance Thomas, I am a community organizer and film producer from Texas. I am 26 years young. I recently wrote a personal essay titled "we we never friends,we just grew up together" This personal essay chronicles my experiences growing up as an African American child in a predominantly white community.This piece takes you on my emotional journey of friendship and growth. Losing friends can be difficult, especially when you realize that your life…


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FEATURE: BLM activist DeRay McKesson: "I would never go to a breast cancer rally and yell out 'colon cancer matters'!"

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson shut “All Lives Matter” all the way down while appearing in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo this past Monday. Appearing on the show to discuss the recent police officer shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge, McKesson doubled-down on the movement’s continuous call to end violence and dehumanizing law enforcement practices. When Cuomo brought up the unfortunate “All Lives“ argument, the former Baltimore mayoral candidate…


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Stevie Wonder to fans: if you have a problem with #BlackLivesMatter, "I don’t give a fuck"

Last week, while performing in London at the British Summer Time Festival, music legend Stevie Wonder, expressed unapologetic support for the Black Lives Matter movement, much to the surprise of a stunned, predominately white audience. While narrating through tracks from "Songs In The Key Of Life", Wonder, who has been an outspoken black liberation advocate for decades, took the opportunity to relate the meaning behind the legendary album back to the movement. “Yes, all…


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FEATURE: Today we remember Sandra Bland and ask- 'Has anything changed?'

Monday July 13th, 2015- Sandra Annette Bland's body was found in Waller County Jail, TX.

Initially pulled over by Deputy Officer Encinia for failing to signal a lane change, a heated interaction ensued, and less than 24 hours later Ms. Bland was dead. How does this make sense? As is the current narrative of this country, it simply does not. Though the end of her life was legally ruled a suicide, many rationally label it…


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FEATURE: White Couple To Black Family: "My Ancestors Owned Your Ass"

In a brazen display of casual racism, a white couple in San Antonio, TX. was confronted by a family of black churchgoers during a heated exchange at a restaurant after the white couple spoke rudely to some of the wait staff. When asked to simmer down by a young black woman, the couple began a hate-filled white pride tirade about their ancestors owning blacks , complete with racial slurs. The interaction was recorded by the family’s 15-year-old daughter. See it down…


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FEATURE: NYC draft riots anniversary: the white riots that left dozens of Black people dead in 1863

Today marks the 153rd anniversary of the New York draft riots- turned race riots- in 1863, and in wake of the borderline race riots currently persisting in 2016, one could (facetiously) call it serendipitous that we recognize this shameful moment in history, as it repeats in our present: 

With the…


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