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Kalief Browder’s brother running for NYC mayor: "I lost my mother, I lost my brother. I have nothing else to lose"

Akeem Browder lost his brother in 2015 and his mother just a year later, but hopes to continue their legacy by stepping into the political arena. As Browder confirmed to The Huffington Post Monday, the 34-year-old is throwing his hat into the ring and running for mayor of New York City.

“I lost my…


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Raury protests Dolce & Gabanna on their own runway for mocking the power of boycotting

Atlanta artist Raury basically Trojan horsed his way across enemy lines as one of the models who walked in Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring-Summer ’18 runway show this past Saturday at Men's Fashion Week in Milan. D&G has drawn recent criticism for their decision to dress First Lady Melania Trump and designer Domenico Dolce‘s 2015 remarks about “synthetic” children and gay parenthood. In reaction to criticism for proudly dressing FLOTUS, Dolce and partner Stefano Gabbana…


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There's something glorious about seeing a Black woman make racist white men sh*t their pants

Once again at the Senate Intel Committee, badass former prosecutor Sen. Kamala Harris was cut off by her colleague, senior member Sen. John McCain during her line of questioning of Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III about his and administration’s involvement in Russian efforts to…


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Selective Martyrdom: we never hear the names of people killed by the U.S. military

The innocent people who die in the Middle East as a result of US-backed military strikes leave behind identities that are hardly parsed by the American press. We know of them generally as civilians, casualties, victims, and collateral damage, but they’re barely recognized as fully realized human beings who lead meaningful lives.

These are the names we’ll never know.

Those who’ve lost their lives due to asymmetrical warfare. Those who’ve learned…

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Nevertheless, Kamala Harris persisted - old white men got real nervous!

Yesterday, during the contentious Senate intelligence committee hearing, Senate Dems and Republicans clashed with the head intel leaders who, under oath, refused to answer questions related to President Trump’s … Continue

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These CEOs are just now realizing that President Covfefe is an asshole

Yesterday, much to the collective disappointment and disgust felt by the majority of the world and America, President Trump withdrew the United State’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement—a 190 country-strong agreement designed to curb greenhouse emissions and delay climate change.

The ‘Jobs, jobs, jobs’ President’s backward decision to pull out of the treaty immediately drew criticism and resistance from some of the most prominent CEOs and businesses in…


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NYC students tackle the segregated public school system with poetry & spoken word

Just 1 in 5 Black and Hispanic students in New York City are "college ready" after four years of high school. 235,000 kids go to schools where 100% of the students qualify for free lunch. 1/2 of schools have 12 or fewer white students. These are just a handful of statistics from the New York City Department of Education that are listed on the #TeensTakeCharge website explaining why the organization…


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#MenAreTrash & #NotInMyName: South African women are not here for your sh*t anymore

This past weekend, hundreds gathered in Pretoria to make one huge statement against violence against women and children. Operating as a group called #NotInMyName, these protestors—most of which are men—followed a woman symbolically dressed in white through Pretoria to take a stand against the violence they’ve enabled or ignored for too long. "The time to take collective responsibility for our shameful action is now," protestor Kholofelo Masha told AlJazeera.…


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I’ll Still Complain About Politics Even When I Don’t Vote – Fight Me

I am a non-voter who has the audacity to still be upset that my people are dying. I have been told innumerable times that I am not supposed to be allowed this. “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain” is perhaps the most common non-voter shaming refrain I’ve heard, right up there with “your ancestors died for the right to vote.”

But I am not generally one to accept what society allows me to do as gospel.

I learned this from those very same ancestors,…


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Blaming the Obamacare repeal vote on leftists who were critical of Clinton is tasteless and counterproductive

On Thursday, the Trump administration finally made significant progress on one of their biggest and worst campaign promises: the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. After a similar bill's high-profile defeat in March, this time Republicans in the House succeeded in patching together enough votes to dismantle the foundations of  Obamacare, with twenty GOP lawmakers joining the full caucus…


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White feminist Ivanka Trump uses Toni Morrison quote to compare busy schedules to slavery

In an honest review of self-proclaimed feminist and empowerer of women, Ivanka Trump’s upcoming self-help book, 'Women Who Work', aimed at (rich, white)…


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Obama's embrace of hyper-capitalism is not above criticism just because he's Black

Yesterday, we wrote about how Barack Obama is held to a different standard than his predecessors and successor in large part due to anti-Blackness. This is undeniably true, and some of this anti-Blackness was evident in the response to…


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Racism is expecting Obama to work for free while letting Trump's family siphon tax payers dollars through their business

For some naively optimistic reasons, I find myself once again surprised and disgusted by the hypocritical anti-black criticisms over former President Obama’s paid speaking engagements that are being made by media outlets and politicians like Sen.…


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Black French journalist Audrey Pulvar suspended for signing anti-Marine Le Pen petition

After signing a petition against racist/xenophobic/Islamophobic/Holocaust-denier adjacent French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, French TV host Audrey Pulvar has been suspended from her job until after the election. Pulvar, who hosts the CNews show “The Grand…


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Trump is sh*t but Jeff Sessions is a very real danger too for Black & Brown people

It really, finally, truly set in earlier this month when Attorney General Jefferson Sessions set his focus on police reform and the agreements reached between the Department of Justice’s Civil Right’s division and local police departments, 14 agreements that were made following 25 investigations into these departments, during the Obama administration.

On several recent occasions, the AG has made startling statements about crime and violence in America.…


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Fox News fired Bill O'Reilly to protect their money, not because of sexual assault allegations

Fox New Golden Boy, Bill O’Reilly was ousted by the network yesterday, not after years of more than a dozen of sexual harassment allegations and subsequent payouts, but after of O’Reilly’s national sponsors pulled ads from his show after it became apparent that the allegations were far from over and pressure from the public grew.

During the two decades that O’Reilly worked for the network, allegations of harassment and abuse had been rumored, but…


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New York finally signs law to stop charging 16 and 17-year-olds as adults

It's no secret that adult prisons can be brutal places, even for the toughest of criminals. And in two states–New York and North Carolina–16 and 17-year-old are automatically charged as adults, meaning children are regularly forced into these hotbeds of violence for years on end.

But on Sunday, New York took the first steps…


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Laugh in a nazi's face, it will make your day better

25-year-old Saffiyah Khan’s unbothered gaze at an English Defence League (EDL) protestor was mood goals for real after Khan stepped forward to protect a Muslim counter-protestor in Birmingham, England last Saturday. The unnamed Muslim woman had shouted "Islamophobe" at a group of…Islamophobes and was surrounded by about 25 men when Khan, a Britain-born half-Pakistani, half-Bosnian, came to her defense. "I don't like seeing people getting ganged up on in my town,"… Continue

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Opioid crisis in white suburbia gets compassion while POC get mass incarceration

It’s cute that politicians across the country are taking up the very real and very serious opioid addiction epidemic that’s taking place in rural and suburban white communities, but I can’t help but feel confused and overlooked by the fact black communities have been suffering because of drug abuse for decades.

Over the weekend, I heard a white politician from somewhere refer to drug addiction as “drug misuse”. My jaw almost hit the floor. Drug…misuse. “Oops, I’m…


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Protests erupt ahead of cuts to education in Puerto Rico economic crisis to be worsened under Trump budget

Photo credit: Vice News

Thousands of students at the University of Puerto Rico began a one-week strike yesterday, protesting imminent multimillion-dollar cuts amidst a severe economic crisis. The… Continue

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