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SPECIAL REPORT: What the News Won't Show: Love, Community in Ferguson

In the face of police brutality and after the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by a policeman, the people of Ferguson are angry, but also show a deep sense of community and love. People of all ages, from different backgrounds, coming together. And you won't see it on the news. Check out these photos and video by AFROPUNK contributor Brina Joiner. - L.…


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SPECIAL REPORT: Rallying in Ferguson

I am not from Ferguson. I'm from a suburb of Boston originally. Prior to Monday, I'd never been to Ferguson, though I've been to St. Louis a number of times. I won't pretend to be an expert on the specific tensions in the area. But I do understand police brutality. The first time I was beaten by the cops was after having had the good fortune to watch the Red Sox win the World Series from a bar under Fenway Park. My fellow revelers and I didn't quite disperse quickly enough and I…


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FEATURE: "Black And Unarmed Women & Girls Killed By Law Enforcement" published a much needed piece titled "Black And Unarmed: Women And Girls Without Weapons Killed By Law Enforcement". It reminds us that "wWhen we talk about police brutality, we often forget about the women who have been killed by police".

Excerpts: "On January 4, 2008, 26-year-old Tarika Wilson was shot and killed in her home while holding her 1-year-old baby in her arms. The infant was shot as well, but survived the injuries. Her other four children, in the…


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FEATURE: "In defense of Black Rage" - Re: Ferguson - via Salon

"In defense of black rage: Michael Brown, police and the American dream". This is the title of a piece by Brittney Cooper published by Salon. 

Excerpts: "I don't support the looting in Ferguson, Missouri. But I'm also tired of "turning the other cheek" and forgiving". (...) "On Saturday a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager on his way to college this week. Brown was shot multiple times, though his hands were in the air.…


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FEATURE: Police brutality continues in Missouri after the murder of Michael Brown

As if murdering unarmed teen Michael Brown wasn't enough, the Ferguson police continues its brutality during the protests that followed the killing: cops are threatening people and protecting businesses. New images by photographer Whitney Curtis for The New York Times are just…


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#IfTheyGunnedMeDown Campaign Tackles How The Media Portray Black Victims of Shootings

You can always count on mainstream media to pick and choose what they think are the scariest pictures of you they can find, even if you're the victim of the shooting. Remember how they portrayed Trayvon Martin as a thug, conveniently forgetting to show us regular pictures of him and focusing on his grill, hoodie, weed, etc.? More recently they did the same with Mike Brown, who was …


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OP-ED: A CTA For the Carefree Black Girl

This writer says more Black girls should work in the advertising industry. Do you agree? Here is what she wrote:

"Earlier this year I met what Tumblr told me was the Carefree Black Girl. A natural creative, she’s the grand daughter of the Bettie Davis and Sonia Sanchezes. The post-Lisa Bonet and all them girls in…


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FEATURE: Feed the Hungry Black Female Entrepreneurs

I’m sitting in the library of my university when my best friend Josh walks up to my table and starts unloading his books beside me.

“Sup?” he asks as he glances at my screen.

“Just putting together a mission statement for Black Hair Spot.”

“Black Hair Spot? What’s that?”

“Oh it’s this start-up I’m helping to build with my boss Nyssa. It’s going to be an online community for Canadian black women.”

“Oh really? Explain it to me a bit.”

“Nyssa, and I…


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FEATURE: Know Your Black History - How Black Ownership & Public Transit Boycotts Led to Civil Rights Success

The decision of “separate but equal” from the landmark 1896 Supreme Court case of Plessy v. Ferguson reversed the small progress that was made combating racism after the Civil War. The decision would trigger three distinct waves of boycotts by black American against racial discrimination. It also marked a dramatic surge of black entrepreneurship in the transportation field.

By Nick Douglas, AFROPUNK Contributor *…


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FEATURE: Know Your Black History - The First Petition for Black Suffrage

Fully one hundred years before the Voting Rights Act of 1965, black activists in the South launched a bold campaign for universal black suffrage. It is a stirring part of American history that most Americans were never taught. And the history leading up to it—abolitionist activities and effective black resistance to slavery in the South—has also been obscured.

By Nick Douglas, AFROPUNK Contributor *

In the…


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FEATURE: The Color Of SNAP - The Food Stamp Capital

The imagery generally associated with people who receive SNAP Food Stamps benefits is usually a black single mother living in the inner city. She lives in public housing, and if she does vote, she votes democrat. That’s typically the image media perpetuates when we think of people who receive certain government supplements. The SNAP Food Stamp…


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FEATURE: Know Your Black History - Maroon Leader Juan St. Malo

“Malheur au blanc qui passera ces bornes.” ("Woe to the white who would pass this boundary"). This was the sign posted by the maroon leader Juan St. Malo at Ville Gaillarde, the entrance of the land he claimed and controlled in Louisiana. Known as Rigolets the swamps and marshes he claimed stretched from Lake Borgne and the Mississippi River and Lake Ponchartrain to the Gulf of Mexico. St. Malo and his group were said to have controlled this area from 1773 -1784,…


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FEATURE: The New Slaves - The Prison Industry Is Big Business

There is a group of laborers that are paid way below minimum wage, and rival third world sweatshops. Corporations that make large amount of money, and save millions pay the workers low wages. These employees have been stripped, legally, of their political, economic and social rights. These second class citizens don’t have the right to unionize, are violently pressured into silence, they have no voice to even trigger change. These laborers are the 2.3 million American prisoners…


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FEATURE: Chicago teen tennis champion Taylor Townsend faced body-shaming

Chicago teen Taylor Townsend made a lot of noise with her performance at the French Open but WTF is up with the body-shaming she's been subjected to? The New York Times reports: "at the United States Open junior tournament [in 2012], the United States Tennis Association wanted to keep her out of the tournament because it believed her physical conditioning was lacking, even though she was the top-ranked junior girl in the world. She entered the tournament anyway and reached the… Continue

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FEATURE: "The First Decoration Day"

The Zinn Education Project published an article about Memorial Day, or “Decoration Day”, written by David W. Blight. According to him, "The First Decoration Day" was led by people who had recently been freed from slavery in Charleston, SC on May 1, 1865.

At the end of the Civil War, "Thousands of black Charlestonians, most former slaves, remained in the city and conducted a series of commemorations to declare their sense of the meaning of the war. The largest of these…


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FEATURE: "Angela Davis on what's radical in the 21st century"

In a brillant interview published this week by the Los Angeles Times, activist Angela Davis shares her thoughts about what's radical in the 21st century. The prison system, feminism, democracy and capitalism are among the topics mentioned.


About a just prison system: "Most of us in the 21st century abolitionist movement look to W.E.B. Du Bois' critique about the abolition of slavery — that it was not enough simply to throw away the chains. The real goal was…


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FEATURE: #BringBackOurGirls - Hundreds of Nigerian Schoolgirls Kidnapped

Hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped by extremist group Boko Haram. Why is it taking so long for this story to get major coverage, and for an international effort to take place? In an op-ed piece for, Frida Ghitis writes: "If it had happened anywhere else, this would be the world's biggest story. More than 230 girls disappeared, captured by members…


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FEATURE: Haikus For Sundiata - Write On!


i love freedom

butterflies in the sky

and the stomach too.

the record

41 years down

no fistfight in all that time

so who's violent?

Former Black Panther and political prisoner, Sundiata Acoli wrote those two haiku poems in conjunction with a social media campaign launched by The Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign (SAFC), Haikus…


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FEATURE: Ban on affirmative action in Michigan Upheld by U.S. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court decided 6-2 to support a ban on affirmative action in college admissions in Michigan. What's the deal Michigan? Is institutional racism suddenly over? Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who is the first Latina judge on the Court, was one of only two votes (out of 6) in support of affirmative action. She said: "As members of the judiciary tasked with intervening to carry out the guarantee of equal protection, we ought not sit back and wish away, rather than confront, the…


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FEATURE: "KKK Forms Neighborhood Watch Group In Pennsylvania"

Well well well... The Ku Klux Klan formed a neighborhood watch group in Pennsylvania but says "it’s not targeting any specific ethnicity"... ... ...

The Huffington Post reports: "In response to a string of recent break-ins, the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan has given a local Pennsylvania chapter the go-ahead to form a neighborhood watch…


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