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OP-ED: This video of a young Black Trump supporter leaves us with serious questions about how to deal with Black Republicans

You’ll hear me say regularly, “I don’t trust a black Republican.” Although I have unwavering respect for them, I’ll laugh and shake my head at the Ben Carson’s and the Colin Powell’s and the Condoleezza Rice’s of the world. Through socialization, history lessons, and family rants during the evening news, I knew that black and Republican just didn’t go together. There’s cats and dogs, oil and water, and black people and the Republican party.

The Republican party’s…

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FEATURE: South Africa Youth Day 2016 remembers the Soweto youth uprising of 1976 and looks towards the future

South Africa’s Youth Day 2016 is commemorating the Soweto youth uprising of June 16, 1976, where thousands of school children in Johannesburg protested the then Apartheid government’s decision to educate South Africans in the foreign language of Afrikaans. In the middle of early winter, the children squared off with the South African…


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FEATURE: 17-year-old powerhouse activist Taylor Amari Little founds LGBTQIA+Muslim visibility project Queer Ummah

We’ve written about 17-year-old rockstar activist Taylor Amari Little a Detroit high school student who is working hard to push for social justice at her high school and around the Detroit area. One of her projects, The Temple Project, severs homeless locals by providing them…


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Texas congressman to Trump: "take your border wall and shove it up your ass"

As push-back against the possibility of a Trump Presidency intensifies and grows more urgent, politicians like South Texas congressman Filemon Vela Jr. [D] are getting quite brazen in their call-outs of the presumptive Republican nominee. In a recent letter to the racist, xenophobic bully, Vela Jr. told…


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FEATURE: Bold, Stockholm-based activist Tess Asplund takes defiant stance against neo-Nazis at Borlänge protest

This past weekend, anti-racism activist Tess Asplund confronted hundreds of neo-Nazis participating in a white supremacist rally in Borlänge, Sweden. Asplund, who is from Stockholm, was among the smaller counter-protestors when she jumped out of place to physically obstruct the marchers. Armed with nothing but sheer courage, a kind, unapologetic heart, and a defiant, raised fist—a gesture the activist of 26 years learned from Nelson Mandela—Asplund took a stand for what is…


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FEATURE: Anonymous Spelman College student chronicles gang-rape by Morehouse students on Twitter

A brave Spelman College student is using an anonymous Twitter account to share her experience being brutally gang-raped by four peers from Morehouse College. In a string of fewer than 20 tweets, the student outlines the party setting where her assault took place after she left her group in search of a restroom. The student also shares the events that followed…


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OP-ED: Time to Unravel an American Tradition: The Pattern Of Black Voter Disenfranchisement Throughout Our History

We know that the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act in 2010 has led to voter suppression if not downright disenfranchisement of people of color. But this is only the latest round of a repeating pattern of Supreme Court rulings and legislative action to disenfranchise people of color. The latest attempts to deprive black and Native American citizens and other minorities of their voting rights are just part of something that has become a troubling tradition…


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FEATURE: Anti-Rape protests continue at Rhodes University after alleged rapists named in #RUReferenceList

This weekend Rhodes University students in South Africa took a brave and powerful stand against sexual assault and rapists. Following the release of the #RUReferenceList—a document naming 11 alleged rapists at the university—student activists took to the street for ongoing protests. During these movements, police used pepper spray and stun guns to break up the activists and disrupt their action against sexual assault and against the university; which students say does not…


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FEATURE: Young Black Entrepreneur Brandon Anderson creates app to monitor police brutality

As American police officers continue to brutalize, disproportionately target, and exploit the citizens of their country, the need for marginalized and oppressed groups to hold individual officers and institutions accountable is just as, if not more, important than ever. Young entrepreneur Brandon Anderson is working on a tool that does just that. 

As reported by …


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FEATURE: Activist and actress Rosario Dawson arrested alongside 900+ anti-Citizen United protestors in D.C.

Last week, during Democracy Spring’s huge action in Washington, D.C., actress and activist Rosario Dawson was arrested alongside hundreds of protestors demonstrating against Citizens United and advocating the passage of the Government by the…


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FEATURE: Model and activist Diandra Forrest raises awareness for albinism and women’s rights

Diandra Forrest is a model and activist for albinism awareness women’s rights. Born with albinism, an inherited genetic condition that affects melanin pigmentation in the skin, hair, and eyes, Forrest uses her platform as a public figure to shed light on and normalize a condition that people don’t necessarily know much about or understand. Forrest extends a similar message of acceptance to her work with young women. As the first African-American model with albinism to be…


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FEATURE: WhereU Came From app connects black consumers to local, reliable black-owned businesses for all needs

WhereU Came From is the premier commerce directory for black-owned businesses. The comprehensive, easy to use app relies on location and referrals to help users find businesses within their community that they can trust. Pending on your location, the app will break down businesses across a wide breadth of categories from apparel to business/branding services,…


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FEATURE: Revolution of Hope’s The Roxbury Youth Orchestra is changing the lives of kids from Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood

The non-profit organization Revolution of Hope’s The Roxbury Youth Orchestra is changing the lives of kids from Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood. The community-based program allows students to receive music lessons up to five days a week,…


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[FR] INSPIRATION: Exposition virtuelle sur les luttes des femmes immigrées en France et des femmes françaises Noires

This virtual exhibition was created by the Google Cultural Institute and Génériques, a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote the history of immigration in France. This exhibition looks back at the intersectional struggles that immigrant women lead in France against racism, sexism and classism from 1970 to 1996.

Génériques est une association qui promeut l’histoire de l’immigration en France…


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FEATURE: University of Cape Town students protest university housing crisis leaving thousands of students displaced

Students of University of Cape Town are protesting the on-campus housing crisis which has left many students without residential placement. “The university has only 6,680 beds for a total of 27,000 students,” says university spokesperson, Elijah Moholola.

UCT student organizers of Rhodes Must Fall kicked…


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BOOK: Revolutionary activist and former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur’s autobiography now available world-wide as an e-book

Assata Shakur’s autobiography “Assata” has been made available, for the first time, as a digital e-book for world-wide consumption. In celebration of increased access to Assata’s…


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OP-ED: Mayor de Blasio continues push for zoning reform efforts to increase housing affordability

In New York City, Mayor Bill be Blasio is proposing major city zoning reform as a measure to protect and build affordable housing for Brooklynites. The proposal, the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing and Zoning for Quality and Affordability, aims to dismantle the “Tale of Two Cities”, i.e. the availability of affordable housing for lower income New York residence. The policy lays out requirement that developers build 25 to 30% of all new units for affordability in…


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BOOK: Angela Davis' new book "Freedom Is a Constant Struggle - Ferguson, Palestine, and The Foundation Of A Movement" to be released next month

The goddess known as Angela Davis is releasing a new book next month called, "Freedom Is a Constant Struggle - Ferguson, Palestine, and The Foundation Of A Movement." "Freedom", a collection of essays, interviews, and speeches, is a vehicle in which Davis uses to connect the dots between institutionalized state violence and…


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OP-ED: "Black, queer, feminist, erased from history: Meet the most important legal scholar you’ve likely never heard of"

In the 1960s, Dr. Pauli Murray, a black scholar and graduate of Howard University School of Law began the groundwork for what would later become the first winning legal argument that the Equal Protection Clause could and should be applied to cases of gender discrimination, in the ways in which it was applied in racial discrimination cases. In 1971, as part of Notorious RBG's (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) legal work in the Reed v. Reed case, Murray's groundbreaking previous research…


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FEATURE: Detroit High School student Taylor Amari Little's The Temple Project raises awareness and goods for homeless

Taylor Amari Little is a 17-year-old student from Michigan, where she is the founder of social justice student organization, Liberation of Hidden Colors, and an executive board member of Diversity Committee at Harrison High School. The Temple Project is Little's most recent endeavor.

TTP's objective is to remind people that the…


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