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FEATURE: The Black community continues to unite in preparation for Black Friday boycott

One of the most common expressions is "Money talks", and for many - dumbfounded by the fact that a grand jury saw it fit to let  a white officer walk free after fatally shooting a young black man - boycotting Black Friday feels like the most appropriate response. One facebook page set up for the cause, states that the aim of the economic embargo is to "to galvanize economically and influence change in the politics of American Justice…


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FEATURE: Storify put Ferguson protests into perspective with 'white people riots' images

A lot of the ignorant commentary surrounding Ferguson has been aimed towards the planned responses following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Bombarded with images of looting and buildings set alight, many continue to ignorantly criticize the Ferguson protesters and their fight for justice. In response, Storify have compiled a gallery of 'white people riots' - putting Ferguson…


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FEATURE: Michael Brown's parents interviewed this morning - "How could your conscience be clear?"

The parents of Michael Brown were interviewed this morning on CBS with Gayle King and Charlie Rose. An interview that acts as a direct response to officer Darren Wilson's ABC interview - interviewed after the grand jury failed to indict him for fatally shooting the Ferguson teenager. Watch, below, as Brown's mother Lesley McSpadden frankly states her disbelief at Wilson's version of events - going on to say, "How could your conscience be clear after…


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FEATURE: 'Why we're pissed off' - Ferguson By The Numbers

I woke up as angry as when I'd gone to sleep. I thought about writing an essay about how the lack of indictment merely shows that racism in America is so ingrained that at least 9 citizens of St. Louis County felt like death was a reasonable punishment for shoplifting. But we all know that. We all know why this feels wrong. I thought about dissecting the irony of a right wing which fetishizes the rioting and violent revolution by “patriots” that founded this country…


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EVENT: New York, unite for Mike Brown! Planned response at Union Square tonight

In light of last night's Darren Wilson Grand Jury announcement, a number of planned responses will be taking place around the United States. For those in New York, there will be an opportunity to voice your collective response tonight. From 7pm,…


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FEATURE: Justice has been denied in Ferguson, what next?

Simply put, Michael Brown was denied justice last night - that single right afforded to each citizen of the "United" States (be you black, brown or white). Simply put - a white man killed an unarmed black man, and was given the right to walk free. How loudly…


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FEATURE: 'African-American Debt Is a New Form of Slavery'

Check out this episode of The Root magazine's 'The Root Live: Bring It to the Table'. In this episode, the panel discuss the topic of finance in regards to the African American community, and go on to address guest Rev. DeForest B. Soaries Jr's statement that 'African-American Debt Is a New Form of Slavery'. WATCH…


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FEATURE: Ferguson - Day 103

Winter hit Ferguson hard. “You should have been here last week,” one woman told me. “There were a lot more people out. I guess it's just the cold.” She gave me a pair of gloves. 

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

During the day, journalists walk the streets shooting B roll and lead-ins. The QuikTrip near where Mike Brown was…


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FEATURE: The Root magazine talks mental illness, and its relationship to being black and poor

Focusing on the town of Anacostia - a D.C. neighborhood with a black population of 94% - The Root magazine explores mental health in an article published yesterday - looking at the relationship between mental health, race and poverty. Read the insightful article HERE or check out some excerpts…


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FEATURE: The “Hide and Seek” Game of American history - Robert Smalls, the unsung war hero and legislator

Last week Tim Scott was elected, the first black Senator from the South since Reconstruction. In all the coverage of his election, black history has been lost. The first black Senator from the South—born in North Carolina, elected in 1870—is never named. Another black politician—from South Carolina, a personal hero of mine—is never mentioned either. He was the longest-serving black congressmember until Adam Clayton Powell, Jr: Robert Smalls.…


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OP-ED: No Social Media Validation Needed!

It was a Tuesday afternoon – probably around 2pm – and I sat on my parent’s couch in the big t-shirt I’d slept in the night before, and with a soup bowl’s worth of tea in front of me. Force of habit led me to check my Facebook on my laptop; I don’t know why I do it. I don’t update my statuses, I rarely ever check my inbox and nobody’s life interests me enough to make me want to check up on them. I literally have no reason whatsoever to keep Facebook except for event invitations,…


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FEATURE: A Rational Argument for a Conversation about Reparations

What would I accept for reparations for 240 years of slavery and 150 years and counting of Jim Crow, segregation and continued discrimination? 

By Nick Douglas, AFROPUNK Contributor 

Some of my black ancestors came to the U.S. as slaves. One of them, Nanette, was taken as a child from present day Senegal to New Orleans…


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The Ferguson Challenge - To Be Uncomfortable, with Tef Poe and Tory Russell

As the movement in Ferguson inches closer to its 100th day, it seems like now, with Darren Wilson still free and the passion and voices of protestors being drowned out by a media blitzkrieg that is not so much pro-Wilson as it is anti-protestors and anti-justice, is an appropriate time to reflect on the beginning and what really got us here.

By Elisa Peebles, AFROPUNK Contributor…


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OP-ED: Angela Davis, "From Michael Brown to Assata Shakur, the racist state of America persists"

On Saturday, the UK'S Guardian newspaper shared an article written by political activist and author Angela Davis. In the insightful piece, the former leader of the Communist party USA and Black Panther party ally discusses topics from Michael Brown to the American establishment's treatment of Black Panther activist, Assata Shakur. Davis goes on to state, what many of us know to be true, that "the racist state…


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ENVIROMENT: AFROPUNK and The Friends of Commodore Barry Park's 'It's My Park Day"

Last weekend, AFROPUNK teamed up with The Friends of Commodore Barry Park for 'It's My Park Day' to plant and clean in the park we call home year after year for AFROPUNK FEST. Check out some of the photos here, and make sure you "Like" The Friends of Commodore Barry Park page to hear more about other volunteer…


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OP-ED: “Things I Wish I’d Known Growing up as a Black Girl Nerd”

Growing up is always tough. But there’s something unique about the black girl nerd experience. There’s no prototype for the black girl nerd; no famous fictional adolescents whose path we could mirror and cling to. I think many of us had to go our own way, figuring everything out as we went along because it felt like we were the only ones. For me, it felt like isolation heaped atop a pile of loneliness. Who can forget those feelings of euphoria upon actually meeting a fellow…


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FEATURE: The North Star School in Ghana Needs a Bus and You Can Be A Part of the Adventure!

It was Saturday night, October 11, 2014, and I was back at Rafa's magical art lounge in Echo Park, which has quickly become one of my favorite spots in LA to check out local bands. It's where I first heard the soul-transforming guitar solos of possessed axe-man Edgar Hernandez, of Blind Owl, after the…


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FEATURE: Voter Suppression Is Very American

Democracy is a word in the United states used very freely and undoubtedly something everyone within this country believes is actively practiced within the confines of the 50 states that come together to make this great union. By definition democracy means, a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representative. Plainly speaking a nation governed by it’s citizens, whom may be elected to lead and…


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ESSAY: Ferguson - Make It Count

Ferguson. So much has been said. Yet there is still so much left to say. The voices of the masses often abstracted and assigned to the seemingly 1-Dimensional of the "black" or of the "poor" has been pushed to their breaking point. Yet again. Structural Racism and Police Brutality have an awful historical Intersection. And you better believe I mean this too in the present tense. This goes for Ferguson as it does…


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FEATURE: Edward E. Baptist's novel, 'The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism''

In a time where more and more people are in favor of reparations for slavery, Edward E. Baptist, a history professor at Cornell University has written a new piece of work on the slave trade and its impact on America's economic innovations: 'The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism' . In a recent interview with The New York Times, the writer states: “The idea that the…


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