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FEATURE: George Stinney Jr. cleared of murder, 70 years after execution

In 1944, at the age of 14, George Stinney Jr. became the youngest person to be executed in the United States in the 20th century - charged with the murder of  two young white girls in the small town of Alcolu, South Carolina. The young boy claimed he was innocent; and many years later, Civil rights advocates tried tirelessly to get his case reopened - arguing that police coerced a confession out of the frightened teenager. Now, seventy years later, Stinney Jr. has…


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PETITION: Pardon Assata Shakur

In this current climate of protest and call for action, many are calling on President Barack Obama to do what others before him have refused by pardoning political activist Assata Shakur - currently living in Cuba under political asylum. In 1973, the member of both the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army was involved in a shootout on the New Jersey turnpike, for which she was was accused of…


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FEATURE: Know Your Black History - Abolitionist David Walker

“This country is as much ours as it the whites, whether they will admit it now or not, they will see and believe it by and by.” "America is more our country than it is the whites—we have enriched it with our blood, sweat and tears.” "The bare name of educating the coloured people scares our cruel oppressors almost to death.” These quotes are from a man who informed the thinking of the likes of Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. DuBois, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Yet…


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OP-ED: Angela Davis: ‘Unbroken line of police violence in the US takes us back to the days of slavery’

Check out this interview with Angela Davis, published yesterday by The Guardian. The interview took place in London before a memorial service for black British cultural studies theorist and sociologist Stuart Hall, and sees political activist Angela Davis discussing an array of topics - most relevant, the current state of the United States policing and prison system and history behind it. Explore some excerpts from the interview below, and check it out…


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FEATURE: 'Police Kill Black Women All The Time, Too'

One of the biggest misconceptions that has come out of events post the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, is that black women are immune to these encounters, and the institutionalised racism of the United States' police service and Justice system. Black Lives Matter is the chant heard around many of the ongoing protests, however are we unconsciously saying that only the lives of black men matter. As a recently published article by…


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FEATURE: Congressional staff members stage walk out against police violence and racism

In support of the growing protests against the non indictments in the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, dozens of congressional staff members staged a walk out yesterday. The sign of solidarity against police violence and institutionalize racism took place at 3.30pm and saw staff members step out on to Capitol Hill and raise their hands in to the "Hands Up! Don't Shoot" pose - the pose which has come to symbolize this civil rights movement in the way the…


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FEATURE: 'I Told My Son' - Calling black mothers and fathers to come share their stories

How do you talk to your sons about over-policing and police violence? When black men and boys are being targeted by police in stop and frisk searches at unprecedented rates, when every 28 hours a black man is killed by police, security guards, and vigilante law enforcement, how do you explain to your children how to keep themselves safe in encounters with the police? That's the question at the heart of #IToldMySon, a video series hoping to share a parent's perspective of…


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FEATURE: Day of Anger - Millions March this Saturday in New York City

A march is planned this Saturday in New York which seeks to express a collective anger towards institutionalized racism, and a call for justice for the victims of police violence. Led by black organizers, a coalition of multiracial activists are calling for your support. More information,…


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FEATURE: Protest Protocol, "The Do's and the Dont's"

Comrades: Welcome to the beginning of what we hope is the end of the lack of productive participation in the black community. The time is now, and we’re all fed up with the recent indictment decision in Ferguson Missouri, Ohio and most recently NYC. Moreover, we are all collectively exhausted with the…


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FEATURE: The Brutality Truth - I am in danger, I will not stop fighting

"...And it doesn't look that way to me in my eyes." (Ian MacKaye) My head has been flooded with myriad thoughts since November 24. I've been focused, confused, sad, pissed off, sympathetic, peaceful, not surprised, surprised and numb after the announcement that Darren Wilson would not be indicted and would literally get away with the murder of Michael Brown. A number of questions simmered in my brain. Why hasn't Obama made an appearance in…


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FEATURE: 'To My Unborn Son' - the Yale College Black Men's Union

Following the non indictments of police officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo for the murder of two unarmed black men, many questions have been raised as to the value placed on black lives in the United States, and more specifically that of the black man. All one has to do is read Richard Wright's 'Native Son' or watch Radio Raheem's death in Spike Lee's 'Do The Right Thing' to see the way black men have been continually eroticised and…


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FEATURE: White privilege goes viral with #crimingwhilewhite

Following recent events in Ferguson, and the failing of a grand jury to indict a police officer for killing an unarmed black man (…


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FEATURE: Eric Garner Protests and planned responses

The grand jury decision in regards to the Eric Garner case has sparked a number of protests. Here is some helpful information, below:. 

bring: extra clothing to cover your face in the event there is any use of pepper spray etc.

bring water. …

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FEATURE: In the Wake of No Indictment In Eric Garner Grand Jury There Are Only Questions

Eric Garner told the police he couldn't breathe eleven times before dying in an illegal choke hold. The death was ruled a homicide by the coroner. Nonetheless, the Staten Island Grand Jury elected not to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo in his death. He was unarmed. His death was caught on video. We're told that body cameras are the answer to bring accountability to the police, but once again there has been no accountability despite widely viewed video. Tamir Rice, Mike…


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FEATURE: NYPD officer cleared by grand jury for chokehold death of Eric Garner

A Staten Island grand jury has seen it fit to clear the NYPD officer involved in the chokehold death of Eric Garner - this coming after last week's grand jury decision in Ferguson which led to Darren Wilson walking free after fatally shooting unarmed Mike Brown. Garner died after a chokehold during an arrest for peddling loose cigarettes; and what is most distressing in this case, is that the entire incident was documented by a cellphone camera. From the video…


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FEATURE: Lauryn Hill Narrates Göran Hugo Olsson-directed documentary, Concerning Violence

You are rich, because you are white. You are white, because you are rich.” When soul songstress Lauryn Hill received a paper letter and manuscript …


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FEATURE: 'Charges Dropped For Cop Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl'

One comment that I've heard frequently with regards to Mike Brown and the subsequent events in Ferguson, is that this is not the first time and it won't be the last time. In the last decade, there have been countless shootings of unarmed black civilians by police officers, and one that sadly stands out is that of 7 year old Aiyana Stanley Jones in 2010 - shot as she slept during a SWAT team police raid (…


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FEATURE: W. Kamau Bell talks about being "big, black, and male" in America

"I've been endowed with the triple crown of being killed for no good reason: big, black, and male." In an interview with Vanity Fair, on the back of recent events in Ferguson, comedian and social commentator W. Kamau Bell discusses what his fears as a 6ft4 black man living in America - in fact, the same height as Mike Brown. Check out some excerpts from the interview, below; and read the entire piece …


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FEATURE: The Black community continues to unite in preparation for Black Friday boycott

One of the most common expressions is "Money talks", and for many - dumbfounded by the fact that a grand jury saw it fit to let  a white officer walk free after fatally shooting a young black man - boycotting Black Friday feels like the most appropriate response. One facebook page set up for the cause, states that the aim of the economic embargo is to "to galvanize economically and influence change in the politics of American Justice…


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FEATURE: Storify put Ferguson protests into perspective with 'white people riots' images

A lot of the ignorant commentary surrounding Ferguson has been aimed towards the planned responses following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Bombarded with images of looting and buildings set alight, many continue to ignorantly criticize the Ferguson protesters and their fight for justice. In response, Storify have compiled a gallery of 'white people riots' - putting Ferguson…


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