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FEATURE: Yoga teacher and self-described "fat femme” Jessamyn Stanley proves that yoga is for every body

Yoga and other group fitness activities can be pretty intimidating to get into. Everyone in the room seems to “belong”, they know what they’re doing and you’re a ridiculous person who’s just going to get in the way and take up too much space. No? Just me? Okay, whatever, but you get what I’m saying. Yoga teacher and self-described "fat femme” Jessamyn Stanley proves that yoga is for every body, not just lithe bodies adorned in Lulu Lemon. Check out a few fitness…


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OP-ED: Yoga meets the streets: yoga demo with Nityda Bhakti for Urban Edge Yoga in Little 5 Points

Hey guys, this video is a little different from my usual. Rather than instructional, this is more for entertainment, but there is a passionate message behind this video. In both my professional and personal lives, I am sincere and enthusiastic about exposing as many communities to yoga and its healing benefits as possible. I have been fortunate to work not only as an experienced, certified yoga teacher, but…


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OP-ED: Yoga teacher Nityda Bhakti gives you a beginner's yoga lesson

After teaching yoga to people from all different walks of life over the past 10 years, two of the most frequent comments I hear from people about why they believe yoga is just not for them are, (1) "I'm too tight. No, for real, I'm not flexible enough to do yoga!" and (2) "I don't have enough time to do yoga."

So first off, you do not need to be super bendy, able to touch your toes, or a former gymnast to do yoga. No matter your flexibility or…


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FEATURE: Yoga for Immunity - When You're Sick with the Cold, Cough or Flu

I like to make yoga feel not only accessible, but practical. On my YouTube Channel I create videos with a purpose, to address a specific issue, experience, feeling or theme. While the holidays are accompanied by cold and flu season, its also one of the worst times to get sick with all the added "to-dos" that fill up our lists. When we are stressed, we are…

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OP-ED: Yoga Saved My Life, That's Why I'm A Passionate Advocate for its Physical & Emotional Benefits

I credit yoga with literally saving my life, and for the past 10 years I’ve made it my life’s mission to encourage others to try it too – especially those who feel they don’t fit the “expected profile” of a yoga student. I enjoy defying that stereotype as well: a tatted-up African American female, former pro-ballerina turned yoga teacher, licensed psychotherapist and yoga therapist. I will never forget my first yoga instructor, who gave me the opportunity…


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FEATURE: The 'Black Vegans Rock' Project, By Writer & Activist Aph Ko

As writer and activist Aph Ko states, "Black folks are regularly overlooked in the mainstream vegan movement"; and to combat this, Aph Ko is launching a new digital project in January 2016 that spotlights black vegans - entitled 'Black Vegans Rock'. She writes, "As you might know, I created a list that spotlighted 100 Black Vegans back in June titled …


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FEATURE: 'Silent Noise', photographer Cedric Nzaka's series on suicide awareness

South Africa-based Kenyan photographer Cedric Nzaka launched a series to fight the stigma and secrecy that usually surround suicide.

He tells us: "Silent Noise is a suicide awareness campaign that delves into the parallels of one's immediate unflawed appearance and the well hidden stories desperately needing to be told."

"Most African countries do not report data on suicides to the World Health Organization. African authorities often record suicide as "death by…


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FEATURE: "15 Urban Farms and Activists That Are Changing the Way We Eat"

Check out "15 Urban Farms and Activists That Are Changing the Way We Eat" via The Root. The Root have profiled these farms for being standout examples of self-sufficiency and alternatives to genetically modified food, stating: "In many communities of color,…


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FEATURE: On The Mat With DJ - Sun Salutation A (Surya Namaskar), A Great Way To Introduce The Mind & Body To Yoga

Namaste AFROpunkers! Welcome to the first edition of On The Mat with yours truly, DJ Townsel, Former NFL-er, Orlando-based yoga instructor/trainer, and #RastaYogi. I'll be joining the AfroPunk team a couple times a month to share some yoga tips with you. Hope you're as excited as I am. If not, oh well, someone is lol. Now, let's get into it!



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FEATURE: The Revolutionaries Will Be Ostracized - Upcoming Documentary About Having Asperger’s Syndrome

Save Our Legacy is Making a Documentary About Having Aspergers! If you've followed my writing at all, you'll know that I have Asperger's Syndrome, and that I have used music and various other artistic endeavors to try and work with it. Well, the people of Save Our Legacy has contacted me, and if all goes well, I might get a documentary made, not just about…


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FEATURE: Derrick "DJ" Townsel, The Professional Football Player Turned Yoga Teacher

Meet Derrick "DJ" Townsel, the "RastaYogi" who (with his amazing photos and videos) has become one of the most popular yoga practitioners on Instagram - inspiring many, particularly men and people of color, to take up yoga and embrace healthier lifestyles. Townsel, a former professional footballer who played for the Houston Texans, began yoga as a way to make stretching a part of his workout regimen and is now a yoga teacher helping others to improve their physical…


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FEATURE: Transforming From The Inside Out - YogaRacheal, Sportswoman Turned Yogi

Meet YogaRacheal, the California based yoga instructor inspiring many to embrace a more healthier and holistic lifestyle. Racheal - who describes herself as "lover, encourager, giver, believer" - has been practicing the ancient discipline for almost three years now. It was in 2012, after becoming discouraged with competitive sports and the lack of enjoyment it gave her, that the former gymnast and track athlete discovered yoga through social media. Now the Yogi…


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FEATURE: "#BlackVegansRock -100 Black Vegans to Check Out"

Each day, more and more people of color are transitioning to a Vegan lifestyle. And on this note, writer and activist Aph Ko via Striving With Systems has profiled 100 Black Vegans of the animal rights/vegan movement to check out. See a few of them below and find more …


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Mental Illness: The Most Ignored Pandemic Within Our Communities

It is no secret mental illness is often times kept secret within African American communities. I remember the first time I saw a black person talk about mental health on TV was when I was 16 years old. It happened during a stand up special on Comedy Central in which DL Hughley so eloquently and hysterically described an instance in which he approached his mother, frazzled and wild eyed, convinced he had multiple personalities disorder. She, completely unbothered,…

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FEATURE: The Runaway Jamaica - "Not your Average Bed & Breakfast"

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for The Runaway, a proposed bed and breakfast on the North shore of Jamaica - the brainchild of Chef Kalisa Martin and digital marketer Jeff Belizaire (former Brooklynites, both of whom have Caribbean roots). The duo's desire was sparked off by a vacation in Jamaica during a cold New York winter and they have now taken the courageous steps to realise their dream by uprooting to Jamaica. With funding, their aim is that The Runaway…


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FEATURE: "Mo’ne Davis Launches Sneaker to Help Impoverished Girls"

American Little League Baseball pitcher Mo’Ne Davis, one of two girls who played in the 2014 Little League World Series and the first girl to earn…


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FEATURE: 10 Black Hoopers You Should Know

In honor of last month's Black History month. I have put together a series of 10 interviews with black hoopers. Nine women and one man all who have brought hooping into their lives wholeheartedly. For a long time I had no idea other black people hooped. I didn’t see any people of color being represented in the hooping community or associated with hoop culture. After five years of hooping it wasn’t until recently I discovered the extensive black hoop…


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Black People With Asperger's Syndrome: One Reason Why I Make Music

Yesterday, I went through my mind wondering exactly why I decided to make music. Why am I killing myself to get where I want to be? I finally came to the conclusion that the reason I do what I do is simply because I want to represent the people I relate to. You see, one of the projects I have been working on lately has to do with explaining to people about my disability. My goal was to try and explain having Aspergers to people and also break down any stigma that…


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FEATURE: Bringing color to cricket - The Maasai cricket warriors

Check out the Maasai cricket warriors, the unlikely representatives of Kenyan cricket. Since the team was conceived, the cricketers have gained a huge following; for both prowess and an ability to use cricket for social awareness (women's issues, HIV/AIDS) - as well as empowering the youth in their country. Hailing from the Laikipia region of Kenya, the semi-nomadic cattle herders bring a vibrancy to the sport; choosing to wear traditional Maasai attire and body…


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FEATURE: How I Beat Anxiety (At Least, For Now)

Are you currently having trouble trying to face your anxiety head on? Do you always feel this need to be perfect and think that just because you aren't perfectly tuned-up, you might not ever make it anywhere? I got a present for you. But first, I am going to explain the premise behind it. I'm sure I'm not the only musician or songwriter that hates hearing the imperfection in his vocals. Or when I write a song or an album, I have trouble figuring out the perfect way to begin. As…


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