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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - NYC-based vlogger Nathalie Etienne pairs holistic, clean eating with Caribbean-inspired foods and flavors

Hi, my name is Nathalie Etienne and I am a Caribbean-American vegan based in NYC. My vegan journey started during my sophomore year of college in 2012 when I started taking some time out to learn how I could possibly improve my well-being. I wasn't suffering from any illness but I was trying to figure out how I could integrate natural preventative care practices into my daily life. A lot of the information I received were from well studied naturopathic healers, such as Dr.…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Zachary Toliver shares how dog Zero turned him meat-free

My pops told me that when I was a toddler, the realization that "fried chicken" was in fact an actual chicken disturbed me so much that I snuck off to flush the uneaten flesh down the toilet. Apparently, I failed to comprehend that all meat at one point walked around hyped on life before being murdered for McNuggets. I can only guess lil' me assumed meat grew silently rooted in the ground like vegetables or fruit. I like to think of this tale as a premonition to an…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet Joana Fatondji

My name is Joana Fatondji. I am 26 years old and I am mixed, my mum is German and my dad is from Ghana. I lived in Ghana for 3 years until the age of 6. Being African was always my understanding of my Identity so back in Germany I was deeply involved in the Black community. Today I see myself as the best of both worlds and so much more since I have grown more spiritually and free.…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet The Intersectional Vegan co-founder Steffany Brown

Hi! I'm Steffany and I'm a 27 year-old black feminist vegan who works at a STEM empowerment program for girls. I also study race, class, gender, and American Society in the Pacific Northwest.

My journey to veganism has been chaotic. Beginning in my teenage years, I fluctuated between diets, from meat-eating to vegetarianism to veganism. I've now been vegan for over a year and I have come to realize that variations in my diet and ability to connect with animals…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Dreamcrusher

Dreamcrusher is a genderqueer/non-binary (they/them/their pronouns), straight edge, vegan electronic musician since 2003, creating immense, abrasive, sometimes rhythmic and often isolating soundscapes with bursts of melody choking through overwhelming sonic cacophony. Dreamcrusher was recently featured in …


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FEATURE: The black women of Roller Derby shine in Cory Layman’s powerful Roller Girl Project

Like many “extreme” sports, Roller Derby is pretty white. For example, the black women of Clarksville, TN.'s ClarksVillain represent half of all black Derby girls in the entire state of Tennessee. Teammate Petti LaBelle describes the dynamic for black players as one of an apologetic nature. Black players are split up into rounds, as it were, to prevent all five of them from being on the track at the same time—under the pretense of “unfairness” (read: blacks are…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Sarah Juanita

I went vegan because I didn't like the reckless slaughter of sentient beings and the unethical cruel treatment of black and brown bodies. I have also noticed that I feel lighter and less dense maneuvering through life this way. My vegan journey was actually pretty difficult because of the lack of knowledge surrounding how versatile this way of life can be. I was on and off for about four years under Queen Afua's influence which, for the most part, is still an enriching…


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OP-ED: This Black Girl's Recovery Guide to Mental Illness

Some of us utilize different vices to overcome the feelings of loneliness and hopelessness that comes from depression. I'd like to share a few of mine and how some of them helped me and how some of them did not. I wanted to share this small project to show that recovery comes in many different forms and that you are not alone in your journey to recovery.

I am a black woman and I have Bi-Polar II disorder. Over the last several years I have experimented with…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Esosa E. (aka "RAW GIRL")

My adventure as a vegan started out as an informal student of health trying to absorb all I could about plant-based living to become the best version of me. That process has surprisingly led to me now serving as a teacher or guide for others who are looking for inspiration on their own paths to optimal health.

It's been almost fifteen years since I first decided to cut out all meat and animal products from my diet. At the time, I just didn't like the way I felt eating meat…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet Peace of Food founder Letitia Richards

Peace of Food was founded by Letitia Richards in 2010 as a platform to educate and support those who are seeking holistic healing through a vegan, vegetarian, or raw lifestyle. Witnessing loved ones being affected by lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure ignited a change in Letitia. She wanted to prevent this from ever happening to her so she…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet Afro-Brazilian Vegan Victor

So, I started with veganism when I was 15 years old, a teenager. In the beginning I had no notion of what I could eat. I just ate rice, beans, and soy. My mom was worried about my health, but as the days went on, a huge universe of new possibilities emerged. I started to eat more fruits, more vegetables, more greens, more beans and grains. I also drank different kinds of vegan milks, and veganism became easier to me.

Some of my friends (from when I was a teenager) tried…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - diversity strategist, critical race feminist scholar, public speaker, and author, Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Amie Breeze Harper, PhD, the creator of The Sistah Vegan Project and the editor of the ground-breaking anthology, Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society, is a sought-after speaker, writer, researcher and consultant at …


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - veganic farmer, chef and food justice activist JoVonna Johnson-Cooke

JoVonna Johnson- Cooke is a veganic farmer, chef and food justice activist working in Atlanta. JoVonna is the owner and co-founder of Maitufoods, a vegan meal delivery service and vegan nutrition education hub. Through MaituFoods, she is working to develop culturally appropriate and accessible educational materials that highlight the benefits of healthy nutrition…


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OP-ED: Listen up, Problematic White Vegans, Stop Comparing Black Oppression To Meat Eating

I am not here to preach veganism, I want that to be super clear from the get-go. I am a black feminist vegan who is interested in building and supporting liberatory movements. My veganism is one very important part of this. For the past month I have been engaged in an ongoing struggle with an “animal liberation” group at the Evergreen State College, where I am a student. This college is overwhelmingly white in an overwhelmingly white city in an overwhelmingly white state.…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Get To Know Writer, Producer And BVR and Aphro-ism Founder Aph Ko

Aph Ko is a feminist activist and writer. She is the founder of Black Vegans Rock as well as the founder of Aphro-ism, a website that provides critical analysis through a black vegan feminist framework. Aph is also a contributor to …


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet poet/learning mentor Kyronne who shares his experience with the healing power of a vegan diet

Every Tuesday we’ll be celebrating Black vegans and unpacking veganism in partnership with Black Vegans Rocks. Watch this space.

My name is Kyronne, I am a poet/learning mentor and began my transition to veganism after transitioning to veggie about 5 years ago with my family to help my sister with her Eczema. Now before I go into the story, I was one of the most avid meat eaters. My family…


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FEATURE: Yoga teacher and self-described "fat femme” Jessamyn Stanley proves that yoga is for every body

Yoga and other group fitness activities can be pretty intimidating to get into. Everyone in the room seems to “belong”, they know what they’re doing and you’re a ridiculous person who’s just going to get in the way and take up too much space. No? Just me? Okay, whatever, but you get what I’m saying. Yoga teacher and self-described "fat femme” Jessamyn Stanley proves that yoga is for every body, not just lithe bodies adorned in Lulu Lemon. Check out a few fitness…


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OP-ED: Yoga meets the streets: yoga demo with Nityda Bhakti for Urban Edge Yoga in Little 5 Points

Hey guys, this video is a little different from my usual. Rather than instructional, this is more for entertainment, but there is a passionate message behind this video. In both my professional and personal lives, I am sincere and enthusiastic about exposing as many communities to yoga and its healing benefits as possible. I have been fortunate to work not only as an experienced, certified yoga teacher, but…


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OP-ED: Yoga teacher Nityda Bhakti gives you a beginner's yoga lesson

After teaching yoga to people from all different walks of life over the past 10 years, two of the most frequent comments I hear from people about why they believe yoga is just not for them are, (1) "I'm too tight. No, for real, I'm not flexible enough to do yoga!" and (2) "I don't have enough time to do yoga."

So first off, you do not need to be super bendy, able to touch your toes, or a former gymnast to do yoga. No matter your flexibility or…


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FEATURE: Yoga for Immunity - When You're Sick with the Cold, Cough or Flu

I like to make yoga feel not only accessible, but practical. On my YouTube Channel I create videos with a purpose, to address a specific issue, experience, feeling or theme. While the holidays are accompanied by cold and flu season, its also one of the worst times to get sick with all the added "to-dos" that fill up our lists. When we are stressed, we are…

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