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BLACK VEGANS ROCK: Inspirational Nina C. Brewton shares how clean eating veganism made profound impact on her health and relationship with food

The idea of going vegan was never something that I imagined as being realistic considering my urban, Midwestern upbringing. I, like many other African-Americans, had grown up with the thinking that a vegan lifestyle was a luxury - exclusive to white culture and unrealistic to the life I lived in one of the growing food deserts of Wichita, KS.

In the early 2000s, I became a vegetarian after seeing a documentary about the treatment of animals by commercial…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Hip Hop producer Amahl Abdul-Khaliq talks Veganism and how it helps him break social boundaries

Amahl Abdul-Khaliq is AF THE NAYSAYER - a flourishing producer in the electronic and instrumental hip-hop world. Within the last two years this New Orleans-based, Los Angeles-bred producer has dispersed his atmospheric productions across 70 cities and at over 300 shows in the US alone. His sound has been categorized as “electrifying soul-hop” whose core is best described by Atlanta producer DISTAL as, “Layered,…


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OP-ED: Barbados Dance Project - my way of saying thank you to the island that has taught me so much

Greetings, my name is Jamal Rashann Callender. I am the founder and artistic director of Barbados Dance Project (BDP). Born in the United States and raised at a young age in Barbados, BDP is my way of saying thank you to the island that has taught me so much. Dance has always been in my life since I can remember. Dancing to Soca and Calypso with my family. Formal dance training took place in NYC beginning at Ballet Tech. I attended the Professional Performing Arts…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Creative Casserley talks defying community expectations as Nigerian-Irish Vegan

Casserley is an actress, performance artist, model, harpist, writer and student. She is training to be a therapist on an attachment theory course and also studying for her masters in infant mental health. She lives in London, England.

By Black Vegans Rock, AFROPUNK contributor…


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FEATURE: BLACK VEGANS ROCK - Family man Phillip talks losing a live-saving 160lbs

Before I became vegan, I weighed 350 pounds and I didn't really exercise or take my health all that seriously. I played video games and slept a lot. I'm not trying to say that all people who are 350 pounds have my experience or are 'lazy' (especially because of the body positive movement that's happening today), I am only speaking from my own standpoint. I felt like I was being a bad role model to my children because I was teaching them that exercise and eating a nutritious…


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OP-ED: An Open Letter to J. Cole: Your Music Helped Me Recover From My Depression

My name is Jasmin. It just so happens 2014 was one of the worst years of my life. I had already been dealing with major depressive disorder for almost several years at the time. However 2014 I had it extremely bad. Mind numbing bad. Thank God I eventually found my way out of that deep dark hole but it took me awhile. Depression is not an easy illness to deal with. I didn't even know who I was anymore for a while. I couldn't sleep at night. I couldn't concentrate on…


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OP-ED: Black Vegans Rock - Sisters Marji and Jasmine promote compassionate, plant-based vegan by creating Anything Vegan

Sisters Marji and Jasmine are chefs, certified nutritionists, food justice advocates and public speakers, affectionately known by their clients as the Anything Vegan Girls. The seeds to healthy eating were planted very early-on for these two sisters.

Looking back on our childhoods, family reunions hold a special place in our heart. These were the times when our huge family would come from all over, celebrate family, laugh and cook amazingly delicious food. We eat…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Jamila Anahata of The Soulful Veganista talks unlearning nutrition misconceptions

My name is Jamila Anahata and I have been a super happy vegan for three years now! It all started when I went on a corny health kick, one that resembled the ever-so-popular starvation diets where my staples were “lean proteins” and “healthy” TV dinners. Although I was losing the weight and seeing somewhat of a difference in my body, I just knew that something was not right about my diet. I always had constipation, acne, weight fluctuation, borderline insomnia, poor…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock: meat/dairy-free newcomer Jasmine celebrates first year of ethical food consumption

My name is Jasmine and I've been vegan now for one year! My journey didn't happen the way I expected it too. I honestly didn't know my journey would even lead to veganism. I started out as a pescatarian in October of 2014, mainly for my health. My husband was worried about our blood pressure since it runs in both of our families. So, I decided to take initiative and get on the right track. I was eating meat once a month and then in November of that year, the day that I had…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - NYC-based vlogger Nathalie Etienne pairs holistic, clean eating with Caribbean-inspired foods and flavors

Hi, my name is Nathalie Etienne and I am a Caribbean-American vegan based in NYC. My vegan journey started during my sophomore year of college in 2012 when I started taking some time out to learn how I could possibly improve my well-being. I wasn't suffering from any illness but I was trying to figure out how I could integrate natural preventative care practices into my daily life. A lot of the information I received were from well studied naturopathic healers, such as Dr.…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Zachary Toliver shares how dog Zero turned him meat-free

My pops told me that when I was a toddler, the realization that "fried chicken" was in fact an actual chicken disturbed me so much that I snuck off to flush the uneaten flesh down the toilet. Apparently, I failed to comprehend that all meat at one point walked around hyped on life before being murdered for McNuggets. I can only guess lil' me assumed meat grew silently rooted in the ground like vegetables or fruit. I like to think of this tale as a premonition to an…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet Joana Fatondji

My name is Joana Fatondji. I am 26 years old and I am mixed, my mum is German and my dad is from Ghana. I lived in Ghana for 3 years until the age of 6. Being African was always my understanding of my Identity so back in Germany I was deeply involved in the Black community. Today I see myself as the best of both worlds and so much more since I have grown more spiritually and free.…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet The Intersectional Vegan co-founder Steffany Brown

Hi! I'm Steffany and I'm a 27 year-old black feminist vegan who works at a STEM empowerment program for girls. I also study race, class, gender, and American Society in the Pacific Northwest.

My journey to veganism has been chaotic. Beginning in my teenage years, I fluctuated between diets, from meat-eating to vegetarianism to veganism. I've now been vegan for over a year and I have come to realize that variations in my diet and ability to connect with animals…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Dreamcrusher

Dreamcrusher is a genderqueer/non-binary (they/them/their pronouns), straight edge, vegan electronic musician since 2003, creating immense, abrasive, sometimes rhythmic and often isolating soundscapes with bursts of melody choking through overwhelming sonic cacophony. Dreamcrusher was recently featured in …


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FEATURE: The black women of Roller Derby shine in Cory Layman’s powerful Roller Girl Project

Like many “extreme” sports, Roller Derby is pretty white. For example, the black women of Clarksville, TN.'s ClarksVillain represent half of all black Derby girls in the entire state of Tennessee. Teammate Petti LaBelle describes the dynamic for black players as one of an apologetic nature. Black players are split up into rounds, as it were, to prevent all five of them from being on the track at the same time—under the pretense of “unfairness” (read: blacks are…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Sarah Juanita

I went vegan because I didn't like the reckless slaughter of sentient beings and the unethical cruel treatment of black and brown bodies. I have also noticed that I feel lighter and less dense maneuvering through life this way. My vegan journey was actually pretty difficult because of the lack of knowledge surrounding how versatile this way of life can be. I was on and off for about four years under Queen Afua's influence which, for the most part, is still an enriching…


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OP-ED: This Black Girl's Recovery Guide to Mental Illness

Some of us utilize different vices to overcome the feelings of loneliness and hopelessness that comes from depression. I'd like to share a few of mine and how some of them helped me and how some of them did not. I wanted to share this small project to show that recovery comes in many different forms and that you are not alone in your journey to recovery.

I am a black woman and I have Bi-Polar II disorder. Over the last several years I have experimented with…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Esosa E. (aka "RAW GIRL")

My adventure as a vegan started out as an informal student of health trying to absorb all I could about plant-based living to become the best version of me. That process has surprisingly led to me now serving as a teacher or guide for others who are looking for inspiration on their own paths to optimal health.

It's been almost fifteen years since I first decided to cut out all meat and animal products from my diet. At the time, I just didn't like the way I felt eating meat…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet Peace of Food founder Letitia Richards

Peace of Food was founded by Letitia Richards in 2010 as a platform to educate and support those who are seeking holistic healing through a vegan, vegetarian, or raw lifestyle. Witnessing loved ones being affected by lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure ignited a change in Letitia. She wanted to prevent this from ever happening to her so she…


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FEATURE: Black Vegans Rock - Meet Afro-Brazilian Vegan Victor

So, I started with veganism when I was 15 years old, a teenager. In the beginning I had no notion of what I could eat. I just ate rice, beans, and soy. My mom was worried about my health, but as the days went on, a huge universe of new possibilities emerged. I started to eat more fruits, more vegetables, more greens, more beans and grains. I also drank different kinds of vegan milks, and veganism became easier to me.

Some of my friends (from when I was a teenager) tried…


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