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FEATURE: Gotham Queercore Invades Berlin

Ever wonder why there are no Gay Pop Stars? Does race and sexuality still determine who’s allowed on the Billboard charts? Similar to the exodus of African American artists during the Jazz Era LGBT artist today are forced to find acceptance and fans in Europe, but does it have to be?

For years Harlem based Queercore artist T-Boy stood in the shadows of Manhattan’s limited gay punk culture, until he took matters in his own hands and found his true fan base in Germany.…

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OP-ED: I Don’t Act Like A Boy. I Act Like An A**Hole: Redefining My Identity Without Using Gendered Stereotypes.

The hustle and bustle of my twenties has isolated me; it’s not often that I am blessed with the opportunity to immerse myself in the lives of new people. I am talking about really diving deep into the inner workings of a foreign group. Before my brief time studying in Italy, I hadn’t found myself privy to forced socialization and the benefits it often yields. My time abroad was filled to the brim with feelings of both excitement and horror. I was constantly consuming a cocktail…


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FEATURE: Bi Matters: Female Bisexuality Misconceptions in the Queer Community

When I initially met my best friend, she identified as specifically queer and avoided the dreaded “bisexual” term like a cat avoids water. It wasn’t until recently that she confidently accepts bisexuality as a part of her identity. Why, you ask? Because bi-haters. The worst part is, I didn’t realize, for the longest time, my own prejudice against bisexuality was no better than the bi-haters I’d actively accused.

In mainstream consciousness, the queer community is seen as a…


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FEATURE: To Be Young, Gay and African

When I first came out to my family, most of them stopped talking to me. My father, who I was very close to, stopped speaking to me for two years before picking up the phone late one night to let me know that my being gay was not only an amoral form of psychic and sexual corruption but also an act of perverse, Western mimicry. I was not only going against my Islamic upbringing but my African heritage as well.

I was born in Somalia, and I spent my formative years living in…


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OP-ED: Are we harming the Feminist Movement without realizing it?

The 2010s have summoned a new wave of feminism; one in which we’ve finally begun to acknowledge the fact that sexism and objectification has (not unlike racism) shape-shifted into less obvious but no less menacing disguises. More than ever before we’ve been waving the red flag at Rape Culture, and finally standing up to the chauvinistic tendencies of mainstream media, especially with the backlash of stunts by artists like Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. Black Feminist scholars…


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FEATURE: 'Feminist Enough' Web Series Challenges Stereotypes

'Feminist Enough' is a "video storytelling project that allows women of color to vocalize their views on feminism in their own words—most of which goes against the popular, sensationalized images of feminism in the mainstream", according to its creator Shannon Washington, who's also a creative director for cosmetics and hair products brands. The points of view presented conflict, and that's the point. "The purpose of this project is not to push a certain agenda nor viewpoint,…


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OP-ED: TRANSecurity - Let's Educate, Not Intimidate, Our Would-Be Allies

Transgender identities are a melting pot of complexities in search of multiple endings. This spectrum within a sexuality spectrum makes for gaps in understandings and easy false representations. The Janet Mock vs Piers Morgan feud brings up interesting matters about how (some) transgender people represent themselves.…


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FEATURE: "21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality"

Ugandan President Museveni just signed the Anti-Homosexuality bill into law. The BBC reports that a government spokesman said President Yoweri Museveni wanted to assert Uganda's "independence in the face of Western pressure". The new law punishes first-time offenders with 14 years in jail, and allows life imprisonment as the penalty for acts of "aggravated homosexuality". "It also makes it a crime not…


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Gender and the In Between - A Genderqueer’s Journey

As a child, I spoke as few words as possible. The sound of my feminine voice disgusted me. I hated to be called a girl, while loving the color pink. I was a budding genderqueer.

Boys are different from girls, they said. Fundamentally different, they’d persist. Boys don’t have long hair. Boys don’t like pink. Boys don’t cry and boys are tough. Girls like playing with dolls. Girls do poorly at math and enjoy frilly things.



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Pauline Ngouala/Zanele Muholi - Paintings against homophobia

Name a better calling in life other than the privilege to uplift people globally, and be the voice of those oppressed, and muted? Visual Artist/Activist Zanele Muholi is making her voice known as well as the LGBT community's by demanding respect, all the while bringing to light the issues, treatment, and honor within the LGBT community. Painter Pauline Ngouala (pictured), who is currently collaborating with the artist on a project paying tribute to lesbians killed in South…


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Cruising for Control: subversive cruising and masculine dominance in Gaborone, Botswana

Manly men and masculinity are two issues that are prevalent in many African countries, Botswana is no exception. With a heavy patriarchal structure, homosexuality is shunned for both religious and cultural reasons. Katlego K Kol-Kes queries the blurred lines between subversive cruising and masculine dominance in Gaborone, Botswana, where homosexuality is still a criminal offence.

Words & Illustration by Katlego K Kol-Kes,…


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Domestic Violence: What's So Funny About "Eat the cake, Anna Mae", Beyoncé?

Many eyebrows were raised when on the one hand Beyoncé explained that she was just a sex-positive feminist while on the other hand making light of a domestic violence scene from the Tina Turner biopic 'What's Love Got To Do With It', by using it as a sexual metaphor in her song 'Drunk In Love'. In the track, Beyoncé's husband Jay-Z rhymes: “I am Ike Turner, Baby know I don’t play. Now eat the cake, Anna Mae. Said Eat the Cake, Anna Mae", with Beyoncé smiling and mouthing the…


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Gender Bent: An Interview With Jamaican lawyer and activist Maurice Tomlinson

Maurice Tomlinson wouldn’t have it any other way. That is, he can’t imagine a life void of helping the marginalized and the displaced. Unlike the Jamaican government, lawyer and activist Tomlinson is choosing not to turn a blind eye to the harsh treatment of Jamaica’s vulnerable LGBT population. He’s a modern day hero, one reminiscent of America’s 60s era civil rights leaders even risking his life to do activism work. After a summer filled with anti-gay bashings and killings in…


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South African Photographer Zanele Muholi's Queer Politics

Many of us want to bring about change within our communities because of the disoriented minds of people that ultimately produce chaos, be it injustice, hate crimes, poverty etc. Those determined to revolt against the ills of the world find a way to get the message of their heart across. South African photographer Zanele Muholi is one of these revolutionaries sharing her opinions, beliefs, and love to people near and afar. She is an activist for the Black LGBT community-…


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NAZ + MAALIK, an independent film 

A decade into the War on Terror, two first-generation Muslim teens – friends, classmates, business partners, lovers – spend their Friday hustling the streets of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. While deciding whether to tell their community about their homosexuality, Naz and Maalik’s…


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'The Beautiful Game': South African Women Challenge Gender Discrimination Through Soccer

On our radar for their courage and general badassness: the City Lads Ladies are a female soccer team in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Their story touches on passion, resilience, sexism, homophobia, rape. "A lot of women soccer players are being killed because they say 'We'll show you that you are a woman.'" says team member Titie. “Two guys came in front of me. They robbed me first. They didn't know I was a girl. This other guy said “no man that's a girl” and that's when they…


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"Hood Feminism": Feminism for Working-Class Women

Middle-class, white women have always been the poster children of feminism, and regardless of a woman's race it could always be a rich man's, err, woman's movement. Considering the wealth gap between families in the United States have been color-coded and broken down by race, let's not forget that there is a certain privilege to having the availability and resources to fight for equal rights and battle social disparities.

Writers Mikki Kendall and Jamie Nesbitt Golden…


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Marvel's Prodigy Is Bisexual - Get Over It!

Marvel's announcement that character Prodigy is bisexual got a lot of people butt hurt (no pun intended!), saying they're trying to force LGBT propaganda on children. reports that Prodigy was added to Marvel's Young Avengers line-up and that the announcement of his bisexuality caused an uproar with some comic books aficionados: "The comments regarding the news ranged from comic companies…


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Janelle Monae: "Love Has No Sexual Orientation"

Addressing persistent rumors about her sexual orientation, Janelle Monae recently told the “Sway In The Morning” radio show hosts: "I feel love has no sexual orientation. Love has no religious belief. Love is the purest and most important thing we can possess for ourselves and for others. €œI keep my personal life very much to myself. I want everybody to focus on my music.""I feel love has no sexual orientation. Love has no religious belief. Love is the purest and most important…


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Out Magazine's '38 Queer Black Musicians' List

Out Magazine published a list of 38 Queer Black Musicians, including Josephine Baker, Bessie Smith, Little Richard, Doug Pinnick, Mykki Blanco, Frank Ocean, Rahsaan Patterson, Kele Okereke of Bloc Party and many more.

Check the full list here and let us know who you would add to it.…


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