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10 Reasons Why 2016 Was The Ultimate #BlackGirlMagic Year

Black girls have been slaying since the beginning of time, but in 2016 #BlackGirlMagic hit a new level. Our unapologetic achievements as entrepreneurs, activists, writers, and, more, were positive shining lights of space-taking resistance and inspiration.

1. Detroit-based high school student activist Taylor Amari Little. This year, Little founded …


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Men Have The Right To Be Vulnerable - Toxic Masculinity Hurts Everyone Involved

Over the past few years, the social movement that once worked to dismantle labels evolved into one where everyone's identity seemed to be defined by the box they fit into. My box happens to be "cis-gendered, heterosexual female." That means I agree with the gender I was assigned at birth and I am attracted to members of the opposite sex, at least that's how it was explained to me by folks who are more educated on the subject of gender identity than I am. I have…


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Why are women shamed for their body hair while men are praised for beards & other tufts?

In 2016, you wouldn’t think of addressing body hair that naturally grows, yet the continuous negative stigmas and harmful stereotypes have brought more issues to light than just the “look,” or shaming women who choose not to shave, but bring forth internalized damaging emotions to girls and women who feel they have to shave in order to be “accepted,” among society.

Lately images of the female genitalia have surfaced with captions (usually by males) stating…


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UK digital project Motherhood Reconstructed is celebrating Black mothers and hosting its inaugural panel “Debunking the Strong Black Woman” next month in London!

Motherhood Reconstructed is an organization committed to celebrating motherhood in all its forms and the Black women at the forefront of raising the next generation of thinkers, movers, and shakers. Women are simultaneously reduced to the singular role of mother and homemaker, while still being erased in our discussions of mental health, personal development, and representation in the media. No one Black mother is alike, but somehow they’re treated as a monolith, even with…


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Dating: If he doesn't accept your natural hair, run as fast as you can

In the early stages of dating, you are always trying to impress that guy and appeal to him. You kind of aim to be his ideal woman. We can say, "no we don't", but we all do this. If he plays Pokemon Go, then you play Pokemon Go. If he likes Rock music, then you try out Rock music. It is needless to say you want to one day be his future.

But, there is always one thing that I will not suffice in a relationship. That is my hair. Yes, I am a proud naturalista and have…


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Child of soul songstress Sade comes out as transman

Closely following #NationalComingOutDay, Ila Adu, the only child of legendary soul singer Sade, comes out as a transman. The decision to make this information public marks a very different tone for the Adu family who is notorious for being extremely private. In the Instagram caption, Adu, who had previously identified as a lesbian, expressed that “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” It’s an amazing thing to see so many people having the courage to live their…


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BOOK: Queer Activist Nia King Releases Queer & Trans Interview Collection

Nia King, queer author and host of the podcast We Want The Airwaves, is releasing a book of interviews with the queer and trans artists we know and many that we should know. According to its description, "...Nia discusses fat burlesque with Magnoliah Black, queer fashion with Kiam Marcelo Junio, interning at Playboy with Janet Mock, dating gay Latino Republicans with Julio Salgado, intellectual hazing with Kortney Ryan Ziegler, gay gentrification with Van Binfa [...], and…


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French Islanders Stage #GoodAsYou2016 LGBT Equality Demonstration

What happens when you take to the streets with a mission of peace, love, and equality for people of all walks of life? You get a demonstration like the recent one by OriZon, a LGBT organization based on the island La Réunion off the coast of France. The group staged a particularly warming demonstration for gender and sexual identity equality. Enlisting civilians with signs reading “Nous Sommes Tous Égaux” and “Luttons Pour L’Égalité,” a wide range of ages, backgrounds,… Continue

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Offtharecord gets candid with trans and gender non-conforming folx in Seattle at the 2016 Gender Odyssey

Trans(Formation)- Episode 1 In response to the epidemic of transphobia and trans related violence happening all around us, Off Tha Record packed up and headed out to Seattle to attend the 2016 Gender Odyssey conference. We invited Trans and Gender Non-Conforming attendees to speak candidly about their experiences with battling misgendering and facing layers of stigmas related to race and class. This episode features BB, Sebastian, and Georie. They discuss what it's like…


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Nate Parker finally starts taking responsibility for past misogynistic & homophobic ways

Several weeks after past accusations of the rape of a college classmate resurfaced, director/actor Nate Parker spoke to Ebony in a candid interview about his 19-year-old self, toxic masculinity, male privilege and a whole lot more.
 Littered with blunt and troubling statements about his former views, Parker verbalizes the troubling perspective many men suffer from as the result of taught hyper-masculinity and misogyny.

Early on, Parker describes his past…


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RAD CREATIVE OF THE DAY: South African filmmaker Jabu Nadia Newman’s The Foxy Five follows intersectional feminists challenging oppressive status quo

Jabu Nadia Newman is the creator and show-runner of Cape Town’s The Foxy Five—an intersectional web series that follows a powerful group of 5 young womxn who are tearing down the “white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy“ on their own terms. The series also explores many of the different perspectives and…


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FEATURE: Femmes destroy street harassment with satirical #NoWomanEver hashtag on Twitter

If you’re a femme or femme presenting person who has walked down the street, chances are you’ve had a masc person shout unsolicited greetings, commands, and sexual commentary at you while you’re making your way from A to B. There’s a good chance that some man has approached you and tried to negotiate with or convince you to engage with them or be available to them on a personal level. Which, you know, is a very strange position to put a complete stranger, and that’s really…


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OP-ED: Straight Black Men Killing Black Trans Women: Why?

Let me state my positionality. I am a self-identified masculine of center woman. I am black. I am working class. I am a radical, far left, millennial. As a poor black queer woman with overlapping oppressions I speak sincerely to a very specific segment of the population, black cis hetero males.  I do so out of love and anger.

I aim to spark dialogue between straight black men and the black trans community. My targeting comes from the countless articles…


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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: "society teaches young girls to hold back, that’s bullshit."

Next to Toni Morrison, Audra Lorde, and Maya Angelou, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of the only people who actually matters. I’m kidding, of course, but not really. One of her most resonate and relative comments on female empowerment from last year came during a speech she gave while being honored by Girls Write Now—the acclaimed, nationally recognized NYC-based…


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OP-ED | To Black Women: No, Azealia Banks is not the reason why "no one wants to work with us"

I heard of Azealia Banks in early 2012, while still in high school, still living in Germantown, Maryland. This was around the same that I discovered Mykki Blanco, Cakes da Killa, LE1F, and Junglepussy. This was the new exciting sound coming out New York’s queer, inclusive, underground arts scene—I use the term “inclusive” loosely, as it’s only as inclusive as New Yorkers ever could be. Around this time, there were a lot of underground musicians on the West Coast…


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OP-ED: FEEL THE FIRE - Black Women Are Not Too Hard To Love

I’ve heard the talk about Black women and how unloveable we are. How we got “too much attitude” and “too much drama.” Somehow, our attitudes are personal flaws instead of responses to systematic issues. I’ve heard people refuse to love Black women because of how we respond to our oppression. Black women’s bodies and access to the love that supports their bodies are targeted. We refuse to love Black women because we refuse to be reminded of the hatred that exist in our…


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EVENT: Black queer folx attend intersectional dialogue at the Queers on Smash’s first Black Queer Social in Cape Town

Bodies and spaces are political; the Black Queer Social was no exception to this. Organized by Queers on Smash, the first Black Queer Social, held on the 30th of April, created a space for black queer bodies to gather and begin to tell stories where we were no longer asked to be black first and queer later or told that we were too queer to be black. Held in Cape Town which has been labelled as the ‘gay capital of Africa’, the event challenged the idea that the city…


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FEATURE: Chicos Project takes queer empowerment to Brazil’s National Congress building in nude series

Check out new editorial series 'Chicos' by Brazilian photographers Fabio Lamounier and Rodrigo Ladeira. The (potentially) controversial series is part of an on-going project to make bold, representative statements about marginalized minorities in Brazil and their turbulent relationships with governmental powers. It was shot outside of the National Congress building in Brasília and features model David, who is completely nude. David's nudity is less gimmick and more…


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FEATURE: Cape Town activists attend intersectional feminist dialogue hosted by queer trans activist HeJin Kim - Faces & Thoughts

This past Sunday in Cape Town,South Africa, a discussion around the F-WORD took place. F standing for Feminism was hosted by HeJin Kim a Trans Queer Activist & Fallist who has been at the front lines of the Rhodes Must Fall Student Movement. Kim has worked extensively on transgender sex worker, sexual health and reproductive rights issues. The purpose of the discussion was to engage with Feminism - particularly African, Trans and Black Feminism. The discussion…


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FEATURE: College students use multimedia project to explore intersections of race, sexuality, and gender performance

Our names are Erica West and Kyle Lopez, and we are both juniors at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. We are the co-creators of Collage, a multimedia creative project which investigates the influence of race, gender, sexuality and other markers of identity and difference on the personal styles and gender performances of queer people of…


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