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OP-ED | To Black Women: No, Azealia Banks is not the reason why "no one wants to work with us"

I heard of Azealia Banks in early 2012, while still in high school, still living in Germantown, Maryland. This was around the same that I discovered Mykki Blanco, Cakes da Killa, LE1F, and Junglepussy. This was the new exciting sound coming out New York’s queer, inclusive, underground arts scene—I use the term “inclusive” loosely, as it’s only as inclusive as New Yorkers ever could be. Around this time, there were a lot of underground musicians on the West Coast…


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OP-ED: FEEL THE FIRE - Black Women Are Not Too Hard To Love

I’ve heard the talk about Black women and how unloveable we are. How we got “too much attitude” and “too much drama.” Somehow, our attitudes are personal flaws instead of responses to systematic issues. I’ve heard people refuse to love Black women because of how we respond to our oppression. Black women’s bodies and access to the love that supports their bodies are targeted. We refuse to love Black women because we refuse to be reminded of the hatred that exist in our…


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EVENT: Black queer folx attend intersectional dialogue at the Queers on Smash’s first Black Queer Social in Cape Town

Bodies and spaces are political; the Black Queer Social was no exception to this. Organized by Queers on Smash, the first Black Queer Social, held on the 30th of April, created a space for black queer bodies to gather and begin to tell stories where we were no longer asked to be black first and queer later or told that we were too queer to be black. Held in Cape Town which has been labelled as the ‘gay capital of Africa’, the event challenged the idea that the city…


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FEATURE: Chicos Project takes queer empowerment to Brazil’s National Congress building in nude series

Check out new editorial series 'Chicos' by Brazilian photographers Fabio Lamounier and Rodrigo Ladeira. The (potentially) controversial series is part of an on-going project to make bold, representative statements about marginalized minorities in Brazil and their turbulent relationships with governmental powers. It was shot outside of the National Congress building in Brasília and features model David, who is completely nude. David's nudity is less gimmick and more…


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FEATURE: Cape Town activists attend intersectional feminist dialogue hosted by queer trans activist HeJin Kim - Faces & Thoughts

This past Sunday in Cape Town,South Africa, a discussion around the F-WORD took place. F standing for Feminism was hosted by HeJin Kim a Trans Queer Activist & Fallist who has been at the front lines of the Rhodes Must Fall Student Movement. Kim has worked extensively on transgender sex worker, sexual health and reproductive rights issues. The purpose of the discussion was to engage with Feminism - particularly African, Trans and Black Feminism. The discussion…


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FEATURE: College students use multimedia project to explore intersections of race, sexuality, and gender performance

Our names are Erica West and Kyle Lopez, and we are both juniors at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. We are the co-creators of Collage, a multimedia creative project which investigates the influence of race, gender, sexuality and other markers of identity and difference on the personal styles and gender performances of queer people of…


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FEATURE: Activist/artist Amandla Stenberg on gender identity: "They/Them Makes Me Feel Comfortable"

Revolutionary young activist and artist Amandla Stenberg recently told fans on Tumblr that gender neutral pronouns like “they/them makes me feel comfortable”. Pronoun preferences are important personal statement for anybody to make and are crucial to respectfully referencing and addressing others. In…


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FEATURE: Femme empowerment community b.Girl Movement celebrate black female photographers with "Boundless" exhibition

b.Girl Movement is an digital feminist community and platform that explores and promotes positive representations of black women that acknowledges the full spectrum of our identities. Is essence, b. Girl Movement celebrates black girls and gives us a ‘boundless’ space for self-expression, growth, and unified empowerment.

On May 13, b.Girl Movement…


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OP-ED: Can gender-neutral fashion be an act of protest against oppressive gender constructs?

I’m sure you’ve all seen more than enough of the ever-so popular ‘Morning Routine’ video’s on YouTube, but let me outline a slightly more realistic one for you. It would go something like this: My alarm goes off at 7:30AM, prompting me to drag myself out of bed. I begrudgingly give in. I then walk to my closet and decide, “How much street harassment am I willing to put up with today?” This is usually a rhetorical question because I realize that regardless of how much I try…


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FEATURE: Chicago-based Black and Brown Punk Show Collective creates space for queer, trans, and intersex punks of color

Chicago is home to Black and Brown Punk Show Collective, a a DIY community for queer, trans, and intersex punks of color. The collective was formed by Chi-Town transplants Monika Estrella Negra and Donté Oxun who quickly encountered ugly homophobic, transphobic, and sexist comments in the punk scene. “These punk dudes gave me the name 'the faggot' or…


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FEATURE: Musician/activist Mykki Blanco goes in on the Gay Establishment’s exclusion of gay black men

After Sony songwriter Jesse Saint John tweeted an observation about the inclusivity (or lack thereof) of POC within the public and private gay community, musician and activist Mykki Blanco fired off a series of tweets (and is sill going at it) under #GayMediaSoWhite about tokenism and white supremacy. Similar to the ways in…


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FEATURE: São Paulo’s Batekoo party hosts 8th black LGBT nightlife event

São Paulo’s black LGBT Batekoo party comes to its eighth edition and has been a point for the expression of Brazilian black diversity. As the Salvador edition (which we talked about …


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FEATURE: Photo essay "Vagina Dentata" promotes the liberation of the modern woman within patriarchal society

Vagina Dentata (Latin for toothed vagina) derives from folklore, it has been explored by several religions metaphorically, illustrating the ‘dangers’ of female sexuality. The teeth are usually removed by force in these tales, thus attempting to ‘glorify’ manhood as superior. In a sacred Aino text written in 1886 - ‘The Island of Women’ – A chief and his sons are seduced by women who sprout teeth in their Vaginas every spring, but the chief still walks away with his…


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FEATURE: Fictional web series "BOXX" follows the lives of trans and queer London-based black artists

"BOXX" is a fictional web drama series that follows two black, London-based trans artists while they create a documentary about their lives and experiences. "BOXX" earnestly tells the unheard stories of trans and queer people of color who deal with and discuss issues of diaspora, mental health, familiar…


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FEATURE: Director Nneka Onourah’s "The Same Difference" documentary explores black queer frustration & discrimination under heteronormative gender roles

“Which one’s the man?” People readily ask of gay and queer couples, ignorantly viewing queer relationships through a heteronormative lens. This limited understanding of romantic and sexual relationships forcing queers into another hetero-centric system of gender roles, which their queerness (likely) didn’t fit into in the first place. This attitude towards or understanding of romantic/sexual relationships is, obviously, greater than the occasional bone-head asking…


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FEATURE: Brooklyn-based GIRL BE HEARD amplifies young female voices through theatre and activist work. Now performing their new play ‘Embodi(ED)’

Check out Brooklyn-based GIRL BE HEARD, a female-centric non-profit theatre and activism company that encourages and supports girls to amplify their underrepresented voices to create original work that unpacks their thoughts and concerns about political issues. GIRL BE HEARD has performed at TED conferences, The White House, The United Nation, and they’ve even toured…


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OP-ED: Human right's groups fire back at misogynistic and patriarchal virginity scholarship in South Africa

You may have heard that a South African mayor is doing something pretty gross by offering scholarships for girls and women who can prove their virginity, by way of periodic medical examinations. 16 of those scholarships have been recently awarded. Surely, this has nothing to do with…


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FEATURE: musician/actress/activist/general bad-ass Amandla Stenberg comes out in Teen Vogue

Last week, musician/actress/activist/art hoe collective co-founder Amandla Stenberg came out as bisexual during her Snapchat take-over of Teen Vogue magazine, in honor of her February 2016 cover. “As someone who identifies as a black, bisexual woman I’ve been through it, and it hurts, and it’s awkward and it’s uncomfortable… but then I realized because of Solange and Ava DuVernay and Willow…


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FEATURE: Self-described "Afrotransfeminista" activist-writer-academic Maria Clara Araújo speaks on prioritizing transgender acceptance and safety in academia

19 year-old Maria Clara Araújo’s activism is one that focuses on the (not so) little victories trans women of color should have on a day-to-day basis. Be it hanging out in public spaces, having authentic relationships with one’s parents, but most specifically—the right to hostility-free education and work opportunities.

A few years ago, Araújo had dropped out of high school. “From an early age, the school setting was hostile to me,” she told…


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FEATURE: "Building community for the Black LGBT aging" (via Elixher)

"As LGBTQ/SGL people of African descent, we often have to fight for acceptance in society at large and in Black communities. Imagine growing older, retiring, looking for housing and having to add ageism to this battle," writes Dr. Imani Woody in a new Elixher OP:ED on the Black LGBT community's aging population . "For many, these challenges translate into fear, isolation, depression, going back into the closet and even suicide," she adds. Dr. Imani Woody is the…


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