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FEATURE: Dolly Stud Magazine - A Platform For Black Lesbian/Bisexual Women, Created By Paris Based Couple Thara and Sandra

Meet Thara and Sandra, the two women behind Dolly Stud Magazine - the first french media site for black lesbian/bisexual women. Thara and Sandra, who are a Paris based couple of French Caribbean heritage, created the site three years ago. Their aim: advance the visibility of black lesbians and strengthen the lesbian community as a whole. Their name is a reference to the the different types of women found in the lesbian community (feminine "lipstick" lesbians,…


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FEATURE: To Queer Things Up - An Interview with Trans-masculine docu-series creator Avatara Smith-Carrington

'To Queer Things Up' is a documentary web-series described by Rutgers University – Class of 2015 graduate & creator Avatara Smith-Carrington, as “a running dictionary of the word queer as defined by queer identified folk.” Check out my interview with Avatara below. 

By Kristen McCallum, AFROPUNK Contributor.…


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FEATURE: Targeted Sexual Violence - The Story of Jamaican LGBTQI Activist Angeline Jackson

As a lesbian I have often spoken of my self as a survivor of targeted sexual violence, unfortunately today I don't feel too much like a survivor, rather an angry victim.

By Angeline Jackson, AFROPUNK…


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OP-ED: African Media and Misrepresentation - A Queer Battle

Africa’s media often perpetuates homophobia and rouses community unrest and irrational fears. In a recent article, the Gazette insert ‘Time Out’ added Botswana to a list of countries where this statement is proven fact. So much has happened in Africa in the past three months: we’ve seen Kenyans maliciously murdered, foreign Nationals brutalised in South Africa, a stronger stance taken on Rhino poaching, and a Presidential misstep turned into a viral cyber-trend. So much has…


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FEATURE: Black Gay Dads Featured in major commercial

Gay dads Kordale and Kaleb Lewis show us what their "normal" is in a new commercial for Nikon. Hopefully they can inspire other LGBTQ people to be comfortable in their own skin and overcome adversity.

A photo of them taking care of their children went viral last year. Many homophobes criticized them but they also received a lot of support.

Kordale and Kaleb say: "Last year, we were surprised when a picture of us doing our daughters’ hair went viral. To us, that’s…


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OP-ED: According to the Internet, Women Of Color don't have an opinion about Gamergate

Gamergate has become a major thing in the last few months. Women have been coming forward to share their stories of harassment and terrifying death threats, simply because they decided they wanted to have fun by playing video games (more about the Gamergate controversy here). However, there is one voice that seems to be missing – that of women of…


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FEATURE: Queer artists in Kenya - Jim Chuchu & Jarel

Finding his own way to tenderly picked melodies and intricate sounds that make up his solo music, Jarel, known to some as Nderitu Nduba, is a poet, songwriter and “child of the bloom” from Mombasa Kenya. As frontman of The Black Progression Band, Jarel takes pride in his sense of self-reliance and his creative approach to…


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FEATURE: "I Lived It: From Homophobe to Father of a Gay Son" via ozy

Bay Area-based father Anthony Hamilton shared the story of how he came to accept his gay son on This is a very powerful testimony.

Excerpts: "I couldn’t help but remember my own early days, before I’d accepted my son. I too must have sounded undeniably stupid, not knowing that each word I spoke on the subject was empty, thoughtless." (...) "I was standing in the airport near the gate waiting for my son. As soon as he appeared, I could see: His walk was different,…


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FEATURE: Borrow, Beg, and Bleed!: How I Got A Documentary About Black Glam Rock Made

It’s early morning in Hollywood, as the studio execs gear up for their budgetary meetings, double lattes, and lunch at Chateau; I send my morning emails, reaching out to gay owned business’ for sponsorship opportunities; from my East Hollywood studio I send a few texts confirming scheduling for my next video shoot, and prepare to go to work with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. It’s not as glamorous a job as it might sound, coordinating the movements of Hollywood…


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OP-ED: "To My Rare Black Woman"

Sometimes, I think that all genders owe each other a massive apology. Why? Weeks ago, I had been online, checking in on Black YouTube. (Hey, if Twitter can have one, why can't YouTube?) It seems like of the major things happening between men and women is this need to declare that there are no such things as a good black (wo)man anymore. Nowadays, it seems like black women are getting an equal amount of brunt for the problems regarding dating and relationships. From a crazy amount… Continue

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FEATURE: Muffled Voices of LGBT Females

It would appear, at a quick glance, that female members of the LGBT community do not exist nor matter. Within LGBT circles and discussions across the world the dominant stories are those of gay men and trans* women. Even with shows like “The L Word” and “Orange Is The New Black”, have female voices been muted? LGBT history is heavily focused on the struggles of the biologically male quotient of the community, be it gay or trans* women- with little consideration of female… Continue

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FEATURE: 'Juniper Leaves' fantasy book features Black kinky-haired queer nerd

AFROPUNK contributor Jaz Joyner is self-publishing a fantasy book featuring a Black kinky-haired queer nerd as the main character. She tells us: "After a year of reaching out to agents and publishing firms with the continuous response that the book 'sounds good but may not be marketable,' I decided to take matters into my own hands and self publish."

Click …


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FEATURE: The Ups and Downs of Being Gay in a Conservative, Religious, Jamaican Family

We are taught from school, our parents, and society from an early age that life is black and white and while it was necessary to set standards and boundaries for us when we were younger, the older we got the more evident it became that things weren’t so black and white in the world. Moral issues, such as abortion and euthanasia, aren’t as cut and dry as some would have us believe. Are mothers who are unfit or choose to otherwise terminate a pregnancy morally bankrupt? I don’t…


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FEATURE: WNBA players Brittney Griner & Glory Johnson are engaged!

Congrats are in order for WNBA players Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson, who announced that they are engaged! In times where same-sex marriage is still illegal in many states, this can be viewed as powerful thing to do for two well-known athletes like them. The Los Angeles Times reports: "WNBA standouts Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson…


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FEATURE: Uganda's first gay parade since overturning of the country's Anti Homosexuality Act

In a country where men and women are rampantly named and shamed for same sex orientation, where they face frequent harassment and threats of violence, it comes as a pleasant surprise to see the images that have recently surfaced of Ugandan lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people publicly dancing and laughing on the shores of Lake Victoria - close to the country’s Presidential palace - in what is the country’s first gay parade since the overturning of Uganda's…


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FEATURE: My name is not "Yo Shorty" - Street Harassment is real

I remember being a teenager and my sister telling me to make sure I at least smile when men hit on me in the street, even if i didn't want it. Of course I challenged her thought, why should I smile at advances I don’t desire? Then she continued on, telling me a story of a girl in our neighborhood who was hit in the face with a rock because she ignored a man’s advances. It was after that conversation that I assumed that for my safety I would have to appease the egos of men as I…


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FEATURE: Boihood: The Little Known World of Brown, Queer Masculinity, and the Book that Can Change that

Masculine of center, queer people of color; now is your time! Collective bklyn boihood will be curating “Outside the XY: Queer, Brown Masculinity,“ an anthology highlighting the voices of masculine-of-center and/or trans* men of color, to be released by Magnus Books in print and as an e-book by mid 2015. bklyn boihood is currently accepting submissions of essays, interviews, fiction/non fiction, and literary work of all kinds. No need to be a writer. Simply submit your work by…


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FEATURE: 'The New Black' Docu makes its television premiere on PBS' Independent Lens June 15th at 10pm

Director Yoruba Richen's documentary The New Black will make its television premiere on PBS' Independent Lens June 15th at 10pm! We've shared the trailer with you, you'll be able to watch the whole thing!

"An explosive new documentary that uncovers the complicated and often combative histories of the African-American and LGBT civil rights movements."
More info about the PBS premiere …


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FEATURE: Laverne Cox on Time Magazine Cover - A Big Deal For Trans Visibility

Did you catch trans actress Laverne Cox on the cover of TIME Magazine? This will give even more visibility to the trans community. "I don't represent the entirety of the trans community, there are multiple relationships to one's identity", says Cox in a making-of video (watch below).

Of course this is not enough and there are many more stories that need to be told. But it's a step towards more visibility and hopefully more acceptance.

Cox adds: "When we look at the…

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FEATURE: Spotlight on Legendary Drum and Bass Producer Jordana aka 1.8.7 #SoundCheck

Drum and Bass producer Jordana LeSesne got her start playing guitar in punk and metal bands in the late 80's before being turned on to electronica. She quickly found her way into Pittsburgh's nascent rave scene distributing demo tapes of her proto drum and bass throughout the early 90's. She adopted the name 1.8.7 and by 1995 was working with Jungle Sky Records releasing what she defined as American drum and bass.

By Nathan Leigh,…


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