... the other Black experience

You know its hard out here for rocker right?

Yea, so i dont exactly fit out cultures definition of a "normal black guy". I mean, i do have one green eye, i wear black nail polish, have my lip pierced, and can usually be found at your nearest metal concert moshing my pains away. I suppose its rather nieve of me to wish that the world could just except me for who i am. I mean dont get me wrong, i have grown VERY accustomed to the awkward stares from all races of people. Thats nothing new to me. I mean too i went to an all black highschool and was the only goth kid for states around. It was like throwing a baby gazelle to a pack of rabid lions,wolves,jaguars,cheetahs,etc. Every group trying to rip and pick apart something for themselves. But I always refused to be something im not. Sure it would have been easy as hell to fit in with the kids at my school. I mean it only takes a grill, baggy jeans, hat turned backwards, and playing the latest song by Lil Wayne out of my mp3. Yet, i would never have been able to look at myself again. I have realized that everyone cannot be themselves. Some people just dont have the inner strenght to let their true self shine for all its glory. What a shame huh? Millions of people hiding behind glass faces and plastic smiles. But then again, i guess i wouldnt stand out so much if the defaults (main-stream people who believe in main stream idealogy) were all unique. Oh well, i guess its just me and the lucky few out there who have cut their society leshes from their necks. You guys rock and dont be afraid to be who you are.Keep up the individuality.

With love,
Chavo .

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Comment by Ash Elle Aye on June 17, 2008 at 3:45pm
I feel your pain. I went to a predominately black high school and I got some shit for my tastes as well. I'm glad you didn't let it get to you and compromise who you are. It's shit like this that inspired me to start my blog WYP. Keep on keepin corny
--Ash from WYP
Comment by Calvin Chaos on June 16, 2008 at 10:33pm
Sounds like u came thru the same "School of Hard Knocks" I went thru...& here I thought MTV had cleared all that shit up for the how much I live under a rock >:)P~
Comment by J Sierra on June 16, 2008 at 7:09pm
word. i can definitealy relate about the high school thang, coming from an urban community, where pretty much no one listenes to rock definitealy wasn't easy. i went to a public school with uniforms, and my red chucks & piercingz definitealy stood out so i got alot of shit for looking the way i did. but somehow i managed to stay true to myself by not conforming & be comfortable enough to realize yeah i may not be exactly like every other black person in my community but it still doesn't make me any less black or less of a person than anyone else here. i never chose to be into rock music, or intentionally decided to be a rebel & stand out in my community one day. i'm just not your average black girl & i'm ok with that, as should you.

Comment by wonders on June 16, 2008 at 12:47pm
"Some people just dont have the inner strenght to let their true self shine for all its glory."

once i realized this it made me even more determined to be my true self, because anything other than that is weakness.

cheesy, but true.


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