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Last night my clock stopped at 10:42pm and forgot about it when I woke up. So I am thinking, 'Oh I'll make my calls at noon.' Well it was actually 2pm when I said that. I forgot the clock stopped so now my whole day is all out of whack. I'm thinking I woke up all early. NOT SO MUCH!

I went to school yesterday and turned in my heavy ass books, thinking I wouldn't get such heavy books next time. Granted I got smaller books, I got a few more so I was just as heavy. I am ripping up the shelves of all the japanese fashion books. Getting lots of inspiration for my own edge to make it's appearance. It's just this thing I don't want to look like I'm trying to dress like a teenager or 20 something. Grown ass woman edge. Nothing to severe, color involved, but not childish. So many details.

I finally finished my hair, and it looks cool. I used to colors, but very subtile shades so you can't see the detail unless you are right up on it. I used a diffrent model (like a car has a make and model?) and it's very light and airy. Walking around it's blowing all in my face. The perils of having sexy hair. LOL! I thought maybe I'll pin it around my face so I don't have to fight with it so much. I see girls with fabulous braids and am envious. I want to ask where they get their hair done. Two things usually happen. Either they don't tell me, or they do it themselves. The same thing has happened to me, and women ask where I get my hair done. I tell them I do it, and one woman asked if I would do hers. I have done girls hair before and gotten paid but that was people I knew. It's funny how going with braids seems like some political decision. I'm worried about flaking at my hairline. There's a braid shop about 10 blocks away, but it's sort of scary looking. There's nothing worse than walking into a salon and everyone stopping like in those old westerns when the hero blows into town and walks into a saloon all covered in dust. You feel like an interloper. Like if they agree to do your hair you better watch out they don't knock you out and shave you bald for thinking of coming in there in the first place. I guess in the hood all salons are a little ghetto, and you have to get over it. Also the cost I have to get a clue what I'm dealing with. I used to get my braids done in Seattle for $75 every 3 to 4 months. That was cost effective. Hair. SO much energy.

I hate on line dating, but I keep doing it. I keep checking on the millonaires and I have at least one new e mail every day. Most of the time 2 or 3. But coming up with the $140 to join so I can read them is another issue. It's so funny how on other sites I will get either ZERO e mails or ones from super ugly middle aged white men, or Uncle Ray Ray and never anyone I'd acually find attractive. One site I was on for almost two years and never got a single e mail. I get on and look at the options and send out e mails, and nothing. Some sites you can see if they read your e mail. They read it and delete it. Or I get 'Oh I just got out of a long relationship so I am not looking for anything serious.' Then why the fuck are you on a dating sight you retard. Just like that guy I liked a church years ago, and when I finally got the courage to tell him I liked him, he gives me this line about how he's 'busy with the minstry so he doesn't have time for a relationship.' Yeah I wasn't about to shoot holes in that theory, and give him the whole 'God doesn't put us here to walk alone' speech. Cause I know a blow off when I hear one, and I have been blown off enough to know. I think I have to be out there and have a profile that says who I am and what I'm about. But if I am sitting there for months and send out e mails and winks and everyone ignores me why bother? There were a couple of guys that put me on their FAVORITES list and I e mailed them and nothing! I mean how am I a favorite and you don't want to even talk to me muchless date me? But to millionaires I am catnip? I ponder this. Deeply. The only thing is I can read their profiles eventhough I can't answer the e mail and they are all very cool and interesting guys, none are unattractive or creepy old. Ok maaaayabe 2 of them. But some of them are stupid hot. The drawback, only one is in Florida. I guess I am mentioning this again because it's striking me as sort of a foreshadowing of things to come. That that life I have craved is right around the corner.

I hope my mp3 player comes today!

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Comment by lyfenlyn on February 20, 2010 at 10:08pm
Yeah I know what you mean. But that's the millionaires problem, not mine.
Comment by Compound Egret on February 20, 2010 at 8:55pm
No disrespect, but $140.00 isn't a heavy barrier to entry. But that's one non millionaire man's opinion.
Comment by lyfenlyn on February 19, 2010 at 7:06pm
Would I advertise that I was a millonaire to peanut, ray ray and them? No. Would I go places where I was more likely to meet people of my caibur so I didn't have to worry about being used for my cash, or go to an agency that caters specifically to people who have money who are serious about getting in a relationship? Yes. It's up to the guys to screen out what they want I guess. But would I use my money to get to my end result? Yuppers.
Comment by Compound Egret on February 19, 2010 at 3:13pm
Just a thought...
If you were a millionaire, would you advertise your financial status when looking for a date/mate?


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