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Afro-punk Festival 2011 will NOT be Rescheduled

You’ve been waiting to know… so here’s the scoop:
We want to THANK YOU for your solid support over the last month while we worked to figure out how to reschedule the Afro-punk Festival 2011. We got your tweets, e-mails and Facebook messages expressing how you felt; totally bummed out, in some cases outraged, at how the biggest Afro-punk festival yet got canned by Hurricane Irene. Trust, we know the whole community felt robbed … we definitely did. So we just gotta say to EVERYONE from the artists, to the volunteers and all in between, thanks for your SUPPORT!
That said, it is unfortunate and with regret that we inform you that we won’t be rescheduling the Afro-punk Festival in 2011. It has been extremely difficult to coordinate all the bands, artists, athletes, vendors, food trucks and partners, etc. on a new date. As you know, we pull together a LOT of elements to produce this dope event and we are unable to work out a rescheduled date that everybody can make this Fall. Not the happiest of news to report – but better to say what’s going on than not … BUT, there is good news ;) …

WE ARE IN THE WORKS TO RESCHEDULE THE SKATE/BMX CONTEST and we’re also planning SHOWS with some of the 2011 Festival music acts. First up…

"DEATH TO HIPHOP": A CMJ Showcase featuring punk pioneers Death, bad ass newcomers Cerebral Ballzy, hip-hop/rock/electro misfits Ninjasonik and hip-hop crew Jersey Klan + DJ Stack-Aly. So fasten your seat belts, Afro-punk is about to take you on a wild ride at this year's CMJ Festival in New York!
It ALL goes down Tuesday October 18, so get your "DEATH TO HIPHOP" concert tickets today! )

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Comment by wmdekooning on September 27, 2011 at 8:30pm
Mister, we could use a man like James Spooner agaaaaiiinnnn...
Comment by Pam Newman on September 26, 2011 at 3:47pm
Just for the record, I clicked the Facebook like button to spread the word, not because I like the news. :-)


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