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Afro-punk Closing Down: You Spoke, We Answered

We recently posted a note regarding the new Ning pricing policy and how the increase of costs will affect running After posting several options we are considering to help with operating costs, along with our poll, we would like to respond to some of the best ideas posted by those in the community. Thank you for everyone who participated and are being supportive during this transitional community growth!

As we stated before, the new monthly charge doesn't affect you but will add to our expenses. Don't worry, we will keep the site going as long as we can, so let's keep the conversation going on how to support, the Afro-punk community, and all things D.I.Y.!

Afro-punk Closing Down: You Spoke, We Answered
Words Afro-punk

(Some of the options you voted on and still can, here)

1) Well, the most obvious: Advertising on

AP RESPONSE: "As one of the most common responses to our post, many of you said you would like to see advertising on the site. We plan on adding ads to the site, but would like to know more specifically what kind of ads would you like to see on the page? How many ads would be appropriate for our pretty site to not look cluttered or distracting?"

2) Charge folks an annual fee to join

AP RESPONSE: "Thanks to everyone who said they are willing to pay an annual fee to keep the site running, however, we think posting a donations link may be less intrusive to our younger audience."

Speaking of donations...

3) Place a donations link on the, homepage

AP RESPONSE: "Hey, Aminata and all those who suggested a donations tab. As always, thanks for your great ideas and support for the site. We are currently working on the tiered specifications for our donations tab and it will be added to the homepage very soon."

4) Hey, what about an online market place?

AP RESPONSE: "We think this is a freakin' great idea and will be working towards creating an online market place for vendors to sell their goods in a virtual store. We will let you guys know when we are kicking this off."

5) Open up the old boards

AP RESPONSE: "Ummm, so the old message board is still up and running. We never took it down. Ning is actually cheaper to run than the old board. Speaking of which, we also pay a nice steep monthly fee to keep it up on the web. The question is, should we continue keeping that link up or should we close it down?"

6) What about a non-profit for Afro-punk?

AP RESPONSE: "Hey BlueFlower, starting a non-profit is like pulling teeth without a full staff on board. Not to say that it could never happen, but that's not in our future plans. We are however partnering with other non-profits to help expand the Afro-punk community. One organization we've been working with in particular, Open Roads, gives kids in NY an outlet to skate and other creative activities."

7) Sell better shirts in your online merch section

AP RESPONSE: "We added eight new shirts to our Afro-punk store. Check them out."

8) Afro-punk's not punk anymore, I know what PUNK is!!!!

AP RESPONSE: "A member responded better than we could, thanks Kodachi:"

Keep the ideas coming and please respond to our questions as we continue to move forward. This community is yours and we would like to keep it that way. If each member invited just five friends, our site would flourish and kick ass, so invite more people to join the site and keep letting us what you think about how to improve what we're doing. After all, it's your site, too.

-A.P. staff

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Comment by NikkTemplar on August 2, 2010 at 6:27pm

The black Biker shirt only comes in kids' sizes.

Comment by Four Zero Eight Zero on August 2, 2010 at 6:21pm
If there is going to be advertisements on the website chosen by the members of afro punk community then these long term advertisers should also take part in in some form for the Afro Punk festival. The site gets paid for our buying power to really solidify that they support the power of Afro Punk IS to show some interest in the people of AFRO PUNK ARTIST FAMILY AND PATRONS.


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