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Afro-punk guys and white women, is it easier?

It’s only fair to the artificial humans that my official introduction into the blogosphere be right here on, and away from the dogmatic matrix that is mainstream media. After all, I represent both the alpha and the omega of consciousness that internally bleeds within the souls of alternative hip hoppers, ghetto nerds, neo soul cool cats, backpackers, hippies, skaters, poets, artist, punks, and black rock kids who simply want to dig their own private and social manifestos of thought and action, even if the world doesn’t understand to commentary of the content nor the protest. Silent or otherwise!

Words from a Black Male Rocker: Afro-punk guys and white women, is it easier?
In response to a former post, Words from a Mixed Girl
Commentary Arthur Bellfield

I am Boots Riley from the Coup given a different name and form, but like Boots, I too want the world to “Dig It” and scream “F Columbus” even if I’ve shaved my afro off and have given up translating Saul William’s “Co-ed Language” long ago, and embraced my own Terror Dome of thought.

However, I’ve found that when you’ve finally reached that moment where you’ve dropped serious H2O on the fiber and you’ve come into your own as an independent soul, that society wants to shackle you back into its definition of blackness. Even when it comes to something so simple as the type of music you listen to.

Here’s a brief synopsis of some of these stereotypes; If you listen to gangsta rap you must be ghetto or thuggish and have some form of drama in your life, if you’re a backpacker you’re a nerd and got beat up in school a lot and chances are you’re on some social political conscious tip, and if you’re a black rocker or an Afro-punk, you must be cocky and have “white boy swagger like Brent Michaels” and a bit too arrogant for your own good, and of course you must date white girls since the jury is still out on you for listening to mainly “white people” music!

So, is it true? Do the vast majority of Afro-punk guys date white women? Does it matter if they do or don’t? If it does matter, does it make them “sell outs?"

I won’t pretend to speak for everyone, we already have to many people claiming to speak for this generation or the next. I’m simply a voice who refused to plug into the matrix of social norm long ago. So, I’ll speak for myself and any alternative mind folk who choose to agree with me. Feel free to start a whole moment to disagree with me if you like, if anything it’ll be worth two minutes of entertainment. That’s how much haters opinions are worth these days. But, seriously The Souls of Black Folk at least demand that you keep an open mind and continue to read this!

Afro-punks are no different from anyone else in the sense that they gravitate toward people with similar interest and beliefs, and it wasn’t until Afro-Punk became a unified movement that many of these people found each other, especially with the help of the internet!

Therefore my answer to the question is “yes” because in the past many black rock guys dated mainly white women in part of similar interest, because in the past it was hard to find that soul sista who was into any type of music other then rap, jazz, gospel, or r & b. And, vice versa.

There is a growing multitude of black women in the world, who have given up on dating black men, or men period! Now, factor in the black rock chicks who feel they have nothing in common with the average black man, or that black punk guys are “full of shit” as one lady told me because she says most of them are all hype and image, but lacked true substance, which is why she felt they were better suited for any other woman, but her! So, what’s a brotha to do?

“Date submissive bitchy white girls,” is the answer I got from one brotha who stated he loved sistas more then anything, but couldn’t find one who understood his love affair with Mohawks, hard rock, and living the life of an indy rock star, even if he wasn’t in a band!

The debate is still out there and I don’t view anyone a “sellout” for dating whomever they choose, and I imagine it won’t get solved anytime soon! The Black rock explosion isn’t a trend like the Neo Soul Movement that came and went within a blink of an eye, with hundreds if not thousands of black cafes and bars closing up shop on their neo soul and poetry nights as a result!

Now, that more bands and performers are entering the spotlight and are enjoying some form of mainstream success whose faces and souls reflect the spirit of all of these so-called weirdoes and alternative black kids world wide (even Lil Wayne of all people have jumped on the bandwagon), along side of social networking sites like more and more black rockers are finding each other, and realizing that they have more in common then just the MUSIC!

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Comment by Billie Badazz Law on April 14, 2013 at 3:50pm

THIS ISN'T ANOTHER INTERRACIAL DATING DISCUSSION...........this is something that supercedes interracial dating. It makes alot of good points and I deal with some of those things on my own. Brett Michaels IS a good reference point for rock star swagger. I myself am somewhere between Kid Rock, Kurt Cobain and Brett Michaels partly because of the music partly cuz I don't give a fuck about anybody's opinion except mine. You can't get that with black music and that is why Afro-punks and black rockers date white chicks. This convo is so near the bright light at the end of the tunnel that some are even scared to entertain it. Black music is and has been "hey, what's popular? emulate, emulate, emulate" where white folks go hey that sounds good go with it....even if it is stealing from black peoples music. They are open to different ideas and ways of looking at things at that is what turns us Afro-Punk and black rockers toward them, their openness to try new things even interracial dating. Those black people who hate and fear what they don't understand are obvious turn-offs to us AND I'M GLAD THIS TOPIC IS OUT THERE CAUSE INTERRACIAL DATING IS JUST 1 TOPIC IT BRINGS UP.

Comment by Shemaiah Sturdivant on September 2, 2012 at 7:32pm

In my opinion its a bit of a contradiction to the AP life style. I mean why not date a woman who is similar to you on every level.  I could see if it was in the past , before the actual movement of Afro Punk was established , but now we have this website and numerous events for AP singles to meet. So that " similar interests " shit is no excuse.

Comment by Lightning Pill on August 5, 2012 at 12:23am

"in the past many black rock guys dated mainly white women in part of similar interest, because in the past it was hard to find that soul sista who was into any type of music other then rap, jazz, gospel, or r & b. And, vice versa."

Well, that's how it was for me. Race was never an issue for me when it came to dating, but similar interests was. One of the best parts of dating is being able to take part in one's interestes in some way. How will it work when you can't even relate to each other? I wasn't really feeling positive about someone who is shocked I like rock, elecronica and all that jazz.  In fact, since this is supposed to be "post-Racial America" (yeah, right), I'm surprised there aren't more black men and women breaking out of their elements and listening to music that isn't so firmly connected to our ethnicity.

Comment by Nora Woods on July 24, 2012 at 4:52pm

Who cares if you do then get a life. I've dated white men so what. Black men and white women dating is no shocker even if your Afro- Punk which really should not be a shocker.  Let's mix it up on the  interracial dating topic with people from different backgrounds and strong family traditons that are uncommon and rare. America is not just black and white.

Comment by silentchick18 on August 13, 2011 at 10:13pm

This blog was very informative. It used to bother me alot. Now that I am is what it is. Whatever makes you happy.

Comment by Tomeka J on December 19, 2010 at 1:55am

i agree you should date whoever geniunely cares and has your best interest and doesnt fucking care what anyone has to say! i havent found that yet but then again i am in a huge learning process from my missses w black and white guys so i am just listening and tryin to be open minded?

Comment by Kymberlyn Reed on November 2, 2010 at 7:14pm
Frankly, as an old-school black hair metal chick, I don't waste my time being concerned over who dates/marries whom. If black guy Afro-Punks are happy with non-black Afro-Punk women, more power to you! There's far too much hatred in the wrold so when you find the one, grab her and be thankful. Granted, before the internet, it was harder for us black metalheads and punks to find like-minded black folk (I called it the 'chocolate chip amongst a sea of vaniila ice cream syndrome'), but even with the internet, it's less about color and more about the overall connection. Having said that, the only problem I have is when the insecure amongst black men denigrate black women in order to justify why they date/marry white women (or non-black women). Come on guys, man up and just say you want her and let it be that! I don't care and most of us sisters don't either.
Comment by Lloyd Lacy on October 22, 2010 at 2:57am
Me I'm mixed with Irish, Black and Cherokee Indian. Personally I'm sick of this interracial bullshit. If you like white girls good for you. I prefer non white punk girls. I've dated white women before and they've never really loved me for me except for one. Now I do like white punk girls. I do date them if I can't find a good black girl. But, personally I think it's better to date within our own. Now I'm don't mind Blacks who date Asians or Hispanics. Like us they are non white. I can understand a black man dating a white girl if there aren't any intelligent sistas out there. But this is meaning there are plenty of beautiful, intelligent, black women and women of color on here. To me it don't matter if your mixed or not. Your still beautiful. Stop hating ourselves where better than all those who hate us. We've survived and were better for it. We think for ourselves unlike other blacks.
Comment by Sheree Monay on October 19, 2010 at 10:15am
what an awesome experience icon! thank you for sharing!
Comment by I.C.O.N. on October 15, 2010 at 10:57am
In a sense reading this article made me sad because from my own personal experience I HATED that the world assumed that i only fucked white women because i listen to death metal/wear skulls/have tattoos piercings etc.....In reality it is the polar opposite.....every serious girlfriend i had was black. They may not have been all into what i was into, but they were Black women. Living in New York City i found that most white women were actually SCARED of the fact that i presented myself this way. It made them nervous and i felt that energy. I have nothing against white women but i just found that it was actually EASIER for me to date black women because i found that they accepted and respected me more than any other race of woman on this planet. No im not saying that im a hit in every scene and circuit. I can't count how many times i've been shot a dirty look or an ill comment by a "sista". But still i've found that many Black women have given me the space to be myself and not try to compromise what im trying to do. So coming from a Black Metal Dude......i've never understood this or experienced it at all.....


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